From Geneva Courier 3 October 1855


At a meeting of the Friends of Temperance held at the M. E. Church, on the 12th ult., the undersigned were appointed a Committee of Vigilance, to see that the provisions of the Prohibitory Liquor Law, recently enacted by the Legislature of this State, be fully carried out in this village:

A. D. Platt
C. E. Silsbe
John McKay
Andrew Merrell
E. Barnard
E. Kent
Joel Gasper
S. N. Anthony
Jas. R. McNaughton
G. C. McDougal
George Wight
J. Crittenden
Silas Spire
Dan'l Maybee
B. H. Bartlett
W. H. Smith
P. Crane
Benj. Ostrander
B. W. Keyes
Wm. Dove
H. Hastings
Jno. Cleave
G. C. P. Teall
Lewis Mead
Anson Wheeler
Jas Mayhew

T. Playford
Robt. Mitchell
Robt. Riley
G. C. Seelye
Geo. B. Dusinberre
L. Newell
Eli Bronson
A. Fish
John L. King
S. M. Morrison
Dr. Wilder
C. H. Hayes
Jas. Mayhew
S. W. Payne
W. F. Curry
A. J. Shannon
S. H. Rose
W. H. Vrooman
M. C. Wright
D. L. Taylor
R. B. Beach
Thomas Crawford
S. B. Howe
Wm. Snow
H. G. Moore

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