"X-Y-Z" Surname Family Sketches

From The Story of Geneva; compiled by E. Thayles Emmons; 1931;

Dr. Gardner R. Young, was born in Farmers Valley, McKena County, Penna., December 21, 1859. His first business venture was as a clerk in a store at Larabee, Penna., where in the course of four years he became manager and then bought out the business in which he continued for only one year. He then commenced medical study in the Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York City, and graduated in 1886. He began practice in Eldred, McKean county, Penna., and came to Geneva in 1897 and practiced here until his death, which occurred Sept. 30, 1918.

From the HISTORY OF ONTARIO COUNTY; compiled by Lewis Cass Aldrich; edited by George S. Conover; 1893;

James A. Young, Farmington, was born at Oaks Corners in the town of Phelps, November 9, 1843. He was educated in the public schools, and is a farmer. He enlisted twice, first in July, 1862, in Company H, One Hundred and Twenty-sixth N. Y. S. Vols., served until 1863, when he re-enlisted as a Veteran in Company H, One Hundred and Eleventh N. Y. S. Vols., was taken prisoner at Harper's Ferry and paroled; was in the campaign under Generals Hooker and Meade, was under fire three days in the battle of Gettysburg, and wounded in left arm; was in Newark Hospital until November. He was wounded second time in the right thigh in the battle of the Wilderness on May 5, and was honorably discharged in October, 1865. November 25, 1868, he married Lucina A. McLouth, and had one son, George W.   Mr. Young's father was born at Oaks Corners, August 10, 1810, and married Lucinda Van Deren. They had eight children: William A., Sarah E., Mary A., James A., Edward P., John M., Samuel L., and Anna I.  Mrs. Young's father, Allison McLouth, was born May 24, 1816, in this town, and married Julia Pomeroy. They had four children: Charles G., Lucina A., Matilda, and Emma L.  Mr. Young is a member of Herendeen Post No. 107 G. A. R., Department New York of Shortsville, N. Y.

From the HISTORY OF ONTARIO COUNTY; compiled by Lewis Cass Aldrich; edited by George S. Conover; 1893;

Young, James C., Gorham, was born in Orleans county, February 18, 1850, a son of William Young, whose father was a native of Edinburgh, Scotland, where he lived and died.  William Young was born in Edinburgh in 1813, and was a man of more than ordinary intelligence and education.  When young he came to Orleans county, N.Y., where he lived for a number of years.  He married Elizabeth Ross, of Edinburgh, and they had three sons and three daughters.  In 1858 Mr. Young and family came to Seneca, where he was justice of the peace three years, and died in 1888.  James C. was reared as miller and worked with his father until 1874, when he came on the farm where he now lives.  June 24,1874, he married Nettie Fiero, daughter of Peter P. Fiero, who was born in Ulster county in 1809.  The wife of Peter P. was Rachael Van Riper, by whom he had two daughters, Emeline, who died aged five years, and wife of subject.  Peter P. Fiero died in 1878, and his wife in 1887.  He was a son of John C. and Mariah (Post) Fiero, who settled the farm where Mr. Young now resides.  Here for a number of years he kept a tavern.  He was in the War of 1812.  James C. Young and wife have two children:  Mabel A. and Oscar D.; these children being the fourth generation now living on this farm.  Mr. Young is a Republican, and he and his wife are members of Seneca Grange No. 284, also of Seneca Presbyterian church.

From the HISTORY OF ONTARIO COUNTY; compiled by Lewis Cass Aldrich; edited by George S. Conover; 1893;

Samuel D. Young, Farmington, was born east of the homestead upon which he now resides November 8, 1848. He was educated in the district schools and followed farming. October 18, 1870, he married Harriet L., daughter of Nathan L. and Lydia S. Aldrich. Both paternal and maternal sides of those families were the oldest and earliest settlers of the town. They have two children: Electa L., and John N. Mr. Young's father, John, was born in Phelps, August 18, 1808. He was educated in the district schools and was a farmer. February 5, 1827, he married Electa Wilcox, and had seven children: Nancy, born in 1829; Sarah in 1832, who died at the age of 14 years; Mary A., born in 1834; Elizabeth, born in 1836; William, in 1841; Irena, born 1845; and Samuel D. Their mother was born in the town of Phelps, September 4, 1809, and died October 12, 1870. John moved his family to Farmington in 1835, with a capital of less than $500, but by strict attention he acquired considerable property, owning at one time 1,100 acres in this county. He died August 31, 1892. Mr. Young's grandfather, William, was born in 1782 in Massachusetts, and came west when a young man. In 1807 he married Mrs. Nancy (Dickinson) Pulling, and they had four children: John, William, Oliver, and Ambrose P.  The ancestry of the Young family is Dutch. William married Althina Frost in 1864, and had three children: Mary E., Hattie and Carrie. He died January 31, 1870.

From the HISTORY OF ONTARIO COUNTY; compiled by Lewis Cass Aldrich; edited by George S. Conover; 1893;

W. Ambrose Young, Farmington, was born at Oaks Corners in the town of Phelps, April 25, 1836, and has always been a farmer. September 2, 1864, he enlisted in Company A, One Hundred and Eleventh N. Y. S. Vols., and was honorably discharged at the close of the war. Was before Petersburg and followed Lee's Army until its surrender. October 2, 1868, he married Almira M., daughter of Theodore and Matilda (Winnie) Pomeroy of this town. They have one daughter, Nettie, who married Thomas Barnsdale, of Walworth, Wayne county, and has two daughters, Iva and Ora. Mrs. Young's father, Theodore Pomeroy, was born in Springfield, Mass., and married Matilda Winnie, of Albany county. They had nine children: David, Julia, Eliza, Lucena, Alvira, Mark, Mary J., Mary J. 2d, and Daniel.  Mrs. Young's father was an excellent school teacher.

From Phelps Citizen 27 March 1890

William Young - His ancestors were said to have come from Holland and were engaged in extensive business. At the time of a great fire in New York city, his father's property was destroyed, leaving the family in a destitute situation. When William was a small boy, he and his sister, Mary, were taken by Major Hugh Humphrey, then living in Orange Co., and with Major Humphrey they came to Phelps. Mary Young married Oliver Humphrey. William Young married November 18th, 1807, Nancy Pullen, the widow of Cotton Dickinson and already the mother of nine children. He had four sons, John, William, Oliver and Ambrose P. He died in 1822, aged 53 years, and his widow died in 1832, aged 63 years.

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