From Geneva Courier newspaper 29 May 1861

The following are the names, age, residence, and birth-place of the Officers and Privates of Capt. Baird's Company:

Captain - Wm. H. Baird
Lieutenant - George L. Russell
Ensign - Carl M. Russell
Orderly Serg't - N. W. Porter
2d Serg't - Norton Schermerhorn
3d Serg't - James W. Butterfield
4th Serg't - B. W. Keyes, Jr.
1st Corporal - James Long
2d Corporal - C. W. Woodruff
3d Corporal - Frederick Andrus
4th Corporal - Hugh Morgan
William H. Baird U. S. 29 Geneva
Robert T. Robertson do 24 Ferguson's Corners
Amasa Probasco do 24 Geneva
Fred. H. Andrus do 18 do
Patrick J. Carroll do 21 do
Menzo W. Hoard do 24 Ferguson's Corners
Willard S. Wheeler do 25 Geneva
Dewitt C. Farrington do 28 do
Abram Dennis do 37 do
Dimond A. Page do 37 do
John A. Morrison do 26 do
George B. Stephens do 22 Ferguson's Corners
Nathan W. Porter do 32 Phelps
John M. Robson do 39  Stanley's Corners
Ralph W. Patterson do 25 Geneva
Geo. Numan do 18 do
Henry J. Nare do 23 do
Peter O. Rae do 19 Fairdale PA
Hugh McLaughlin Ireland 18 Geneva
William Lane U. S. 18 Geneva
Luther L. Mills do 19 Orcott Crick PA
Thomas Williams England 29 Phelps
B. W. Keyes Jr. U. S. 21 Geneva
William Ross England 18 do
Henry H. Hollman U. S. 22 do
Henry B. Ware do 21 do
Norton Schermerhorn do 22 Flint Creek
Chas. Dillenbeck do 29 Stanley's Corners
James Lang Ireland 20 Geneva
Barney Mulholland do 25 do
Patrick Conklin do 44 Geneva
Henry E. Eaton U. S. 18 do
Clark McMiller do 29 Phelps
David Flannery Ireland 19 Corning NY
James Regbee U. S. 18  Phelps
Samuel A. Clark do 23 Ferguson's Corners
C. W. Woodruff do 20 Geneva
James W. Butterfield do 21 do
Silas McLaughlin do 29 Flint Creek
Henry Stephenson England 22 do
Edward S. Drance U. S. 18 Branchp't Yates co.
John Duff Ireland 44 Fayetteville NY
Henry Delamarter U. S. 27 Varick
John Welch Ireland 18 Geneva
John Orman U. S. 18 do
Seymour G. Tompkins do 24 Gorham
Theron Stevens do 18 Ferguson's Corners
John Lamphier do 48 Geneva
Adam Sholtes do 21 Warnerville NY
James Mend do 19 Dundee NY
William Perkins do 26 Batavia NY
Fred Gibson do 29 LeRoy NY
John Wesley do 18 Fact'yville Tioga co.
Ell Hull do 25 Geneva
James Underhill do 28 Rochester
Henry Armstrong do 28 Wolcott NY
William Emerick do 38 Fayette
Hugh Morgan do 24 Oswego
David F. Sillis do 28 do
George M. Frey France 24 Gorham
J. C. Mead Canada 18 Italy Hill NY
Milton Wheeler U. S. 23 Gorham
Lorenzo S. Herrick do 18 do
Henry Sloe do 18 Amherst Erie co.
John Cunningham Ireland 26 Syracuse
Dayton Merley U. S. 33 Agawan Mass.
Alexander Burrall do 18 Syracuse
Harry Smith do 22 Buffalo
Carlos M. Russell do 27 Batavia
George L. Russell do 24 Batavia
John Vail do 29  Trenton NJ
Thomas Glaborn England 19 Buffalo
Stephen Stewart U. S. 25 New York City
G. M. Farrington do 24 Geneva
Isaac L. Ricbee do 29 Ferguson's Corners
Charles F. Wooden do 23 Phelps
Charles Dorchester do 34 Geneva
Philo F. Wilcox do 22 Manford Mich.
Henry Van Riper do 20 Fayette
Samuel L. Sackett do 20 Romulus
John Wilson Ireland 23 Geneva
Wm. Barten England 31 Penn Yan
John M. Baker U. S. 21 Geneva
Howard Squires do 21 do
Harry L. Stainic do 24 do
Henry Rogers do 22 do
Archibald Morrison do 22 do
The newspaper was difficult to read in parts, and I apologize for mispelled names
or incorrect ages.

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