GARRISON, Abraham:

    It is generally accepted that the Abraham Garrison who married Jane Francisco and his brother, John Garrison who married Cornelia VanDerCook were the sons of Abraham and Maria (Brower) Garrison. This is definitively INCORRECT! 
    Abraham and Maria were md. 5 Jun 1761 at Stone Arabia Dutch Reformed Church, town(ship) of Mohawk, Montgomery Co., NY and their son, Abraham was b. 1763 (likely, but not proven) and a son, John, was b. 1764 (not possible, given birth dates of other known children). They remained in this area as all of their children thereafter were born and baptized in this area, and Maria’s grave is on the Brower farm near Fonda. 

    Whereas, Abraham and Jane’s children and John and Cornelia’s children are recorded at Schaghticoke Dutch Reformed Church near Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., NY, about 50+ miles to the east of Fonda, Montgomery Co., NY.
    THIS Abraham Garrison was b. 25 Dec 1760, Franklin, Bergen Co., NJ and his brother, John Garrison, 30 Mar 1763, Paulingskill, NY as shown in their respective pension applications.

      It is important to note that both the Garrison brothers and the Francisco and VanDerCook families were from the Newark/ Bergen Co. area in NJ.  They may have migrated northward at about the same time. They all settled in the town of Pittstown (then Cooksborough), Albany Co. (later Rensselaer Co.), NY. The  men of all three families served in the 14th Albany NY Militia together.  Members of all three families later migrated to and settled in the town(ship) of Gorham, Ontario Co., NY.

    As further evidence of the closeness of these families, John Garrison, married Cornelia VanDerCook.  Cornelia’s mother was Anna Francisco, daughter of Johannis Francisco and Aaltje Doremus. Anna Francisco was the sister of Jannetje/Jane Francisco who married Abraham Garrison, brother of John. It was “all in the family”, so to speak.

    Two of Jane’s brothers (John and Levi Francisco) and a nephew (Michael A. Francisco) were witnesses to Abraham’s pension application filed in Ontario Co., NY.

    As to the parentage of  ABRAHAM Garrison, b. 1760, and JOHN GARRISON, b. 1763:

    There is some belief that the Garrisons were Huguenots from France. That when they first came from Holland there were no surnames. Each son was given a new first name and his last name was simply the first name of his father with “se” or “ze” hooked onto the end, which meant “son of”.

    Evidence from present research strongly suggests that these brothers may descend from an ABRAHAM GERRITSE b. ca. 1695, Bergen Co., NJ; md. RACHEL HESSELSE 14 May 1718/19 in Hackensack, Bergen Co., NJ. Their children were:  Elizabeth, Gerret, Johannis, Neesye, Abraham, Jacob and Rachel.

    Their son, JACOB, b. 1737, m1 CATHERINE POST and m2 EVA HELLUM. Their children, collectively, were:  Abraham, Halmagh, Catrina, Peter, Jacob, Christian and Harry.

    Jacob’s son, ABRAHAM, b. Jul 1761, Franklin, Bergen, NJ, md. MARY RYERSON and JANE HENNION. Their children, collectively, were:  Catherine, Elizabeth, Mary, John, Jacob Hassel, Ann, Abraham, Henry.

    In both of the families of OUR Abraham and his brother, John, we also see repetitions of the unusual name of “Hassel” (from the ancestral surname), Abraham, John, and Henry. 

    To thicken the plot a bit: Jacob’s son,  Abraham, moved to Rockland Co.,NY, then to Detroit, MI. His son, John, b. 1791, md. Betsy Lewis, b. ca. 1791, of Seneca Co. NY. Thus, this part of the “family” migrated through the Ontario Co. area as well.  

    It remains to be proved, but it does appear that this might be the correct lineage for THIS Abraham and John Garrison. Clearly, they were NOT the sons of Abraham and Maria (Brower) Garrison.
* * *
 Abraham Garrison was born 25 Dec 1760 in Franklin, Bergen Co., NJ, and died 11 Aug 1833 in the town(ship) of Middlesex, Yates Co., NY. He married Jannetje/ Jane/ Jenne Francisco ca. 1784 in the town(ship) of Pittstown, Albany Co., NY. She was the daughter of Johannis Francisco and Aaltje Doremus. Jane was born 29 Oct 1765, of Gansegat, Essex Co., NJ, and died 1 May 1832 of Ontario Co., NY at the age of 66y 6m 2d.  

Children of Abraham Garrison and Jane/Jenne Francisco are:
    2    i.    Henry Garrison
Named in Abraham’s estate as a child him surviving.

    3    ii.    John Garrison
His name appears on the 1825 Census, town(ship) of Middlesex, Yates Co., NY, p.140
 He is named in Abraham’s estate as a child him surviving.

    4    iii.    Lavina Garrison, b. ca. 1794.  She married  Jacob Martin
She is named in Abraham’s estate as a child him surviving.
            1850 Census, NY, Ontario, Gorham, p.497:  Lovina, age 56y is listed with Ira Martin, age 28y, Diana Martin, age 26y, Alida Martin, age 22y and Margaret Martin. She disappears from the Census between 1855 and 1860.   
            Jacob died ca. 1848 (Will filed Ontario Co.)
    5    iv.    Elsje Garrison, born 20 Jun 1786 of the town(ship) of Pittstown, Albany Co., NY; died bef. 1832 as she is NOT named in Abraham’s estate, dated 1832 and may have predeceased her father.
Christening: 5 Sep 1786, Albany Lutheran Church, Albany Co., NY,
Elsje  to Abraham Gerreson, ux: Jannetje,  witnesses: Johannes Kohl and Aretje Sisco

    6    v.    Jane Garrison, born 8 Jan 1789 of  the town(ship) of Pittstown, Albany Co., NY; died 27 Feb 1826 in of  town(ship) of Gorham, Ontario Co., NY.   Ca. 1806, she married Christian Fisher of  the town(ship) of Gorham, Ontario Co., NY. He was born 12 Oct 1784 of the town(ship) of Pittstown, Albany Co. NY; died 2 Mar 1882 in the town(ship) of Gorham, Ontario Co., NY. Christian was the son of Johann Adam Fisher and Rebecca Bush.

Notes for Jane Garrison:
Jane died at the age of 37y 4 m 19d.  Her birth date was estimated from her age at date of death.
One researcher shows a christening date 10 Oct 1789, Schaghticoke DRC, but I have not been able to verify this.
Burial: Lord Cem., town(ship) of Gorham, Ontario Co., NY. Her tombstone is now missing.

Her children followed the patronymic pattern of naming as follows:  Jannetje (for her mother),  Rebecca (for his mother),  Abram Garrison (for her father), Adam (for his father), John (for her husband/brother). Clearly she belongs in this family.

    7    vi.    Alltie/Alida Garrison, born bef. 26 Aug 1790, of the town(ship) Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., NY; died 25 Sep 1847.  She married Thomas Pearce29.
Notes for Alltie/Alida Garrison:
Christening: 26 Aug 1790, Albany Lutheran Church, Albany Co, NY
The family appears on the Census for town(ship) of Middlesex, Yates Co., NY from 1825 through 1850. 
Alida and is buried at Pine Corners Cem., town(ship) of Middlesex, Yates Co., NY.
She is named in Abraham’s estate as a child him surviving.

    8    vii.    Laninchi Garrison, born 24 Sep 1793 of the town(ship) of Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., NY.  She may have died bef. 1832 as she is NOT named in Abraham’s estate dated 1832 and may have predeceased her father.
Christening: 4 Nov 1793, Schaghticoke Dutch Reformed Church, Rensselaer, NY.  Laninchi,  born to Abraham Garreson and Jenne Fransisco.

9    viii.    Elizabeth Garrison, born 7 Jun 1795, of the town(ship) of Pittstown,
Rensselaer Co., NY.   She died 9 Mar 1826.   She married Henry
Overacker bef. Apr. 1817.   He was born 7 Jun 1790.

Notes for Henry Overacker:
1820 NY, Ontario, Canandaigua:  Henry Overocker.
1830 NY, Yates, Middlesex, p234:  Henry Overacker.

10    Ix.        Hassal A. Garrison, born 26 Apr 1797 of the town(ship) of
Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., NY.  He died in 1885.
Christening: 14 Jan 1798, Schaghticoke Dutch Reformed Church,
Rensselaer Co., NY.
                      He was Administrator of his father’s estate.
             This MIGHT be the Hassill buried at Elmwood Cem., Schaghticoke, Rensselaer Co.

    11  x.            Abraham/ Abram Garrison, Jr., born 1799.  He married (1) ____.   He married (2) Nancy Dockum38 23 Jul 1851 in Pekin, Tazewell Co., IL.

Notes for Abraham/Abram Garrison, Jr.:
                 1820 NY, Ontario, Canandaigua, p208.
1825 NY, Yates, Middlesex, p140
1830 NY, Wyoming, Castile
Sometime after 1840, the family moved to Pekin, Tazewell Co., IL
1850 NY, Tazewell Co,. IL
1860 Tazewell Co., IL
 He is named in Abraham’s estate as a child him surviving.

Notes for Abraham Garrison:
(spelling and punctuation as in original documents)

    Abraham was a veteran of the Revolutionary War, serving in the 14th Regiment, Albany Co. NY Militia.

    In his Application for Pension dated 27 Aug 1832 (File # 10790), Abraham stated that he enlisted in May or June of 1780 for nine months as a private and immediately proceeded to Saratoga in the State of New York where he was attached to a Company under Capt. Silas Gray in Col. John McKintry’s Regiment.  

    He continued to serve as a soldier in the said Company and Regiment till the expiration of the said term of nine months during all which time he was stationed at Saratoga. Upon the expiration of the said term he immediately enlisted for during (duration of) the war in the same Company and Regiment.

    In the spring of 1781, he marched with the said Company and regiment from Saratoga to Fort Edward and after remaining at that post for a few days, returned to Saratoga where he continued to do duty till intelligence of peace was received. When he received an … (incomplete copy).”

    He states also that he was born in Franklin, NJ 25 Dec 1760;
    that by 1780, he was living in Pittstown, Rensselaer Co. (then Albany Co.) and that he returned there following his military service.
    He states further that he moved about 27 years ago (ca. 1805) to (town[ship] of) Gorham.
    Witness to the application was John Francisco of Gorham (a brother of Jane Francisco).
Deponent witnesses: Michael A. Francisco and Levi Francisco of Gorham (nephew and brother of Jane Francisco).  They believe he was 71 yrs. (of age).
    Abraham’s Certificate of Pension was issued 2 May 1833 and sent to Rushville, NY, to receive $80.00 per annum commencing 4 Mar 1831.

    Abraham is noted in the Ontario Co. History (Conover) as one of the earliest settlers in the area.
    1810 NY, Ontario, p258:  He is listed as Abraham Garretson.
    1820 NY, Ontario, p208:  He is listed as residing in the Canandaigua area which, at that time, covered most of the eastern part of the county.
     1830 NY, Monroe, Brighton, p25

    Abraham was a farmer by occupation. After his wife died, he apparently went to live with one of his children in Yates Co. where his estate was probated:

    Petition for Probate was filed in the Surrogate Court of Yates Co., NY, by Abraham’s son, Hassel, and  Wiley K. Pearce (a grandson), who were appointed Administrators of his estate. 

    On 3 Oct 1833, the following next of kin did renounce all right and claim to Letters of Administration on the Estate of the said deceased: Juliana Pearce, Thomas Pearce, Wm Eastman, Phebe Eastman, Henry Garison, Alida Pearce, Abram Garison and Livona Martin.

    “In the Surrogate Court of the County of Yates. The petition of Hafsel A. Garison, son, respectively showeth  That one Abraham Garison then an inhabitant of the County of Yates, died in the said County 11 day of August last past (1833); 
    that at the time of his death he was an inhabitant of the County of Yates; 
    that he (left no widow) Hafsel A. Garison, John Garison, Abrahm Garison & Henry Garison and Livena Martin wife of Jacob Martin & Alida Pearce wife of Thomas Pearce children him surviving;
    that he died very suddenly and left no last will and testament as far as your petitioner has heard or been able to discover;
    that in the opinion of your Petitioner the whole of the personal property will not amount to more than two hundred dollars.

    Your petitioner prays that Letters of Administration be Granted to him as a son, and  Wiley K. Pearce a friend to the deceased.  Dated Penn Yan, 12 Nov 1833”
(Signed) Hafsel A. (X his mark) Garison
Probated 12 Nov 1833. 

    There is an unmarked grave next to his wife, Jane (Francisco) Garrison, in the Lord Cemetery, town(ship) of Gorham, Ontario Co., NY, which is generally considered to be that of Abraham Garrison.
* * *

We are very grateful to Lyn Wilson ( for this detailed family sketch.

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