From Geneva Courier Jan 11 1882 LEADING EVENTS IN AND NEAR GENEVA (Year 1881)
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Silver wedding of Mr. and Mrs. James Malette.

Marriage of S. Sloman  to Miss Amelia Lempert of Rochester.
Grand wedding of Thos. Smith's daughter to Mr. Lawson Bell of New York, at Trinity Church.

Death of Mr. E. B. Halsey, an old resident of this village.

Mrs. Towler, wife of Prof. Towler, dies after a short illness.

Mrs. Perez Hastings dies at her residence on Main street.

Policeman John Seabury dies of consumption.

Grand wedding in Trinity church, of Mr. O. J. C. Rose and Miss Edith Ayrault.

Death of Robert Simpson, a former resident of Geneva, at Santa Barbara, Calif., aged 79 years.

Death of William Dox at the age of 68 years.

Mamie Kennedy receives highest number of votes for being the handsomest baby in town, and Mr. James Mallette of the Courier receives the big pipe in consequence of his being the homeliest man in town.

Mrs. Rachel Russel dies at the advanced age of 86 years.

James Morrison, a constable, dies of consumption.
Town election, with Chas. Steele elected a Supervisor.

Lucy Hayes' tea party at No. 4 High street; a good time.

John Gaton sent to Canandaigua jail for 59 days and fined $25.

Death of Mr. John Shook; Anne E., sister of town clerk Green, dies at Nazareth convent, Rochester. Mr. Matthew Rippey of Seneca dies, aged 57 years.
James McFeggan, Jr., grandson of the late Geo. McFeggan, dies at Buffalo, and his remains are brought to Geneva for burial.

Mrs. Dr. Dorchester dies after a short illness, 48 years of age.

Ezekiel Page dies at Binghamton, and his remains are brought to Geneva for interment.  Mr. Page was about 78 years of age.

Mrs. Dakin dies very suddenly at her residence on Colt street.

Joe Hill goes to Syracuse to engage in business.

Brush fire at Mr. Richards on Main street, caused by a spark from Corning train.

Mrs. Nancy Barkley, aged 82 years, dies at her residence on Geneva street.

An incendiary fire destroys the barns of Wm. Coombs and Miss Deirick on William street.

Mrs. S. V. Deming, a member of the Baptist church, dies at the age of 55.
A. J. Price goes to Chicago to accept a position in a drug store.
Darwin Starkweather, of Phelps, while under the influence of liquor, is struck in self-defense by his son and killed.

Miss Ida Taylor is married to Mr. Phillip Kirk, of Albany; they received the congratulations of friends.

Bland's house on High street falls down.

Messrs. T. H. Chew and Wm. Vaningen are thrown out of a wagon, near the railroad, but not dangerously injured.

The little Coursey boy has a thumb and finger cut off at Coursey's mill.

William Pitts of Seneca dies suddenly.

Spring exhibition at Pre-Emption Park; large exhibits; and good time; trotting, running, etc.  Jennie Parker tramped on by a steer and badly injured.

Miss VonBlumen rides a bicycle against a horse at Pre-Emption Park and wins.

Death of Mrs. Rose Higgins, aged 101.

Death of Walter Laidlaw.

Will O'Neil, a young lad, struck and killed by lightning.

Willie Sullivan meets his death by drowning in Marsh creek.

Death of Dr. Dayton, an aged and respected citizen.

Circus tents blown down by winds.  John Manley injured.
Philander Mott's barn in Phelps burned.
M. W. Parson's horse on fire.

W. H. Vrooman takes his friends on excursion to North Hector.

Eugene Granger, of Phelps, dies from effects of an injury received while intoxicated.

Frederick Rufer, of Victor, killed by Matthew Hickey.

Mrs. Drenning is burned to death at Stanley.

Death of Louis Fisher.

Del Vaugn injured on the G. L. & B. railroad.

Mrs. John Tobin of Orleans tries to commit suicide by jumping into the lake.

Willie Ryan falls into a cistern and drowns.

Calvin Walker Jr. buried in Glenwood Cemetery.
Death of Charles A. Spencer.

Death of E. Perkins, an old soldier.

Marriage of Frank McKane to Miss Eliza Stewart.

John Carr and Seth Probasco fall off a scaffold and are somewhat bruised.

Charles Winnie walks off into the lake, and gets wet.

Philotus Gaylord dies at the age of 68.

Thomas Rogers' cigar store burglarized, and some cigars stolen.

Fred Chester dies at Minneapolis, Minn., and his remains brought here for burial.
Death of George Hawks.

Mrs. Joshua Gray dies at the advanced age of 91 years.

John Hughes falls through the railroad bridge at Phelps.

Horace Bennett's barns burned.

Hugh Keleher uses brass knuckles and is sent to the M. C. P. for 5 months.

Death of Howard Stagg.

Death at Phelps of Wm. Dillon.

Death of Joel Briggs.

The Penn brothers got on a rampage and leave $14 with the Police Justice.

E. W. Harrington dies very suddenly while on his way home from Waterloo.
Marriage of Walter Camp to Miss Lizzie Merrell.

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