Ontario County Church Records

First Methodist Church of Geneva

This page is list of church members from the mid 1800s. This is not a complete list. Some of the names were illegible. This file was typed by Pat Goodnough.

Mary (unknown) , BE Nov __ 1940
Phoebe (unknown), D July __ 1941
Cloa Hraden,
Molly Harner,
Eleanor Mosey,
Elizabeth Mooden, BD July __, 1940
Rebecca Hooden,
Margaret Mainroe, BD July __, 1940
Betsey Freeman, BD Sept __, 1940
Julia M Pinch
Mary Saunders
Catherine Raymond, BD Feb __, 1941
Phoebe Qstrander
J Jr, Coroshaw
Jane Pinch
Harriet Douglass
Sarah Ann ________
Lousia, _______
Catherine Playford
Almyria Gool
Amelia F Hobart
Elimy Hobart
Ann Buyell D
Eleanor Rogers B
Jane Crittenden B
Lucy Crittenden B
Eliza Bice B, D
Betsy Carpenter I
Susan Ann Badgety, I, D March __, 1941
Betsey Crooksrie (sp?) I
Rachael Munroe I, D Feb __, 1941
Prudence Plin I
Phebe Crawford I, D Nov __, 1939
Sarah A. Roger B
Sally Ann Setter B
Sarah Ardelia Bywatter B D May __, 1940
Carolyn Gates I, D August __, 1940
Adaline King B E Jan __, 1941
Jane Playford B D July 1940
Rhoda Snoot I
Hannah Emery I
Deborah M Kane I E
Jane Cutting I D
Phidelia Crofos B
Lyddie Strong I
Mary Ann Wyine Good I
Elizabeth Chajin I
_____ Hathaway I Nov ___, 1939
Fanny C Smith April __ 1940 D, Oct 3 1946 (not sure)
Eliza Denison March 1940 D, April 17th 1942
Elizabeth Croshaw B April __ 1940
Margaret Teek (?) B April __ 1940
Hannah Stephans B April 1940
Manlott Hill B April __, 1940
Elizabeth Macey B April 1940
Emily Cole B May 1940
Lozette Bywater B May 1940 D May 1940
Phoebe D Cleavland I August __ 1940
Betsy Keyes B Dec 1940
Francis Macc_____ I Dec 1941 D May 1941
Rachael Crawford B March 1941 D May 1941
Elizabeth Allen I May 1941 D Nov 7th, 1941
Amanda Smith I August 1941 D 1942
Lucinda Smith I August 1941 D 1942
Susan C Clark I Dec 1940 E
----- Dunning to Dec 1941 E
Elkanah Smith August 1941
Cyrus B Clark I December 1940
H S Dunning I Dec 1941
 1878 Present No 296 Sept
 Alphabetical Church Record - Revised

Clark Feb 8th 1878
Atehly Mourk
Andrew Wm
do Sarah, Mrs
Anderson, John
do Nancy
do Beth, wife
Atkins Susan
Allen Aleinda
Alexander Jamis

Alkins Susie Mary
Andrews Servis
Allen. Clara Im Miss by Bapt Feb 27, 1881 x Mrs Wilson
Andrews Margarettri Louisa by baptism May 7th
Brazee Andrew
do Sucy
do Jordan Died
do Sarah
Alexander Jamie
Alkins, Susie Mary
Andrews Servis
Allen Clara Im Miss by Bapt Feb 27th, 1881 Mos Wilson
Andrews Margarettri Louisa by Baptism May 7th
Brazee Andrew
do Sucy
do Jordon died -----
do Sarah
do Nancy
Boyce Joseph
do Mary
Bronson Robert Died Dec c12, 188_
do Souisa Died March 1879
do Mariah, wife
Bland George
Brudt Elizabeth
(unknown) Caroline
Butterfield. Mariah excluded June 18th 1878
Booth Sarah
 Butts Hattie April 16, 1881
do Souisa April 1881
do Daniel excluded 78
do do, mos excluded 78
Boyant Jans Excluded Apil 16 1881
Burbridge Mrs Excluded Apil 16, 1881
Do Wm June 21st
Barron Wm
Brundage Wesley dismised by letter October
Do Alice, Mrs dismised by letter October
Bently Simeon
do Allie E mos
Beard Thonius
do do,
do Wm J.R.
do Thomus B Jr
Brown Sarah E
Baker H S dismissed by letter
Barnum Phebe, mos
Bishop Mary
Barnes Sarah dies 1878 August 2nd
Burgess Ann E by letter Jan 2nd
Bradt Gleny W. Bapt Feb 24 1881
Billund Mary B rec'd by letter June 24th
Bullard Dianei Re rec'd by letter June 24th
Bolton Arthur rec'd by letter Sept 21st 1882
Churchill Cyrus
do Elizabeth
do George
Covert SR AB
do Cathorie
do Sally
Chappel Frank B
do Elica J
Combs Samuel
do Salome
do Eugene
do Joseph
do Martha
Cole Cathorine
do Josephine
Cone EW
Do Sarah
Campion Carrie
Creddle Phebe
Cooper James excluded October 28th 78
Clark Ella dismissed by letter July 7 1881
Cheny Charles dismissed Arug 27
Chase Munther died
Cribbs Christian
Chipps Wm excluded July 15th 74
Derby R died April 9th 1881
Demering Sarah died May 18th 1551
do Verna
Dutton Phebe
Darrow Washington
Do Hiram
do Marich
Davis E excluded 18th 78
Darby Mary Bell
Do Frank
Dot Wm died February 14th 1881
Do Mary
Derrick A April 8th 74
Do Hurrie May 7th 1882
Edson Hellen
Eddy Hellen by letter Dec 17th 78
Fowler Josephine dismissed Feb 1
Feutherlery, Wm
do Mary
do Florence dismissed by letter
Fisk Sucy
Fleming Caroline
Fun Ann E
Flickinger Bro JH Recd by letter July 28 1878
Flickinger Sister Me S Rec'd by letter July 28 1878
Fisher _______ Mek - Recd by baptism December 29th 78
Fisher Harriet S
Goodwin Ginger
Goodwin Lucy excluded March 31st 88
Gilbert Sarah Died December 25 1899
Gburst Donald Rod & Pastor rec'd by letter July 10th 87
Hyde died June 19th 84
Haskins Gev
do Ellan
Hill Mary dismissed by letter
Higgins Elizabeth dismissed
Hurt Louisa Excluded April 11th 1881
Heiteschottle Gustave
do Mary
Hopkins Lucy
Harmington EW died 1882
Do Marietta
Do Lucy D. wife - dismissed by letter
Do Sarah W
Higging Maria Rec'd by letter Jan 2
Higgins Maietta Died in 1882
Heivens EB
Hall Silliam Baptism July 10, 1881
Jones Polly
Do Mary
Jupiter Susan died 1879
Jeffrey AP
Kelley Catherine
Keyes MD Jr
King Lottie
King Thos
do Deborah
do Kittie Died June 23, 1880
Keith Allie wife, MD died Sept 1886
Laidlow Esther
Luyise Mary
Lrin Paulina dismissed Spet 29
Leighton recd by letter April 3rd 1878 
Moore David RD
Do Edno O died 1884 in Feb
Do Ella dismissed by letter Dec
Mead Jane died 1879
Do Jarvis excluded 1878
Do do
do Auston excluded 1878
do do
McVitty Elisa
Miller Peter
Munno Theane dismissed by leter Sept 2nd '87
McGonegal Allie & wife dismissed by letter
McVitty Mary J by baptism February 24th '81
Marrigan Eliya
Mackey AE recd July 4th 1881
Oakley Rettie dismissed by letter Feb ______
Pinch Francis
Pickett Francis
Pickett Howard
do sara
do Rosa
Pardee Matilida
Parvoy Mary Jane
Do Bertha
Privens Susia
Page Hellen
Parish Daniel excluded April 16th 1881
Do Mary excluded April 16th 1881
Do Abegal excluded 31st 1881
Parmen Chat
Philpett James
Do Jutia Ette
Peachey Harry P
Do Sarach L
do Alfred H
Pratt JM dismissed by letter April 2nd
Palmer Sarah Ann
Ryder Wm
do Tamon
do Lola J Smith
do Camie
Richards Emily
Reed John died
Do Resina
do George B
do Hannah
Simpson Mike
Do Sellens Ann
Do James
Do Markie
Stone E
Do Mariah P died 1879
Do Lenorah
Scott JB
Do Margaret
Do Walter
Do do died 1878
Do Charlie
Do Josephine
Do Sarah
Skuse Emma
Do Menera
Saturn Nathaniel
Do Bill
Schell Caroline
Stein Emma dismissed by letter
Sheffield Bell
Sanford Ephriam dismissed by letter Sept 29
Strong EY
Scott Ella dismissed by letter 1878
Smith Alice V rec'd by letter Nov 4th '80
Sanford _______ rec'd by letter Nov 3rd '81
Dismissed April 21st '82
Sanford Ida dismissed by letter Nov 23rd '81
Scott Rev rec'd by letter August 24th '82
Scott Hellen rec'd by letter August 24th '82
Scott Minnie L rec'd by letter August 24th '82
Scott Hellen Lemine rec'd by letter August 24th '82

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