Naples NY Hatch Home

Naples General Store

The photos are of the home of Al Hatch in Naples, and inside
the Naples General Store. The bearded gentleman is my great grandfather,
Edwin C. Yaw. He farmed Hillside Acres, followed by Frank and Jane Yaw.

In an email dated 10 February 2008, Bill Clair wrote:

I am William Clair, son of John and Arline Clair who bought the farm on Gulick Road opposite Jane and Frank's farm. In fact our property is still in the family, though now rented and all of the Clair family has moved to various parts of the US.

I am 72 but remember the Yaws. As a boy in the early forties I used to go up to Hillside Acres and visit and Frank  (known as Mr. Yaw) would show me how to milk, and would always give me a glass of fresh milk that he stored in a creek cooled underground system.  I slightly remember  Jane , perhaps as a baker of pies. I also remember that during those years one of the family, a young girl, perhaps a niece, stayed during the summer and helped harvest the hay. Over the years we have watched the land change hands to the Doubts and now to persons unknown to me.

Our farm which is surrounded by the Boy Scout Camp is known as SpringHill. It was originally 105 acres and was owned, I believe, by another Yaw family.  I can check if you do not know as my daughter-in-law who runs the family corporation has all of the original papers and correspondence leading to the sale of the property in 1939 or so.

Many thanks to Bill Clair for sharing this interesting information.

Many thanks to Edwin C. Yaw for contributing these photos

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