In Honor of Veterans of World War II

Cheshire NY

* Varian Austin
* Edward Dear

Floyd Barnes
Martin Barnum
William Barnum
Darwood Bassett
Bernard Beeman
Robert Bellis
Roy Brandon
Marion Bunnell
Helen Carlile
Alvin Colf
Walter Colf
Robert Collins
Sidney Cooley
Francis Davis
Lyle Davis
William Dreesen
Henry Druschel
Charles Ellis
Lewellyn Ellis

* Marion Gilbert
* Leonard Pierce

Frederick L. Erb
Albert Ferguson
Elmer Ferguson
Floyd Ferguson
Laverne Gardner
Robert Herendeen
James Herrington
Ralph Hotchkiss
George Kay
Robert Mallory
Charles McInerny
Kenneth Montanye
George Morris
Gracia Musolino
Theresa Musolino
Herbert Nash
Glenn Olmstead
James Outhouse
George Perris

* Merle Reed
* Harold Robinson

Kenneth Pierce
Sam Pressley
Donald Reed
Karl Reed
Ellis Rogers
Harold Rogers
Stanley Sawnor
Martin Smith
Norman Smith
Roger Smith
Edward Strokirk
Joseph Strokirk
Salem Swartz
Eugene Tyson
Kenneth Tyson
Bernard Van Troost
Alfred Wright
Lester L. Johnston


George Baily
Johnson Baily
Herbert Barnes
Vincent Barnhart
George Berry
George Bigham, Jr.
Elton Bliss
Roy Brandow
Clarence Carpenter
John Carpenter
Paul Chappell
James Cole
Harry Conlin
John Cook
Philip Dodge
Whitney Dodge
Daniel Dreesen
Charles Ellis
Robert Foster
William Foster
John Frederickson
Glenn Goff
Warren Herendeen
William Higley
John C. Johnson
Laverne Malotte
Clifton Mason
Leonard Meeks, Jr.
Glenn Munger
Donald Page
Sam Pato
Murray Pelton
Ernest Presley
Lewis Presley
Harry Reynoldson
Calvin Rossier
Martha Rossier
Frank Rouse
Irving Saxby
Justin Schaeffer
William Schaeffer
George Seel
Jerry Schultz
Vernon Smith
John Strasenburgh
John Wyffels
Donald Yarger
Frederick Zambito

To Honor Charles E. Forbes, not listed, his name is added to the veterans of Cheshire. Charles is a veteran of the Korean War and was wounded in action. He is the father-in-law of Nila Repard who has kindly shared this information.

To Honor John Van Dusen, not listed, his name is added to the veterans of Cheshire. John is a veteran of the Korean War. He made his home in Cheshire since 1956. This information has been kindly donated by Jack Van Dusen.

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