The post office addresses of the residents of the town of Phelps are Gypsum, Oaks Corners, Orleans and Phelps, in the town; Clifton Springs, Geneva and Seneca Castle in adjoining towns; Arcadia, Lyons and Newark, Wayne County; and Junius and West Junius, Seneca County.

A post office on the line of Manchester. Tri-weekly mail.

Baker, Stephen, farmer 91
Bell, Joseph (Manchester) farmer 80
Bixby, Sarah E. Mrs., farmer 50
Bryant, N.S. Dr. (Manchester) allo. physician and farmer 67
Carr, W.H. (Manchester) farms with Dr. N.S. Bryant
Case, Levi (Manchester) wagon maker
Chase, Nelson, farmer 42
Cobb, Edwin D., farmer 180
Cobb, Rantslerl W., farmer 40
Cook, Mahlon (Manchester) farmer 84
Edson, Geo. W. (Manchester) thresher and farmer leases 120
Follett, Leonard P. (Manchester) town collector and carpenter and joiner
Follett, L.P. Mrs. (Manchester) farmer 7
Gross, Henry, farmer 50
Hand, Silas (Manchester) blacksmith
Johnson, Wm. (Manchester) farmer 163
Knauss, John (Manchester) (Thomas & Co.) Plainsville Mills and farmer 6 3/4
Miller, John G., farmer 88
Mosber, Hugh S. (Manchester) farmer 120
Mosher, Sherman (Manchester) farmer 2 1/2 and leases 55
Patrick, Richard (Manchester) painter and glazier
Persons, Marcus (Manchester) notary public and farmer 55
Reed, Joseph (Manchester) farmer 110
Robison, Abram (Manchester) farmer 33
Robison, Andrew J. farmer 140
Robison, Esbon (Manchester) farmer 21 1/2
Robison, James (Manchester) mason
Robison, Janes N. (with William H.) farmer 96
Robison, Matt. H. (Manchester) farmer
Robison, Simon P., farmer 40
Robison, Simon P., postmaster and hotel keeper
Robison, William H. (with James N.) farmer 96
Schutt, Artemus D. (Manchester) thresher and carpenter and joiner
Scullen, Joseph (Manchester) farmer 26
Sole, Benjamin (Manchester) retired farmer 3
Vanderhoof, Abram (Manchester) farmer 159
Vanderhoof, C. Mrs. (Manchester) farmer 55
Vanderhoof, Jacob W. (Manchester) farmer leases 50
Vanderhoof, Peter (Manchester) farmer 26
Vandusen, Ambrose L., farmer 100
Vandusen, Ambrose, farmer 55
Vandusen, William, farmer 160
Walker, Perry (Manchester) farmer 122
Wilson, Thomas (Manchester) painter and farmer 58
Wronderlen, Franklin (Manchester) miller

A post village, south-east of the center. Daily mail.

Amy, Wyley, farmer 31 1/2
Amy, William, works 87 acres owned by Elizabeth Latha
Armstrong, Hiram, farmer 77
Avery, Thomas, farmer 30
Barlow, Jesse (O. & J. Barlow)
Barlow, Obed. (O. & J. Barlow)
Barlow, O. & J. (Obed. and Jesse) flouring, saw, lath and cider mills and farmer 25
Baxter, James, blacksmith
Bean, Thomasm, farmer 65
Bird, Samuel, fur dealer
Blind, John, farmer 11
Blount, Asher, farmer 112
Boyd, Hugh, farmer 79 1/2
Boyd, John R., farmer 35
Brignal, Stephen, farmer 63
Burtis, Geo. B., farmer 2 1/2
Cmpbell, George, farmer leases 13
Church, Geo. B., farmer 27
Cooper, William, farmer 10
Cosad, David Jr., farmer 79
Crandall, Charles H., hotel proprietor
Crandall, Eleaze F., farmer 45 1/2
Cranson, Giles S., farmer 115
Cross, John, farmer 100
Cross, Robert, farmer 30
Dillingham, Humphrey H., farmer 160
Doolittle, Henry H., farer 17
Galegar, Patrick, farmer 12
Gregg, James H., farmer 162
Heffaren, Walter, farmer 5
Holmes, Edward R., railroad and express agent
Humphrey, Andrew J., farmer 97
Humphrey, Evans, farmer 128
Jones, Thomas, farmer 95
Joslin, Charles S., farmer 88
Joslin, Henry, carpenter and joiner
Joslin, Henry, farmer 3
Joslin, Leander, farmer 12
Kirtland, Dorance L., farmer 100
Lane, Ishmael, farmer 130
Lathey, Louiza N. Mrs., farmer 87
Lathey, Philip, farmer leases 136
Linkins, James, farmer
Long, Jacob, farmer 1
Loomis, Maria Mrs., farmer 17
Loww, Silas, farmer 97
Lyons, John W., produce broker
Manchester, Richard, works 75 acres owned by Walter Chase of Seneca
Manchester, Smith, farmer 110
Mennel, John, farmer 5
Morss, Austin G., farmer 25
Morss, Austin G. Rev., Presbyterian clergyman
Northam, Alfred, farmer 5
Oaks, Nathan, farmer 250
Peck, Ezra J., farmer 80
Peck, Horace Sr., farmer 20
Peeles, Benjamin H., farmer 108
Probasco, Charles, farmer leases 2
Reed, Vincent, farmer 75
Salisbury, Benjamin F., farmer 195
Sayre, Cooper, farmer 171
Scott, David, farmer 58
Southworth, Stephen P., carriage maker
Spoor, Cornelius, farmer 10
Swan, Theodore, carpenter and joiner
Swan, Theodore, farmer 10
Vanauken, Geo. W., farmer 100
Van Buren, Peter, farmer 11
Webster, James, farmer 84
Webster, Wallace B., farmer 14
Welch, Thomas, farmer 8
Wood, Leonard S., farmer 48
Wright, Charles S., postmaster and carriage maker
Young, Abraham T. Rev., Presbyterian clergyman
Young, John R., farmer 30

A post village on Flint Cree, in the south-west part of the town. Population about 200. Daily mail.

Ackley, Revilo, grocer
Aldridge, Edward, farmer 97
Allen, Joseph, farmer 15
Archer, Mrs. Harriet (Hopewell) farmer 75
Archer, Jonas W. (Hopewell) farmer 96
Arnold, Horace, farmer 145
Aukempaugh, Jerome, blacksmith
Bagerley, Cranson, carpenter and joiner
Bagerley, Samuel H., farmer 17
Baggely, Martha Mrs., farmer 40
Baker, Benjamin F. (with Horace) (Hopewell) farmer 101
Baker, Horace (with Benjamin F.) (Hopewell) farmer 101
Baker, Miles (Hopewell) farmer 191
Balcon, Epenetus (Hopewell) farmer 94
Balcun, Henry C. (Hopewell) farmer 70
Blylthe, Jabez A. (J. & J.A. Blythe)
Blythe, J. & J.A. (Jabez A. & Joseph) grist, flouring and saw mills
Blythe, Joseph (J. & J.A. Blythe)
Bowen, Charles M., farmer 57
Chappel, Hosmer P., boot and shoe maker
Crowe, Mrs. Bridget (Hopewell) farmer 5 1/2
Decker, Lewis W., farmer 122
Depue, Wm. (Hopewell) farmer 141 1/2
Derr, Erastus, carpenter and joiner
Edgerton, V.H. (Hopewell) farmer 80
Flanagin, Patrick, farmer 4
Ferguson, R., B. & E., farmer 240
Foster, Leonard, farmer 53
Goodale, Elijah, carriage shop and hotel
Harper, Leonard, farmer 1
Hatter, Franklin, farmer 1
Havens, George Rev., Methodist clergyman
King, Irving D., farmer 50
King, Henry U., farmer 100
Lamb, Sarah Mrs., milliner
Lamb, Wm. A., farmer 11
Lamb, Wm. A. (Wm. M. Lamb & Son)
Lamb, Wm. M. & Son (Wm. M. and Wm. A.) carriage shop
Lombard, Lewis R., postmaster and general merchant
Lusk, Sylvester J. Rev., Baptist clergyman
Lyons, Eleazer, farmer 2
Moore, James W., farmer 150
Moore, William, farmer 140
Pitkin, Chester G., farmer 79
Pitkin, David, farmer 100
Rafter, James W. (J.W. & L.G. Rafter)
Rafter, J.W. & L.G. (James W. and Lafayette G.) farmer 126
Rafter, LaFayette G. (J.W. & L.G. Rafter)
Rion, Patrick, farmer 5
Sadler, Winslow, farmer 50
Severance, Richard H. (Hopewell) farmer 374
Sheriff, Mrs. Mary (Hopewell) farmer 34
Sherman, Lucas H., hardware merchant at Clifton Springs
Tobin, Michael, farmer 1
Van Allen, Jacob, farmer 45
Vrooman, Abraham (Hopewell) farmer 54
Warner, Daniel D.T. (Hopewell) farmer 200
Warner, Edwin, farmer 42
Warner, J.C. & Co., grocers
Warner, Martin S. (Hopewell) farmer 108
Warner, Rufus, farmer 103
Warner, Ulysses, farmer 110
Wayne, Albert (Hopewell) farmer leases 221
Wheat, Signey, farmer 100
Wheat, Van Buren, farmer 95
Woodin, Henry, farmer 65

A thriving town, located on Flint Creek, near its junction with Canandaigua Outlet, and a station on the New York Central (Auburn Road). It contains a newspaper office, a bank of deposit, six churches, seven malt houses, a paper mill, five flouing mills, two plaster mills, a cheese factory, an iron foundry and manufactory of agricultural implements, a tannery, soap factory, yeast cake factory, &c. Population about 1,500. Daily Mail.

Ackerson, Peter P., farmer 150
Adams, M.C., farmer
Adams, Wm. C., farmer 100
Adsit, George H., farmer 100
Aldrich, Aaron (P.O. address Arcadia, Wayne Co.) farmer 160
Aldrich, William (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 185
Allen, Edward F., barber shop
Allen, David, carman
Allen, James H., farmer 20
Anderson, Robert R., farmer 92
Andrus, Wm. C., farmer 75
Armitage, Albert, farmer 55
Armitage, Maley
Armstrong, John B., farmer 70
Ashley, Marvel E. (Healey & Ashley)
Aubel, Henry (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 4
Avery, Asahel B., farmer 100

Bacon, I.W.
Bakeman, Martin, journeyman mason
Bakeman, Richard, mason
Baldwin, Luther H., farmer 60
Banta, Stanley A. (Augustus McLeod & Co.) teacher Phelps Brass band
Barber, Daniel G., farmer 85
Barber, Harvey G., farmer 70
Barbour, James, farmer 50
Barker, John, farmer 173
Barrick, John S., farmer 175
Barrick, William (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne co.) farmer 66
Bastin, Patrick, farmer 3
Bayless, Geo. Rev., Presbyterian clergyman
Beal, Janett W. Mrs., farmer 115
Beard, James M., farmer leases 60
Bell, Elizabeth Mrs., farmer 1 1/2
Bell, Elizabeth Mrs., farmer 6
Bell, Henry, farmer 98
Bell, Maranda Mrs., farmer 34
Bell, Wm., farmer
Benedict, James F. (Flower & Benedict) agent M.U. Express Co.
Benjamin, Horace, farmer 109 1/2
Bennett, John H., carpenter and farmer 60
Biddlecom, Thomas M., farmer 68 1/2
Biglow, Chas. L. (Biglow & Cole)
Biglow & Cole (Chas. L. Biglow, and Frank R. Cole) rake and handle turners
Bish, Henry (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 33
Bishop, Hosea, farmer 56
Black, James (P.O. address West Junius, Seneca Co.) farmer 49
Blakeman, Mary Mrs., farmer 80
Blinn, Philo, carpenter and joiner
Binn, Zachariah, farmer 6
Bogart, John, farmer 84
Bostwick, Israel S. (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 111 1/4
Bostwick, Robert (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 78
Boswell, Francis G., meat market
Bouns, James M., boots and shoes
Bowker, Simon K., carriage maker and blacksmith
Boyden, Albert L., farming implements, hardware and tin ware dealer
Brannan, Alexander, farmer 50
Bridger, George, farmer 100
Brighton, Thomas, farmer 21
Brooks, Orrin R., blacksmith
Brower, Helmus P. (P.O. address Newark, Wayne Co.) farmer 73
Brown, Ezra B., farmer 13
Brown, Hurlbert, carpenter and joiners
Brown, John, farmer 7
Brown, Lincoln, farmer 16
Brumfield, Stephen G. (P.O. address Newark, Wayne Co.) farmer 27
Brumfield, Theodore H., mason
Brush, Martin H., farmer 2 1/2
Burges, Alfred (P.O. address Arcadia, Wayne Co.) farmer 1
Burges, Anson, farmer 50
Burgess, Henry, farmer 107
Burgess, Isaac (P.O. address Arcadia, Wayne Co.) farmer 127
Burgess, Lucius (P.O. address Newark, Wayne Co.) farmer 70
Burnett, Benjamin F. (Burnett & Vandevort) farmer 74 1/2
Burnett, Daniel W., farmer 57
Burnett, Harvey, farmer 115
Burnett, Hiram, farmer 160
Burnett, Mary Mrs., farmer 23
Burnett, Wm. B. (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 125
Burnett & Vandevort (Benjamin Burnett and Thomas Vandevort) wind mill manufacturers
Burns, Alexander, blacksmith
Burt, Jonathan, eclectic physician
Burtis, Peter S., farmer 80
Butler, Wm. M., farmer leases 50

Cameron & Carpenter, (Robert A. Cameron and Elon G. Carpenter) allo. physicians
Cameron, Robert A. (Cameron & Carpenter)
Carey, Harvey, manufacturer of mittens and boots
Carey, M. Mrs., milliner
Carpenter, Calvin G. Rev., Baptist clergyman and farmer 109
Carpenter, Elon G. (Cameron & Carpenter)
Carpenter, John M., farmer 24 1/2
Carpenter & Rice (Russell C. Carpenter and Harvey Rice) harness makers
Carpenter, Russell C. (Carpenter & Rice) town clerk
Case, Daniel, farmer 91
Case, Ebenezer, farmer 45
Case, William, farmer 50
Cetcham, Levi S., harness maker
Champion, Josiah P., farmer 95
Chase, A.B. Rev., Baptist clergyman
Clark, John, mason
Cline, Marvin (J.B. Flower & Co.)
Cline, Conrad, farmer 82
Closs, Wm. H. (P.O. address West Junius, Seneca Co.) farmer 128
Cobb, Nahum, farmer 106
Colburn, S.J. (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) carpenter
Cole, Cyrus C., farmer 14
Cole, Frank R. (Biglow & Cole)
Cole, James M. (J.M. Cole & Co.)
Cole, J.M. & Co. (James M. Cole and Edwin Segar) carriage makers and blacksmiths
Cole, William, farmer 100
Condit, Geo. A., boots and shoes
Cooly, Edward, farmer 1 3/4
Cooley, Abram D. (A.D. Cooley & Co.)
Cooley, A.D. & Co. (Abram D. Cooley and Isaac C. Stephens) boots and shoes
Coolidge, Ahio, farmer 40
Cooper, Albert V., editor Ontario Citizen and job printer
Cooper & French (James R. Cooper and Moulton H. French) blacksmiths
Cooper, James R. (Cooper & French)
Cornell & Gardner (William Cornell and Eugene Gardner) grist and saw mill
Cornell, William (Cornell & Gardner)
Corwin, Elizabeth J. Mrs., farmer 148
Coughlin, Paul, farmer 5
Crane, Carso (Crane & Norton) (C. Vandemark & Co.)
Crane & Norton (Carso Crane and Samuel E. Norton) bankers and brokers, also fire, life insurance and real estate agents
Crittenden, Alfred R., farmer 100
Crittenden, Alonzo B., farmer 105
Crittenden, Chandler, farmer 95
Crittenden, Stallham, farmer 50
Crittenden, Thomas D., farmer 66
Crittenden, Warren, farmer 90
Crosby, Alfred D., grain dealer
Crosby, Augustus, farmer 35
Crosby, William C., farmer 98
Crosier, Irving, farmer
Crothers, Lyman, farmer 250
Crothers, Oliver, farmer 157
Crumb, Abraham, cooper
Cuddeback, Abram (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 300
Cuddeback, Cornelius (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 141
Cuddeback, Samuel (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer
Cummings, Hubbard L., farmer 4

Davis, Charles (P.O. address Newark, Wayne Co.) farmer 1
Decker, Philip (P.O. address Arcadia, Wayne Co.) farmer 37
Deford, Darius, carpenter and joiner
Dewyer, Thomas (P.O. address West Junius, Seneca Co.) farmer 20
Dickinson, Mary Mrs. (with heirs) (P.O. address West Junius, Seneca Co.) farmer 66
Dilman, John (P.O. address West Junius, Seneca Co.) farmer 21
Dimock, Enoch, farmer 50
Dimock, Henry S., eclectic physician and proprietor of patent medicines
Dimock, William P., farmer 131 3/4
Donnelly, Thomas, farmer 104
Douty, May H. Mrs. (P.O. address West Junius, Seneca Co.) farmer 1
Dwire, Michael (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 8

Eacker, George I., farmer 208
Eacker, John H., farmer 90
Earl, Philip A., farmemr leases 55
Edgcomb, Henry D., carpenter and builder
Edmonson, Elizabeth Mrs., farmer 60
Everets, Joseph, farmer 80

Farnesworth, Oliver, farmer 70
Finch & Hawks (Wm. H. Finch and Seymour Hawks) dry goods
Finch, Wm. H. (Finch & Hawks)
Flower & Benedict (James B. Flower and James F. Benedict) farming implements, hardware and tin ware dealers
Flower, James B. (Flower & Benedict) (J.B. Flower & Co.)
Flower, J.B. & Co. (James B. Flower and Marvin Cline) malsters
Foster, Daniel Rev., Presbyterian clergyman O.S.
Fothergill, John, farmer 13
Fox, Geo. D., farmer 50
Frazer, John (C. Vandemark & Co.)
French, Moulton H. (Cooper & French)
Frisby, Gerritt S. (C. Vandemark & Co.)
Fuller, Myron H., manufacturer of log pumps, and farmer 2 1/4

Galloway, Erastus, farmer leases 50
Gannore, Thomas, farmer 3 1/2
Gardner, Eugene E. (Cornell & Gardner)
Garlock, James (P.O. address Newark, Wayne Co.) farmer leases 95
Gates, Daniel, farmer 74
Gates, Hugh A., farmer 86
Gates, Seth, farmer 58
Gates, Wm. W., farmer 132
Gaylord, Chester, farmer 84
Gerow, Thomas H., farmer 75
Gibson Hall, John White, proprietor
Gibson, James, farmer 120
Gifford, Cady, farmer 100
Gifford, Emmons H., farmer 160
Gifford, John, farmer 160
Gifford, John T. (Gifford & Odell)
Gifford & Odell (John T. Gifford and Benj. F. Odell) grocers and crockery dealers
Gifford, S. Emmons, farmer 50
Gilbert, Edmund B., farmer 23
Glimps, David, farmer 5
Glimps, Lucindia Mrs., farmer 72
Goo, Norman E., carpenter and joiner
Goodnough, H.D. (with William T.) farmer 67
Goodnough, William T. (with H.D.) farmer 67
Goosline, Isaac, farmer 70
Goosline, Joseph (Goosline & Smith) farmer 93
Goosline, Mary Mrs. (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 46 1/2
Goosline & Smith (Joseph Goosline and Wm. Smith) carpenters and builders
Goseline, Peter (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 46
Grady, Michael, farmer 6
Granger, Abbey (with Deliah) farmer 3
Granger, Deliah (with Abbey) farmer 3
Green, Richard M., allo. physician, grocer and crockery dealer and postmaster
Griffith, David, farmer 34
Griffith, John W., farmer 50
Griffith, Robert J., farmer 197
Grimsley, James, farmer 70
Groat, Frederick, mason
Guilford, Rufus, farmer 30

Hall, David, shoemaker
Hall, Wallace, farmer 48
Hanes, John (P.O. address, West Junius, Seneca Co.) farmer 286
Hanes, Simon W. (P.O. address, West Junius, Seneca Co.) farmer 50
Harger, Henry, farmer 150
Harger, Milton, farmer 185
Harmon, Charles, farmer 35
Harmon, Simeon, farmer 149
Harrington, E.A.
Hart, Benjamin B., farmer 80
Hart, Presbury S., farmer 90
Hartman, Charles, farmer 111 1/2
Hatch, Felix (P.O. address Newark, Wayne Co.) farmer 34
Hatmaker, Peter, farmer 30
Hawks, Seymour (Finch & Hawks)
Healey & Ashley (Wm. B. Healey and Marvel E. Ashley) wool pullers and sheep skin manufacturers
Healey, Wm. B. (Healey & Ashley)
Heater, Reuben, farmer 2 1/4
Helmer, Christopher, farmemr 80
Helmer, William H., farmer 18
Henesy, Bartholomew, farmer 3
Hill, Thomas, farmer 86
Hinman, Willis (P.O. address Newark, Wayne Co.) farmer 65
Hobby, Charles E., lawyer
Hoffman, Anna Mrs. (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 69
Holbrook, Charles H., farmer 17
Holland, Redman, farmer 22
Hollister, John, carpenter and joiner
Holmes, D. Russell, photograph artist
Holmes, John H., insurance and real estate agent
Hopkins, Harrison H., farmer 89
Hornbeck, Charles, farmer 97
Hornbeck, James B. (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 107
Hornbeck, Wells (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 105 1/2
Horton, Cornelius (Horton & Vandevort) farmer 200
Horton, Joseph L., farmer 56
Horton & Vandevort (Cornelius Horton and Thomas Vandevort) farmers 205
Hosford, Ambrose Sr., farmer 5
Hosford, Ambrose Jr., boot and shoe maker
Hotchkiss, Leman B., banker, refiner of peppermint oil and farmer 1,400
Hough, Hiram, carpenter and joiner
Howe, John Q., grist and plaster mill, malt house and brick yard, allo. physician
Hoyt, Charles W., farmer 54
Hubbell, George, farmer 63
Humphrey, Charles (P.O. address West Junius, Seneca Co.) farmer 93
Humphrey, Oliver (P.O. address West Junius, Seneca Co.) farmer 59
Humphrey, William (P.O. address West Junius, Seneca Co.) farmer
Humphreys, John, carpenter and joiner
Huntington, Calvin, farmer 35

Ingersoll, Edwin E., livery stable
Ingersoll, Laura A. Miss, dress maker
Irwin, Jonah, farmer 10

Jackson, D. Franklin, farmer 80
Jennings, Uriah (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 103 1/8
Johnson, George, mason
Johnson, John, farmer leases 50
Johnson, Samuel, barber shop
Jones, Edward, carpener
Jones, John (P.O. address West Junius, Seneca Co.) farmer leases
Jones, Lemuel, carpenter
Jones, Paul, carpenter and joiner
Jourdin, James, farmer 2

Kanous, Thomas, farmer 25
Kelley, Caleb P., farmer 200
Kelly, Michael, farmer 104
Kelly, Michael, grocer and crockery dealer
Kelley, Patrick, farmer 1 1/8 (1 1/2?)
King, Antoinette Mrs., farmer 80
King, James W., manuf. of pumps
King, Joseph, farmer 115
Kitchin, John, farmer leases 93

Laflin, Edward, leases of Vandermark & Ross, flouring mill
Lake, Eben, farmer 110
Landon, Joel, farmer 75
Langdon, Amanius (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 50
Larkins, William, farmer 5
Laughln, E., miller
Leach, Julia A. Mrs., cloak and dress maker
Leroy, James, farmer 70
Lester, James M., farmer 98
Lohn, Michael (P.O. address Arcadia, Wayne Co.) farmer 60
Lord, Ichabod, farmer 90
Lord, Levi B., farmer 60
Loughrane, Thomas, farmer 60
Lovell, Wm., lumber dealer
Lybolt, Leander, carpenter & joiner

MacIver, Murdo, watch repairer and farmer 15
Mack, Flavel C., farmer 27
Mack, George, carpenter and jointer and farmer 20
Mack, John, carpenter and joiner
Maffett, Elijah, farmer 225
Mailler, William H., miller
Main, Levi, farmer 3 1/2
Mandine, James, house & carriage painter
Marden, Thomas, farmer 28
Marsh, Edward F., farmer 100
Marsh, Samuel, farmer 319
Mather, Horatio A. (Mather & Whiting)
Mather & Whiting (Horatio A. Mather and Eugene J. Whiting) proprietors Pinkney flouring mills and paper mills
McAdams, Edward, farmer 20
McBurney, Hamilton, stone cutter, proprietor of stone quarry and farmer 75
McCarty, Eunice Mrs., farmer 5
McCarty, Francis, farmer 2
McCarty, John, farmer 2
McGovern, John, farmer 16
McLeod, Augustus & Co. (Augustus McLeod and Stanley A. Banta) jewelers
McMillon, Joseph, carpenter and joiner
McWilliams, Sarah Mrs., milliner
Mead, Nelson, boot and shoe maker
Middaugh, Eli, farmer 120
Melvin, Almon, farmer 180
Miller, Albert, farmer 83
Miller, Jane Mrs., farmer 118
Miller, Lyman D., carpenter and joiner
Mitchel, Edmond W. (P.O. address West Junius, Seneca Co.) farmer 90
Moran, Henry, merchant tailor, hats, caps, &c.
Morris, Azariah (P.O. address Arcadia, Wayne Co.) farmer 40
Moser, Chas. P., drugs and groceries
Mott, Mary Mrs., farmer 72
Mulchoy, Daniel, farmer 2
Munger, Orange, house painter
Musselman, Chauncy (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 248
Musselman, Hiram (P.O. address West Junius, Seneca Co.) farmer 157

Nelson, John M., undertaker
Nester, Samuel K., malster
Newkirk, Lemuel J. (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) mason and farmer 6
Newman, Matthew (P.O. address West Junius, Seneca Co.) farmer 35
Newman, Nelson, farmer 40
Newton, John W. (with heirs) (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 100
Nicholoy, Jacob (P.O. address Newark, Wayne Co.) farmer 103
Norton, Samuel E. (Crane & Norton) (C. Vandemark & Co.) justice of peace

Odell, Benjamin F. (Gifford & Odell)
Ontario Citizen, published every Friday, A.V. Cooper, editor and proprietor
Ottley, Milton H., farmer 60

Padden, Alonzo, carpenter and joiner
Palmer, Richard, carman
Palmiter, Elephlet, farmer 5
Pardee, Harrison, farmer 102
Pardee, Lucinda, farmer 120
Parish, Solomon, estate of, farmer 59
Parry, Henry, farmer 10
Patterson, H.R., miller at the Red Mills
Peake, Isaac E., farmer 1 1/2
Peck, Elisha, farmer 12
Peck, Enoch, homeopathic physician
Peck, Ezra J., A.M., principal Phelps Union and Classical School
Peck, Hattie, Miss, assistant Phelps Union and Classical School
Peck, Hiram, constable and town collector
Peck, Hiram (P.O. address West Junius, Seneca Co.) farmer 20
Peck, Lewis, assessor internal revenue 26th cong. dist. surveyor and farmer 340
Percey, Thomas (P.O. address, Newark, Wayne Co.) farmer 40
Percy, Webster, farmer 88
Phelkin, Francis (P.O. address Arcadia, Wayne Co.) farmer 100
Phelps Union and Classical School, Ezra J. Peck, A.M., principal; Miss Helen Wirts, preceptress; Miss Hattie Peck, assistant
Pierce, Geo., carpenter and farmer 2 1/2
Pine, A.B.
Pleasants, Charles S., grocer and shoe store
Pound, William, farmer 1
Prescott, Geo. S., boots and shoes
Price, Charles E., proprietor Red Flouring Mills (resides at Arcadia, Wayne Co.)
Prichard, Benjamin, farmer 60
Prichard, Cuyler, German physician
Prichard, James, farmer 40
Prichard, Tobias D., German physician

Quick, Wilson H., farmer 1

Ranclef, William (P.O. address, West Junius, Seneca Co.) farmer 10
Ranney, Alonzo F., plaster mill
Ray, Chas. W. (Whitmore & Ray)
Ray, Henry, dealer in paper and patent gates, supervisor of town
Ray, Smith G., farmer 106
Ray, Wm. B., farmer 19
Raymer, Henry L. (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 114
Raymer, Peter S. (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 83 1/4
Redfield, Lysander, justice of the peace
Reed, Ezr, farmer 150
Rice, Harvey (Carpenter & Rice) village clerk
Richards, Charles H., cabinet maker
Richmond, Geo. (P.O. address Newark, Wayne Co.) farmer 66
Rider, Anson, manager cheese factory (owned by the Gibson estate)
Ridley, Charles, farmer 50
Ridley, Hiram (P.O. address Arcadia, Wayne Co.) farmer 180
Ridley, James, farmer 145
Ridley, Marshall, farmer
Ridley, Mathew H., farmer 100
Roberson, Asa H., farmer 115
Roberts, Horatio N., farmer 33
Roberts, Wm. M., farmer 100
Rockefeller, Norman, farmer 54
Rogers, Philip S., farmer 150
Root, Austin H. (Stotonburg, Root & Co.) farmer 73
Root, Francis (Stotonburg, Root & Co.O farmer 37
Root, Luther, farmer 70
Ross, Allen (C. Vandemark & Co.) farmer 115
Ross, Wm. L., confectionery and news room, also telegraph operator
Roy, Isaac (C. Vandemark & Co.) farmer 325
Roy, John (Van Vrankin & Co.)
Rubert, Benjamin, farmer 20

Sabin, Philo B., house painter
Salisbury, Austin, farmer 36
Salisbury, Elon G., farmer 123
Salisbury, Paulina Mrs., farmer 1
Seager, Franklin, farmer 50
Seager, Levi, farmer 50
Secor, Jesse, miller, mill wright and farmer 7
Seegault, Jacob, farmer 11
Segar, Edwion (J.M. Cole & Co.) farmer 70
Severance, Charles T., blacksmith and carriage maker
Shepard, John, farmer leases 80
Shepperd, Benjamin, farmer 140
Sherman, Charles (P.O. address Newark, Wayne Co.) farmer 50
Sherwood, Lionel (P.O. address Newark, Wayne Co.) farmer 200
Short, Ester, farmer 9
Short, Shubel P. Sr., farmer 105
Short, Shubel P. Jr. (P.O. address Newark, Wayne Co.) farmer 60
Shults, Jacob, farmer 5
Shumway, Charles E. (Shumway & Son.)
Shumway, Charles N. (Shumway & Son.)
Shumway, Isaac G., farmer 130
Shumway & Son (Charles N. and Charles E.) soap manufacturers
Smith, Ann Mrs., milliner
Smith, Catharine Mrs., milk dealer and farmer leases 72
Smith, Levi, mason
Smith, William A., druggist and grocer
Smith, Wm. (Goosline & Smith.)
Snow, James R. (Stotonburg, Root & Co.) dentist
Snyder, Harvey W. and William H., lease flouring and saw mill
Snyder, Mathew, farmer 64
Sparks, Margaret Mrs. (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 96
Spelman, Cornelius, farmer 1
Spencer, Abel, blacksmith
Spencer, James C., painter and engraver
Spoor, Stephen, Rev., M.E. clergyman, patentee of farm gate
Stacy, Alonzo, farmer 17
Stansel, Jane Mrs., farmer 40
Stanton, James, mason
Stark, Edward, baker
Stavely, Bethel, farmer 2
Stedman, Rensselaer T., farmer 112
Stephens, Isaac C. (A.D. Cooley & Co.) president of village
Stephens, Jacob, wood, coal and lumber dealer
Stephenson, Dolphin, lawyer
Stephenson, James V.A. (P.O. address Newark, Wayne Co.) farmer 74
Stetzel, John (P.O. address Lyons, Wayne Co.) farmer 3
Stewart, John, farmer 40
Stickle, Henry, farmer 50
Stickle, Jacob, farmer 3
St. John, Charles R., varmer 188
Stotonburg, Isaac (Stotonburg, Root & Co.)
Stotonburg, Root & Co. (Isaac Stotonburg, Francis Root, James R. Snow and Austin H. Root) plaster mill
Stotonburgh, Eliphalet, farmer 80
Swan, Seth, farmer 80
Sweeney, James, farmer 47
Sweet, David B., farmer 166

Tallmadge, Eli H., farmer 100
Tator, Jacob (P.O. address Newark, Wayne Co.) farmer 98
Taylor, Daniel, farmer 56
Taylor, Jacob, 135
Taylor, Wm. H.
Thayer, Nathan, farmer 46
Thomas, S.N., eclectic physician
Thompson, Albert, livery stable
Tiffiny, Lamont, farmer 140
Titus, Anson (Anson Titus & Son) farmer 98
Titus, Anson & Son (Anson and T. Benton) plow factory, foundry and machinists
Titus, Horace H., malster
Titus, T. Benton (Anson Titus & Son)
Totman, William E., farmer 25
Townsend, William, allo. physician
Tuftss, Henry B., tobacconist and cigar manufacturer

Underwood, Amos, Railroad and Am. Ex. agent

Vanaelstyn, George, farmer 20
Vanalstyne, Geo. Rev., M.E. clerbyman
Van Auken, Chas., farmer 200
Vanauken, David, farmer 275
Van Auken, Theron, farmer 65
Vanderhoof, Frederick D., allo. physician
Vanderhoff, Jacob, farmer 115
Vandemark, Archibald B., constable
Vandemark, Mrs. Amelia, farmer 60
Vandemark, Charles (C. Vandemark & Co.)
Vandemark, Chauncey, farmer 60
Vandemark, C. & Co. (Charles Vandemark, Allen Ross, Isaac Roy, John White, John Frazer, Gerritt S. Frisby, Carso Crane and Samuel E. Norton) manufacturers of yeast cake
Vandemark, J.M. (with W.) farmer 250
Vandemark, William, farmer 189
Vandemark, W. (with J.M.) farmer 250
Vandevort, Gilbert M., farmer 81
Vandevort, Thomas (Horton & Vandevort) (Burnett & Vandevort) peppermint distiller
Vandyne, Garret, farmer 6 1/2
Vandine, John, farmer leases 115
Vandusen, Geo. W., farmer 1 1/2
Van Fleet, Anthony (P.O. address West Junius, Seneca Co.) works 80 acres owned by Abraham Van Fleet
Van Fleet, Cornelius (P.O. address West Junius, Seneca Co.) farms 140 owned by Wm. Chips, of Geneva
Van Fleet, Jacob (P.O. address West Junius, Seneca Co.) farmer 38
Van Vorst, Henry, farmer 3 1/4
Van Vrankin & Co. (Wm. Van Vrankin and John Roy) general merchants
Van Vranken, William, farmer 110
Van Vrankin, William (Van Vrankin & Co.)
Vanwormer, Alexander, farmer 118
Vincent, Alexander, mason
Vincent, Charles C., farmer 2

Wacon, Joel, farmer 1 3/8
Ward, Owen (P.O. address Arcadia, Wayne Co.) farmer 1 1/4 (1 3/4?)
Warner, Ira, boots and shoes
Warren, Almer, mason and farmer 65
Webster, Chauncey L., retired farmer
Welch, Enoch (P.O. address Newark, Wayne Co.) farmer 15
Welch, Enoch P. (P.O. address Newark, Wayne Co.) carpenter and joiner
Wells, Oliver Y., farmer 65
West, Mathew, farmer leases 104
Westbrook, Hiram, farmer 12
Westfall, Albert, farmer 265
Westfall, Alfred, farmer
Westfall, Benjamin, farmer 103
Westfall, B.F., farmer
Westfall, Geo., farmer 25
Westfall, Jacob, farmer 222
Westfall, John, farmer 59
Westfall, Samuel, farmer 196
White, Andrew, mason
White, George Jr., farmer 7
White, George Sr., farmer leases 120
White, Jesse E., tin and sheet iron manufacturer
White, John (C. Vandemark & Co.) malster, three malt houses owned by the Gibson Estate, proprietor Gibson Hall
Whiting, Eugene J. (Mather & Whiting) farmer 40
Whiting, S.A., merchant tailor, hats, caps, sewing machines, &c.
Whitlock, Peter, farmer 217
Whitmore, Horace (Whitmore & Ray)
Whitemore & Ray (Horace Whitmore and Chas. W. Ray) merchant millers
Whitney, Sarah J. Mrs., millinery and fancy store
Wilbur, Lyman D., carpenter and builder
Wilcox, Russell B., farmer
Wirtz, Helen, Miss, preceptress Phelps Union and Classical School
Woolvin, Alexander, farmer 100
Woolvin, John, farmer 114
Wormley, Charles, proprietor Wormley House
Wormley House, Chas. Wormley, pro-tor

Yeo, John (P.O. address Newark, Wayne Co.) farmer 105
Young, Elkanah, farmer 50

Zimmerman, Geo. L. (P.O. address Junius, Seneca Co.) farmer 50

Source: Gazetteer and business directory of Ontario County, N.Y. for 1867-8. Syracuse, N.Y.: Hamilton Child. 1867.
All spellings are exactly as in the original.

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