Bible Records of Ebenezer Williams Family

Don Stinson  recently came into possession of a family Bible with family information of the Ebenezer Williams family. Settled in Canandaigua in 1793, buried in Remington Cem. His daughter Rhoda Clark is buried in Pioneer Cemetery.  It appears the Bible belonged to his son Orva.  His children are all listed there.  The Bible was published in 1811 by Mathew Carey, Philadelphia. In 1860 census may be Ezekiel in Ingham Co. Michigan and Arva in Penn. If you have a interest in this family, please contact Don Stinson by clicking on his name above. 

p 677
Ebenezer Williams and Esther Castle was married Dec. ye 17 Ad 1780.
Orva son of Ebenezer & Esther Williams married to Mary Blakesley March the 20 th 1823
Seabury son of O & M Williams born Jun 22, 1824  (See note at end)
Eliza Ann born Nov the 3, 1825
John born June 16, 1827
Thomas O. born Feb the 22, 1832

Mary B. Taylor daughter of J.E. & Eliza A Taylor was born Feb. 1, 1858
Eliza A Williams was married to James E Taylor Nov. 28, 1847

Many record crossed off and repeated on next page
Phylina C Pery born March 14th, 1836  married to John E Williams November 4th, 1871

Esther Williams was born Nov 1st, 1763

Mary H Williams born Sep 7th 1794
John Jacobs son of Exra Jacobs born July 15th, 1885

p. 679

Ebenezer Williams son of Ezekiel and Ruth Williams was born February 4th, 1755
William Williams son of Ebenezer & Esther was born June 6, 1782
Ruth born May 16, 1784
Alba born May 20, 1787
Rhoda born March 3, 1790
Anna born March 17, 1793
Ezekiel born August 13, 1795
Ara born November 5th 1797
Orva born February 6th 1800
Clementine  born Oct 24, 1802
Marvin born September 29, 1805

Eber Blakeslee born in New (? Haven?) Ct  October 1, 1761
Sarah  wife of E. B. born May 25, 1771


Esther Williams died July thirtieth 1834
Ebenezer Williams died Oct 14th 1835    (could have been 11th)

Rhoda Clark died March 11th 1832
Eliza Clark died March 24th 1831 and both buried in Canandaigua Village.

p 680                                                 DEATHS

Thomas O Williams died Feb 21, 1861
Seabury Williams killed in battle Sep 17, 1862

Orva Williams  died March 9, 1877
Mary H Williams  died Dec 28, 1879

Sally  Blakeslee (?Goraham? written over Blakeslee)  died Sep 27, 1828
Eber Blakeslee died in Pitsburgh March 27, 1848

Note:  Seabury Williams, son of Orva enlisted 30 Apr 1861 as Pvt, and  in Co A, 23rd NY Inf Rgt, on 16 May 1861.
He was killed in action at Antietam, VA.  17 Sep 1862.  He left a widow Nancy M. Williams.

Many thanks to Don Stinson for giving permission to publish the Bible records on the Ontario County GenWeb site.

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