Geneva - Ontario County NY

Graduating Class - 1927

Ashe, Marguerite Future:  Business
Baldwin, Blanche Usher; Future:  Business
Ballantyne, Dorothy V-Pres. Sr. Class; Sr. Council; Finance Committee; Annual
staff; Candy table; Future:  William Smith
Bennett, Lottie Future:  Business
Berryman, Mildred Future:  Business
Bird, Mildred Finance Committee; Future:  Geneseo Normal
Boucher, Jay Jr.-Sr. Play Contest; Sr. Play; Operetta; Oratorical Contest;
Future:  Hobart
Boyd, Eleanor Future:  Undecided
Bryan, Hazel Future:  Hairdresser
Buchan, Helen News staff; Future:  Albany State College
Bullock, Gladys Class Day Officer; Annual staff; Future:  Syracuse University
Campbell, Frank Future:  Oswego Normal
Covert, Mary Business Mgr. of Annual; News staff; Cheerleader; 
basketball; Future:  William Smith
Cummings, Florence Future:  Business
Cummings, Wilma Future:  Business
Craig, Elsie Future:  Business
Day, Helen Future:  Ithaca Conservatory of Music;
Day, Margaret Future;  Undecided
Decker, Gertrude Annual Staff; News staff; Future:  Undecided
Densmore, Charles Annual staff; Class Day Officer; Future:  College
Eaton, Laverne Future:  Undecided
Estey, Jenniebelle Future:  Undecided
Fairfax, Kenneth Treas. Sr. Class; Pres. Athletic Assn; varsity basketball; varsity
lacrosse; Mgr. of football; member Athletic Council; Jr.-Sr.
Play Contest; Sr. Play; Future:  Cornell
Fillingham, Robert Jr.-Sr. Play Contest; Operetta; Sr. Play; Future:  Undecided
Fish, Donald News Staff; Future:  College
Flint, James Sr. Play; Sec'y Athletic Assn.; varsity lacrosse; Future:
Gasper, Richard Varsity football; varsity lacrosse; Captain basketball;
Pres. Athletic Council; Future:  Boston College
Harris, May Annual staff; News staff; Usher; Future:  Mechanics
Hershey, Sara Future:  Undecided
Hoag, Florence Future:  College
Hodge, Muriel News staff; basketball; Future:  William Smith
Hornbeck, Gordon Annual staff; Future:  Undecided
Johnson, Howard Future:  P. G. at G. H. S.
Jorgensen, Doris Future:  Undecided
Kenny, Thomas Future:  Undecided
Kettle, Winogene Sec'y Sr. Class; Jr.-Sr. Play Contest; Annual staff; News
staff; Class Day officer; Future:  Wilson College
Kipp, Harry Sr. Play; Future:  Oswego Normal
Larrison, Kenneth Pres. Sr. Class; Captain lacrosse; varsity football; varsity
basketball; Jr.-Sr. Play Contest; Sr. Play; News Staff;
Future plans:  Colgate
Legg, George Jr.-Sr. Play Contest; Sr. play; Future:  College
Loveless, Alice Jr.-Sr. Play Contest; Class Day Officer; Annual staff;
Future:  Librarian
Lusk, Evangeline Future:  Practical Bible Training School
Milliman, Dorothy Future:  Undecided
Moore, George Annual Staff; Future:  University of California
Mowers, Mary Future:  Mechanics Institute
Nielsen, Arlona Annual staff; basketball; Future:  William Smith
Padgett, Pauline Future:  College
Purdy, Frances Future:  College
Quick, Allis Class Day Officer; Future:  Undecided
Rhodes, Dorothy Editor-in-Chief of Annual; News staff; Usher; Future:
Rickels, Dorothea Usher; Future:  Undecided
Riegle, Mildred Annual staff; News staff; Future:  Washington
Robinson, Mary Business Manager of News; Usher; Future:  Undecided
See, Pauline Sr. Play; Future:  undecided
Sharpe, Marian Future:  Syracuse
Shalansky, Eunice Basketball; Future:  Undecided
Sherwood, Elizabeth Vice-Pres. Athletic Assn.; Sr. Play; Jr.-Sr. Play Contest;
Oratorical Contest; News staff; Candy table;
Future:  William Smith
Smith, Harry Manager of lacrosse; Future:  Hobart
Smith, Hazel Usher; Future:  Business
Stahl, Eldred Future:  College
Stengle, Charles Future:  Undecided
Utzman, Gladys Annual staff; News staff; Sr. Play; basketball; Future:
Wiederhold, Louise Editor-in-Chief of News; Oratorical Contest; Future:
William Smith
Wertman, Helen Future:  Eastman School of Music
Wheat, Beverly Manager of football; varsity lacrosse; Annual staff; News staff;
Chairman of Finance Committee; Class Day Officer;
Future:  Hobart
Whyte, Arch Future:  Undecided
Witter, Barbara Sr. Play; Jr.-Sr. Play Contest; Operetta; Class Day Officer;
Annual staff; Future:  Williams School of Expression and
Dramatic Art;
Witter, Jack Sr. Play; Class Day Officer; Future:  Business

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