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Asa Brown file # S10410

Asa apparently served two times in the Revolutionary War; once for 5 months and the other for 8 1/2 months and at other miscellaneous times totaling 1 year.  His entire service time was between 2 and 3 yrs. apparently. He was from Orange County New York, just like My Aunt Mabel had said. He apparently came after John and Sarah to Ontario County, as he is listed as being on a visit.  Possibly his health deteriorated and he had to stay in Bristol.

Contributed by Barbara Trott - many thanks, Barb.

Pension Application made

State of New York;
Orange County on the (3rd)? of December 1832 personally appeared in open court before Samuel S. Seward(?), John Hallock jun; Gilbert Ogden; Fowler J Horace W. Elliott Judges of the Court of Common pleas in and for said County of Orange, now sitting. Asa Brown a resident of the Town of Montgomery, Orange County and state of New York, aged Seventy Seven Years on the 15th day of May last past, who being first duly sworn - according to Law, doth on his oath make the following decloration in Order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832. That he entered the service of the United States, under the following named officers and served as he has stated-- and the said Asa Brown deposeth and saith that entered the Service of the United States in the month of July or August in the year of 1776 as the deponet believes, inlisted in Capt. John Little Company, Col Nicoll's Regement for five months and served the whole term, was stationed a part of the time at Kingsbridge, near New York, and a part of the time at Peakskill where he was discharged while the Company was stationed at Whiteplains. I was sick at home, and this deponant further saith that he again inlisted in the Month of April 1779 in Capt William Faulknors Company and was shortly there after transferred to Capt Wood's Company, Col Faulding's Regiment for nine months served eight months and a half and was discharged, was stationed a part of the time at Peckpark & Warsink on the frontier in Orange & Ulster Counties, a part of the time at Fishkill and Stoney Point on the Hudson River, discharged at Poukeepsie -- served as principle unter both of the above described __________(line cut off)__________

That exclusive of the two campains before discribed that he served at sundry times during the Revolution, was under Capt. Moses Cortright, Leut. Steward, who commanded a company, Capt Vail and others on the Frontiers of Orange and Ulster Counties, at Ramis and other places, more than one year, my services in the whole amounting to more than two years, and this deponant further saith that on no occasion he received a written discharge----------------
Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid in open court.
Asa Dunnow Clerk              Asa Brown his mark X
And the above named Asa Brown further deposeth and saith on his oath as aforesaid, that his name is not on the pension roll of any agency in any State and de(???) requickcs?? any claim to a pension except for present.
Asa Dunnone Clerk (not sure which is the correct spelling) 
     Asa Brown his mark X
I James Finch a resident of the Town of Calhoun in the said County of Orange, hereby certify, that I am well acquainted with Asa Brown who has subscribed and sworn to the above decleration that I believe him to be seventy seven years of age, that his is reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a solder of the Revolution, and that I concus in that Oppinion, and this deponant further saith that the said Asa Brown resided in the Neighborhood of this deponant and recollects that the Asa Brown, was in the five months service in the early part of the Revolutionary war, and that he also served much in the Militia, and that the said Asa Brown is considered to be a man of truth and Vesacitey. Sworn & subscribed the day and year aforesaid in the Court. Asa Dunnow Clerk
  James Finch
The following intorrogatories have been propouned to the before named Asa Brown.
1st. where and in what year was you born,
  Answer was born in the town of Pound (possibly Found) Ridge in the County of Weschester and State of New York  I do not know what year I was born.
2nd. Have you any record of your age.
  Answer No
3rd. Where were you living when called into service.
  Answer. I was living in the town of Goshen, now the Town of Minisink, Orange County  __  I have lived since the Revolutionary war in the town of Montgomery and Minisink in Orange County and now live in the said Town of Minisink.
4th.  How were you called into service.
   Answer in the two first campains set forth in my Declaration (crossed out I inlisted & served) as principle, the various services, I performed in this Militia, as mentioned in my decleration I was called for the defence of my county with my fellow sholdiers, by the proper authority.
5th stat the names of some of the regular officers who were with the troops, where you served.
   Answer.  I have set forth and mentioned in my declaration the names of the Captains & Comander which I have served as setforth as my recollections serves, and the general circumstances, of my services.
6th. did you ever receive a discharge from the service.
   Answer. I have setforth and mentioned in my declaration that I have never received any written discharge.
7th State the names of person to whom you are known is your present Neighbourhood and who can testify as to your Charactor for Veracity, and the belief of your services as a soldier of the Revolution.
    Answer. James Finch esq. and John Van Tyler
The above interogations, was propounded by the court, to the before named Asa Brown and the Answers to the interogaters was given by the Asa Brown recorded, that day and year aforesaid.
and the said court do hereby declare their opinion After the investigation of the Matter and after putting the interogatories prescribed by the war Department, that the before named applicant was a Revolutionary soldier and served as he states, and the court further certifies that it appears to them that James Finch and John Vantucyls who has signed the preceding certificates are residents of the Town of Calhoun and Misidink in the said county of Orange and are creditable persons and that their statements is entitled to credit.
I Asa Dunning Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas in and for the said County of Orange, Do herby certify that the foregoing contains the Original proceedings of the said Court, in the matter of the Application of Asa Brown for a pension-----The testimony where I have hereinto set my hand and seal of office this third day of December 1832.

Asa Brown      24357

I John Vantuyle a resident of the Town of Minisink in the County of Orange, herby certify I am well acquainted with Asa Brown, who has subscribed and sworn to the above decleration that I believe him to be seventy seven years of age, that he is reputed and believed in the neighbourhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the Revolution, and that I concus in that appinion and this deponant for then saith that the said Asa Brown is considered to be a man of truth and Veractiy, and further saith that ther is no Clergyman at present residing in the Congergation where the said Asa Brown resides.--Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid in open court   -- John usstle
Asa Dunning Clerk

Application for a Transfer

State of New York
County of Ontario
   On the fourth day of December 1836, before me, the Subscribor a Notary Public, personally appeared Asa Brown of Bristol, who as his Oath declares that he is the Same perons who formerly belonged to the Company Comanded by Captain Wood, in Colonel Pauldings Regiment in the Service of the United States; That his name was placed on the Pension Roll oif the State of New York, That the district where he lived in Orange County in said State and the western part of New York has been ??? as he is informed.  That he now reside in the Albany Agency in said State where he espects to reside and wishes his pension to be there payable in future the following are his reasons for removing from Orange County to Ontario County - I be is vary infirm, and unable to labour, and removed with his children to his present residence in Canandaigua.
Asa Brown his mark X
Sworn and subscribed before me the day and year aforesaid Thomas Beals Notary Public
On the same day as above came before me John Brown who being duly sworn doth depose and say the he is well acquainted with ?Asa Brown who has subscribed and sworn to the above  and has aquained him for more than thirty years past and have known him to be the person described to the above affidavit.  John Brown his mark X
Thomas Beals Not Public
State of New York
Ontario County   I certify that Thomas Beals Esq whose name is subscribed to the within certificate was on the day of the date of the same a Notary Public in and for said county duly commissioned and sworn, and that I am well acquainted with his hand writing and verify believe his said signature be befenusssce ??  In testimony where of I have herunto set my had and seal of Office this 6th day of December 1836  Edmund A Griswold Dep Clerk

War Department
  Pension Office
 May 28, 1833

Papers had to be filled out to comply with the investigation of the claim for pension
(otherwise his pension would be rejected)
A statement showing the Service of Asa Brown of Orange County New York
1776 5 Months Private Capt Little Col Nicoll Stationed Kingsbridge 77 year living something?
1779 8 months + 15 days Capt Faulkner/Capt Wood   Col Saulding Peanskill, PunPolk, Warsinkon, Orange & Ulster Counties Fishkill,
 1 year Col Cortwright, Vail & Lt. Steward    Stoneypoint in Orange & Ulster Counties
Something else is written but I cannot read it.

(most likely a part of the info requested in the investigation above)
State of New York
Orange County
    Personally appeared before me John Hallock Jun on of the Judges of the Court of Common pleas on and for the said county of Orange, James Finch of Mount Hope in the said County who being by me duly sworn deposeth and saeth that he has been well aquainted with Asa Brown of Minisink in said County, who is an applicant for a pension under the Act of Congress of the 7 of June 1832. from the Commencement of the Revolutionary war until the present period, and this deponant further saith that the said Asa Brown during the time of the said Revolutionary war lived in the neighbourhood of this deponant, only one mile distance from him; and that he perfectly recallects notwithstanding that he was but young and not capable of performering Milicia service, that the said Asa Brown was in the five months service in the early part of the war, I do not so perfectly recollect of his being in the nine months service, but perfectlly recollect that the said Asa Brown was very much in the service of his Country, I recollect that circumstance more perfectly in consequence of my living on the frontier, where the inhabitance were much ecaped by the enemy, and recollect that the said Asa Brown was considered to be a very useful man in the defence of his Country, and ready and willing on all occasions to stand forth in the defence and this deponant furth saith from his knowledge and recollection of the service of the said Asa Brown. Fully believes that he faithfully and Honorably served his Country during the period of the Revolutionary war a term not lessthan three years, and futher this deponants saith not.  James Finch
Sworn & subscribed on the 10 Day of June 1833  John Hallock Jun.

Machanics Bank
New York Sept 14, 18??

Enclosed are the papers in the case of Asa Brown who thro his attorney Tagain mark as application for payment  here, Stating that he is temporarily at Canandaigua whence he intends shortly to return to Orange County.
    He was last paid here on 12 March last, per your instructions of 28 April preceeding.
               I am respectlfully your Obed. Ser Jno. Fleming President
                                                                       Pino ag??
James L. Edwards Esq Commissioner of Pensions

29 March 1836
J. L. Edward Esq
Commissioner of Pensions
The enclosed pension is sent to us with the following reprentation.
  "No Asa Brown is poor and helpless and is visiting his Children in Ontario County and expect to return to Orange County and it seems a hardship to ask a transfer to another agency"
  If conasstent  will you oblige the Pension so far as the order the amount paid there
                                                            Respy yours  Snydam(?)  Sage

                                                            Canandaigua 20 April 1838 ( could be 5?)
J L. Edwards Esq
Since 4 Sept last Asa Brown named in the enclosed Certificate and Power of Atterney Has removed from Orange to Ontario County in this State.
The Agency at Albany say his name is not on their Books - The agency at New York refuses to pay, and refer me to you for a transfer to Albany.  He is a very infirm man and lives 14 miles from my office and it will be a great deal of trouble for me to go that distance again.  May I request the favor of you to make order for his payments
                                                                    Thomas Beals

Mechanics Bank
New York 19 Dec 1836

  Asa Brown a Privite at $80 per Annum under the act of 7th June 1832 mentioned in your letter of the 16th July was lastly paid at this agency to the 4th of March 1836 on the 6th of April last.
                                                        I am respectfully
                                                        Your Obd Servt
                                         Jno. Fleming Presd pang of.
James L. Edwards Esq
Commissioner of Pensions. 

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