Town of Hopewell - Ontario County NY

This cemetery is very old with broken stones and some too illegible to read.  The grounds are being maintained and it is accessible.  A check of inscriptions in the summer of 2002 show few changes to this earlier listing (date unknown); changes are noted in red type.  

Jet; died Dec 4 1859; ae 64-11-18;
Clarissa, his wife; died Apr 29 1863; ae 64-4-6;
Angeline; no dates; dau of Jet & Clarissa; died Nov 8 1825; ae 18 mos;
Abigail; no dates; died Mar 6 1834; ae 5 yrs;
Jet J.; no dates; died Mar 17 1834; ae 2 yrs;

In memory of Sarah Dillon Aldrich, wife of John Aldrich, who died Dec. 26, 1815, aged 21 yrs;
Once I was active young and gay; but now a lifeless lump of clay.
In memory of Miron, son of John & Sarah Dillon Aldrich, who died April 20th, 1819, aged 5 years;
My lot was to be scalt to death; Hot boiling sap my life did stop,
This grave my body doth enclose to take its long and last repose.
Albion; son of Heman and Esther D.; died Mar 24 1869; ae 16 yrs 2 mos;
Heman J., son of Heman and Esther D.; died Mar 31 1869; ae 2 yrs; 5 mos;
Harris; born Oct 7 1789; died Oct 4 1873;
Betsey, wife of Harris; born May 15 1792; died Aug 18 1874;
Richard, son of Harris and Betsey; died Dec 4 1838; stone reads son of H. & B.;
Samuel; 1753-1845; Revolutionary War soldier;
Ruth Blackmer, wife of Samuel; 1761-1817;
Samuel; died Mar 9 1854; ae 38-5-12;

Anna, wife of Garner; died May 24 1835; in her 33rd yr;
Jonathan; died Aug 4 1817; ae 44 yrs;
Anna, wife of Jonathan; died May 14 1860; ae 84 yrs;

Matthew, son of George & Phoebe; died Oct 14 1814; ae 1 yr; (may be John & Phoebe);
This lovely bud so young and fare, cald hence by erly doome,
Just caight to show how sweet a flower in Paradise would bloom
Zara; died Feb 6 1857; ae 49 yrs 5 mos;
Sarah C.; daughter;
William Duane, son of Zara & Emma; died May 19 1865; ae 2 yrs 6 mos;

Albert; died Apr 29 1877; ae 31-8-5; Albert W.;
Delphine M., dau of Wm. & Mary; died Sep 29 1851; ae 2 yrs 9 mos;
William N., son of Wm. & Mary; died Oct 9 1851; ae 9-1-11;
Mary Cone, wife of William; born Mar 27 1806; died Dec 27 1883;

William, son of ? and C.; died Aug 30 1856; ae 5;

Ruth, wife of Isaac A.; died July 8 1843; ae 26 yrs 5 mos;

Francis, son of Warner & Betsey; died Apr 1 1835; ae 5-4-28;

Andrew M.; born June 25 1800; died Oct 19 1848;
Jane, wife of Andrew; died Aug 11 1865; ae 66 yrs;
Mary Ann, daughter; died Sep 25 1816; in her 15th yr;

Benjamin; died Aug 25 1799; ae 57 yrs;
Mrs. Miriam; died Mar 16 1795; ae 45 yrs;
William; born Dec 14 1778; died Aug 28 1839;
Dorcas, wife of William; died May 5 1857; ae 73-8-22;

Margaret, wife of Miles D. and dau of B. & C. Dillon; died June 9 1845; ae 37 yrs 9 mos;

Benjamin; died Apr 8 1815; ae 39 yrs;
Betsey, wife of Samuel; died Aug 17 1813; ae 39 yrs;
Mercy, wife of I. Clark; died Aug 1813; ae 39 yrs;

Bathsheba, wife of John and sister of Adelyda Decker; died Jan 27 1820; ae 16 yrs 6 mos;
Adieu, my friends, dry up your tears
Hear I must ly til Christ appears,
When the just is judg'd I hope to be
One of that happy company.
Farewell my husband kind & dear
I must go hence and leave you here.
Benjamin; died Apr 15 1866; ae 75 yrs;
Phebe, wife of John Dillon; died Aug 18 1848; in 87th yr;
John; died Apr 9 1827; ae 69 yrs;
John Jr., son of John and Phebe Dillon; died June 21 1813; ae 23 yrs;
In to this world our Savior came; To call poor wandering sinners
He tasted death for me and you; And all the race of mankind too,
To world of spirits I have gone; and leave behind my friends to mourn;
My body now lies here at rest; my soul is stationed with the blest.
Joshua; died July 22 1825; ae 24 yrs;
Jane, dau of Benjamin and Christane; died Nov 22 1826; ae 2 yrs;
Matthew; died Mar 24 1814; in 77th yr;
In memory of Mrs. Sarah, wife of Matthew Dillon, who died March 21, 1814, in the 77th year;
Lord I commit my soul to thee, accept the sacred trust,
Receive the nobler part of me and watch my sleeping dust.
Moses; born Apr 30 1762; died Mar 24 1813;
William; died July 26 1814; in 46th yr;

John; died Oct 11 1842; in 85th yr;
Hannah, wife of John; died Feb 23 1840; in 85th yr;
Julia A.; wife of Stephen B.; died Nov 7 1853; ae 22 yrs;
Henry; died May 18 1856; ae 73-2-3;
Rhoda, wife of Henry; died Mar 23 1873; ae 89-0-15;
Eliza; died Sep 9 1879; ae 67 yrs;

Anna, dau of Jacob and Jeanette Perego; died Dec 31 1878; ae 73 yrs;

In memory of Samuel Finch, son of Albert & Lydia Finch, died Nov. 12, 1809, aged 15 years;
Traveler stop as you pass by; as you are now so once was I,
As I am now so you must be; prepare to die and follow me.
Charles; adopted son of E. & P. White; died Feb 19 1854; ae 6;
Jacob J.; died Apr 1 1841; in 56th yr;
Elizabeth, wife of Jacob; died May 3 1863; ae 79-10-2;
Romulous, son of Jacob J.; died Mar 30 1832; in 14th yr;

Sylvester, son of A. & A. Gregory; died July 2 1817; ae 8;

Leah, wife of W. B.; died Apr 6 1834; in 37th yr;
William B., son of Leah and Wm. B.; died Sep 19 1844; ae 21 yrs;

Oliver P.; died Dec 29 1864; ae 44 yrs;

Jackson; died Mar 2 1859; ae 82 yrs;
Priscilla, wife of Jackson; died Aug 20 1831; ae 45 yrs; Priscilla A.;
William; died Mar 8 1818; ae 78 yrs;
Elizabeth; wife of William; died Sep 8 1809; ae 63 yrs;
Lord, she was thine and not my own,
Thou has not done me wrong.
I thank thee for the precious loan
Afforded me so long.
William Jr.; died Apr 18 1817; ae 44 yrs;
In memory of Mrs. Sarah Hannay, wife of Mr. William Hannay, Junr, and daughter of Mr. Edward and Mrs. Annie Parker, who departed this life the 8th of May, 1804, in the 20th year of her age;
Fresh in the morn of the summer rose; Hangs with ring ere 'tis noon
We scarce enjoy the balmy gift; But mourn the pleasure gone
William Byron, son of Wm. H. & Mary P.; died Apr 5 1850; ae 6 yrs;

Galusha H. Jr., son of Galusha and Polly; died Dec 16 1817; ae 10 mos;
Beloved partners don't lament at your great loss, but be content,
The time will come when you will rise and reign with me above the skies.
Idala, dau of Gideon and Idala; died Sep 19 1817; ae 5-1-17;

Mary A., wife of Randall B.; died Dec 20 1850; ae 24-9-29;

Martha, wife of Moses; died Aug 29 1817; ae 57 yrs;

Aurelia, wife of Jonathan; died Aug 6 1819; ae 34 yrs;
Here lies the partner of my youth; a wife of truth and joy.
She's gone to realms of bliss I trust where sorrows can't annoy.
Elizabeth, wife of Henry; died Oct 30 1845; ae 41-11-21;

Lewis; died Mar 27 1869; ae 37 yrs; Lewis A.; Private Co C 18x NY Vol;

David; died Aug 29 1808; ae 36 yrs;
Now pray behold as you pass by
As you are now so once was I.
As I am now so must be.
Prepare for death and follow me.

William; died Nov 14 1814; ae 42 yrs;
Those dark abodes proclaim the truth to bending age and blooming youth.
They must their active powers resign to God and dust from when they came.
John, son of John and Margaret; died June 17 1812; ae 2 yrs;

Roxanna; died Jan 13 1865; ae 44 yrs;
Sally, wife of Samuel; died July 28 1855; ae 64 yrs;

Isaac, son of James and Jane; died Mar 16 1820; ae 17 yrs;
Jane, wife of James; died Apr 4 1822;

Mary, wife of Ezra; deid Aug 12 1815; in her 29th yr;

Mary A., wife of Edward; died Mar 11 1868; ae 20 yrs 3 mos; also infant;

Samantha, dau of Proctor and Mary; died July 15 1830; ae 10 yrs; death date could be 1839;

Polly, wife of Giles; died Sep 20 1817; ae 44 yrs;
My friends of mine stop here review the tender cares I've had for you.
My sould is gone to worlds of bliss; I dwell where lovely Jesus is.
Redeeming grace undying love has raised me to his courts above.
Where joys eternally unfold one-half their beauties her was told.
Edward; died Apr 13 1820; ae 68 yrs;
But hush my fond hart hush; there is ashore for us of better promises;
And I hope at last wee two shall meet in Christ to part no more.
Anna, wife of Edward; died Feb 8 1845; ae 86 yrs;
In memory of Annie, daughter of Mr. Edward Parker and Mrs. Anne Parker, who died July 16, 1804, in the fourth year of her age;
Death come like a wintry day; And cuts the pritty flower away.
Edward, son of Edward & Mrs. Anne Parker; died Aug 5 1809; ae 16 yrs;
Lord he was thine and not my own; I thank thee for the precious loan, afforded me so long.
Joseph, son; died Aug 23 1834; in his 39th yr;
Betsey, wife of Joseph; died Mar 17 1833; ae 40 yrs;
In memory of William Parker, who departed this life August 8th, 1808, in the 21st year of his age;
Return my friends, dry up your tears, here I must lie till Christ appears.
Once I was active young and gay, but now a lifeless lump of clay.
xxxxx; died Apr 11 1815; ae 23-9-22;
Benjamin; died Apr 1815; ae 37 yrs;

James; died Aug 25 1815; ae 35 yrs;

Jacob, son of Jacob & Janette; died Feb 9 1857; ae 36 yrs;
Charlotte, dau of Jacob & Janette; died Apr 13 1877; ae 66 yrs;
Eliza, dau of Jacob & Janette; died Sep 6 1879; ae 67 yrs;
Joseph; died Feb 18 1888; in his 78th yr;
Jacob; died Nov 23 1864; ae 87 yrs;
Jeanette, wife of Jacob; died Nov 20 1864; ae 78 yrs;

Margaret, wife of James and dau of James and Anne McKnutt; died Feb 26 1821; ae 25 yrs;

John T.; died Apr 20 1869; ae 32 yrs;   Photo

Ezra; died Sep 14 1812; ae 44 yrs;
Ezra; born Feb 12 1812; died Nov 9 1893;
Lucy A., wife of Ezra; died Oct 14 1851; ae 45 yrs 1 mo;
Eliza, wife of Ezra L.; died Mar 8 1882; ae 58 yrs;
Sarah L., dau of Ezra L. and Eliza; died Aug 5 1873; ae 16-8-21;

Timothy; died May 12 1814; in his 66th yr; Photo at end of page
A thousand ways cut short our days; none are exempt from death,
A honey bee by stinging me did stop my mortal breath.
This grave contains the last remains of my frail house of clay.
My soul is gone not to return to one eternal day.
Friends one & all both grate and small, Behold where I lie,
Whilst you are here for death prepare, remember you must die.

Alva, son of Timothy & Anna; died Feb 4 1816; ae 16 yrs;
Young people all, both great and small,
That breathes a vital breath.
Upon the state there is no age
That is exempt from death.
Now in your youth embrace the truth before your glass is run.
Then if you die as young as I, your work will be begun.
James; died Dec 10 1824; in his 46th yr;

Louisa A.; died Aug 25 1838; ae 20 yrs;

In memory of Hannah, wife of Anson, who died Jan 19 1826; ae 55 yrs;

George; Co. C. 2d NY Pro. Cav.; nothing further;

Louisa; died Aug 25 1838; ae 20 yrs;

Henry A.; son of Elisha and Nancy; died Sep 14 1821; ae 12 yrs;
Nancy, consort of Elisha; died Sep 21 1821; ae 36 yrs;

Lucretia, wife of Isaac; died Jan 22 1820; ae 21 yrs;

Amanda M., wife of Elijah; died May 6 1836; in her 27th yr;
Adaline M., dau of Elijah & Amanda; died Oct 7 1836; ae 5 mos 13 days;

David; 1830-1890;
Sarah, wife of David; 1836-1886;
Esther A., dau; died Sep 2 1877; ae 24 yrs; dau of D. & S.;

Caroline, wife of John; died Feb 11 1841; ae 30 yrs;

Jones W.; died Dec 28 1851; ae 28-5-16; Jonas W.;
John M., son of J. W. & A.; died Oct 5 1851; ae 1-2-12;

Edward; 1810-1868;
Edward J.; 1856-1899;
Phebe Gardner, wife of Edward; 1816-1892;
Charles, son of Edward & Phebe; died Sep 17 1845; ae 1-5-18;
Sarah E., dau of Edward & Phebe; died June 17 1848; ae 8-4-5;
Edward J.; son of Edward & Phebe; died July 4 1848; ae 6 yrs;

Hannah Perego, wife of R. Williams; died Dec 14 1880; ae 73 yrs;

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