This interesting family sketch of David Boyd and his wife, Sarah Humphrey, is generously donated by
William Boyd. Thank you for sharing.

The following is information about David Boyd and his wife Sarah Humphrey, early settlers in Phelps, NY.
SOURCES: (1) William P. Boyd's book on "The Boyd's Family History and their Descendants". Printed 1912.
                  (2) Jacqueline B. Humphrey's book on the "Humphrey Family, John of New Windsor"
                  (3) Oak Lawn Cemetery gravestone inscriptions, from "History of Ontario County, Phelps, NY" WEB site.
     The Ontario Historical Society has written about some of the early settlers in Phelps, NY.  Among them were Oliver and Charles Humphrey who came from Little Britain township on New Windsor, NY.

     Here is a little more information about them and other early settlers.
     In William P. Boyd's Book it states that David Boyd moved to Phelps, NY and there married Sarah Humphrey.  However, according to the grave inscriptions and Oak Lawn Cemetery, their eldest son was born in 1789, which would mean they were married in Phelps around 1788, which would be very early settlers to that area.  It is very unlikely however because the Humphrey family did not move to that area until 1791.

     In New Windsor, a will for Hugh Humphrey, lists his sons as Evins, James, Oliver and a daughter named Sarah is also listed. A quote from this will gives an indication of when Sarah came to Phelps.
       "my son Charles is to have my feather bed and bedding that they took with them to the Western Country, and also to my daughter, Sarah Humphrey, to have one of the cows that they took to the Western Country."
     Oliver and Charles Humphrey came to Phelps in 1791, and so must have Sarah Humphrey.  Because of the grave inscriptions of Sarah's children, if those dates are correct, then David and Sarah were already married prior to the trip.

     We do know that in 1792, David Boyd and Sarah were already living in Phelps because of a diary written by James Humphrey on his trip to Phelps to visit his family. In Jaqueline B. humphrey's Book, the chapter about James Humphrey includes this diary. A copy of this diary was obtained by Helen Ridley, unknown what year, and was published in an Ontario County newspaper that was covering the Sesquicentennial celebration of Phelps.  Jacqueline Humphrey states that the diary was published by Helen Ridley some fifty years prior the writing of her book. It was titled "old Diary of 1792".
    In this diary, it states that James Humphrey arrived in Phelps and at the home of David Boyd on Sept 12, 1792.  That same day, James visited the home of Oliver and Charles Humphrey along with others that were known to him.  This indicates that David and Sarah Boyd (Humphrey), lived nearby to Oliver and Charles Humphrey.
     David Boyd b: 176? in New Windsor NY, and died in Phelps NY about 1802. He moved to Ontario County, Phelps NY, (unknown year), and there married Sarah Humphrey. If this is true, they were married in Phelps before 1789, making them one of the early settlers in Phelps NY.

     They had 6 children, all born in Phelps. James  b: abt 1789, David b: abt 1790, Elizabeth Jane b: abt 1792, Hugh b: 1795, Mariah b: abt 1800 and Oliver H. b: abt 1802.

     Sarah later remarried to a Hamilton Bell, and she is buried in Humphrey Cemetery under the name of Sarah Bell.
Children of David and Sarah: 
    (S1) James b: abt 1789, married 1st to Irene/Urena (Rodgers) b: 1795, d: 1825,  and m: 2ndly to Jane Elizabeth or Elizabeth Jane Pullen b: 1800 (parents of Jane are Jenks and Polly Pullen of Guilford, VT). Two children of James and Irene were; John b: 180? and Harwood b: 1819.
    (S2) David b: abt 1790, married Ann (Ringer) b: 1808 d: 1886 and their children were Jane, John, Isabella, Robert G., Sarah E., Charles, and Mary Elvira (who died at age 11).
    (S3) Elizabeth Jane b: abt 1792 (Phelps),  married Harwood Bannister, b: abt 1787; both buried in Phelps Pioneer Cemetery. Harwood Bannister was the son of Lamuel Bannister.
    (S4) Hugh b: 1795 married 1st to Elvira Swift b: 1810, d: 1835 and m: 2ndly to Sarah Pullen.  (Parents of Sarah are Jenks & Polly Pullen of Guilford, VT.) Hugh is listed as one of the first members of both the Church of Hopewell and Oaks Corners Presbyterian Church.
    (S5)  Mariah b: abt 1800 ... information unknown.
    (S6) Oliver b: abt 1802 married 1st to Anna Hurd b: abt 1804 and 2ndly to Elizabeth Manly/Manley b: abt 1808 (of Phelps, NY).
       NOTE:  There are 19 Boyds of this above extended family, buried in Oak Lawn Cemetery in Phelps.

     My family line continues with (S6) Oliver Boyd and Anna Hurd.  They had two children, Elizabeth Boyd b: 1831(Phelps, NY.) and Henry H. Boyd b: 1833 (Phelps, NY). 
     Anna must have died young as 1850 census shows family without Anna.
   (1) Elizabeth Boyd, daugter of Oliver, we have no information of.
     The following information is then taken from our family bible:
    (2)  Henry Boyd b: 1833 (son of Oliver) m: 1st-Jane Phillips b: 1840 in Clarkston NY, Monroe Co. and they lived in Byron  NY, Genesee Co. They had two children, Anna Hurd Boyd b: 1861 and John Phillip Boyd b: 1862. Henry m: 2ndly to Mary Manly/Manley b: 1832 (no children). At some point this family moved to Victor. 1880 census shows them still living in Victor. Jane's parents were Darius Phillips b: 1800 and Harriet (Hall) b:1810 born NY.  Both are buried in Victor Pioneer Cemetery, Ontario Co. NY.
     Anna Hurd Boyd b: 1861 moved to Detroit in 1891 and in 1902 married Theodore Peltier (no children).
     John Phillip Boyd b: 1862 moved to Detroit area and married Mary Elizabeth Spaunburg b: 1871 and had three sons.

Henry Boyd


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