From Ontario Messenger 7 February 1844

Democrats Attend ! -
The undersigned, respectfully invite their Democratic Fellow Citizens to meet with them, at the Town House, next Saturday evening at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of forming an association to promote the success of the Democratic Cause.

N. G. Chesebro
John M. Ferrell
Jared Willson
Thos. B. Hahn
Hollaway Hayward
Jabez H. Metcalf
E. G. Lapham
Thomas M. Howell
Wm. H. Phelps
William Blossom
Jesse Mason
J. H. Mason
Theodore Brooks
George Willson, 2d
John Hubbell
M. Beeman
P. Leddy
Wm. Sheridan
H. O. Chesebro
John Benham
C. W. Chesebro
C. D. Castle
Increase Baker
Orrin Sisson
Jocob S. Keller
James Williams
Wm. Gage
Albert G. Gage
Mark J. Blakely
Henry Milton
Henry Herriman
Chas. Herriman
Joseph W. Metcalf
Chas. H. Hoyt
G. R. Fox
Moses Roberts
B. H. Ackley
Wm. M. Wyvill
S. Denton
Horace Manley
T. F. Brown
Jeremiah Haskell
Hiram Hubbard
Richard Stevens
R. B. Graves
A. J. Stannard
A. Daniels
H. M. Moore
Jacob Lyon
Daniel Shafer
Porter Carson
Wm. Peck
Henry Root
Isaac Golder
Marshall R. Lyon
James M. Palmer
John Parshall
John Reeves
Chas. D. Little
S. C. Coe
William Dickson
Horace Benham
D. Butler
Daniel Keeler
John Wood
S. P. Lampman
E. S. Gregory
O. P. Lampman
Isaac Legore, Jr.
John M. Hone
Lewis J. Sutherland
Abram Hills
Benj. Tuttle
Goodsell Gregory
Robt. Robinson
B. P. Frazer
Wm. Hall
Chas. Wood
Wm. Snyder
Morgan Snyder
John Lyon
Simon Hall
Daniel Bennett
James Williams
Gurdon Spencer
Ashbel Tuttle
Elisha Freer
David G. Keller
Tracy Stroud
Warren Cone
Warren Latham
Moses Twist
Edward White
N. Jacobs
F. C. Bunnell
Abner Bunnell
Moses Cleveland
Moses Cleveland, Jr.
Abner Cleveland
Joseph D. Felton

From Geneva Gazette 5 June 1847


The Convention met pursuant to adjournment, at the Court House, in Canandaigua, on the 29th inst.  The Chairman being absent, the Hon. Peter Mitchell, of Manchester, was chosen President pro tem.

The following delegates appeared from their respective towns:

Bristol - Oliver Case, A. C. Hathaway, D. Bennett, J. Smith

Canandaigua - M. Beeman, J. J. Mattison, T. B. Hahn, O. Chesebro, E. G. Lapham, Wm. Sheridan,
Jabez M. Metcalf, T. M. Howell, J. Haskell, R. Jackson, P. Leddy

Canadice - No delegates

E. Bloomfield - No delegates

Farmington - John Lapham, Squire Thomas, Wm. Wood

Gorham - Chester Loomis, J. Q. Groesbeck, C. Fisher, John Tozer, A. B. Coffin

Hopewell - Horace Goodale, L. L. Knapp, James Moor, Henry Benham

Manchester - Julius N. Granger, Peter Mitchell, N. K. Cole, Wm. W. Vanderhoof, M. Crane,
Hiram Axtell

Naples - N. W. Clark, I. M. Lyon, W. S. Patridge, H. Eddy

Phelps - John M. Ferrel, B. F. Hawks, H. Warner, H. C. Swift

Richmond - No delegates

Seneca - Thomas Hall, Geo. M. Horton, J. D. Briszee, Geo. J. Gallagher, T. R. Spencer,
T. H. Carson, Ira Parker, J. P. Hogarth

S. Bristol - James Parmely, H. H. Treat, M. H. Bently

Victor - Wm. C. Dryer, Wm. Ball, Richard W. Wells, Wm. I. Turner

W. Bloomfield - D. Paull, I. Chase, F. Bradley, M. Watkins

On motion of E. G. Lapham, the Convention proceeded to the informal viva voce vote for a candidate for County Judge.

The roll being called, every Delegate present, 60 in number, named

Hon. Bowen Whiting, of Geneva; whereupon he was declared unanimously nominated.

The Convention then proceeded in the same manner to designate a candidate for District Attorney, with the following result:

Tho's M. Howell was named by   39
E. G. Lapham was named by        16
Geo. R. Parburt was named by       1
Mr. Lapham, after moving the unanimous nomination of Tho's M. Howell, Esq., returned his thanks to those members of the Convention who had named him for the office, as it was an expression unsolicited and wholly unexpected by him; for he had at all times positively refused to be considered a candidate for nomination, and could not have accepted if nominated.  Mr. Howell was then unanimously nominated.

From Geneva Gazette 25 July 1856



Buchanan & Beckinridge Club

The undersigned, Democratic Electors of the Town of Seneca, invite their fellow Democrats, and all in favor of electing BUCHANAN & BRECKINRIDGE to the Presidency and Vice Presidency of the United States, to meet at the Franklin House on Monday Evening, July 29th at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of organizing preparatory to a vigorous prosecution of the Presidential Campaign.

Wm. Cortelyou
Geo. M. Horton
R. Swift
Giles Parker, Sen.
Orrin Taylor
Thomas Vartle
Thos. Fearsall
James D. Page
J. C. Rogers
Patrick Dillon
Michael Ryan
P. Moore
John Ackley
Wm. Hudson
D. D. Chapin
William Dunham
John J. Holman
Miles Caddan
Dennis Dugan
Wm. Woodley
Thomas Shanley
A. Fleming
Thos. J. Lewis
Giles Parker Jr.
Chas. Rice
P. B. Taylor
Wm. N. Robson
John O'Neil
P. Murphy
Thos. Hassett
H. Freleigh
Rufs Guilford
Hugh R. Black
Joseph Means

Wm. C. Van Deren
Thomas Carroll
Francis Carroll
Roger Carr
Daniel Reardon
John Flick
E. Beach
James Bogert
James Williams
S. H. Parker
A. M. Cobleigh
Alex'r Smith
Charles Bradley
Thomas Sullivan
C. G. Kemp
J. W. Walter
John Fletcher
Michael McDonough
James McDonough
H. D. Beach
David Boyd
S. Baldwin
Samuel Hewit
Geo. Hipple
Samuel Robinson
Wm. H. Parker
E. Goodale
John Cody
John Creale
Patrick Higgins
Andrew Bradley
Thos. Cody
John Handelin
John Devaney

Michael Gore
Lucius Warner
T. W. Hall
Martin Grove
John Boyd
J. S. McKeaugh
James Higgins
Michael Green
George Roberts
Peter Burns
Michael McKenna
M. Sullivan
Patrick Pyne
P. Flaherty
John McDonough
Mark McDonough
John Donnelly
Michael Reddy
P. Bradley
Wm. Forster
Richard Knight
Thos. McCrane
John Noonan
John McCarty
John Madden
James Driscoll
Francis Clark
Thomas Fitzpatrick
Andrew Conneley
Edward Long
J. S. Lewis
D. W. Colvin
J. S. Reed
H. L. Franklin

Edward Broffey
Lawrence Hassan
Conrad Winne
C. H. Swift
W. F. Edington
Patrick Twohey
John Lynch
James Carroll
John McKean
Bernard Hanley
Edward O'Brien
Thomas Creary
John Carroll
Michael O'Flaherty
Pliny Jennings
P. McGloon
John Rippey, Jr.
Matthew Rippey
Sam'l Helms
M. H. Mandeville
H. Van Tassel
Hamilton Rippey
A. Dilenbeck
T. G. Rippey
John R. McCauley
Wm. Fulmer
Wm. Harren
Jeremiah Rippey
Wm. Lidiot
S. Merwin
Levi Stainton
Bishop Partridge

From Geneva Gazette 7 August 1868

Our Democratic friends in Phelps have perfected an able and efficient organization for the campaign, as will be seen by the list of officers and committees.  We are more than ever persuaded that the "Old Gibralter" will roll up one of her old-fashioned majorities for Seymour and Blair.

President:  Allen Ross
Vice Presidents:  Geo. Hubbell, Cornelius Horton, Cooper Sayre, David Cosad
Recording Secretary:  Augustus McLeod
Corresponding Secretary:  John H. Holmes
Treasurer:  Samuel E. Norton
Central Committee:  
Cornelius Horton, Henry Moran, Geo. Hubbell, Bernard McKinney, Lawrence Siegfried
Finance Committee:  Isaac Roy, W. H. Snyder, Nathan Oaks, John Salisbury, Hiram Peck
Canvassing Committee:  Edward Laughlin

From Geneva Gazette 4 August 1876

The Democrats of Naples have organized a Tilden and Hendricks Club with the following officers:
President - J. N. Gordon
Vice Pres. - C. W. Watkins, C. M. Lyon, I. M. Anable, O. F. LeValley, Mat Eichberger, S. G. Marsh, Jos. M. French, John Boals, Alonzo Maxfield
Secretary - W. W. Holcomb
Cor. Sec. - W. L. Conley
Treasurer - H. Maxfield
Glee Club - P. H. Pierce, W. H. Pierce, C. W. Arnold and W. W. Holcomb
Committee on Finance - H. Maxfield, E. Wells and D. D. Luther

OLD PHELPS ON DECK !  Tilden & Hendricks Club Organized !  

In response to a call to form a Tilden & Hendricks Club, about 50 voters met in the parlors of the Phelps Hotel on the evening of the 28th ult.  The meeting was called to order by the appointment of David Cosad, Jr., as temporary Chairman, and Dr. F. D. Vanderhoof as Secretary; after which it was proposed to proceed to effect a permanent organization, with the following result:

T. O. Hotchkiss was elected President; David Cosad, Jr., 1st Vice President; John Warner, 2d Vice President; Milton Pruyn, 3d Vice President, John H. Roy, Recording Secretary, Dr. F. D. Vanderhoof, Corresponding Sec'y; David White, Treasurer.

An Executive Committee, also a committee to draft constitution and bylaws were then appointed.  The meeting then adjourned, with a determination of giving Tilden & Hendricks a large majority in old Phelps this fall.

From Ontario County Journal 1 July 1892

The officers of the Young Men's Democratic Club are as follows:

President - J. Stanley Smith
Vice-president - Charles S. Smith
Secretaries - P. H. Collins, A. H. Sackett
Treasurer - J. J. Mattison
Chairman of executive committee - George Smith
Of fireworks committee - Walter G. Smith
On decorations - Fred D. Crandall
On music - Harry L. Dunton
On torches - Charles J. Purdy
On parades - H. B. Brace
On printing - F. O. Sisson

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