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Sunday.- Public Worship 10:30 A.M. and 7:30 P.M.

The pastor will preach to-night.

The Sunday school and Congregational Bible Classes will assemble at 12 o'clock. Members of the congregation and strangers invited to meet with us.

5:00 P.M. Junior Endeavor Society in the chapel.  Consecration Meeting.

6:45 P.M. Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor.  Topic - How to obtain true wisdom. Leader, Miss  Springstead.

Monday.- 2:00 P.M. Meeting of Session at the home of Elder Mackay.

Tuesday.- 4:00 P.M. The Ladies Meeting will be hand in the chapel.

7:30 P.M. In the church parlors, monthly business meeting and social of the Christian Endeavor Society.  All the young people invited to be present.

Wednesday.- 4:00 P.M.  The Woman's Christian Temperance Union in the chapel of the First church.

7:30 P.M. In the chapel, Mr. and Mrs. Willard invite all the officers and teachers of the Sunday School to a conference. Important business will be proposed.  Ex-officers and ex-teachers, also, invited.

Thursday.- 7:30 P.M.  Mid-week meeting for prayer and conference.  An examination of some of the fruits of wisdom.  Prov. 12:1-15.

If you desire to unite with our church, you are invited to meet with the Session at the close of the Thursday evening prayer meeting.

Friday.- 2 P.M. In the church parlor a meeting of the Ladies Society.  The ladies of the congregation invited to be present.

7:30 P.M. Choir rehearsal in the church, conducted by Mr. George M. Chadwick.

Next Sunday, May 14th, will be the third anniversary of the present pastorate.  It will be celebrated by a special sermon.

The organ will be reopened next Sunday (May 14th).

Mr. G.M. Chadwick will give his second organ recital at the North Presbyterian church Wednesday evening, May 17th.

The Ladies' Society will hold a reception Monday evening, May 15th, in the church parlors.

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Our Departed Friends *

June 6, 1892. Joshua M. KELLER, aged one year.
June 17, 1892.  William  BROWN, aged 35 years.
June 27, 1892. Mrs. Sarah STOUT, aged 68 years.
Aug. 26, 1892. James M. WALLACE, aged 1 year 6 mo.
Sept. 10, 1892. Frank RIDDLE, of Canada, aged 21 years.
Oct. 24, 1892. J. Fred HAAS, aged 30 years.
Oct. 22, 1892. Mrs. Martha DORSEY, aged 59 years.
Oct. 29, 1892. Martha SWARTHOUT [note: age not given]
Nov. 8, 1892. Mrs. Norman  WRIGHT [note: age not given]
Dec. 30, 1892. Edmund BAIRD, aged 41 years.
Jan. 12, 1893. J. Frederick STEBBINS, aged 20 years.
Jan. 13, 1893. Henry SAVAGE, aged 77 years.
Jan. 14, 1893. Charles Henry DUCK, aged 13 years.
Jan. 22, 1893. Clarissa LAMMER, aged 65 years.
Feb. 28, 1893. Marvin CHASE. [note: age not given]
Feb. 8, 1893. Mrs. John SCOON, aged 65 years.
Mar. 2, 1893. Joseph B. MICHAELSON, aged 72 years.
Mar. 4, 1893. Elbridge DAKIN, aged 91 years.
Mar. 13, 1893. Frederick S. COOLEY, aged 22 years.
Mar. 16, 1893. Mrs. Martha  LEWIS, aged 75 years.
Mar. 30, 1893.  Thomas Sutherland CROWELL, of Flushing, L.I., aged 4 years.
Apr. ___, 1893. Miss Lydia ZIMMERMAN, aged 69 years. [note: date not give]
Apr. 19, 1893. Chester A. SMITH, aged 83 years.
Apr. 21, 1893. Mrs. Margaret DENNIS, 98 years 6 mo.
Apr. 25, 1893. Alice TROUTMAN, aged 14 years.
Apr. 25, 1893. George MILLER, aged 80 years.

* Only the names of the persons at whose funerals the pastor officiated are recorded in the above list.

[Important note: no indication whether dates are date of death or date of funeral service. Several of the dates are out of order.]

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Our Parochial Boundaries

The Session has divided the Parish into districts and appointed chairmen as follows:

DISTRICT NO. 1 Main street south of Seneca, Hamilton Street and Park Avenue.  Elder T.C. Maxwell.

DISTRICT NO. 2 Washington, Pulteney, High, Grove, William, Elmwood Avenue and Place and Lyceum Avenue.  Elder J.H. Daniels.

DISTRICT NO. 3 Main Street north of Seneca, Milton, and Castle west of Main.  Elder E.M. Maynard.

DISTRICT NO. 4 Lewis and North Streets west of Main, Cherry, Oak, Lafayette, John and Rose Streets.  Elder John Mackay.

DISTRICT NO. 5 Genesee, Torrey Park, State, Elm, Colt and Lewis Streets east of Main, and territory west of the village. Elder S.W. Hopkins.

DISTRICT NO. 6 Castle east of Main, Geneva, Tillman and Lake Streets.  Elder J.S. Sears.

DISTRICT NO. 7 Exchange, Seneca and Linden Streets.  Elder T.S. Hubbard.

DISTRICT NO. 8 Lake Shore, North Street east of Main, Prospect Avenue and all streets north of North, Waterloo Road, Evans, Andes Avenue, Pre-Emption and Wadsworth Streets.  Elder C.S. Scoon.

DISTRICT NO. 9 Lyons Road.  Elder George X. Smith.

Please co-operate with the chairman of your district in advancing the interests of our church. Inform him of any family in your neighborhood upon whom it would be well for him or the Pastor to call.  If there are any strangers near you who are without a church home, kindly extend to them an invitation to the North church.

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