Source: "Boyd's Business Directory of over One Hundred Cities and Villages in New York State,"
by Andrew Boyd. Albany, N.Y.: Charles Van Benthuysen & Sons. 1869

PHELPS, Ontario County.

Ontario county formed January 27, 1789. Phelps village is situated in the centre of the township.
It was formerly called Vienna. It stands on Flint creek, near its junction with the Canandaigna
outlet, and has four churches, numerous stores, and manufactories of flour, iron and other articles.
It was incorporated January 2, 1855; is 113 miles from Buffalo and 208 from Albany. It has a
weekly newspaper. Population, about 1,500.

VILLAGE OFFICERS. John H. Holmes, President; R. C. Carpenter, Town Clerk.

Bayless Geo. Rev. Presbyterian church
Bounds J. M. boots and shoes, Main
BOWKER SIMON K. carriagemaker, Main
Boyden A. L. hardware, Main
Brooks O. R. blacksmith, Main
Burt J. physician, Main
Cameron R. physician, Brighton
Carey H. gloves, &c. Main
Carey M. milliner, Main
Carpenter E. G. physician, Church
Carpenter & Rice (R. C. Carpenter and H. Rice), harness, Main
Clements E. G. photographs, Main
Cline Marvin, malster, Main
Condit G. A. boots and shoes, Main
Cooley A. D. boots and shoes, Main
CRANE & NORTON (C. Crane and S. E. Norton), bankers, Main
Datwyler John R. baker, Main
Dimock H. S. physician, Main
Eigrabrodt Wm. harness, Main
FLOWER & BENEDICT (J. B. Flower and J. F. Benedict), hardware, &c. Main
Foster D. R. Rev. Presbyterian, Main
GREEN R. M. postmaster, Church
Green R. M. & A. A. grocers, Main
Gifford & Odell (J. T. Gifford and B. F. Odell), grocers, &c. Main
Holmes J. H. grocer, Main
HOTCHKISS L. B. banker and refiner of peppermint oil, Main
Howe E. D. dry goods, Main
Howe J. Q. physician, Main
Kelly & Flynn (M. Kelly and J. C. Flynn), grocers
Lee P. Rev. Roman Catholic, Clifton Springs
LYNCH & SMITH (A. Lynch and A. Smith), hotel, Main
Mc Williams M. dressmaker, Main
Moran Henry, clothier, Main
Moser C. P. drugs, &c. Main
McLeod Augustus & Co. (Stanley A. Banta), jewelers, Main
Phelps Citizen. J. W. Neighbor, prop. Main
Phelps Hotel, J. H. Tickner, Main
Pritchard T. D. physician, Main
Shumway C. N. & Co. (A. Arnold and C. E. Shumway), soap, Main
Smith A. blacksmith, Main
Smith Wm. A. drugs, Main
Stephenson D. lawyer, Main
TITUS ANSON & SON (T. B. Titus), iron founders, Main
Tuft Henry B. cigars, Main
Underwood Amos, agent New York Cen. Railroad and Merchants' Union Express Company
Van Alstyne Geo. Rev. Baptist, Main
Vanderhoff F. D. physician, Main
Western Un. Tel. Chas. Wormley, Main [Main
White J. E. & Co. (G. W. White), tinsmiths
Whiting S. A. clothier, Main
Whitmore Horace, flour mill, Main
Whitney S. J. fancy goods and milliner, Main
Wormley Chas. news depot and tel. agent, Main

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