From  Pension Record of Orland Brown

These records have been kindly donated by Barb Trott; we are very grateful to Barb for sharing.

Orland M. Brown was apparently born and lived most of his life in Ontario County. His New York State enlistment paper says he was born in Farmington, the Son of John N. Brown and Celinda Thornton.     He lived in Cheshire, Bristol and Canandaigua.  I did find one Census Record that put his parents in Prattsburg in 1850. At that time Orland was 4 years of age.
It is our belief that Orland's Father, John N. Brown died in Michigan sometime between 1850 and 1860 as Celinda is listed in Canandaigua as a Widow with a young Child John N. Brown Jr. who was born in Michigan.   John Jr. died in January of 1879 and is buried  in Academy Cem, Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY.
Below is the information written in Orland M. Brown's Family Bible:

Orland M. Brown
was married to Rebeca M. Cox
November 11th 1868
at Bristol Center by the
Rev. Mr. Videan
and went to keeping house
November 19th 1869, most likely supposed to be 1868 but it looks like 69  it is written in light pencil.
The date printed in the Bible is 1860

Between the Old and New testaments there is a family record area.
Ruel Lorenzo Brown Born September 20, 1869
Blanche Genevive Brown Born June 24, 1871
Horace Deloraine Brown Born Feb 16, 1877
Orland M. Brown Died March 23, 1882
The next page has been torn and the top part of it is missing:

Ruffus Ellot Brown
Born the 14th of February 1850 and died the 11 of September 1882 or 92
It is so light I cannot read it for sure but I think it is entered again later.  I will just write what is on each page.
Edgar Watson Brown born th November 14 1855
John N. Brown jun born (poss) 12th Septmeber 1857
Back of this page has
Rufus Elliot Brown died Sept 11th, 1862 aged 12 yr 7mo 27 days
(I did find the grave listed online in the Cemetery near Naples - the Cemetery name Mooney Cemetery Prattsburg, Steuben Co., NY
R. Elliott Brown d. 10 Sep 1862 - Age 11y 6m15d Son of John & Celinda Brown
Next page:
Celinda S. Brown born March 7, 1826
John N. Brown bron January 7, 1826
Orland M. Brown born July 17, 1846
Levi W. Brown born November 22, 1848
Louisa J. Brown born April 14, 1849
Rufus Elliot Brown born February 14, 1850
Edgar Watson Brown born November 14, 1855
John N. Brown born September 12, 1857
Rebeca M. Brown born Jan 3rd 1853
John N. Brown died Jan 31, 1879 (JR??)
Ruel Lorenzo Brown born Sept 20th 1869
Orland M. Brown born July 17, 1846
Rebecca M. Brown born Jan 3, 1853
Ruel L. Brown born Sept 20 1869
Blanche Genevive Brown born June 24th 1871
Horace Deloraine Brown born Feb 16, 1877

I would be very thankful if anyone had any information about John N. Brown and Celinda Thornton Brown.    According to a Bristol 1865 Census record Celinda was from Madison County. 
I do hope this information helps.

Barb Trott

Pension Record of Augustus Cox with related information

Augustus Cox fought in the Civil War--  According to his discharge he was 5'11 1/4" tall,  Dark complexion, Blue eyes, Dark hair. occupation Farmer at  2nd enlistment.   Pension Record Number SC 434 186
Company "G" of the 5th Regiment of NY Cav'y Volunteers
Enrolled Nov 9th, 1861 at Staten Island as a privt. Rect.  to serve 3 yrs. Roll for Nov & Dec 1861 discharged for disabilities March 5th 1861 at
He was part of the 161st N.Y. Infantry.  He was enrolled Aug 19, 1962 at Elmira and mustered on Sept 17, 1862, at Elmira for 3 yrs a pvt. Co. C 161st New York Vol. Present from Enrollment to Feb 18, 1863  Mch & April 1863: absent wounded, at Post Hospital Baton Rouge LA. Returned for Mch 63: absent in G.H Baton Rouge La. M.R for July & Aug 63: present May June 64: Abst. Sick in New Orleans Discharged Aug 26, 1864 for Disability Co. Drs. Book reports him Mch 24, 1863, shot two first fingers from his right hand, accidentally, Discharge of gun while in the act of drawing charge. At discharge he states his Address as Canandaigua, Ontario County, NY
In 1878 Augustus Cox (Charles Augustus Cox) is found in Clinton Co., Michigan.
where he applies for "A" Declaration for Original Invalid Pension. "A"
This record States: In 1863 at Baton Rouge, La. while on guard at camp- In jumping out of the top bunk to go on my beat I struck my foot upon the hammar of the gun -- my hand being at the time over the muzzle -- the piece was discharged and the first two fingers of my right hand was taken off and the entire hand disabled.  I was treated in General Hospitals at Baton Rouge and New Orleans La. and discharged on account of the wound and on said would I claim a pension. I first enlisted in fall of 1861 in Co. G 5th NY Cavlry and was kicked by a horse and 3 ribs broken-- Claim pension on that also - was discharged for the injury. (the form reads)  I have never been employed in the Military or Naval Service of the United States otherwise than set forth above. Since leaving the Service, I have resided at Michigan and my occupation has been a cabinet maker before my entry into the Service aforesaid. I was of good, sound physical health, being at enrollment a Cabinet maker and joinar and I am now much disabled from obtaining my subsistence by manual labor by reason of my disabilities-------------my Post office address is DeWitt County of Clinton, State of Michigan.
Augustus Cox.
Augustus Cox, a Private in Company G 5th Regiment N.Y. Cav. Volunteers
Enlisted Nov 9, 1861 at Staten Island as a privet Rect. to serve 3 yrs. Discharged March 5th, 1861 at Camp Harris, Annapolis, MD by reason of General Debility and weak eyes.

Augustus Cox was enrolled Aug 19, 1862 at Elmira and mustered in Sept 17, 1862 at Elmira for 3 yrs, as Pvt. in Co C 161st N.Y. Vols.  Present from Enrollment to Feb 28, 1863, March & April 63: Absent wounded, at Post Hospital, Baton Rouge, La.  Return for March 63: absent in G H Baton Rouge La. M.R. for July & Aug 63: Present May-June 64: Abst. Sick in New Orleans. "Discharged Aug 26, 1864 for disab" Co. Drs. Book reports him Mch. 24/63, shot two first fingers from his right hand, accidentally, discharge of gun while in the act of drawing charge:
Augusts Cox of Dewitt, Clinton Co., Michigan  -- Declaration for Original Invalid Pension dated Sept 20, 1878.  (How he was injured)  In 1863 at Baton Rouge La, while on guard at camp-- In jumping out of the top bunk to go on my beat I struck my foot upon the hammer of the gun-- my hand being at the time over the muzzle--the piece was discharged and the first two fingers of my right hand were taken off and the entire hand disabled.  I was treated in General Hospitals at Baton Rouge and New Orleans, La. and discharged on account of the wound and on said wound I claim a pension. I first enlisted in the fall of '61 in Co. G  5th N.Y. Cavlry and was kicked by a horse and had 3 ribs broken - claim pension on that also--was discharged for this Injury.  He lists his occupation and a Cabinet maker and Joinor.
He was discharged the second time on Aug 26, 1864 at University Hospital, New Orleans, La. he states at that time his address as Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY

He was born in Millford Pennsylvania and is age 39. 5'11 1/4" tall dark complexion, blue eyes, Dark hair, occupation when enlisted a Farmer.

He is also listed as Charles Augustus Cox.  Apparently going by his middle name.

On a couple of the affidavit's his name is spelled August S. Cox.  He married a Hannah A. Morgan  living in Bangor, VanBuren Co., Michigan. She apparently had at least two children from a previous marriage Martha A. Stickles age 33 yr. and a son Henry Morgan aged 28 yrs.  First they state that the marriage took place Jan 31, 1870 and was performed by Jonathan A. Sweet a justice of the peace.   Then another Affidavit is sent changing the date from Jan. 31 1870 to November 29, 1870 stating the first date was a clerical error. Hannah A. (Morgan?) was attempting to get his pension.   Several times it mentions that this Martha A. Stickles and Henry Morgan of Bangor, VanBuren Co., are the children of Hannah A. Cox.
1886 a claim for burial of an indigent soldier named Charles A. Cox was presented from the township of Bangor, VanBuren Co, Michigan.  Charles A. Cox died April 9, 1886 and was buried April 17 in the soldiers lot in the township of Arlington, VanBuren Co., Michigan.  18th day of June 1886 a claim for funeral expense of twenty two and 50/100 dollars cash allowence and paid by the County of VanBuren. That said burial report says said Cox served a private in Company "C" 161 Regiment N.Y. Infantry
I can not tell if he actually ever received a pension.  And wonder if he and Bethia Brown Cox were ever divorced.    No mention is ever made of her or his ties to New  York state except the one with an address for Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY and that was on his second Disability discharge.

Pension Papers Rec. copy Sept 1999.

  State: NY Year: 1860
  County: Ontario County Record Type: Federal Population Schedule
  Township: Canadaigua Page: 888
  Database: NY 1860 Federal Census Index
Academy Cemetery
Town of Canandaigua - Ontario County NY
Charlotte; 1868-1947; also died May 27 1947;
William P.; died Jan 10 1882; ae 54 yrs 4 mos;
Mary E.;
Charlotte, wife of William; died Sep 15 1878; ae 75 yrs 7 mos;
Hellen G., wife of William P.; died Mar 18 1880; stone sunk;

According to the Census Records:

1850 Canandaigua Ontario County, NY
668  668  Augustus Coxe  26 M Labor  NY
                Bethia     32  F  NY
                Matilda A.  2  F  NY
                William P.  1  M  NY

1855  Index
Brown, John            S. Brist. 012 1855
Brown, Sarah          S. Brist. 012 1855
Brown, Asa             S. Brist. 012 1855
Brown, Berthiah N.  S. Brist. 012 1855
Cox, Maryett           S. Brist. 012 1855
Cox, Matilda A .      S. Brist. 012 1855
Cox, Rebecca          S. Brist. 012 1855
Tuttle, Joseph           S. Brist. 012 1855
1860 pg 21 of 31 South Bristol
163 162 John Brown  64  M Farmer   NY       
              Sarah Jane    54  F  540  300
       163 Mary E. Warden  30 F
              Sarah                   13 F
              MaryEtta    10 F
              Asa                 4 M
              Fanny M         4 F
              Matilda Case (cox) 12 F
              Maryetta            9 F
              Rebeaka          4 F
              Bathia           33 F
1865 Bethia is 38 she has 3 of her children listed with her Matilda 17, Marrieta 14, William 15.

1870 Census Bristol, NY
115 120 Brown, John 74 M W Ret.Farmer 700 150 NY cannot read or write  #19=1
                          Sarah 67  F  W keeping house   NY       not read or write 
                          Asa   34 M W Farm Labor     600 NY      cannot      write    # 19-1
                          Sarah 38 F W keeping house      NY      cannot write
                          Adaline 11 F  W  NY     attends school
                          Edmund  9 M W    NY     attends school
                          Betsey    6 F W  NY    attends school
                          Frances  4 F W  NY   
                          Adell      1 M W                                   NY
               Cox,   Bethial   43 F  W keeping house         NY 
               Cole, Thomas 79 M  W   NY                           #19 - 1
1880 Census Town of Bristol
         Bethia is 53 and living with Joseph Tuttle (Uncle)

304 323 Tuttle, Joseph WM 75  single  Farm labor           NY        NY        NY
              Brown, Sarah WF 77 widow  boarder keeping house NY NY     NY
              Coxx, Mathia WF 53 widow  boarder keeping house  NY NY NY
              Hulse, Minerva WF 10 single boarder at school   NY        NY        NY
1905 Bristol: Census: 
Brown, Horace age 28,
            Ida 21,
            Doris 1 month,
           Rebecca mother age 52,
 Cox, Mrs. B. N. (Bethia) age 78

Bethia N. Brown married Augustus Cox August 30, 1846 (the writing is very light and difficult to read. poss. 1846, 48 or even 44. The marriage listing is from the Family Bible of John Brown and Sarah Tuttle Brown) but 1846 seems to be the most likely date as their first child was born in 1848. 

We have copies of deeds for a piece of land that was first owned in 1837 in the town of Bristol by Sarah (Sally) Tuttle Brown,  Then Bethia N. Cox Brown owned the same piece of land, and finally Rebecca Cox Brown owned the land, Her son Horace also apparently owned the land as a tax record lists the Brown Place as belonging to Horace.
Census: 1880 has Sarah Brown age 77 (note: dau John Tuttle and Elizabeth Gillis.  wife of John Brown  ---- dau Mary Worden d 1888  dau Bethia Cox b. 1827 d 1914  apparently living with Joseph Tuttle her Brother)
Academy Cemetery
Town of Canandaigua - Ontario County NY
Malachi; died 1899; ae 74 yrs; also 1825-1899;               brother of Bethia
John N.; Sep 12 1857- Jan 31 1879; also 1857-1878;      Brother of Orland?
Cilinda S.; died Jan 4 1890; ae 69 yrs;             Mother of Orland born abt 1821
John; died Nov 12 1870; ae 74 yrs;  b. abt 1896            father of Bethia
Sarah; died Aug 31 1889; ae 85 yrs; b. abt 1804            Mother of Bethia
Joseph W.; born Apr 15 1803; died May 20 1881;
John; died July 22 1852; also died July 22 1832; ae 82 yrs; b. abt 1770 or 1750 if died in 1832;  Sarah Brown's  father
Elizabeth; died Mar 8 1850; ae 70 yrs; born abt 1780;  Sarah Browns' Mother
Bethia's Family came from Orange County.  Asa Brown who was the Rev. War pensioner living with John Brown in 1840 was apparently Bethia's Grandfather.

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