From Geneva Gazette 20 May 1864

Casualties in the 148th N. Y. V. -
The following is a list of the killed and wounded in the 148th Reg't N. Y. V., in the attack on Gen. Butler's forced last Monday.  Whether the list is complete or not, we are unable to say, but it contains all we have been able to find up to this time:
KILLED:  Corp'l Samuel B. Skinner, Co. I


Company A:  J. Prindle; Anson P. Updike; Henry Ganner; Wm. Still;
Company C:  Chas. E. Cole.
Company D:  David Foder; David Q. Burns; Mortimer Dean; John B. Moore; Geo. W. Huntington;
Company E:  Wm. J. McIlroy; Joseph Scott; Geo. King;
Company F:  Joseph Sprague;
Company G:  Wm. S. Briggs; Peter Goodrich; Jas. Goodrich;
Company H:  John Malone; Frank Gregory;
Company I:  Capt. Samuel P. Strong; R. J. Davis;

Later - We have been shown a letter received by Mrs. Gage from her husband last evening, in which he says:  "I lost two men killed in the engagement yesterday (16th) -- Joseph Marks and Augustas F. Scott.  There were several others killed in the Regiment.  Quite a number were wounded in the regiment -- several in my Company."
From Geneva Gazette 27 May 1864

Casualties in the 148th N. Y. V. -
The following is a correct list of the killed, wounded and missing in the 148th Reg't N. Y. V., as reported by Col. G. M. Guion.  The regiment is said to have covered itself with great glory in the heavy fights that have taken place on the James River.  The command is attached to the second division of the 18th Corps, known as Weitzel's fighting troops, and deserves great praise for its excellent bearing and discipline under a hot fire:


Sergt. Curtis S. Day, A
John Murtz, D
Augustas F. Scott, D
Geo. Chase, D
Irvin A. West, E
Anthony Covert, E
James Reiley, H
Corp'l S. Strong, I

Company A

Patrick McNaney, in leg
John C. Pringle, shoulder, severely
Aaron D. Updyke, head, slightly
Henry Gaumer, leg, slightly
Wm. Stahl, head, slightly

Company B

John Tunerson, leg, slightly
Corp'l Perry W. Danes, leg, severely
Geo. F. Mitchell, hand, slightly
Geo. R. Tubbs, leg, severely
M. Fitzgerald, arm, slightly

Company C

John Brown, arm slightly
Chas. E. Cole, leg, severely

Company D

Mortimer Dean, left leg, slightly
John B. Moore, back, slightly
Geo. W. Huntington, leg, slightly
L. P. Williams, arm, slightly
David Yoder, in left forefinger
Corp'l David L. Barnes, in foot

Company E

Wm. J. McIlroy, hand, slightly
Hamilton R. Craven, leg, severely
George Hadsell, shoulder, severely
Geo. Krug, leg, severely
Owen Daly, shoulder, severely
Edward Anderson, thigh, severely
M. Quinn, foot, severely
Geo. Sabine, arm, severely
James Bishop, hand, slightly
Alonzo Kitson, foot, slightly
William Voorhies, shoulder, severely
John Scott, shoulder, severely

Company F

Capt. H. R. Gardner, shoulder, slightly
Joseph Sprague, foot, slightly
L. D. Green, foot, slightly
C. W. Stark, hip, severely
Wm. A. Wilson, hip, slightly
H. H. Barnes, thigh, severely
J. J. Cenley, neck, slightly

Company G

Jas. Goodrich, leg, slightly
Corp'l A. A. Stetson, ankle, severely
Peter Goodrich, shoulder, severely
Andrew Lyon, head and back
Corp'l Wm. S. Briggs, leg, severely
Levi Parsons, neck, slightly

Company H

Wm. Edwards, leg, slightly
Corp'l Francis Gregory, face, severely
John Malone, arm, slightly
Capt. Benj. Watkins, bowels, slightly

Company I

Sergt. O. F. Long, leg, slightly
Wm. Matthews, side, slightly
E. Sine, leg, slightly
Jordan Davis, shoulder, severely
Benj. Hovel, arm, severely
Sergt. C. J. Jackson, arm, slightly

From Geneva Gazette 27 May 1864

Letter from the Hospital Steward of the 126th N. Y. Vols. - Correct List of Killed, Wounded and Missing -
In the Field Near Po River VA;  May 13th, 1864
Editor of the Geneva Gazette:

Enclosed I send you a correct list of the killed, wounded and missing of the 126th N. Y. V. up to this date, (May 13th).
Very respectfully yours, GEO. W. BECKER, Hospital Stewart, 3d Brigade, 1st Division, 2d Corps.
Company A
Capt. Morris Brown, right knee slightly
1st Serg't Smith Fuller, seriously
2d Serg't James Henderson, leg seriously
Serg't P. Tyler, right arm amputated
Corp'l Albion C. Shepher, leg seriously
Private Francis E. Pool, both arms severely
Private John H. Garrison, slightly
Private Peter Paris, severely
Private Levi Cole, severely
Private A. C. Olds, severely

Company B
1st Lieut M. H. Lawrence, foot slightly
1st Serg't O. C. Squires, foot slightly
Corp'l George Chapman, killed
Corp'l Horace Ellis, killed
Corp'l Wm. H. Armstrong, in arm slightly
Corp'l Henry S. Nickles, in jaw severely
Private Christopher Houghtailing, killed
Private Amos Potter, left arm amputated
Private Chas. Hayett, wounded
Private O. B. Smith, hand slight
Private Stephen C. Purdy, slight wound
Private Wm. Cassion, missing
Private James Lathy, in back severely

Company C
Capt. Winfield Scott, left breast slightly
Serg't Wm. H. Cole, wounded
Private J. B. Huff, killed
Private Chas W. Dey, wounded
Private F. M. Haynes, wounded

Company D
Corp'l J. B. Sabins, missing
Private Edmond F. Duey, killed
Private Horton McMillen, in hand slightly
Private Frederick Ebert, in arm
Private George Stark, leg severely
Private John Monroe, wounded
Private George Johnson, wounded
Private John Dwyer, wounded
Private John Dutsour, wounded

Company E
2d Lieut. John F. Randolph, in left shoulder severely
Serg't Fayette Green, in arm slightly
Serg't George T. Kelley, in arm severely
Corp'l Byron W. Scott, in arm slightly
Corp'l Ambrose Bedell, left leg severely
Private John Olf, killed
Private Albert L. Bogert, missing
Private Wm. H. Pinch, left breast and shoulder severely
Private John Fountain, in leg
Private John Galivan, wounded
Private Walter Clark, wounded

Company F
Capt. Ira Munson, in right hip mortally
Serg't H. B. Ferguson, knee severely
Serg't Chas. Terbush, hand, finger amputated
Corp'l Charles Proudfit, arm amputated
Corp'l E. R. Hazlet, in arm
Private F. Edgerton, wounded
Private L. Rafter, wounded
Private J. Coleman, missing
Private N. J. Davenport, missing
Private E. Debois, missing
Private J. P. Fulton, missing
Private F. Wilcox, missing

Company G
1st Lieut. M. V. Stanton, left shoulder slight
1st Serg't Samuel Hughes, left arm severely
Corp'l Charles Benedict, killed
Corp'l James S. Holenbeck, in groin severely
Corp'l Tyler Cayton, in thigh
Private John Dunnigan, in left hand
Private John Barron, wounded
Private George Hill, missing

Company H
Capt. Henry B. Owen, killed
Serg't Wm. Chillison, head slightly
Corp'l B. Jones, missing
Private George A. Currier, wounded
Private Franklin Spray, in hand
Private Owen McGintey, in hand
Private Ezra Kanouse, in hand
Private T. Shears, in hand
Private Chas. Love, wounded
Private Wm. M. Brown, wounded
Private Uras Osgood, missing

Company I
Sergt. David Berger, in right shoulder
Corp'l George Ackerman, in leg severely
Corp'l B. F. Kime, in foot
Private Philip Garnet, in hand
Private James Snelling, in head slightly
Private Chas. H. Burch, in thigh
Corp'l Lyman Toombs, wounded

Company K
1st Lieut. Geo. E. Sherman, missing
2d Lieut. John Hulbert, in arm
1st Sergt Ralph Crippen, in arm
Serg't Lewis Clark, in hand
Corp'l Jerome Parks, killed
Corp'l John Barrenger, in leg
Private Marcus Benjamin, wounded
Private Patrick Kanaly, wounded
Private Wm. Seamons, left arm amputated
Private E. Barnes, wounded
Private John Cockron, missing

From Geneva Gazette 17 June 1864

We are indebted to Chaplain Scott of the 148th Reg't N. Y. Vols. for the following letter, giving an additional list of killed and wounded in the regiment:

In the field before Richmond, Va., June 7, 1864

Additional list of killed and wounded in the 148th Reg't, N. Y. Vols.

James Eckerson, Co. I - killed
Henry J. Van Ben Thyson, Co. I - killed
Henry Parker, Co. H - killed
Hiram Barringer, Co. A - right forefinger
Alexander Rushet, Co. A - head, slight
AT GAINE'S FARM, June 2d and 3d
Company A
Marvin Burroughs, right hand
Thos. O'Grady, left side and arm
L. B. Cross, left hip, slight
Samuel Scott, right temple, slight
Sergt. Fred S. Gibbs, face
James H. Stout, both legs and arms
Sergt. Horace N. Rumsey, leg
Corp'l Thos. Pringle, finger - is on duty
Corp'l John Keisenger, killed
Theodore Van Renssalear, abdomen, since died
George Mathews, both legs, flesh wound
Thos. Hastie, left forefinger
Burton A. Tuttle, right thumb
Charles D. Graham, right shoulder
Wm. White, both thighs, flesh wound
Joseph Feeder, heel, slight
Isaac Conkey, neck and breast
J. W. Pilbeam, left foot
David B. Hull, right elbow
Wm. J. Updike, ankle out of joint
John Hanntz, killed
Michael Dunnigan, killed

Company B
Rufus R. Stowell, left knee
George W. Van Loan, left knee
H. A. McGraw, shoulder, slight
Freeman Hilligas, killed
Charles H. Elwood, struck by a spent ball, slight
George Chamberlain, arm
George S. Mitchell, hip, slight

Company C
Capt. John Cooley, side
Sergt. Morgan Stoutenberg, left arm
Corp'l Charles White, killed
John K. Reynolds, right hand
Thomas Caton, right hand

Company D
1st Lieut. R. F. Scott, killed
John A. Casterlin, left arm amputated
William Edinger, back, by one of our own shells
Sergt. Charles C. Freshour, breast, since died
Alpheus J. Troutman, left leg
George Deal, left temple
William C. Tyler, killed
Sergt. H. F. Brickley, left leg
Jacob Reeder, arm amputated
Ithiel House, killed
Harrison Goodman, right foot
Jacob Brower, left side and face
John Vinn, right arm amputated
William Duner, left hand
John P. Richenback, killed
Franklin Graham, head
Owen Devaney, left shoulder, severe

Company E
Sergt. James W. Smith, left arm
Archibald Covert, right arm
John A. Bodine, head
Owen Carl, neck, slight
George Smith, jr., right side
Sergt. Silas W. Dickinson, left hip
Jacob M. Hodge, left hip
Jeremiah Armstrong, left arm
Patrick Doudle, face
John W. Swarthout, right arm, slight
Corp'l J. H. Brewer, right shoulder
Jacob Bishop, ankle and back

Company F
William Ginther, left temple, since died
Josiah Reed, head, severe
Corp'l George Wright, head, slight
Fred Green, leg
John Slater, killed

Company G
George Buchannan, shoulder
Roswell R. Marshall, left leg

Company H
Lieut. C. J. Johnson, two fingers on right hand
Abram M. Schott, left leg
John T. Watkins, left hand
David Sabin, head
William H. Ward, head, slight
Peter Kittle, right arm and leg
Andrew Gramer, left leg, two balls
John A. Bartel, received four balls in various parts of the body and limbs
George F. Sesler, left leg
Patrick Carrol, face
James Carrol, right side
Sergt. Edward Budles, leg
Albert R. Cooper, side and back
Dennis Roan, right wrist
Frank Alman, left leg

Company I
Henry R. Mead, shoulder, slight
James B. Crouch, left hip
William Gallagher, shoulder and leg
Charles A. Dunning, right arm
Lawrence Cooney, shoulder, slight
Ord. Sergt. C. C. Miller, left arm, severe

Company K
Ed. Trumbull, slight
Henry H. Shaddock, left arm
Jeremiah Combs, left leg
William Kaler, left hip
Lieut. O. M. Adams, face and left arm
John Rodney, shoulder, severe
Jonathan Purdy, head
A. P. Coons, killed
Thomas Murray, right arm
Jacob Johnson, foot, very slight
Sergt. John Foreman, left breast, severe
Daniel Tubbs, left shoulder
Warren P. Burst, foot
Patrick O'Donnel, head, mortally
Charles Fulkerson, right shoulder
This list is very nearly accurate.  No account of the missing is made; there are but few of that class, the most of whom will probably find their regiment again in a few days.

The Reg't has been under severe fire and has sustained nobly its past good name.  None has done better.

I will make prompt report of future losses as they may occur.  Friends of those whose names are not reported may feel assured they are all right up to date, (June 7th).


From Ontario County Times 29 June 1864

Shortsville, N. Y. -
Mr. Editor: You will confer a favor by publishing the following list of casualties in Co. L, 24th N. Y. Cavalry:
James Roberts, wounded, face, slight
Wm. Hallorn, wounded, face, slight
Capt. F. L. Brown, wounded, seriously, in leg
Sergt. D. W. Ellworth, in breast, slight
Private Wm. Lang, shoulder, serious
Private E. W. Marter, arm, slight
Corp'l Wm. J. Bancroft, killed
Lieut. Michael McGraw, arm, slight
Corp'l Miles Lyon, died of wound
Thomas Hall, ankle, slight
Albert Ashdown, slight
Pat Kiney, wounded and missing
Private Lester Allen, slight
Private Charles Dexter, breast, seriously
Private Thomas McDonough, serious
Private Michael Murray, slight
Private Isaac P. Reed, mouth, arm, knee and thigh, seriously;
Private Albert Lathrop, slight
Private Theodore Dox, slight
Private Thomas Wilson, slight
Private James Candon, slight
Private Frank Fisher, face, slight
Private James K. Ternney, slight
Private J. H. Mason, slight
Private Henry Sholes, slight
Private Charles Van Buren, serious
Albert J. Backstaff, serious
Wm. Walters, serious
Wm. Smith, slight

From Geneva Gazette 1 July 1864

An Actual List of Casualties in the 148th N. Y. V. up to Date, June 18th, 1864

Co. A
Richard Stevens, killed
James Roe, wounded in hip
Charles Marshall, back
Matthew Caroll, hip

2nd Lieut. Cortland Van Renssalaer
1st Sergt. John L. Hoster
Sergt. Charles B. Randolph
Corp'l Thomas Pringle
Corp'l Wm. Owens
Corp'l Wm. J. Dillon
Private Hiram P. Barton
Private James B. Churchill
Private James G. Cross
Private Robert Campbell
Private Thomas Crelly
Private Peter A. Deal
Private John A. Hudson
Private Wm. A. Hood
Private Cornelius Hibbard
Private Wm. Lace
Private Benj. Merry
Private Wm. F. Morris
Private John Persannar
Private Joseph Snyder
Private William Thompson
Private George Vincent
Private Johnson Weir
Private Talcott B. Youngs

Co. B
Richard M. Barber, arm amputated
James M. Smith, hip, slight
George W. Austin, hip, slight

Co. C
George Mills, (Band), shoulder
Corp. James C. Wooden, killed

Co. D
Sears F. Brainard, hand
Capt. E. D. Gage, head, slight
Daniel Yoder, leg broken
L. M. Dillinbaugh, taken prisoner

Co. E
Thomas McCarty, foot, slight
George Gorman, wrist, severe

Co. F
Sergt. John Earl, left hand, slight
Wm. H. Francisco, breast, very slight
Albert Sharp, missing - probably captured

Co. G
P. Lacy, back, slight
Corp'l Wm. H. Swift, hip, slight
H. Chamberlain, foot, slight

Co. H

Gustavus A. Klube, killed
Frank Lammel, missing -- supposed killed
Charles P. Wilson, missing -- supposed killed
Joseph Lehman, missing -- supposed killed
Matthias Moll, missing -- supposed killed
Philander Powell, wounded in leg
Joseph F. McIntyre, head, severe
Andrew Loh, foot, slight
John Vanhorn, foot, very slight
Corp'l Wm. M. Tinkham, leg, very slight
Corp'l Julius Seibold, face, very slight
James Beck, killed
Abram V. Terhune, left leg
Sergt. John Hiller, leg, slight
John Reger, right hand
Michael Regan, taken prisoner

Co. I
Sylvester Decker, little finger -- by accident
Alvah H. Wheat, hip
Philip L. Shaw, face
John Carey, face, severe
Corp'l George Scofield, left leg
Henry Hulburt, leg, very slight
Peter J. Conklin, leg, and taken prisoner
Dennis Lewis, hip, slight
Joseph J. Wright, side, taken prisoner

Co. K
Wm. C. Rouse, right eye, severe
Francis Lee, arm and leg, probably mortally
Robert C. Calhoun, left knee
Noah Turner, missing -- supposed prisoner
Homer B. Webb, band, foot, slight

Additional List to June 23d.

Co. A
No casualties since last report

Co. B
John Clark, killed
George Van Loan, killed
Squires V. Strawway, neck
Simpson Halleck, left hand
Corp. John Knap, left foot, slight
Corp. Volney Haff, right arm
James S. Ellis, right foot
Ord. Sergt. F. P. Cook, groin, slight
Solomon Brownel, breast, slight
Sergt. Major M. S. Webb, right breast, slight
Thos. E. Raplee, hand, severely

Co. C
George Hicks, right thumb
Corp. Wm. H. Brown, right hand, slight
Newton Harwood, left foot
Joseph Benedict, left leg, slight

Co. D
Warren McDuffee, killed
Michael M. Ritter, right breast, slight
David Ritter, left leg
Wm. Laboytaux, thumb
Charles Ross, right arm
Elisha King, face, severe

Co. E
Charles Little, killed
Henry Bumpus, killed
Sergt. Wm. Van Sickle, right thigh
John A. L. Bodine, right hand

Co. F
1st Lieut. A. J. Cook, shoulder, slight
Ord. Sergt. Wm. H. Kelsey, arm
David Criss, leg, slight
Wm. A. Carr, face and foot
G. W. Ford, neck, severe

Co. G
Wm. T. Bird, killed
Abram R. Terry, killed
Conrad Bancroft, right arm
John R. Stiles, arm, severe
Abram Wilson, right arm
Corp. James M. Doolittle, right arm, severe
James Toner, left leg, severe
Michael Toner, right wrist, slight
Daniel D. Sandford, head, slight
Marvin Worden, head and hand, slight
Corp'l A. A. Stetson, knee, slight
S. Oatman, leg, slight
G. W. Freer, hand, slight
Bennet Bogardus, arm, severe
Sergt. E. R. Barker, leg, very slight
H. Fegan, leg, slight

Co. H

Alford Crull, right hand
Ellis Pierce, shoulder, slight

Co. I
William D. Frey, killed
Charles E. Willis, killed
Patrick Duffee, killed
George D. Feagles, killed
John D. Pool, right ankle
Frank D. Smith, leg
Oliver Presler, left leg, slight
Robert Holmes, finger, slight
Edward H. Sine, right hand
A. D. Robertson, left hand
Sergt. L. M. Bohall, left shoulder

Co. K
1st Sergt. D. W. Redfield, neck
George Miles, left knee, slight
Moses N. Herald, knee
Corp'l Jesse H. Baker, killed
Henry McLain, killed

From Geneva Gazette 2 September 1864

The Draft to fill the National Guards -
The draft to fill up the Regiment of National Guards in the Eastern Assembly District of Ontario county, commenced in Canandaigua Wednesday and was completed yesterday.  We give below the names of those drawn from this town.


Samuel H. Merrill
Benj. W. Keyes
John A. Ide
Joseph Miller
Thomas Dunn, Jr.
Henry D. Dox
James Nevins
John Cathin
Jerome Crawford
D. P. Tompkins
I. P. Whitman
Mitchell H. Picot
Thos. Sullivan
Amos Newson
Geo. W. Gasper
John Donaghue
John R. Case
John Bradley
James McDonald
Alvah S. Pratt
Edgar Parker
William Whitwell
Wm. H. Butterfield
James H. Wright
John Donaghue, Seymour's Hill
Aug. R. Wright
Arthur P. Rose
John F. Simpson
Wm. Davis
Chas. McManus
H. Armstrong Jr.
Harvey Butterfield
Daniel Moore
Aug. H. Moore


Beekman Staats
Thomas Davey
John H. Miller
W. L. Baldwin
W. F. Smith
James Barnes
Geo. A. Fordon
Jacob Ringer
Ered Witter
Michael Grady
L. B. Ford
Robert Ware
Daniel Donahee
Frank Ellis
Chas. Nickerson
John Parker
Edgar Van Houghton
Geo. B. Price

A. C. Brundage
Wm. Caterson, Jr.
James Kemble
Geo. W. Wilkie
W. Miner
Lewis Good
Matthew Mulcay
Levi Acker
Sidney Ansley
Geo. Van Dyne
Henry Boyce
Dennis Fredon
Daniel T. Moore
A. P. Stoddard
Patrick Bryan
Joseph Brooks
W. H. Freshour


Robert McMillen
H. D. Green leaf
Alanson Dorman
Lester Webster
James Room
John Newkirk
A. J. Southerland
M. C. Southerland
Lyman P. Johnson
Alonzo Campbell
Jerome R. Brayton
M. Beach
Edgar H. Rice
Thos. D. Burrel
Warren Metcalf
J. P. Edington
Abram Case
Whitman H. Ridley
Gordon Wood
Wm. Simpsons
Chas. Foster
Geo. C. Clark
Levi A Page, Jr.
John Rippey
Dewitt Sears
Leonard N. Stokoe
Geo. Campbell
Philip R. Wood
James Clark
M. D. Lawrence
Samuel G. Robson
Thos. S. Mark
R. Campbell
Philip W. Stokoe
Newton A. Reed

From Ontario County Times 21 September 1864

The following is a list of the casualties of the 126th in the battles of Deep Bottom, August 14th, and Ream's Station, Aug. 26th:


KILLED - James Snelling, Co. I; John Getchel, Co. F
WOUNDED - Sergt. Wm. Westfall, Co. H, thigh; Henry Armstrong, Co. I, hand


KILLED - George M. Fuller, Co. D

WOUNDED - Corp's John Quick, Co. C., face; Aaron H. Abeel, Co. E., leg; Chas. Wolverton, Co. E, neck; 1st Sergt. Cornelius Alliger, Co. I, leg;

MISSING AND SUPPOSED TO BE PRISONERS - Sergt. Martin McCormick, Co. B; Isaac Miller, Co. C; Alex. Wykoff, Co. C; Michael Cunningham, Co. D; Chester B. Smith, Co. E.; Andrew J. Ralph, Co. G; Edgar T. Havens, Co. G; Nathan D. Beedon, Co. B; Charles H. Dunning, Co. B; Frank Dunnigan, Co. G.

From Geneva Courier 12 October 1864

The following extract from a letter received from my son, Chester B. Smith, (Co. E, 126th Reg.) last week, will be of interest to the friends of the prisoners on Belle Island, belonging to the 126th Regiment, N. Y. V.

There were 19 of our Regiment, (126th), on Belle Island when I left there, Sept. 11th.  I do not know all of their names, but will send you all that I can remember.

Sergt. McCarrick, Nathan Beeden and one more of Co. B., whose name I do not remember, (probably Charles Dunning.)  Capt. John Swick, Alexander Wykoff, and a man by the name of Mullen (whose first name I do not know), of Co. C, Michael Cunningham, Co. D -- Edgar Havens, John Ralph and John Dunnigan, Co. G.  They were all well when I left, but without tents.            
Chester A. Smith

From Geneva Gazette 24 March 1865

Seneca's Patriotic Roll -
The following are the names of those persons who were on Monday last conscripted into the service of the United States:

John Rogers
Philo R. Atchinson
Patrick McInery
Patrick Toole
John Kirkpatrick
Thos. McBlain
James Barman
Andrew J. Bacon
Wm. Murphy
Rich'd G. Humphrey
King David McKinsey
Timothy Langdon
Michael Kane
Coleman Kane
Wm. Remington
Clement Ostrander
James H. Brown
Jerome R. Brayton
Charles Towner
Michael Pentony
Geo. S. Smalley
Wm. Richards
Charles Myers
Jeremiah Wright
Jacob Ringer
George Hoyt
Dennis G. Smith
Stephen Rann
Wm. Wilson
Bartley Keeler
Peter Helms
Benj. R. Cole
George Stoddard
Michael Devaney
Peter McGee
Henry Turck
John Dowd
Nathan N. Dunkerson
George Gillmore
James West
Patrick Murphy
Henry P. Bull
George A. Owen
Thos. Palmer
Gilbert Kirkpatrick
Henry Barden
John Diton
Jerry River
Charles Flynn
John Padgett
David Lingle
Seba Squires
George W. Reels
Charles B. Carr
Patrick McFanegal
John Love
D. D. Tompkins
Alex Park
John Lynch
Martin Maley
Edward H. Foster
Daniel Becker
Valentine Stokoe
Wm Palmer
James Johnson
Luke Ready
Wm. Brophy
Davidson Flower
Philander F. Bassett
John Devaney
David P. Tompkins
Wm. Kirkpatrick
Eugene Melvin
John W. Ansley
Bryan Miland
Frank Freeman
Nelson B. Covert
Dan D. Johnson
John Black
Patr'k O'Neil
Soloman F. Parsons
Thos. Stokoe
Pat McArdell
Henry H. Glanville
James Kennedy
Daniel Daneough
Nathan H. Ansley
Chas. N. Grove
Frank Ellis
Wm. E. Hayes
John Harrington
Harvey M. Dixon
Wm. P. Hayward
Thos. Cawfield
Wm. G. Tuttle
Michael Devaney
Francis O. Mason
Chas H. Culver
Jeremiah Handlin
C. L. Hemiup
John Newkirk
Warren G. Barber
Sidney Whitney
John A. Ide
Enos Kent
Walter Hafferan
James Hutchinson
Geo. Lewis
John G. MaComb
Michael Nilane
Mark McDonough
Andrew Cooley
Andrew J. Price
Michael Graney
John Palmateer
James Carroll
Wm. Wideman
James J. Wood
Geo. Freeman
Samuel B. Condol
Robt. Stanard
Edward T. Sigler
Warren M. Sutton
John Kerney
Anthony D. Axtell
Abraham Schemerhorn
Anthony Turck
John L. Shook
John Ansley
David L. Hempstead
Wm. Smith
Thos. Toole
Patrick Mulcahy
Chas. P. Barnes
Henry Bean
Edgar Parker
Edward Easly
John W. Orman
Lawrence Lynch
Theo. L. Owen
Willard Webster
Chas. McManus
Hatley Norton Rose
German C. Mattison
Levi Glann
James P. Henson
Geo. Strait
Wm. R. Featherly
Miles H. Erity
Patrick McNartimy
Aug. Zimmerman
Edwin Butterfield
James H. Cole
Thos. Halvey
Patrick Green
James Doyle
Wm. G. Simpson
Charles H. Hayes
Geo. E. Seelye
John H. Reed
John Joyce
Roger O'Conner
Geo. Spanton
Lewis Greenleaf
Jas. G. Delamater
James H. Wright
Charles H. Huke
James Wood
Chas. T. Rounce
Chancey W. Smith
Owen Deveney
Patrick Rowlin
Wm. Thomas Jr.
Patrick McGray
Adam Legerwood
Frederick Witter
H. L. Suydam
John Law
Wm. T. Lum
Wm. Russell
Geo W. Marsh
Charles Durkee
Wm. Kirkpatrick
John F. Squires
Michael McDonough
Samuel Carr
Josh Van Etten
Arthur C. Brundage
Henry Orman
R. J. Fuller
Timothy Sims
Augustus McCarty
John Dixon
James Kennedy
Benj. Lane
Wm. H. Brundage
Henry King
Geo. H. Probasco
C. L. Smith
Barkley Kelly
Sheldon Garrett
Wm. Whitwell
Wm. Martin
Edward Heffron
Dan'l Moore
Newton S. Page
Thos. Moaw
Hiram Townsend
Thos. Carroll
R. P. Snyder
Jas. Carney
Pat Higgins
Geo. S. Guile
John G. Siebold
Pat Burns
John Watson
Geo. W. Householter
Wm. H. Morrison
Thos. Telford
John Means
Thos. Bordus
Patrick Carroll
Andrew Merrel
Harrison Otis
Patrick Ryan
Jeremiah Deneon
James Pentoney
Benj. Ostrander
Patrick Ryan
Auson Young


John T. Hall
Simeon Hawver
Geo. Snook
Noah Enolds
Edward Murphy
Zelik C. Hill
William A. Stafford
Lyman Rice
Edward Jackson
Daniel Dalton
William Randall
Robert Wells
Edwin R. Power
William Somerset
Sylvester Benham
Sylvester Copeman
Joseph Peacock
Jas. B. Thompson
John A. Sutherland
James A. Carpenter
Cyrus Garlock
Augustus A. Terry
Thomas Weston
Roger Mahoney
Marvin Loomis
John Hodge
Charles B. Moon
William Irwin
Seneca H. Wilbur
John Irwin
Lewis B. Allen
James Roberts
Charles Snyder
Albert L. Dewey
David J. McKnutt
Butler Sturdevant
Harley Williams
Levi Case
Lewis D. Newton
Timothy Lynch
Burtran Smith
Henry C. Harmon
William Simons
Nelson Chase
Mead Snediker
Alvin Simons
George W. Atchley
Daniel Fitz Gibbons
George Hayward
Ray M. Johnson
John Kinley
Lewis Crawford
Edwin Updike
Theodore C. Henry
Theodore M. Norton
James Kirkham
Myron H. Aldrich
Judson Bostwick
Hickson Foster
Judson W. Hoes
Collins Holcomb
George Rose
George F. Washburn
James Jones
James Walton, Jr.
Jer C. Fitzgerald
Wm. B. Cowan
Orin Bortles
Salem Tinney
Charles Turner

From Ontario County Times 5 April 1865

Among the casualties reported to have occurred in the recent battles before Richmond, we find the following:

In 126th Regiment - Wounded, Capt. J. B. Geddis, hand; F. Goldon, Co. C., thumb;

W. R. Chamber, D., hand, slight; W. Hebber, C., arm; D. T. Covert, thigh; A. A. Allerman, D., Lieut. C. Pasco, side; J. Lathey, B., thigh; Patrick Manley, legs.

In 148th Regiment - Wounded, H. Mellen, F., face; J. W. Strain, K., arm; A. Vanhaughton, F., hand; J. S. Johnson, F., side.

In 4th Heavy Artillery - H. Myer; G. C. Smith, A., foot; E. Blunt, A, contusion; F. Cady, K, bowels; G. Lent, K, foot; J. Eastman, H; D. A. Canfield, D, neck; Wm. Smith, head.

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