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Town of Bristol
Bristol Center Cemetery - contributed by Helen Fox and John Mosher - updated 2006
Vincent Hill Cemetery - a/k/a Codding Cemetery - contributed by Helen Fox and John Mosher
Baptist Hill Cemetery - a/k/a Evergreen Cemetery   A - L      M - Z -
contributed by Helen Fox and John Mosher
Baptist Hill Cemetery Listing from Burial Stones   A - L
     M - Z

Bristol Small Cemeteries Below
Andrews Cemetery
Case Cemetery
Clement Cemetery

Damon Cemetery
Doyle Cemetery
Egypt Valley Cemetery
Ganyard Hill Cemetery
Simmons Private Burying Ground

Town of Canadice
Bald Hill Cemetery
Tibbals Cemetery

Canadice Hollow Cemetery
Canadice Corners Cemetery
City of Canandaigua
Pioneer Cemetery
West Avenue Cemetery -  
A - I      J - Z

Calvary Cemetery - partial listing donated by Catherine S. Hall with some added information;
Calvary Cemetery    A - G      H - P      Q - Z

Woodlawn Cemetery
A - B
C - D
E - H
I - L
M - Q
R - S
T - Z
Town of Canandaigua
Pine Bank Cemetery  
Woolhouse/Hunn Cemetery
Academy Cemetery    

Town of Canandaigua Small Cemeteries Below
Cooley Cemetery
Lucas Cemetery
New Michigan Cemetery
Red Dock Cemetery - Wolverton Cemetery
Root/Remington Cemetery
Sand Hill Cemetery

Village of East Bloomfield
Photo and History of Gateway to East Bloomfield Cemetery
East Bloomfield Cemetery - Memorial stone honoring burials in Old Burying Ground;
East Bloomfield Cemetery  
A - L      M - Z Contributed by Helen Fox;
St. Bridget's Cemetery

Town of East Bloomfield

Town of East Bloomfield Small Cemeteries Below
Dibble Cemetery
French Cemetery
Gunn Cemetery
Lee/South Bloomfield Cemetery
Parker Cemetery
Rice Cemetery

Private Cemetery

Town of Farmington
Friends Cemetery - a/k/a North Farmington Cemetery and Orthodox Cemetery
Friends Cemetery - updated listing

South Farmington Cemetery - a/k/a Chapel Cemetery

Farmington Small Cemeteries below
Hathaway Cemetery
Payne Cemetery
Powers Private Cemetery
Salem Cemetery

City of Geneva
Pulteney Street Cemetery

Washington Street Cemetery -   A - D     E - L       M - R      S - Z

St. Patrick's Cemetery -     A - B     C     D - F     G - I     J - L    M    N - R     S - Z

Glenwood Cemetery - partial listing   A - B      C - D
     E - H     I - L     M - R     S    T-Z
Section Map of Glenwood Cemetery

Trinity Church Burying Ground - This burying ground was discovered while digging a foundation for a new chapel adjoining Trinity Episcopal Church on South Main St. Few graves were marked and most could not be identified; in 1842 the remains were disinterred and those that could be identified were turned over to the families for reburial.  Those that could not be identified were placed in one large box and reburied under the middle of the church. This is, no doubt, the earliest burial site in Geneva.
Town of Geneva
Brookside / Snell Cemetery - formerly known as Powers' Cemetery
St. Mary's Cemetery - a partial listing contributed by Michael A. Palmieri
St. Mary's Cemetery -    A to I     J to Z - Listing from burial stones

Town of Geneva Small Cemeteries Below
Clise/Ringer Cemetery
Crittenden Cemetery
Glass Factory Bay Cemetery
Reed Cemetery

Town of Gorham
Lord Cemetery - listing with research notes. Many thanks to Lyn Wilson for this contribution.
New Gorham Cemetery - A - E    F - M     N - Z
Old Gorham Cemetery Rushville Cemetery -   A-J     K-Z
Washburn Cemetery - Many thanks to Lyn Wilson for this contribution.

Town of Gorham Small Cemeteries Below
Baldwin's Corners Cemetery
Pickett Cemetery
Presbyterian Cemetery - cemetery sign reads Lewis Cemetery
Reed's Corners Cemetery

Town of Hopewell
Hopewell Pioneer Cemetery - a/k/a Green Cemetery
Burr Cook's History and Genealogy site featuring Ontario County History, Hopewell Pioneer Cemetery and   Town of Hopewell - Link
Dillon Cemetery - a/k/a Greenhouse Cemetery
Chapman Cemetery
Ontario County Cemetery/Poorhouse Cemetery

Town of Hopewell Small Cemeteries
Benham Cemetery - Buchan Cemetery - Moore Cemetery

Town of Manchester
Port Gibson Cemetery/Pleasant View - Organization & Early Burials from Wayne Co. Dept. of History
Port Gibson Cemetery Burial Listing
Pioneer/Shaving Street Cemetery
St. Rose Cemetery - Village of Shortsville

Brookside Cemetery - Village of Shortsville   A - L     M - Z
St. Agnes Cemetery
Sunnyside Cemetery
Clifton Springs Cemetery

Town of Manchester Small Cemeteries Below
Herrington Cemetery
Hill/McCauley Cemetery
Manchester Village Cemetery
Purdy Cemetery
Stafford Cemetery
Theophilus Short Cemetery

Town of Naples
Hunt's Hollow Cemetery  
Barker / Town Line Cemetery

Town of Naples Small Cemeteries below
Barber Cemetery
Dedrick Cemetery
Garlinghouse Cemetery
Porter Cemetery
Schoolhouse Cemetery
Semans Corners Cemetery
South Hill/Gerrould Cemetery

Village of Naples

Roseridge Cemetery - Naples, NY - Section: 1,2,3,A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H and I

Roseridge Cemetery Alphabetical Listing -   A - G     H - O     P - Z

Fairview Cemetery
Town of Phelps
Humphrey Cemetery
Joslyn Cemetery
Melvin Hill Cemetery - index of burials from "Personalities of Melvin Hill Cemetery"
Melvin Hill Cemetery - listing of burials
Oaklawn Cemetery
Orleans Cemetery
Riverview Cemetery   A - L     M - Z   - a/k/a Plainsville Cemetery and Gypsum Cemetery

Town of Phelps Small Cemeteries Part 1 Below
Aldrich Cemetery
Armstrong Cemetery
Baggerly Cemetery
Brink Cemetery
Burnett Cemetery
Cobb-Smith Cemetery
Five Waters Cemetery - a/k/a Miller Cemetery
Harris Farm Cemetery
Hoffman Cemetery
Town of Phelps Small Cemetery Part 2 Below
Nicholson Cemetery
Orleans Cemetery - sometimes called Pioneer Cemetery
Pinewood Cemetery
Rhea Cemetery
Scott/Haviland/Doty Cemetery
Vandemark Cemetery
Wheat Cemetery

Wooden Cemetery

Village of Phelps
Resthaven Cemetery    A - D     E - K     L - R     S - Z
Resthaven Cemetery
- Some burial information submitted by contributors;
St. Francis Cemetery
St. Francis Cemetery - partial listing of burial information submitted by contributors;
Pioneer Cemetery

Town of Richmond
Allen's Hill Cemetery
Lakeview Cemetery - Sections:   A     B     C     D     E     F     G and new section
Richmond Center Cemetery
St. Mary's Cemetery

Pitts or Blackmer Cemetery - newspaper article - a/k/a Pioneer Cemetery;

Town of Richmond Small Cemeteries Below
Baker Cemetery
Bray Cemetery -
a/k/a Hamilton Cemetery
and Barkley Cemetery

Denison Corners Cemetery
Pitts Cemetery
Purcell Cemetery - a/k/a Curtiss Cemetery

Town of Seneca
Little Church Cemetery
New Section No. 9 Cemetery
Old Section No. 9 Cemetery
Sand Hill Cemetery   A - L     M - Z
Whitney Cemetery

Town of Seneca Small Cemeteries
Culver/Hooper Cemetery - Gates/Butcher Cemetery - St. Theresa Cemetery

Town of South Bristol
Coye Cemetery

Founder's Cemetery -
established 2007 adjacent to Wilder Cemetery on Route 64.

Town South Bristol Small Cemeteries
Allen Cemetery
Burby Hollow Cemetery
Covil's Corners Cemetery
Frost Town Cemetery
Quayle Cemetery
Randall Cemetery
Wilder Cemetery

Town of Victor
Baker- Bennett Cemetery
Boughton Hill Cemetery   A - D     E - L     M - R     S - Z
St. Patrick's Cemetery
Village Cemetery - Village of Victor
Pabos Burial Site
Town of West Bloomfield
Ionia/Miller's Corners Cemetery
North Bloomfield Cemetery
Pioneer Cemetery
Rural Cemetery

Full Listing of Cemeteries with Locations in Ontario County

Other Area Cemeteries near Ontario County

Dobbin Cemetery - On Preemption St. between Phelps and Waterloo Townships; N. of Packwood Rd. - on the E. side (Dobbins Corners); Seneca County

Hubbard Grave Yard - On Old Hubbard Farm about 4 miles NW of Waterloo Seneca Co., NY

Southwick Cemetery - Located at the corner of 9 Foot Rd. and Reisdorph Rd. in Town of Junius; Seneca Co. NY;

Finger Lakes Regional Cemetery Index; an index of approximately 3,000 surnames from cemeteries of Ontario,
Cayuga, Seneca, and Monroe Counties. The original list is located at the Office of the Wayne County Historian - Lyons, N.Y. - donor of the listings.

A - B
C - D
L - M

Miscellaneous information;

"Personalities of Melvin Hill Cemetery" by David L. Burnisky. The book includes information on Phelps area families and their extended branches throughout the country. Contact the author directly, provide your family information and David will do look-ups from his extensive files. The book is available from the author or from Heritage Publishing.

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