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From Geneva Gazette 24 February 1819

At a meeting of a large number of the Inhabitants of the County of Ontario, held at the Court-House in the village of Canandaigua, on the 18th February, 1819, for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of establishing an Agricultural Society in said County, The Hon. JOHN NICHOLAS was chosen Chairman, and MYRON HOLLEY, Clerk.

Resolved unanimously, That an AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY be constituted, to be composed of such of the inhabitants of this County as shall sign the roll of the Society, or that which shall be hereafter kept to their respective towns, under the direction of the officers of the Society, and who shall pay on signing the same, a sum not less than One Dollar, and One Dollar in each succeeding year.

Resolved unanimously, That there shall be appointed by the present meeting, a President, five Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, Treasurer and one person from each town in the County, who shall be managers of the concerns of the Society in all respects, until the appointment of other officers, at the annual meeting for that purpose.

Whereupon it was moved and carried that the Hon. JOHN NICHOLAS, be President of the society,
WILLIAM WADSWORTH, 1st Vice-President;
DARIUS COMSTOCK, 2d Vice-President;
PHILETUS SWIFT, 3d Vice-President;
GIDEON GRANGER, 4th Vice-President;
MOSES ATWATER, 5th Vice-President
JOHN GREIG, Secretary, and
THOMAS BEALS, Treasurer.

And that the following be the Managers in the respective towns, viz:

Canandaigua - Thaddeus Chapin
Phelps - Thaddeus Oaks
Penfield - Daniel Penfield
Lima - Mathew Warner
Benton - Truman Spencer
Geneseo - William H. Spencer
Victor - Isaac Marsh
Italy - Timothy Barnes
Lyons - William Patten
Farmington - Jonathan Smith
Avon - William T. Hosmer
Sparta - William M'Cartney
Palmyra - David White
Groveland - William Fitzhugh
Rush - Anthony Case
Brighton - Oliver Culver
Richmond - Gideon Pitts
Perinton - Simeon Bristol
Milo - Benedict Robinson
Henrietta - Jacob Stevens
Naples - Joseph Clark
Livonia - Ruel Blake
Williamson - Jacob W. Hallett
Middlesex - David Sutherland
Seneca - John Collins
Sodus - Enoch Morse
Bloomfield - Clark Peck
Gorham - John Price
Mendon - Timothy Barnard
Bristol - George Codding
Pittsford - John Hartwell
Jerusalem - George Brown
Ontario - Jona. Boyington
Springwater - Alvah Southard

From Geneva Palladium 31 October 1821

. . . by which the following premiums were awarded: 

On Tillage

Baize Baker, of Bloomfield, for best specimen of wheat, 68 bushels
$ 12.00
Timothy Buell, of Bloomfield, for two best acres of Indian Corn
Alexander Proudfit, of Seneca, for two next best acres of Indian Corn - 130 bu. 24 lbs.
Harry Steele, of Canandaigua, for 3d two best acres of Indian Corn - 130 bu.
Thomas Vincent, of Bristol, for the greatest quantity, and best Tobacco - 1025 lbs.
The committee remarked that Mr. Buell's crop of corn was raised on land improved for 22 successive years; a proof of the durability as well as the productiveness of our country.

On Ploughing

Cyrus Gates, of Gorham, for best Ploughing
James W. Vincent, of Bristol; 2d best Ploughing
Jeremiah Dillingham, of Farmington; for 3d best Ploughing
Samuel Drown, of Canandaigua, for 4th best Ploughing
On Horses

Ralph Gregory, of Seneca, for the best Stud Horse, kept in the county for six months past
Jonathan Buel, of Bloomfield, for the best Stud Horse, raised and owned in the county
On Cattle

John Collins, of Seneca, for the best Bull
Eber Norton, of Bloomfield, for 2d best Bull
Elias Beach, of Bloomfield, for the 2 best Milch Cows
Heman Chapin, of Bloomfield, for the 2d best Milch Cows
Leander Crittenden, of Seneca, for the best pair of year-old Steers
Heman Chapin, of Bloomfield, 2d best pair of 3-yr-old Steers
Uriah Briggs, of Bristol, 3d best pair of 3-yr-old Steers
Abner Adams, of Bloomfield, for best yoke of working Oxen
George Lee, of Bristol, for next best yoke of working Oxen
On Sheep

G. L. Nicholas, of Seneca, for the best fine-fleeced Ram
George Doods, of Seneca, for the best Ram, reference to carcass
G. L. Nicholas, of Seneca, for best 3 Ewes, fine-fleeced
John Scoon, of Seneca, for best 6 Ewes, reference to carcass
On Swine

Thomas Gooding, of Bristol, for best male Swine
Asahel Boughton, of Victor, for 2d best male Swine
Elias Beach, of Bloomfield, for best Sow and Pigs
Jacob Thorn, of Canandaigua, for 2d best Sow and Pigs
On Butter

Noah Ashley, of Richmond, for the best firkin Butter - over 50 lbs.
Mrs. Martha Norton, of Bloomfield, for 2d best firkin Butter
Zachariah Seymour, of Canandaigua, for 3d best firkin Butter
On Domestic Fabrics

Anson Munson, of Bloomfield, for best twenty yards woolen cloth
Lemuel Chapin, of Bloomfield, for 2d best twenty yards woolen cloth
Mrs. Martha Norton, of Bloomfield, for best 20 yards Flannel
Benjamin Gauss, of Bloomfield, for 2d quality Flannel
Miss Laura Chapin, of Canandaigua, for best 20 yards carpeting
Miss Rhoda Walbridge, of Canandaigua, for 2d best 20 yards carpeting
Miss Rhoda Walbridge, of Canandaigua, for 3d best 20 yards carpeting
William Utley, of Phelps, for best four pair worsted Stockings
Mrs. Lucina Cooley, of Canandaigua, for best 20 yards Worsted Bombazette
Mrs. Freeman Atwater, of Canandaigua, for 2d best 20 yards Worsted Bombazette
James Harland, of Farmington, for 3d best Worsted Cloth
William Utley, of Phelps, for best 15 yards Pressed Flannel
Mrs. Hervey Steele, of Canandaigua, for 2d best Pressed Flannel
Abner Adams, of Bloomfield, best pair Rose Blankets
Charles Webb, of Bloomfield, best Cotton and Woolen Coverlet
James Harland, of Farmington, 2d best Cotton and Woolen Coverlet
Royal A. Wheelock, of Bloomfield, for best 20 yards Bleached Linen
Mrs. Thomas Vincent, of Bristol, for 2d best 20 yards Bleached Linen
William Wykoff, of Gorham, for 3d best 20 yards Bleached Linen
Pardon Arnold, of Farmington, for 4th best Bleached Linen
Robert Taft, Jr., of Bloomfield, best Linen Diaper 7-8 wide
Eber Norton, of Bloomfield, best Linen Diaper 3-8 wide
Miss Susan Aikin, of Richmond, for best Grass Bonnet of growth of county and imitation of Leghorn
Mrs. Eunice Miller, of Canandaigua, next best Grass Bonnet
Miss Ann Cooley, of Canandaigua, for best Straw Bonnet
Miss Ann Parkhurst, of Gorham, for 2d best  Straw Bonnet
Miss Sarah Hayes, of Gorham,  (specially) for 3d best Straw Bonnet
Lemuel Babcock, of Gorham, for a piece of Bed Tick
Lemuel Babcock, of Gorham, for a Cassimere Shawl
Mrs. Ann Chipman, for fine Hearth Rug
Mrs. Moses Atwater, of Canandaigua, for fine Hearth Rug
Noah Ashley's Family, of Richmond, for the greatest quantity of useful articles manufactured within itself since the last Anniversary, and by females, from Wool, Flax, Cotton and Tow

Mr. Ashley's exhibit states, cloth manufactured, 429 1-2 yards, 23 pair socks, 10 pair woolen stockings, 2 pair cotton stockings, 23 pair woolen mittens, and one pair of coverlets.  On this branch of manufactures, Mr. Wm. Utley's family competed with much credit.

On Mechanical Products

N. G. Chesebro, of Canandaigua, for the best Fur Hat
N. G. Chesebro, of Canandaigua, for the best Wool Hat
Isaac Legore, of Canandaigua, two best Potash Barrels, for exportation
Asahel Boughton, of Victor, for 2 best Provision Barrels

From Geneva Courier 5 March 1844

ONTARIO AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY - The following are the premiums awarded by the Committee, at the meeting of the society held in Canandaigua last Tuesday, the 20th.


For the best acre Winter Wheat, $7 - to John McConnell, Canandaigua, 44 bu. per acre.

For the best acre Indian corn, $5 - to Bani Bradley, E. Bloomfield, 78 bu., 16 lbs per acre.

For the best acre of Barley, $5 - to Bani Bradley, 65 bu., 36 lbs. per acre.

For the second best acre of Barley, Vol. Trans. - to W. W. Gorham, Canandaigua, 54 bu., 2 lbs. per acre.

For the 3d best acre of Barley, Diploma - to George Caward, Seneca, 43 bu., 34 lbs. per acre.

For the best acre of Oats, $5 - to Bani Bradley, E. Bloomfield, 106 bu., 25 lbs per acre.

For the 2d best acre of Oats, Vol. Trans. - to Bani Bradley, 94 bu., 27 lbs per acre.

For the best acre of Peas, Diploma - to Myron Adams, E. Bloomfield, 43 1/4 bu. per acre.

Vol. Trans to Uri Beach, E. Bloomfield, for a crop of Spring Wheat, 77 34 bu. from one acre 150 rods.


For the best Ox, fatted for slaughter, $5 - to R. A. Andrews, of Bristol.

2d best Ox, fatted for slaughter, a Vol. of Trans. of the State Society - to Oliver Phelps, Canandaigua.

3d best Ox, fatted for slaughter, a diploma - to W. W. Gorham, Canandaigua.

For the best Cow, fatted for slaughter, $5 - to F. N. Toby, East Bloomfield.

For the 2d best Cow, fatted for slaughter, vol. Trans. - to R. Higham, Canandaigua.

For the third best Cow, fatted for slaughter, diploma - to Thayer Gauss, East Bloomfield

For the best Steer, fatted for slaughter, $5 - to C. B. Meek, Canandaigua.

For the 2d best Steer, fatted for slaughter, vol. Trans. - to Myron Adams, East Bloomfield.

For the best Heifer, fatted for slaughter, $5 - to C. B. Meek, Canandaigua.

For the 2d best Heifer, fatted for slaughter, vol. Trans. to C. B. Meek, Canandaigua.


For the best 6 sheep, fatted for slaughter, $3 - George Caward, Seneca.


For the greatest quantity of Red Clover Seed, raised on an acre, $5 - George Cayward, Jr., 4 bu., one pound per acre -- 15 bu. 53 lbs., on 3 acres 156 3/10 rods.

For the next greatest quantity, diploma - John S. Jones, E. Bloomfield, 3 bu., 25 lbs. per acre, on 19 acres.  (No sample exhibited.)

For the next greatest quantity, vol. Trans - Hiram Harkness, Gorham, 3 bu. 10 lbs per acre -- 54 bu. on 17 5/3 acres.

From Geneva Courier 13 October 1847

Ontario County Agricultural Society
- The following gentlemen comprise the Judges or Viewing Committees for the Cattle show and Exhibition on the 12th and 13th days of October, 1847:

On Stud Horses - Nathan Morgan, Victor; Samuel Greenleaf, Canandaigua; P. W. Dickey, Phelps.

On Matched and Single Horses - Zacharia Longyor, Richmond; Welcome W. Herendeen, Farmington; Staats Green, Gorham.

On Mares with Colts by her side, and 1 year old Colts - Elijah K. Mattison, Hopewell; Russell M. Rush, Farmington; George Gooding, Bristol.

On two and three year old Colts - Timothy Buell, jun., East Bloomfield; Ambrose Worthington, Canandaigua; Jesse Cost, Hopewell.

On Bulls - Cyrus Gates, Gorham; Gideon Pitts, Richmond; Joseph Williams, East Bloomfield.

On Steers - Myron H. Adams, East Bloomfield; Perez Hathaway, Farmington; Horatio Sisson, Bristol.

On Heifers - Charles Shepard, Canandaigua; Dan Pratt, Hopewell; Rufus Humphrey, Victor.

Cows and Calves - William Ottley, Phelps; Joel S. Hart, Hopewell; Lorenzo Hathaway, Farmington.

Working Oxen - Jasper C. Peck,  West Bloomfield; James L. Monier, Naples; Chester Osborn, Gorham.

On Saxon Sheep - Josiah Porter, East Bloomfield; Hiram Pitts, Richmond; William Sutherland, Canandaigua.

On Merino Sheep - George Rice, East Bloomfield; John Lapham, Farmington; Rowland H. Dennis, Canandaigua.

On Swine - Wilmarth Smith, Farmington; Thayer Gauss, East Bloomfield; Benjamin F. Gage,  Canandaigua.

On Superintending Plowing - Jonathan Buell, East Bloomfield; Joseph Garlinghouse, Richmond; Jonas M. Wheeler, Canandaigua.

Award Premiums on Plowing - George Cayward, jun., Hopewell; Chas. B. Meek, Canandaigua; Myron H. Adams, East Bloomfield.

On Carpets, Flannels, and Cloths - Amos Bronson, East Bloomfield; William Antis, Canandaigua; John L. Dox, Seneca.

On Butter - Robert L. Rose, Richmond; John A. Granger, Canandaigua; Elias Cost, Phelps.

On Cheese - James Lyon, Canandaigua; John V. E. Vedder, Seneca; Seth Lee, East Bloomfield.

On Mechanics - Levi Brockelbank, Canandaigua; Azariah Bickford, Victor; John D. Alger, Richmond.

On Fruit - Joseph Fellows, Seneca; Z. Barton Stout, Richmond; William Deming, East Bloomfield.

On Articles not enumerated - Mark H. Sibley, Canandaigua; Lodowick C. Fitch, West Bloomfield; E. Fitch Smith, Seneca.

Committee Publication - George Willson, 2d, Canandaigua; Jacob J. Mattison, Canandaigua; Geo. L. Whitney, Canandaigua.

Committee of Arrangements - Edward P. Parrish, Stephen Saxton, John Reznor, Gideon Granger, Abner Antis, Justus H. Sanger, H. K. Sanger, Marvin Beeman, Jonathan K. Wells, Camp Kelsey, Ebenezer Hale.

Marshal - William Blossom.
The Address will be delivered by William H. Lamport, of Gorham, who accepts the invitation of the Executive Committees, and has given his consent to deliver the same.  We hope the Farmers of this county will not fail to attend to hear it.

From Geneva Courier 5 July 1848

The following were the names of the officers of the Ontario Agricultural Society in 1822.  We find them in the pamphlet containing the Address of Mr. Burrall.

Nathaniel Gorham, President; Amos Hall, 1st Vice President; Jacob W. Hallett, 2d Vice President; Nathaniel Allen, 3d Vice President; Moses Atwater, 4th Vice President; Richard M. Williams, 5th Vice President; John Greig, Secretary; Thomas Beels, Treasurer.


Jesse Miller, Isaac Vanorman, Canandaigua; David M'Niel, William Ottley, Phelps; Henry Ruff, Wm. Clark Jr., Italy; Peter Smith, Jonathan Smith, Farmington; Jacob Lobdell, Ira Seymour, Victor; Wm. H. Adams, Silas Patten, Lyons; George Crane, Calvin Bradish, Palmyra; Gideon Pitts, Noah Ashley, Richmond; Morris F. Sheppard, Ab'm P. Vosburgh, Milo; Orren Green, Abiel Thomas, Middlesex; Orland W. Stevens, Daniel Arms, Sodus; Thomas D. Burrall, George Coward, Seneca; Aaron Younglove, Lemuel Morse, Gorham; George Codding, Joseph Wilder, Bristol; Joel Dorman, Erastus Cole, Jerusalem; Joseph Clark, Stephen Watkins, Naples; Russel Whipple, David Eddy, Williamson; Heman Chapin, Charles Webb, Bloomfield; Luther Filmore, Henry S. Whitmore, Ontario; William Babcock, Elijah Spencer, Benton; Peter Mitchell, Nicholas Howland, Manchester; James Birdseye, Elisha Higbee, Hopewell.

From Geneva Gazette 13 January 1854

Meeting of the Seneca Agricultural Society - January 7, 1854

In the absence of the President, Mr. Suydam, Mr. Wm. Johnson was called to the Chair.  The meeting being organized, Mr. Prouty, the Treasurer, submitted a very gratifying Report of the finances of the Society.  It appears, after paying all expenses, $225.63 remain in the hands of the Treasurer.  Mr. Suydam was unanimously re-elected.  The following gentlemen were elected Vice Presidents:
No. 1   Archibald Black
No. 2   Wm. Wright
No. 3   Thomas Vartie
No. 4.   Wm. Johnson
Messrs. Parker of the Gazette and Atwill of the Courier, were re-elected Secretaries, and Phineas Prouty, Jr., re-elected Treasurer.  

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - District No. 4:  Henry More, A. H. Post, Jr., C. Fisher and Thomas S. Smith.
District No. 3:  F. Bill, Thomas Hall, Dr. Beattie and Mr. S. Reed.  District No. 1:  F. W. Prince, Capt. Dakin, Col. Bannister and T. C. Maxwell.

On motion, the President and Vice Presidents were appointed a Committee to propose a Premium List, and a List of Judges to be submitted at a subsequent meeting of the Society, to be held on the last Saturday in May, at 2 o'clock P. M.

From Geneva Courier 16 January 1856

Seneca Agricultural Society - The Annual meeting of the Seneca Agricultural Society was held at the Franklin House, Jan. 5th, Wm. Johnson, Esq., President in the Chair. The first business transacted was the election of officers for the ensuing year. The acquirement of the constitution relative to a ballot was waived, and the following persons elected viva voce:
President - Col. Thomas Vartie
Vice Presidents - Geo. Dakin, H. G. Otis, Paul F. Bill, C. Probasco
Treasurer - Isaac Shimer
Secretary - S. H. Parker
And the following persons to act with above elective officers as Executive Committee:
Dist. No. 1 - J. S. Lewis, S. S. Cobb, H. L. Suydam
Dist. No. 2 - Dr. J. Beattie, Geo. Armstrong, J. K. Cromwell
Dist. No. 3 - Chas. Rice, T. W. Hall, M. S. Reed
Dist. No. 4 - Wm. Johnson, L. A. Page, Ami Whitney, Jr.
On Mr. Vartie's taking the Chair, Mr. Newkirk moved a vote of thanks to Mr. Johnson for the able, diligent and faithful manner in which he had performed his duties as President during the past year.  The motion was unanimously adopted.

From Geneva Gazette 14 February 1862

Ontario County Agricultural Society -
The following officers were elected at the annual meeting of the society at Canandaigua:
President - Edward Bronson of East Bloomfield.
Vice Presidents - Billings T. Case, Bristol; Chas. S. Shepard, Canandaigua; Andrew Cone, East Bloomfield; Lewis Peck, Phelps; Robert Chapin, Hopewell; Jedediah Dewey, Manchester; James O. Sheldon, Seneca; Orren J. Herendeen, Farmington; Jared H. Boughton, Victor; George Otley, South Bristol; Wm. H. Lamport, Gorham; Perez Pitts, Richmond; E. F. Leach, West Bloomfield; Westbrook Hoppaugh, Canadice; James Covill, Naples;
Corresponding Secretary - Gideon Granger.
Recording Secretary - J. Albert Granger, Jr.
Treasurer - John H. Morse.


Bristol - Orestes Case, F. T. Hicks, Elias Jones.
Canadice - D. D. Hoppaugh, A. W. Austin.
Canandaigua - H. N. Jarvis, John B. Cooley, Luther C. Bates.
East Bloomfield - Stephen B. Dudley, Harley Hamlin, Alfred Park.
Phelps - H. H. Dillingham, W. W. Gates, Sylvanus Burtis.
Hopewell - Clinton Watkins, James H. Knapp, Walter Marks.
Gorham - Addison Stearns, Joshua Washburn, Thomas Bell.
Manchester - W. H. C. Redfield, Joseph H. Dewey, Hiram Rockerfeller.
Seneca - John Post, Wm. Johnson, John Scoon.
Farmington - Lyman G. Lapham, Lindley W. Smith, John Thomas.
Victor - William D. Dickerson, Jerome Hill, Truman Dryer.
South Bristol - Shotwell Powell, Dennis W. Pierce, David Coy.
Naples - L. W. Clark, D. D. Reemer, Joseph Parker.
Richmond - Wm. B. Pitts, John Ogden, Charles H. Mason.
West Bloomfield - William Pillsbury, Cadwalader Hawes, Jasper C. Peck.

From Ontario Republican Times 21 May 1862

Naples Agricultural Society - Officers of this organization for 1862 have been elected as follows:
President - Seymour H. Sutton
Vice-Presidents - J. B. Johnson, D. D. Remer
Treasurer - James L. Monier
Secretary - Volkert O. Hart
Executive Committee - E. Wells, H. Maxfield, James Covell,
O. W. Levalley, L. Hotchkiss and L. Story

From Ontario County Times 3 February 1864

At the winter meeting of the Ontario County Agricultural Society held at the Town House in Canandaigua on Wednesday, the 27th of January, 1864, the nominating committee made the following report for the ensuing year:

President - William Johnson of Seneca

Vice-presidents -

Bristol - Billings T. Case
Canandaigua - Charles E. Shepard
East Bloomfield - Edward Brunson
Phelps - Sylvanus Burtis
Hopewell - M. W. Hanna
Manchester - Jedediah Dewey
Seneca - Paul F. Bell
Farmington - L. G. Lapham
Victor - Peter S. Bonesteel
S. Bristol - Shotwell Powell
Gorham - Henry Metcalf
Richmond - Perez R. Pitts
W. Bloomfield - E. F. Leech
Canadice - A. W. Austin
Naples - E. Hamlin
Corresponding Secretary -
William H. Lamport of Canandaigua

Recording Secretary -
George N. Williams of Canandaigua
Town Committees -

Bristol - O. Case, F. J. Hicks, E. Jones
Canadice - W. Hoppough, D. D. Hoppough
Canandaigua - A. B. Cooley, J. J. Hanna, J. S. Hickox
E. Bloomfield - S. B. Dudley, H. Hamlin, W. Carter
Phelps - N. Oaks, Cooper Sayre, J. Ridley
Hopewell - R. Case, J. S. Cone, W. Marks
Gorham - Joseph Woodard, Harvey Stone, Hiram Harkness
Manchester - W. H. C. Redfield, J. H. Dewey, Sylvester Benham
Seneca - John Thone, William Rupert, Isaac Van Ostrand, Jr.
Farmington - Joseph Hathaway, John Osborn, Germond Ketchum
Victor - W. C. Dryer, Hiram Ladd, Henry Dryer
S. Bristol - George S. Ottley, John Rickettson, W. O. Covel
Naples - J. W. Clark, D. D. Remer, Joseph Parker
Richmond - J. Ogden, Perez R. Pitts, E. H. Mason
W. Bloomfield - J. H. Ainsworth, Josiah Taft, W. Baker, Jr.

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