Eleazer Barrett 3rd, circa 1759-1800

The identification of Eleazer Barrett 3rd as a direct ancestor was completed through an analysis of land and probate documents obtained from the county archives of Ontario County, New York. From these documents the names of his wife and children were developed. The identification of Eleazer Barrett 3rd as an ancestor is based on the fact that the father of Oscar W. Barrett, Edward E. Barrett, was the nephew of William Barrett, son of Eleazer Barrett 3rd. The land analysis and linkage are presented in other summaries.

 The purpose of this document is to present the best known information about Eleazer Barrett 3rd’s activities in and around Berkshire County, Massachusetts, beginning with his involvement in the Revolutionary War and ending at 1800 when he relocated to Bloomfield, Ontario County, New York.

Brian Barrett, a descendent of Eleazer Barrett, Junior, has written a booklet, “The Eleazer Barrett Identity Puzzle,” on the various Eleazer Barretts in western Massachusetts in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Some of this information on Eleazer Barrett 3rd also appears in that publication. The first Eleazer Barrett was Eleazer Senior, 1708 to 1800. The second was his son, Eleazer Barrett, Junior, circa 1733-1823. The third was Eleazer, son of Bartholomew, and the grandson of Eleazer Senior and nephew of Eleazer Junior. Eleazer Barrett 3rd is named as such in the town records during his time in Alford, Massachusetts, in order to distinguish him from his grandfather and uncle who also lived there. Unfortunately the Revolutionary War Records do not, and there is a degree of uncertainty about when and where he participated in that war. Nevertheless, that uncertainty does not imply that he did not participate.

The location of Eleazer 3rd’s birth and marriage is uncertain. About the estimated time of his birth, 1759, his father and mother were thought to be residing in an area northwest of Sheffield, Massachusetts, perhaps in present day Egremont. In 1762 his father, Bartholomew Barrett was a member of the Congregational Church in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. After that, there is a lack of information about his residence until 1779 when he paid taxes in the Claverack District of New York.

During the Revolutionary War period, Captain Bartholomew Barrett participated periodically with the Albany, New York, militia and mostly with the East Claverack Regiment. During the war years and up to 1783 it can assumed that he was a resident of New York and probably in the area known as The Gore, an area claimed by both New York and Massachusetts. In 1783 he bought land in Alford, Massachusetts from his brother Ebenezer Barrett and moved there.

Brian Barrett has identified Eleazer Barrett 3rd has having served in the Revolutionary War during the period 1779-1783, in "The Eleazer Barrett Identity Puzzle," page 39. It was during this period that Eleazer 3rd’s uncle, Eleazer Barrett Junior, was actively involved in Alford town government.Eleazer 3rd’s periods of service within the Berkshire County Militia are attributed to be as follows:

October 1779, he enlisted as a corporal for three months in Captain Joseph Raymond's Company within Col. Israel Chapin's Regiment, and mustered with others at Claverack for the expressed purpose of reinforcing the Continental Army.

June 22, 1780, General Washington requested a reinforcement of militia from Berkshire County to serve for three months at Claverack, NY.October 17-19, 1780, Private Eleazer Barret in Capt. John Bacon’s company within Col. David Rossiter’s Regiment served 4 days on an alarm within Gen John Fellows’ brigade. Company marched to reinforce army under Gen. Stark.

October 13 – October 22, 1781. Private Eleazer Barret in Capt. John Bacon’s company within Col. David Rossiter’s Regiment served 13 days, including travel. He served within Gen. John Fellows’ brigade, again was sent as reinforcements to army under Gen. Stark at Stillwater on an alarm.

There is also the possibility that he may have also served with his father in the East Claverack Regiment since the Eleazer Barrett who served with Bartholomew is not identified as senior, junior, or as the third.

In the Alford, Massachusetts town minutes there are several references to Eleazer Barrett 3rd from 1789 through 1799.   Therefore, when he was in his thirties, he was involved periodically in the Alford town affairs. It was during this time when most of his children were born; however, there are no confirming birth records. Eleazer 3rd probably married Trial around 1782-3 at the age of 23 or 24, but again the date and location of the marriage is uncertain. Their first son, Jonathan, was born about 1785 and the date and location are uncertain. In a biographical sketch written while he was still alive, Oscar W. Barrett, great-grandson of Eleazer 3rd, states that his ancestors came from England and were from Stockbridge, Massachusetts, around 1785. However, this reference could also apply to his maternal great grandfather, Elnathan Wilcox, who was living in the same area at that time.

The appearances of Eleazer Barrett 3rd in the minutes of the Alford Town Meetings were obtained from the Family History Library’s microfilm 0250283. A summary of these appearances follows: 

March 30, 1789. Eleazer Barritt 3, chosen and sworn in as Constable and Collector.
May 28, 1789. Put into the hands of Eleazer Barrett 3, Collector, a rate bill of 60 pounds..... the Rev. Joseph Avery.

 ----14, 1789. Put into the hands of Eleazer Barrett 3, Collector of Alford a rate bill of 40 pounds 9 shillings ......collect by the first of March.

Nov. --1789. Put into the hands of Eleazer Barrett collector .... for the year 1789 ....then perhaps "also gave State tax of 40 pounds and two pound eleven s and three pounds to collect and pay the treasurer."

April 6, 1789. Eleazer Barritt 3rd took an oath of Allegiance before Wm. Brunson Esq'r and produced a Certificate.

December 22, 1789. Given into the hands of Eleazer Barrett 3rd a tax bill of 40 pounds to collect.

 January 14, 1790 (portions unreadable). Put into the hands of Eleazer Barritt 3rd, Constable and Collector of Alford for the year a county and tax bill with orders to pay ____ by one pound and fifteen shillings and --- p to the County Treasurer and then _____ to pay the Town Treasurer.

March 2, 1790 (date not verified) 5th item. Eleazer Barritt 3rd Constable and Collector. 6th item. Voted to give the same Eleazer five pounds for his service the current year.

April 12, 1790. Personally appeared before me ..... and likewise Eleazer Barrett 3rd, Constable, and took the oath of allegiance.

April 4, 1791. ----- a settlement with Eleazer Barritt 3 rd, Collector and Constable, for this given: ----------for seventy pounds, 1 shilling, 6 pence and 2 and for services as Collector and Constable for the year 1789 to 1790. --- for the sum of eleven pounds, nine, and three pence ----- allowed by the committee accounting in whole, which leave a balance due to E 3rd Eighty one pound, 10 shillings, 10 pence.Eleazer Barritt 2 1/10 farthing on a town rates for 40 pounds each. (verified, page 26). Allowed to Eleazer Barritt 3rd the following rates by the committee of accounts. Rates are then listed for William Hastins, Elijah Willcox, Stephen Nunson, etc.

March 15, 1792  Item 7. Eleazer Barritt 3rd, chosen one of five surveyors of highways. Note: Item 15.Eleazer Barrett Pound Keeper (this would be Eleazer Barrett Senior, who was about 84 or 88 at the time).

March 7, 1794. 5th Item. Eleazer Barrett 3rd chosen Constable and Collector and sworn in.15th Item. Voted to remit to Eleazer Barritt 3rd, Constable, for the year Amos Gray's rates amounting to one pound 7 shillings and 3/4..

March 24, 1795. Then allowed to Eleazer Barritt 3rd, Collector of Alford, the following accounts: allowed 4 pounds for extraordinary collecting in the year 1789 - 4 pounds, and for an execution issued against him by the State Treasurer 25/ - 1 pound 5 shillings, and for an execution issued against him by the County Treasurer 12/ - 12 shillings. and for Esquire Coffins rates 4/6- 4 shilling, 6 pence and for Crossby's rates 6/ - 6 shilling and returning ------ Summoning jury men and warning town meetings 2 pound 14 shilling total 9 pound 2 shilling.

The above allowed by the Committee of Town Accounts and an order given upon the Selectmen for the same.

March 25, 1795. Item 6. Eleazer Barett 3rd one of seven surveyors of highways.

April 4, 1796. Item 3. Eleazer Barrett 3 chosen one of three selectmen and assessors. .

March 18, 1799. Item 7. Eleaz Barrett 3rd chosen one of six highway surveyors. Item 15 Eleaz Barrett 3rd chosen one of three for a committee to adjust town amounts. Item 21 Eleazar Barritt 3rd draughted for a grand juror.

June 20, 1800. Perhaps his resignation.

With many thanks to Stephen P. Barrett for this donation.

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