Calvary Cemetery

Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY

(Entrance from Clark Street)

This is a partial list of members of St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Canandaigua, NY, buried in Calvary Cemetery.  

Families related to  McIntyre, McNeilly, and Cornell.
                                  Copied 1987-1991,  submitted by Catherine Smith Hall, 2004.

Information in red includes maiden name, when known, and additional information not written on the gravestone.

BARRY (tall scripted stone)
      side one
          Patrick Barry, Died Jan 12, 1899, aged 84 yrs.
          Margaret, his wife, nee Sullivan, Died Dec. 30 1900, aged 77 yrs.
      side two
           James D., son of Patrick and Margaret Barry, Died Oct. 20, 1854, aged 4 yrs., 9 mos., 7 days
           Honora S., daughter of Patrick and Margaret Barry, Died Sept. 23, 1874, aged 20 years

BARRY (two small stones)
       George Barry 1892-1960
       Frederick Barry 1882-1961

BOYD (4 ft. scripted stone)
        Side one
            Margaret, wife of S. Boyd, nee McNeilly, Born Nov. 12, 1813, Died Mar. 27, 1888
            Rest in Peace
        Side two
             Samuel Boyd, Born Jun. 10, 1825, Died Jan. 25, 1865

BROWN (small scripted stone, no dates)
       Joseph F. Brown 1884-1944
       Mae E., his wife, nee Barry 1884-1950

CORNELL (low stone)
           Albertina Cornell, nee Frei 1883-1920
      (small stone erected in 1988 next to mother, inscribed,
             Her Children
            1903 John 1903
            1906 James 1911
            1919 Gertrude 1919

DAWSON (stone scripted)
       John J. 1909-06 July 1994
       Eloise L. nee Long, 1908-1978

DEMOND (4 ft. scripted stone)
         Clinton M., 1860-1933
          Ellen M., nee McIntyre, 1853-1931
          John Lane Demond 1889-1961 (son’s name not inscribed)

DONNELLY (large stone)
       Catherine E. Donnelly Born 1877, Died 1965
       Rev. John J.  Donnelly Born 1846, Ordained 1873, Died 1925

DONNELLY (small stone)
      Hugh A. Donnelly 1851-1935
      Alice Morris, his wife 1852-1931
EGAN (tall stone, scripted with Ancient Order of  Workmen)
        John E. Egan 1886-1911
     (two small stones)
           Agnes McIntyre, his wife 1864-1953
            John E. Egan 1855-1885, their son

ENGLISH, Rev. D. (tall cross, scripted)
      Erected by Members of St. Mary’s Church

FEATHERS (low stone, scripted)
         Orren A. 1891-1971
         Helen M., nee McIntyre, 1896-1968

FLANNIGAN (Tall stone, Flannigan/Donnelly, with 3 scripted sides)
      Side one
         John Flannigan born Jan. 4, 1846, Died Apr. 26, 1926
         Helen Kaveny, his wife, 1871-1944
      Side two
          Mary L. Donnelly, wife of John Flannigan, Born Apr. 23, 1854. Died Sept. 22, 1884
       Side Three
          John S. Flannigan 1878-1941
          Mabel Hennings, his wife, 1888-1959

ISHAM (stone with scription)
       Hiram J. 1852-1928
       Elizabeth C., his wife, nee McDade, 1854-1921

LONG (stone scripted)
     side  one
        John J. 1879-1956
        Jessie B., nee Barry, 1879-1956
     side two
         Jessie I. Long 1911-1980

LONG (stone scripted)
      John J., Jr., 1905-1940
      Eleanor C., nee Collins, 1901-1978

McDADE (stone not scripted with six small stones scattered nearby)
     Louis P. 1855-1920
     Alice L., his wife, nee Crowley, 1860-1944
     Lewis 1891-1931
     Clara, his wife, 1894-1971
     Richard L. 1891-1941
     Florence, nee Clark,  1892-1977

McDADE (small stone alone)
      Elizabeth Mary McDade Feb. 14, 1919 - May 20, 1919

McDADE (4 ft. stone, scripted)
       John McDade Died May 8, 1888, age 81 years
       Nancy, his wife, nee McNeilly, Died July 21, 1885, aged 58 years
       (back of stone,
      Children of John and Nancy McDade)
            William Patrick, Died May 18, 1868, aged 7 years
             Mary Jane, Died Aug 1, 1870, aged 19 years
             Louisa Mary, Died June 1, 1887, aged 29 years

McDADE (low stone, scripted)
        Edward J. 1879-1962
                  Married 1903
         Elizabeth, nee Goddard 1881-1974

McDADE (low stone, scripted)
       John 1904-1993
                Married June 26, 1937
       Eleanor 1912-1982

McDADE (large stone, slanting cross, not scripted)
        Clara A. McDade 1883-1929
        Mary J. McDade 1880-1981

McINTYRE (4 ft. scripted stone)
      Andrew McIntyre 1827-1872 160th N.Y. Vols.
      Wife Emily, nee Slater, 1827-1903
       Daughter, Mary McIntyre  1850-1942

      Andrew McIntyre 1857-1940
      Mary E. O’Brien, his wife 1857-1933
      Louise, daughter
      Mary E., daughter
      Anna McIntyre, his sister 1861-1950

McINTYRE (large stone with cross, not scripted)
      (small individual stones)
      Edward McIntyre 1868-1927
      Emily McIntyre, his wife, nee DeBrock,  1876-1966

McINTYRE (large stone, scripted)
       William E. McIntyre 1857-1913
       Mary Finnerty, his wife, 1862-1950
       Alice Irene, their daughter 1899-1903
       (Two small stones in front of above)
        M. Frances McIntyre 1889-1927
        Edward B. McIntyre 1892-1919

McINTYRE (large stone, scripted)
       John A. McIntyre 1855-1925
       Mary J.  Ryan, his wife, 1860-1914

McINTYRE (Military marker)
     Albert W. McIntyre
     CO. D. 336 M. G. BN
    Marian E. McIntyre, nee Huxley 1902-1936
       (Woodlawn Cemetery Records have Marian’s grave moved from
       Woodlawn to Calvary.  St. Mary’s Church has buried in Calvary)

McINTYRE (large stone, unscripted, with plot for several burials)
    Not confirmed but believe  Thomas McIntyre and wife, Ann Jane,  nee McNeilly, and some of
          their children are buried here. ( ref. St. Mary’s Church funeral records, located at Wilmot     
          Library,  Nazareth  College, Pittsford, NY, film no. 1432391, Also film no. 6120, located at Olin
          Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY)  Some also from obituaries in Canandaigua

          Thomas McIntyre 1830-1907
          Ann Jane, his wife, nee McNeilly  d. 07 Mar 1892, age 52 yrs.
          Mary Ann McIntyre 1857-1916
          William Thomas McIntyre 1860-1887
          Catharine McIntyre 29 Jan 1863-Jun 1864, age 1 yr., 4 mos.
          Ellen Jane McIntyre 1865-1954
          Andrew J. McIntyre 1868-1934
          Charles McIntyre 1872-1896
          Clara E. McIntyre 1874-1889
          John Bruce McIntyre 1879-1952

McINTYRE (Tall stone near William and Ann McNeilly, nee Torrey, great-grandparents of these
     children of Thomas McIntyre and Ann Jane McIntyre, nee McNeilly) Stone was found on its side
     in 1988.  Family had it set upright.

         Catherine Elizabeth McIntyre, Born Jan. 16, 1856, Died Sept. 6, 1858
          John Henry McIntyre, Born Aug. 1, 1859, Died Mar. 7, 1860
McINTYRE (Three low stones)
       Thomas T. McIntyre 1861-1941
       Marcella L. McIntyre, nee McIntyre 1872-1936
       Mary E. McIntyre 1901-1990

McINTYRE (4ft. scripted stone)
       Patrick McIntyre  1819-1901
       Elizabeth McNeilly, his wife 1829-1902
       Mary Ann, their dau  1850-1864

McINTYRE (12 ft. stone scripted)
       John M. McIntyre Born in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal, Ireland Feb 1, 1823, died Mar 5, 1883
       On opposite side of stone,
               John Charles son of John and Mary McIntyre, nee McGonegal,
               Born July 29, 1867, Died Aug. 11, 1890
              Frank J.,  Born Dec. 6, 1873, Died Sept. 9, 1900
       (Small individual stones)
                James d. 1928                                                             
               Mother d. Sept. 3, 1923
               John C.
               Frank J. May His Soul Rest in Peace
                          McINTYRE (small stone)
               Mary d. 1915                                                                     
               Aunt Sarah  d. 1916
               Edward J.  d. 1921
               William   d. 1925

McINTYRE (6 ft. stone, scripted, next to John McIntyre stone)
       Terrence McIntyre, Born in Co. Donegal, Ireland Aug. 5, 1810, Died Aug. 6, 1885
       Mary Hickey, his wife, 1823-1903
       (opposite side of stone)
           Charlotte, daughter of T&M McIntyre, born Feb. 25, 1866, Died Sept. 1, 1890

McNEILLY (scripted stone located partially buried, face up, flat on the ground in 1988. Restored
                       to upright position)
        Sacred to the Memory of William McNeilly, Native of County Down, Ireland, Who departed this
        Life May 26, 1862, aged 73 years  And of his wife, Ann McNeilly, nee Torrey, who died June 26,    
        1874, aged 84 years.
McNEILLY (Upright stone MCNEILLY, unscripted. No small stones nearby)  Family records
                     show this stone for William McNeilly, was incorrectly erected at the site of his
                     grandfather, William McNeilly’s plot.   The senior McNeilly’s stone was removed from
                     its foundation in the late 1920s, and laid flat on the ground face up)

  From a letter written in 1929, by Elizabeth McNeilly, daughter of William and Elizabeth White  
                McNeilly, mailed from Albany, NY, she listed the following previous burials specifically
                near Father English’s gravesite, at the time she ordered the MCNEILLY stone erected.
   William McNeilly 1841-1924
   Elizabeth, his wife, nee White,  1841-1929
   Richard McNeilly 1867-1903
   William “Willie” McNeilly, Jr.  1869-1880, age 10 years
   Annie J. McNeilly  07 Jan 1882-28 Aug 1882
   Catherine McNeilly  1885-1905

McNEILLY (flat stone partially buried then restored to upright position)
      Hugh McNeilly died Jan 11, 1873, aged 56 years

MURPHY (stone inscribed)
      Patrick, died 1928
      Julia, nee McIntyre, Died 1948

MURPHY (scripted stone, Murphy-VanDusen)
       Irene A. , nee Murphy 1900-1992
       Julia E. VanDusen, nee Murphy 1903-1996
PFENNINGER (One stone, scripted)
         George 1879-1953
         Bessie, nee Elizabeth McIntyre  1876-1939

ROSSITER (scripted stone)
         Isabella McIntyre Rossiter Died June 26, 1911, Born Oct. 5, 1853
         Lawrence P. Rossiter Died Oct. 29, 1936. Born abt 1850

Buried in Mixed Section:

SCHRINER, Lee W. (Military marker)
            New York
      PFC SVC CO 124 Infantry
          World War II BSM
      April 12, 1906-Aug 15, 1958
      Margaret M. Schriner, his wife, nee McIntyre,  1905-1995

Our deepest appreciation goes to Catherine S. Hall for donating this detailed listing of burials.  

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