Listing of Ontario County Cemeteries This is an up-to-date (21 Jan 2001) listing of cemeteries provided by the joint efforts of the County Historian's Office, the Ontario County Historical Society and the Ontario County Genealogical Society.  Please feel free to provide any information on these and other Ontario County Cemeteries to coordinator. **Added notes from other sources. 

Village of Bloomfield

East Bloomfield Cemetery - off Elton Park; original location on property of Bloomfield Academy Museum;
St. Bridget's Cemetery - behind St. Bridget's Catholic Church;

Town of Bristol

Andrews - east side of Flatiron Road;
Baptist Hill/Evergreen - County Road #2 in the hamlet of Baptist Hill;
Bristol Center - east side of Route 64 in the hamlet of Bristol Center;
Case - south side of Gregg Road at Elm Tree Road;
Clement - 40 yards northeast of 5279 Gulick Road;
Damon - on old Gregg farm, south side of Gregg Road near Egypt Road -- in woods diagonally opposite gas well; just before curve; on some old listings of the 1940's, this is called Graveyard Hill Cemetery;
Doyle - east side of County Road 33 south of Ganyard Hill Road;
Egypt Valley - on hill above Doyle Cemetery;
Ganyard Hill/Parsons/South Hill - on abandoned Logan Road between South Hill Road and Ganyard Hill;
Simmons Private - south of Route 20A near County Road #32;
Vincent Hill/Codding - north side of Vincent Hill Road;
_______; east side of Briggs Road; near Bloomfield town border; may actually be in Town of Richmond;

Town of Canadice

Bald Hill - west of State Route 15A opposite Purcell Hill Road;
Canadice Corners - east side of County Road 37 at church;
Canadice Hollow - west side of Canadice Hollow Road; north of Coykendall Hill Road;
Tibbals - on abandoned road off east side of Ross Road;

City of Canandaigua

Calvary - south side of Clark Street; St. Mary's Catholic Church parish cemetery;
Pioneer - south side of West Avenue;
West Avenue - north side of West Avenue;
Woodlawn - west side of North Pearl Street;

Town of Canandaigua

Academy - south side of Seneca Point Road at County Road #16;
Benham/Red Dock/Wolverton - on abandoned road west of County Road 16 just north of Wyffles Road; in woods just north of houses at east end of Wyffles Road;
Cooley -northeast side of Cooley Road near intersection of Short Road;
Lucas -east side of State Route 21 south of Lucas Road;
New Michigan/Tilton - east side of New Michigan Road; north of Yerkes Road;
Pine Bank -south side of Wells-Curtice Road at Cheshire;
Root/Remington - corner of Nott Road and Middle Cheshire Road; landlocked;
Sand Hill - south side of Emerson Road at Sand Hill Road;
Woolhouse/Hunn - corner of Woolhouse Road and County Road #32;

Village of Clifton Springs

Clifton Springs - west of Pearl Street at the south edge of the village;

Town of East Bloomfield

Dibble - south side of County Road 39; do not confuse Boughton Road with Boughton Hill Road in Victor;
French - on Bennett Road near intersection with County Road 39; in woods;
Gunn - west side of Whalen Road near State Route 20;
Lee/South Bloomfield - south side of Grimble Road near Route 64; sometimes erroneously called Sand Hill;
Parker - south of Gauss Road between Oakmount and Flatiron Roads;
Rice - east side of Pond Road near Rice Road;
Wheeler Private - west side of State Route 64 near Wheeler Road; in hedgerow on rise overlooking highway near house of Rogers farm (1996);
Wheeler Private - south side of Grimble Road near Wheeler Station Road; ** added information also places this cemetery on Grimble Road but at top of the Hill in back of the Houghton Home;

Town of Farmington

Cooper/Allen/Brown - was located beneath parking lot of Finger Lakes Race Track; bodied were exhumed and moved to unknown location early 1960's;
Friends/Orthodox/North Farmington -- East side County Road 8 at Sheldon Road; behind Farmington Friends Church; Quaker;
Hathaway - south of County Road 41 near State Route 332; in patch of woods on rise behind barn; right-of-way past barn;
Lapham Family; unknown location on old Lapham farm at corner of County Road 41 and New Michigan Road.  Records of St. John's Episcopal Church, Canandaigua, record burials there.  A former owner has stated his belief that the grave sites are in the lawn of the house;
O. D. Herendeen - south side of NYS Route 96 just west of Hook Road intersection;
Payne -south of State Route 96 near Sand Hill Road and railroad crossing;
Powers - south of Shortsville Road near State Route 332;
Preston - unknown location on farm once owned by Wesley Payne (1989);
Salem/Lutheran/German - east of road leading north from hamlet of Farmington ("Pumpkin Hook");
South Farmington/Chapel - south side Shortsville Road at County Road 28; originally Hicksite Quaker;

Geneva City

Glenwood - west side of State Route 14 at south end of city;
Pulteney Street - on site of Geneva Middle School/old High School; bodies exhumed and moved to back of Glenwood Cemetery in 1925;
St. Patrick's - south side of North Street near County line; Catholic;
Trinity Church/Ridge Episcopal - on site of Chapel of Trinity Church complex;
Washington Street - Washington Street;

Town of Geneva

Barnes/Brown - south side of Kashong Road east of County Road 6;
Brookside/Snell - south side of Snell Road;
Clise/Ringer - west side of County Road 6 just north of St. Mary's Cemetery;
Crittenden - corner County Road 6 and County Road 4;
Earl/Nicholas - south side of Hastings Road near Seneca Town Line;
Glass Factory Bay - west side of State Route 14 at Glass Factory Bay two miles south of Geneva;
Kippen - east of County Road 6 opposite Hastings Road;
Reed - east side of County Road 6 near Reed Road;
St. Mary's - west side of County Road 6 north of County Road 4; Catholic;
Smith - west of NYS Route 14, north of Gambee Road; behind International Paper Co.; may also be Brown Cemetery (off north end of Libby Lane;
Winter - north side of Billsboro Road;
Witter -corner County Road 6 and Ansley Road;

Town of Gorham

Baldwin's Corners - west side of State Route 247 near State Route 245;
Lord - north side of Jones Road near Twitchell Road; near Route 364;
New Gorham - north side of State route 245; west of County Road 18;
Old Gorham - north side of State route 245; east of County Road 18;
Pickett -  Lake-to-Lake Road at with Gorham-Reed's Corners Road (Co. Road 18);
Presbyterian - west side of Yautzy Road near Depew Road; sign at cemetery reads Lewis Cemetery;
Reed's Corners - west side of State Route 247 at Reed's Corners hamlet;
Southworth Cole Burial Place - in lawn of 4631 East Lake Road near Crystal Beach;
Washburn - near intersection of County Road #1 and Conklin Roads;

Town of Hopewell

Algerine -west side of Algerine Street near County Road 4; location unidentifiable; may be completely gone;
Benham - north of County Road 4 near Freshour Road;
Buchan - north of County Road 4 near Algerine Street;
Chapman - north side of Route 488 near Pettit Road;
Dillon/Greenhouse- west side of State Route 21 near Latting Road;
Dunkel - west side of Freshour Road about half mile north of County Road 46;
Estey - in woods off County Road 4 just before Algerine St. across from Nedrow farm (1998) on property owned by John Gordner (Seneca Castle) and used as Campbell residence;
Hopewell Burying Ground/Green - Cemetery Road just off Canandaigua-Geneva Road; may be Pioneer Cemetery;
Hopewell Pioneer - east side of Mumby Road near State Route 20;
Moore - south of County Road 4 near Smith Road;
Ontario County/Poor House -  off County Road 46 across from Jail annex;
________; on hill at intersection of County Road 4 and Spangle Street; reputed to contain slave burials;

Town of Manchester

Herrington - east of Lovers Lane near Hopewell Town Line Road;
Hill/McCauley - north of Hopewell Town Line Road at Boyce Road;
Judd/Melvin - two graves about 50 feet into the woods; south side of Water St. about 200 feet from the intersection of Route 21 near old foundation;
Pioneer/Shaving Street - Dewey Road;
Port Gibson - in the village;
Purdy - west of State Route 21 near Armington School Road;
St. Agnes - north side of County Road 13 just west of Clifton Springs;
Smith - east side of County Road 27 between Bedett Road and Wayne County line; perhaps on Town Lot 102; reported in woods aways back from the road;
Stafford - west of Stafford Road near Fox Road;
Sunnyside - south of Outlet Road at Faas Road;
Wells Family - fictitious;
_________; west side of County Road 7 between Faas Road and Bunker Hill Road intersection; may be in Town lot 111 along center line of Town near Manchester Center; see 1874 county atlas;

Village of Manchester

Village - at Baptist Church on west side of Route 21 in village;

Town of Naples

Barber - two miles from Naples on Eelpot Road; one mile from Cohocton ; St.on Omar Olney farm 1941;
Barker/Town Line - south side of County Road 21 at Yates County line; ** gate reads Italy-Naples Cemetery;
Dedrick - east side of County Road 33 near Davis Road;
Garlinghouse - west side of Garlinghouse Road at Richards Road;
Hunts Hollow - east of County Road 36 at Livingston County line;
Pierce Family - west side of Gulick Road just south of South Bristol Town line; in grove of trees back from the road about 100 yards;
School House -west of West Hollow north of Clement Road;
Seamens Corners - north side of Oakley Road near Rhine Street;
South Hill/Gerrould - south of Naples village near intersection of Pine Hill, Ingleside, and Reservoir Roads (Rte 53); 1942 list says just north of Fred Fleischman farm then occupied by Earle Fleischman;
West Hollow - west side of County Road 33 at Clement Road;

Village of Naples

Fairview - behind park; west of State Route 21 at north edge of village;
Roseridge -east side of County Road 33 at west end of Village;

Town of Phelps

Armstrong - east of County Road 6 just north of Oaks Corners;
Baggerly - corner of Wheat Road and Case Road;
Brink - County Road 6 about .5 mile north of Fisher Road on east side;
Burnett - northeast corner of County Road 6 and Maryland Street;
Cobb-Smith - west side of County Road 6 north of Gifford Road;
Five Waters/Miller - west of corner of NYS Route 88 and County Road 25 on County Road 25/Outlet Road;
Harris Farm -east of Maryland Street between Bodner and Reed Roads; two miles south of Alloway on shore of Canandaigua outlet;
Hoffman - on south side Cuddeback Road; .3 mile from east side of NYS Route 14 between Bostwick and Avery Roads; in grove of trees;
Humphrey -- north side of State Route 96 in gravel pit;
Joslyn -- north side of County Road 23 at Lester Road;
Melvin Hill - west side of Melvin Hill Road near County Road 23;
Miller - Outlet Road northwest of Village of Phelps;
Nicholson - west side of County Line Road (Pre-Emption Street) .7+ miles north of the Geneva Town Line on Big Oak Golf Course property;
Oaklawn - east side of County Road 6 near Preece Road;
Orleans - south of Route 488 at County Road 20; this cemetery is called Pioneer Cemetery on readings which are widely circulated and microfilmed;
Pinewood - south side of Pinewood Road;
Purchase/Aldrich - south side of abandoned part of Burnett Road west of Neider Road;
Rhea - east side of  Lyons-Geneva Road (Route 14);
Rice/Orleans - corner County Road 20 and County Road 23;
Unknown name - South of State Route 488 at County Road 20;
Vandemark - south of Fisher Road on road abandoned by Thruway;
Resthaven - north side of Main Street in village;
Pioneer - south side of Main Street in village;
Riverview/Plainsville/Gypsum - north side of County Road 25; near County Road 27;
Scott/Haviland/Doty  - north side of Packwood Road west of Dobbins Corners on Townline Road;
Vandemark  - south of Fisher Road on abandoned road near Thruway;
Westfall/South Lyons - west side of Lyons-Geneva Road (Route 14);
Wheat - east side of Wheat Road;
Woodin - west side of County Line Road (Pre-Emption Street); .7 mile north of Geneva Town Line;

Village of Phelps

Pioneer - south side of Main Street;
Resthaven - north side of Main Street behind old High School;
St. Francis Catholic - north of Rest Haven Cemetery on Clifton Street;

Town of Richmond

Adams - north side of Ashley Road across from driveway of house at 9181 Ashley Road; bodies exhumed and moved to Lakeview Cemetery;
Allen's Hill - north side of Belcher Road near County Road 40;
Baker - back of District School on Abbey Road;
Barkley homestead site - stone for Lucy Frost Barkley is located west of the house at 5314 Gulick Road; the stone was formerly in the cemetery at Frosttown, Town of South Bristol;
Bray/Hamilton/Barkley - on abandoned road east side of East Lake Road near Burns Point;
Dennison Corners - east side of O'Neil Road near Shetler Road;
Lakeview - west side of County Road 36 near Sandy Bottom Park; sometimes recorded incorrectly as "Clearview" cemetery;
McCrossen burial place  - in yard of house at 9601 Big Tree Road; three McCrossen stones; bodies exhumed and moved to Union Cemetery, Town of Livonia, Livingston County;
Pemberton  - east side of Canadice Lake Road on the southwest corner of the property at 4981 Canadice Lake Road; bodies exhumed and moved to Union Cemetery, Town of Livonia, Livingston County;
Pennell's Corners - location unknown;
Pitts/Blackmer/Pioneer - north side of Grandview Drive just off Route 20A; near historical marker for Capt. Peter Pitts homestead;
Purcell/Curtiss - south of State Route 20A at Purcell Road;
Richmond Center - west side of County Road 37 near Ashley Road;
St. Mary's - south of County Road 37 at Briggs Street; Catholic;
Williams/Sweet - 500 feet south of West Bloomfield Town Line and about 500 feet east of County Road 37; in a hedgerow on old Raymond Grundman farm; 

Village of Rushville

Rushville - east side of Main Street;

Town of Seneca

Culver/Hooper - corner of Wabash Street and Lake-to-Lake Road;
Dunbar - south side of Ansley Road on hilltop west of Rasmussen farm (1990);
Gates/Butcher - east of Sutton Road near County Road 4;
Glann - County Road 29 on knoll two miles east of Gorham;
Little Church - corner of Little Church Road and Gorham Road;
New Number Nine - across the road from Number Nine;
Number Nine - west side of Number Nine Road near State Route 245;
Ringer/Creager - behind cobblestone house at 2916 Johnson Road about 1 mile north of intersection with County Rd. 4;
St. Theresa - east side of Flint Road near Short Road;
Sand Hill - south side of U.S. 20 near County Road 5;
Squier I - Lake-to-Lake Road 1600 feet east of Little Church Road;
Squier II - behind farm of Louis Minn (1989) east of Number Nine Road;
Whitney - north side of County Road 4 near Whitney Road;
_________; - west side of Wabash Street near Robson Road;
_________; - west side of Wabash Road near Kashong Switch Road;
_________; - east side of Number Nine Road near Leet Road;
_________; - south side of Leet Road near Number Nine Road;
_________; - on Old Castle Road between Melvin Hill Road and Fort Hill Road; on Town Lot 38 North; 

Village of Shortsville

Brookside -  east side of State Route 21 in the village;
St. Rose - north side of Shortsville Road at west side of village;
Theophilas Short - south of Main Street in the village; **Sign at cemetery reads Evergreen Cemetery; 

South Bristol

Allen - west side of State Route 64 near Bristol Town Line;
Brady-Wilder Farm/Old Church - on north line of Gamaliel Wilder farm "west of the road"; cemetery plowed up by Charles Brady prior to 1911;
"Brown Stand - on bluff overlooking northwest intersection of State Route 64 and County Route 34; obliterated except for a few fallen stones; names from this cemetery are frequently listed with Wilder Cemetery names;
Burby Hollow - east side of County Road 33 near Mosher Road; also known as Parmalee Cemetery;
Covil's Corners/Standish - north side of Hicks Road near Route 21;
Coye - east side of State Route 21 at Bopple Hill Road;
Davis Hill - location unknown;
Frost Town/Gulick Gorge - west of Gulick Road along rim of Briggs Gully; may also be known as McGreavy Cemetery;
Gulick - location unknown;
Hill - on Cutler scout reservation off Gulick Road;
Quayle - east side of Gulick Road near Mosher Road and opposite Ross Road;
Randall - east side of State Route 21 near Hicks Road;
Storrs Farm  - overgrown on old Storrs farm off abandoned southern end of Worden Hill Road; has been called Parsons/South Hill in error;
Wilder - east side of State Route 64 on bluff along creek; near north line of state land;

Town of Victor

Baker/Bennett - near Audubon Club and Powder Mill Park on Fishers Road; graves enclosed by fence near barn;
Barber Family  -351 Fisher Road in side yard;
Boughton Hill - corner of County Road 3 and County Road 41;
Fishers Abandoned - near intersection of Fishers Main Street and Wangum Road; eight graves never removed including Deborah, John, and Bethiah Fisher;
Hart Farm site  - unknown site of Victor-Egypt Road;
Hill Burial site  - unmarked burial of Gregory Hill behind house at 7709 Mendon Road (Rte 251);
Lane - Daily Road near Blazey and Richardson Roads (near Monroe County line); exact location unidentifiable now; most bodies exhumed and reburied in South Perinton Cemetery.  One stone left as step on back porch of Carl Leigh family (1992); grave of John L. Lane and Sarah Lane may still be there as well as Mary Luthena Dickinson Lane;
Murray/Dillman Farm - in pasture just west of farm;
Pabos Burial site  - under obelisque near bridge on Wangum Road near park in hamlet of Fishers;
Park - Rowley Road east of State Route 96; at site of Burger King Restaurant; bodies exhumed;
Parsons/Crossman's Farm Burial site - 118 Fisher Road;
Sale Burial site  - unmarked grave about 400 feet south of Bernard McCarthy house (1992) on Brownsville Road;
Smith Farm site - unknown location on farm of Nicholas Smith south of Boughton Hill;

Village of Victor

Proprietor's Church - on Moore Avenue; between a small white house opposite the parking lot and the church site on the hill above;
St. Patrick's - High Street; Catholic;
Village - behind Methodist Church on south side of Main Street;

West Bloomfield

Brombley - in pasture about 300 feet behind dwelling at 3328 Taft Road;
North Bloomfield - north of State Route 65 near Monroe County line;
Ionia/Miller's Corners - south of County Road 14 near County Road 38 in hamlet of Ionia;
North Bloomfield - north of State Route 65 near Monroe County line;
Pioneer - west of County Road 37 at south end of village;
Rural - north side of State Route 20 behind former St. Joseph's Church at east end of village;

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