Source: "Boyd's Business Directory of over One Hundred Cities and Villages in New York State,"
by Andrew Boyd. Albany, N.Y.: Charles Van Benthuysen & Sons. 1869

GENEVA, Ontario County.

Ontario county formed January 27, 1789. Geneva is one of the most beautiful places in the country. It lies on the left bank of Seneca Lake, near its foot - a charming site, commanding a view of the whole of that fine sheet of water and the surrounding country, which is distinguished alike for fertility and picturesque beauty. The main street of the village runs parallel with the shore of the lake, and many of the handsome residences of the wealthy citizens have gardens attached, which are terraced down to the shore, a declivity of nearly a hundred feet. The village was incorporated April 4, 1806. The Rev. Samuel Kirkland visited the shores of the lake, on a mission to the Indians, in 1765. The most interesting feature of the village is the Hobart Free Collage (sic), so called from its chief promoter, Bishop Hobart. Steamers connect Geneva with the upper ports upon Seneca Lake. Population about 6,000. There are 2 newspapers, a bank, gaslight company and many fine stores in the village. It is 200 miles from Albany and 121 from Buffalo.

VILLAGE OFFICERS.- S. H. Verplanck, President, W. F. Edington, James Higgins, D. W. Beard, Trustees; Charles Fahly, Clerk; D. W. Colvin, Chas. W. Bassett, Chas. Rice, Assessors; James Keough, Collector of Taxes; Wm. Butterfield, Police Constable.

Ackerman J. (Hoefler & Ackerman), 168 Water
Ackley John, tinware, &c. 82 Water
Adams F. A. (Gulick & Adams), Water
Adams, Oliver S. (R. L. Adams & Son), 186 Water
Adams, R. L. & Son (O.S.) props, Geneva Courier, Water
Alcock G. (Alcock & Higgins), 60 Seneca
Alcock & Higgins (G. Alcock and W. J. Higgins), meat, 60 Seneca
Allen E. C., sign painter, Castle
Allen Geo. W., hairdresser, 165 Water
Allen O. D., sewing machines, 54 Seneca
American Hotel. J. K. Chipps, prop. Water cor. Castle
Andrus F. (Gulick & Andrus), 166 Water
Ark Lodge No. 33, F. and A. M. meets at Masonic Hall
Avery Daniel (Avery & Moore), Mansion House
Avery J. P., physician, 30 Seneca
Avery & Moore (D. Avery and J. Moore), Mansion House, Seneca
Ayres L. S. (Ayres & Thomas), 26 Seneca
Ayres & Thomas (L. S. Ayres and J. G. thomas), dry goods, 26 Seneca
Backenstose F. T., ins. agent, Water
Baird David W., carriages, 28 Castle
Baker J. W., nursery, Main
Baldwin S., lawyer, 171 Water
Barber W. C., undertaker, 132 Main
Barth F. A., hairdresser, Water
Beach H. D., bedsteads, &c., 104 Water
Beach Wm. R., boots and shoes, 132 Water
Bean John E., lawyer, Seneca
Beatty Eliza Mrs., milliner, 64 Seneca
Bell A. L. (C. W. Clark & Co.), 156 Water
Bennett Geo. jr., grocer, Seneca cor. Main
Bennett W. K. (Cole & Benett), 1 Seneca
Benson N. S. (Gordon & Benson), 79 Main
Bissell W. H. A. Rev. pastor Episcopal church
Boardman C. K., sewing machines, 31 Seneca
Bonner W. J. (Wilkie & Bonner), 153 Water
Bronson E. A. (Bronson, Graves, Selover & Co.), Washington
Bronson, Graves, Selover & Co. (E. A. Bronson, S. S. Graves, E. C. Selover), nurserymen, Washington
Brown W. M. T., barber, Castle
Brundage Wm. H., carriage factory, 80 Main
Bullard Ira S. (Bullard & Co.)
Bullard & Co. (I. S. Bullard and C. H. Parker), dampers for stove pipes
Burleigh O. G. (Morse & Burleigh), 24 Seneca
Burns John, grocer, 153 Main
Burton William, hotel, Seneca
Campion Andrew A., boots and shoes, Water
Carpenter C. H., physician, Seneca
Catchpole Alfred, machinist, Water corner Lewis
Chew A. L., prest. First National Bank Geneva, Water near Seneca
Chipps J. K., American Hotel, Water c. Castle
Chipps Wm., Geneva House, Water
Clark Charles, grocer, Water
Clark C. W. & Co. (A. L. Bell), clothiers, 156 Water
Clark H. K., physician, Seneca
Clegget B. F., barber, 167 Water
Close Hiram (C. H. Hayes & Co.), 66 Castle
Cobb Stewart S., wool, Seneca
Cogswell G. W. (Cogswell & Frost), Water
Cogswell & Frost (G. W. Cogswell and C. S. Frost), Geneva marble works, Water
Cole Wm. R. (Cole & Bennett), 1 Seneca
Cole & Bennett (Wm. R. Cole and W. K. Bennett), gunsmiths, 1 Seneca
Colvin Deloss W., agt. M. U. Ex. Co., 11 Seneca
Colvin D. W. (Gilbert & Colvin), Water c. Castle
Cone E. G., grocer 34 Seneca
Conger Garret (Conger & McKay)
Conger & McKay (G. Conger and J. McKay), lumber dealers
Cook Wm. F., prest. Geneva Water Works Co.
Copway George, Indian doctor, 58 Pultney
Covert Nelson B., physician, 139 Main
Crane Philip (Fisher & Crane), 38 Seneca
Crawford I. W. (Crawford & Gardiner), 168 Water
Crawford & Gardner (I. W. Crawford and J. Gardiner), tailors, 168 Water
Crobaugh G. (Crobaugh & McLean), Canal
Crobaugh & McLean (George Crobaugh and Jas. McLean), maltsters, Canal
Croucher W. H., lawyer, 3 Seneca
Crow M. J., dressmaker, Seneca
Dain John F., furniture dealer and manufacturer, 157 Water
Dakin Eldridge, com. merchant, Castle
Dalee W. S. (Schell & Dalee), 180 Water
Davenport Harriet Mrs., milliner, Water
Dennis Gorham, soda water manuf., Water
Dennison H. H., boots and shoes, 32 Seneca
Desky J. & I., clothiers, 22 Seneca
Diefendorf William E. (Diefendorf & Proudfit), 10 Seneca
Diefendorf & Proudfit), lawyers, 10 Seneca
Dillon P., meat, 162 Water
Ditmars J. V., hats, etc. 153 Water
Dobbin E. I. (Dobbin & Howard), 155 Water
Dobbin & Howard (E. I. Dobbin and G. Howard), stoves, 155 Water
Donnelly John, grocer, Main
Dorchester E. (Undnerfill, Dorchester & Bro.), 12 Seneca
Dorchester P. J. (Underhill, Dorchester & Bro.), 12 Seneca
Dorsey G. C., grocer, Water
Dox George N., physician, 192 Main
Dudley & Merril, nurseryman, Main
Duff Samuel, boots and shores, 113 Main
Dunn Thomas, furniture, 44 Castle
Dunn Thomas jr., furniture dealer and manufacturer, 44 Castle
Dunning J. P., dry goods, 169 Water
Dunning W. B., machinist, Water
Durrant William P., watchmaker, 30 Seneca
Eastman H. N., physician, 50 Main
Easto Emma (Easto & Young), 84 Main
Easto & Young Misses, milliners, 84 Main
Eckler C. Mrs., milliner, 62 Seneca
Edington John, shoemaker, Main
Edington W. F., dentist, 30 Main
Ernest H., harness, Water
Fahly Charles, books and stationery, 15 Seneca
Fairfax George, wall paper, 52 Castle
Fenn N., hairdresser, Seneca
Fields G. W., grain, Water corner Castle
First National Bank of Geneva. A. L. Chew, president; W. T. Scott, cashier; capital, $50,000; Water n. Seneca
Fisher Louis (Fisher & Crane), 38 Seneca
Fisher & Crane (Louis Fisher and Philip Crane), meat, 38 Seneca
Flower Davison (Flower & Fahly), 15 Seneca
Flower & Fahly (D. Flower and Charles Fahly), books, etc. 15 Seneca
Folger Charles J. (Folger & Mason), Water
Folger & Mason (Charles J. Folger and Francis O. Mason), lawyers, Water
Fox Herman F. (Stiegelmaier & Fox), 170 Water
Franklin House, S. S. Mallory, Seneca c. Water
Frost C. S. (Cogswell & Frost), Water
Gardner J. (Crawford & Gardner), 168 Water
Geneva Courier (R. L. Adams & Son, editors and proprietors), 186 Water
Geneva Gaslight Company, P. Pouty, president
Geneva Gazette (weekly), S. H. Parker, Water
Geneva House, Wm. Chipps, Water
Geneva Medical College. Samuel H. Verplank, pres't; M. S. Sandford, cashier; capital $200,000; Seneca cor. Water
Geneva Water-works Co. Wm. F. Cook, pres't
Gilbert M. J. (Hayes & Gilbert), Water
Gilbert Wm. L. (Gilbert & Colvin), Water cor. Castle
Gilbert & Colvin (W. L. Gilbert and D. W. Colvin), flour and feed, Water cor. Castle
Giron Henry A. Mrs., milliner, Water
Goodno Wm. Rev., pastor Baptist church
Gordon L. (Gordon & Benson), Main c. Castle
Gordon & Benson (L. Gordon and N. S. Benson), grocers, Main cor. Castle
Grady Andrew J., grocer, Water
Graves S. S. (Bronson, Graves, Selover & Co.), Washington
Graves W. M., boots and shoes, Castle
Gray A. E., dressmaker, Main
Gray, Charles P., boots and shoes, 34 Castle
Gray Joshua & Son (L. R. Gray), boots and shoes, Main
Gray, Lyman R. (Joshua Gray & Son), Main
Green James, meat market, 154 Water
Green Patrick, meat market, 1 Castle
Green Thomas, grocer, Water
Guile A. A., tobacconist, 7 Seneca
Gulick W. G. (Gulick & Adams), Water
Gulick & Adams (W. G. Gulick and F. A. Adams), grocers, Water
Guy M. S. Miss, ladies' furn'g store, 179 Water
Haight M. C. (Haight & Van Lews), 6 Seneca
Haight & Van Lews (M. C. Haight and P. Van Lews), nonpareil skate mnfr. 6 Seneca
Hall F., jeweler, 19 Seneca
Hallenbeck P., grocer, 174 Water
Harris Edwin, jeweler, 16 Seneca
Hayes C. H. & Co. (H. Close), grocers, 66 Castle
Hayes W. E. (Hayes & Gilbert), Water
Hayes William E., iron works, 3 Castle
Haywood Wm. P., boots and shoes, 178 Water
Hayes & gilbert (W. E. Hayes and M.J. Gilbert), hardware, Water
Hemiup G. M., groceries, crockery, &c. 177 Water
Herrick Wm. A., flour and feed, Castle
Hietzcholt Henry, boots and shoes, 130 Main
Higgins W. I. (Alcock & Higgins), 60 Seneca
Hinckley A. S., photographer, 10 Seneca
Hinckley J., photographs, 10 Seneca
Hipple George, clothier, 161 Water
Hobart College, J. K. Stone, president, Main
Hoefler Geo. (Hoefler & Ackerman), 158 Water
Hoefler & Ackerman (G. Hoefler and J. Ackerman), confectioners, 168 Water
Howard G. (Dobbin & Howard), 155 Water
Huke C. H. (Huke & Taylor), 130 Water
Huke & Taylor (C. H. Huke and G. Taylor), bakery, 130 Water
Hurd Edgar H., lawyer, Seneca
Hygienic Institute (A. B. Smith, physician), 10 Park place
Ide John & Son (J. A.), blacksmiths, Water
International Hotel, H. L. Suydam, 176 Water
Jacobs M., clothier, 159 Water
Jenner J. Miss, hair jewelry, 16 Seneca
Jones A. A. (Jones Bros.), 167 Water
Jones Bros. (A. A. and S. A. Jones), grocers, 167 Water
Jones Fred A., sewing machine agt., 28 Seneca
Jones S. A. (Jones Bros.), 167 Water
Judson William, tailor, 196 Water
Judson W. W., hats, 158 Water
Jupter, Benjamin, barber, Water
Keating P. C., tailor, Tillman block, Water
Kent Enos, clothier, 7 Seneca
Keyes B. W., carriage and sleight builder, Castle corner Genesee
King Henry, livery, Castle
Kingsland E., sec'y Geneva Water Works, 175 Main
Kipp Charles, china ware, 30 Seneca
Kipp H. D. (Kipp, McDougall & Co.), Water
Kipp, McDougall & Co. (H. D. Kipp, G. C. McDougall and T. McBlain), Steam Bending Works, Water
Klube Gustave, harness, &c. 197 Water
Knight Wm., grocer, Water
Lambert L., hoop skirts, &c. 62 Seneca
Lamont Charles F., boat builder, Water
Laning E. A. (Maynard & Laning), 24 Seneca
Lay John (R. M. & T. J. Skilton & Co.), Water
Lee Nathaniel, tobacco and segars, 11 Seneca
Levi Nathan, clothier, 18 Seneca
Lewis E. E. (M. W. Lewis & Co.), Castle corner Water
Lewis M. W. & Co. (E. E. Lewis), drugs, Castle corner Water
Love James W., grocer, Seneca
Lum D. L. & Son (W. T. Lum), drugs, 4 Seneca
Lum W. T. (D. L. Lum & son), 4 Seneca
Mallory S. S., Franklin House, Seneca c. Water
Mansion House, Avery & Moore, Seneca
Marcell M., umbrellamaker, Water
Marshall M., milliner, Seneca
Mason Francis O. (Folger & Mason), Water
Maxwell H. E. (Maxwell & Bro.), Castle
Maxwell J. I. (T. C. Maxwell & Bros.), Castle
Maxwell T. C. & Bros. (H. C. and J. I. Maxwell), Old Castle Nurseries, Castle
Maynard E. L. (Maynard & Laning), 24 Seneca
Maynard & Laning (E. L. Maynard and E. A. Laning), drugs, 24 Seneca
McBlain T. (Kipp, McDougall & Co.), Water
McDonald A. (McDonald & Rose), 3 Seneca
McDonald Angus, postmaster, Seneca
McDonald James, grocer, Main
McDonald & Rose (A. McDonald and A. P. Rose), lawyers, 3 Seneca
McDonough M., tailor, Seneca
McDonough Wm., grocer, 149 Main
McDougall G. C. (Kipp, McDougall & Co.), Water
McDougall G. C. & Co. (Thomas Smith), spoke manufacturer, Water
McFaggan G. W., Central R. R. ticket agent
McGonegal H. G., sewing machines, 161 Water
McKay John (Conger & McKay)
McLean J. (Crowbaugh & McLean), Canal
McManus J. T. Rev., Roman Catholic church
Mead Charles H., harness, &c. 34 Seneca
Mead Lewis, boots and shoes, Castle
M. U. Express, D. W. Colvin, agent, 11 Seneca
Merrell Andrew (Merrell & Perkins), Seneca
Merrell & Perkins (A. Merrell and J. Perkins), physicians, Seneca
Mitchell B. F. (Traver, Snyder & Mitchell), 32 Seneca
Mitchell R., boots and shoes, 20 Seneca
Moore Daniel E., sash, door and blinds, 30 Castle
Moore H. G. (Moore & Tompkins), 160 Main
Moore James (Avery & Moore), Mansion House
Moore & Tompkins (H. G. Moore and D. T. Tompkins), hardware, &c. 160 Water
Morey A. F. Rev., Methodist
Morse C. (Morse & Burleigh), 24 Seneca
Morse & Burleigh (C. Morse and O. G. Burleigh), books and stationery, &c., 24 Seneca
Nash A. H., insurance agent, Seneca
Neider John, boots and shoes, Water
Nelson D. P., harness, &c. Water
Newell L., dentist, 20 Seneca
O'Flaherty Patrick, insurance agent, Water
O'Malley J., blacksmith, Water
O'Riely Patrick, grocer, 163 Water
Page C. M., confectioner, toys, &c., 5 Seneca
Page J. M., patent medicines, 5 Seneca
Palmer G., milliner, Main
Parker Charles H. (Bullard & Co.)
Parker Ira, justice, 6 Seneca
Parker Stephen H., prop. and editor Geneva Gazette, Water
Patterson J. H., saddlery, &c., Lewis
Patton George Rev., Presbyterian church
Payne John, groceries, provisions and crockery, 133 Main
Peck A. B. (Peck & Wright), 164 Water
Peck & Wright (A. B. Peck and S. F. Wright), dry goods, 164 Water
Pentoney M. L., blacksmith, Castle
Perkins J. (Merrell & Perkins), Seneca
Persons S. F., carpenter, Main
Perry Samuel, flour and feed, Water
Pickett J. H., hats, &c. 17 Seneca
Picot M. H., physician, Main
Pinch Helen M. Miss, milliner, 37 Seneca
Platner J. S. (Southworth & Platner), 180 Water
Potter H. A., physician, Washington
Pouty P., president Gas Light Company
Pratt A. D., nurseryman
Prince F. W., insurance and real estate, 19 Seneca
Pritchett G. E. (Pritchett and T. Sill), 168 Water
Pritchett & Sill (G. E. Pritchett and T. Sill), lawyers, 168 Water
Proudfit Geo. (Diefendorf & Proudfit), 10 Seneca
Raferty J., grocer, 111 Main
Raines J. Rev., Methodist Episcopal church
Ramsey Henry, saloon, 165 Water
Rankine J. Rev., pastor Episcopal church
Raplee J. F. (Raplee & Townsend), Castle
Raplee & Townsend (J. F. Raplee and L. G. Townsend), coal and wood, Castle
Rea M., dress maker, Seneca
Reed B., dentist, Seneca
Richards Allen B., harness, &c., Water
Richardson J. B. Rev., pastor Presbyterian ch.
Robinson J. H. (Tuttle & Robinson), Water
Rogers Samuel J. Rev., Reformed church
Rogers Thomas, grocer, Water
Rose A. P. (McDonald & rose), 3 Seneca
Royal L. Miss, milliner, Seneca
Rudd A., milliner, Seneca
Ryan Patrick, saloon, 169 Water
Sandford M. S., cash. Geneva National Bank, Seneca cor. Water
Savage H., clothier, 3 Seneca
Savage Jesse, boots and shoes, 1 Seneca
Schell H. C. (Schell & Dalee), 180 Water
Schell & Dalee (H. C. Schell and W. S. Dalee), real estate agents, 180 Water
Scoon J. T. (Seager, Scoon & Co.), Seneca
Scott B. W.., cashier First National Bank of Geneva, Water near Seneca
Seager H. (Seager, Scoon & Co.), Senenca
Seager, Scoon & Co. (H. Seager, J. T. Scoon and G. Young), meat market, Seneca
Sears J., nursery, Main
Sears J. H., nursery, Main
Seelye G. E., dry goods, 10 Seneca
Selover E. C. (Bronson, Graves, Selover & Co.), Washington
Silberberg B., clothier, 163 Water
Sill Theodore (Pritchett & Sill), 168 Water
Sinsabaugh J. B., photographs, Seneca
Skilton R. B. & T. J. & Co. (John Lay), hardware, 149 Water
Sleeper & Bennett (D. H. Sleeper and H. H. Bennett), grocers, 66 Seneca
Smith A. B., physician Hygienic Institute, 10 Park place
Smith J. C., vinegar and cider, 108 Main
Smith, J. W. & Co. (S. E. Smith), dry goods, 28 Seneca
Smith Solomon E. (J. W. Smith & Co.), 28 Seneca
Smith T. (G. C. McDougall & Co.), Water
Smith T. E., cabinetware, 32 Seneca
Smith W. & T., Geneva nursery, Castle
Smith Wm. H., book store, 31 Seneca
Smith Willard N., druggist, 8 Seneca
Snyder M. L. (Traver, Snyder & Mitchell), 32 Seneca
Snyder Richard, hardware, 160 Water
Southworth S. (Southworth & Platner), 180 Water
Southworth & Platner (S. Southworth and J. S. Platner), gen. ins. agents, 180 Water
Spengler J., boots and shoes, Water
Sperry A., boots and shoes, 153 Water
Squire J. H., carriage maker, Castle
Stebbins J. H., physician, 123 Main
Stein Nathan, clothing, 18 Seneca
Stiegelmaier Wm. H. (Stiegelmaier & Fox), 170 Water
Stiegelmaier & Fox (Wm. H. Stiegelmaier and Herman F. Fox), segars, 170 Water
Stoddard George, civil engineer and surveyor, Main
Stokem C., fish and fruits, 172 Water
Stone J. K., pres. Hobart College, Main
Stroup G., clothes cleaner, Water
Suydam H. L., International Hotel, 176 Water
Taylor G. (Huke & Taylor), 130 Water
Thomas J. G. (Ayres & Thomas), 26 Seneca
Tileston C. H. Mrs., milliner, 23 Seneca
Tillon P., meat market, Water
Tompkins B. P. & Son (S. A.), house furnishing, &c., 9 Seneca
Tompkins D. T. (Moore & Tompkins), 160 Water
Tompkins J. G., hotel, Water
Tompkins S. A. (B. P. Tompkins & Son), 9 Sen.
Townsend L. G. (Rapleel & Townsend), Castle
Traver E. L. (Traver, Snyder & Mitchell), 32 Seneca
Traver, Snyder & Mitchell (E. L. Traver, M. L. Snyder and B. F. Mitchell), furniture, &c., 32 Seneca
Tuthill A. K., merchant tailor, 178 Water
Tuttle W. G. (Tuttle & Robinson), Water
Tuttle & Robinson (W. G. Tuttle & J. H. Robinson), saws, Water
Underhill J. H. (Underhill, Dorchester & Bro.), 12 Seneca
Underhill, Dorchester & Bro. (J.H. Underhill and P.J. and E. Dorchester), hardware, 12 Seneca
Vail G., photographs, 6 Seneca
Vail J. G., photographer, 6 Seneca
Van Lew Paschal (Haight & Van Lew), 6 Sen.
Verplanck S. H., pres. Geneva Nat. Bk., Water
Walker Calvin, lawyer, 6 Seneca
Warth S., groceries, &c., 138 Water
Western Union Telegraph, 170 Water, Wm. H. Stiegelmaier, agent
Weyburn E., physician, Seneca
Wilcox Lucius F., agt. Am. Ex. Co., 11 Seneca
Wilkie D. W. hats, 179 Water
Wilson Matthew, wall paper, &c., 13 Seneca
Wilson S. A., dressmaker, Main
Wood A. A. Rev., Presbyterian church
Wood M. H., hats, caps, &c., 158 Water
Woolff Jacob, tailor, &c., 159 Water
Woolley Thos., grocer, 167 Water
Warth Samuel, grocer, Water
Wride John, mfr. cider, vinegar, &c., 24 Castle
Wright S. F. (Peck & Wright), 164 Water
Yates A. R. Mrs., millinery, Seneca
Yeomans Moses, grocer, 181 Main
Young Geo. (Seager, Scoon & Co.), Seneca
Young Mary (Easto & Young), 84 Main

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