Administration of estate of


Francis S. McCormick - documents pertaining to his Estate's administration. July 9, 1868.

         To the Surrogate of the County of Ontario.

The Petition of Nancy McCormick of the Town of Canandaigua in the County of Ontario respectfully showeth:

That Francis S. McCormick of the Town of Canandaigua in the County of Ontario died in the said Town of Canandaigua on or about the 5th day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty eight.

That at the time of his death he was a inhabitant of the County of Ontario.

That he left no will, as so far as your petitioner has heard, or been able to discover: That he left your petitioner his widow, Mary J. Dubois, Sarah E. McCormick, Cecelia McCormick, John H. McCormick, Emma E. McCormick, William McCormick, Anna McCormick, Edward A. McCormick, Laura E. McCormick, David H. McCormick, all of Canandaigua & Francis P. McCormick Watertown N.Y. his children.

And your petitioner further showeth, that all the goods, chattels, and credits of the said deceased do not exeed in value the sum of 500 dollars, (this next line is stricken out on the original copy) and his real property does not exeed in value the sum of 200 Dollars: and your petitioner prays that Letters of Administration of the goods, chattels and credits be granted by the surrogate to the petitioner.

Dated July 9th 1868. Nancy McCormick

Ontario County Surrogate Court } SS.

On this 9th day of July 1868, personally appeared before me, in open Court Nancy McCormick the above named petitioner, and made oath that the matters set forth in the above petition are true, to the best of the knowledge, information and belief of said petitioner.

Elihu M. Morse Surrogate.

Ontario County, ss.

I do swear, that I will well, honestly and faithfully discharge the duty of Aministratrix of the estate of Francis S. McCormick deceased, according to the law.

Subscribed and sworn the 9th day
of July 1868, before me } Nancy McCormick
Elihu M. Morse

Bond of Administrator.
Know all Men by those Presents:
That we, Nancy McCormick, James F Dubois & Thomas B. Lyon all of Canandaigua are held and firmly bound unto the People of the State of New York in the sum of One Thousand Dollars, to be paid to the said People; for which payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves and our and each of our Heirs, Executors and Administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by those Presents.

Sealed with our seals. Dated this 8th day of July in the
year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty eight.

The condition of this obligtation is such, that if the above bounden Nancy McCormick Administratrix of all and singular the goods, chattels and credits of Francis S. McCormick, late of the Town of Canandaigua deceased, shall faithfully execute the trust reposed in her as such; and also if the said Administatrix shall obey all the orders of the Surrogate of the County of Ontario, or the person charged by the constitution and laws with the preformance of the duties of the office, or of
any other office or Court having jurisdiction in the premises, touching the Administation of the Estate committed to her then the above obligation to be void; otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

Sealed and Delivered in Presence of Nancy McCormick
Thomas B Lyon
James F. Dubois

State of New York,
Ontario County }ss.
James F. Dubois & Thomas B. Lyon the surities, named in the above bond, being duly sworn, each for himself says, that he is a resident of the County of Ontario, and that he is a freeholder, and is worth more than one thousand Dollars, over and above all just debts and liabilities existing against him, and over and above his property exempt from seizure on

Sworn this 9th day Thomas B. Lyon
of July A.D. before me. } James F. Dubios
Elihu M. Morse

State of New York,
Ontario County }ss.
On this 9th day of July A.D. 1868, before me the subscriber Surrogate of said County, appeared Nancy McCormick, James F. Dubios & Thomas B. Lyon to me personally known to be the same persons described in , and who executed the foregoing Instrument, and severally acknowledged to me that they executed the same.
Elihu M. Morse

A true And Perfect Inventory
Of all the goods, Chattels and credits which were of Francis S. McCormick late of the town of Canandaigua in the County of Ontario, deceased, made by the Adinistratrix of the Estate of the said deceased, with the aid, and in the presence of Thomas B. Lyon and Seymour H. Jackson they having been duly appointed as Appraisers; containing a full, just and true statement of all the personal property of the said deceased, which has come to the knowledge of the said administratrix of said estate, and particularly of all moneys, bank bills, and other circulating medium belonging to the said deceased, and all just claims of the deceased, against said administratrix and all bonds mortgages, notes and other securities, for payment of money, belonging to the said deceased, specifying the names of the debtor in security, the date, the sum origanally payable, the endorsements thereon, with their dates, and the sum, which in the judgement of Appraisers, may be collectable on such security.

Upon completion of this inventory, duplicates thereof have made and signed at the end thereof by the Appraisers.
The following articles are exempted from appraisement, to remain in the possession of the Widow and minor children of the
deceased, persuant to Revised Statutes.

1 Cook Stove 2 Parlor Stoves
Family Bible. all pictures
All School & all other books
1 Cow 2 Swine
All Beds Bedsteads & Bedding
All clothing of the Widow & Children
1 Table 6 Chairs 6 K & Forks
6 plates 6 cups & Saucers 1 Suger Bowl
1 Cream Cup 1 Teapot 6 Shams(?)

In addition to the above enumerated articles from appraisal, the Appraisers, in the exercise of thier discretion, persuant to the statute, set apart the following articles of necessary household furniture and other personal property, for the use of the Widow and minor children of the deceased, the same not exeeding in value one hundred and fifty dollars.

1 Table 1. 12 Chairs 1..........2.00
Crockery ware 3 Stone ware 3 .........6.00
Lamps 2.50 Clocks $2 .................4.50
1 Dem. Wagon $20 & Nancy 5............25.00
Ice Tools 5. 4 kegs @$1...............9.00
1 Cultivator...........................3.50
1/2 acre(?) Wheat.....................50.00
1 Cow & Calf..........................50.00

(hand written on separate paper contents of Ice Business and Misc.)

1 New Boat......................25.
Boats Henns (?)..................15.
1 Cutter........................10.
2 Old Wagons @ $8...............16.
1 Ice Plow.......................5.
1 Culling Box .50
Old Stove $3..3.50
Old Ice House...................25.
Ice in Same ...................100.
New Ice House..................300.00
Ice in Same.....................50.
10 Cords Sline(?)...............30.
2 (?) Wagon & Nancy............120.

Many thanks to Nila Repard for sharing these records with Ontario County researchers.

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