From Ontario County Chronicle 9 December 1903

The funeral of Mrs. Angeline E. Meacherad, who died at her home west of the village on Sunday, was held yesterday, with burial at Bristol. She was 69 years of age.

From Ontario County Journal 11 December 1903

The death of Mrs. Angeline Meacheard, wife of William Meacheard, occurred at the family home, west of this village, on the Bristol road, on Saturday. Several years ago, Mrs. Meacheard suffered a stroke of paralysis, and she never rallied from the effects of it, but continued to weaken physically and mentally. The family formerly resided in Bristol. The surviving members are: her husband; two sons, Charles, who resides at home, and Fred, whose home in in the west; and one daughter, Mrs. Ralph Packard of Bristol. The funeral was held from the home on Tuesday morning at 11 o'clock, Rev. J. S. Ebersole officiating. The interment was in Evergreen cemetery. Bristol.

From Geneva Daily Times 21 February 1899

Austin Mead
died in Willard Hospital last Saturday afternoon, Feb. 18th, and the remains were brought here the same evening. His age was about 62 years. As we knew that family, there were seven boys. William. Charles H., Oscar, Edgar, Austin, Ebenezer, and Lewis L. Of these two only are now living, and we are not sure but one of these is dead. Edgar makes his home in Penn Yan. Austin Mead is survived by his widow, two sons and one daughter, all but one son being here. Austin Mead was formerly town clerk and served one term of four years as justice of the peace.

From Ontario County Journal 4 December 1914

Gorham, N. Y. - 
Word was received on Tuesday of the sudden death of James Mead, a prominent farmer who lived two and one-half miles west of this village. He had been afflicted with blindness for some years, but bore this great affliction with patience and was never heard to complain. He was found dead in the barn, where he was husking corn. Death was due to heart disease. Funeral services were held on Thursday, with burial in Gorham cemetery. A widow and three daughters, Mrs. Lucy Coleman of Savannah, Mrs. Jennie Rice of Lewis, Miss Mabel Mead and one son, William, who live at home, survive. Mr. Mead was a faithful member of the Gorham Presbyterian church and a man respected by all.

From Geneva Gazette 22 February 1861

Mysterious Death of Three Children in One Household -- Suspected Case of Poisoning !

Scarcely ever have we heard of so sad a case of affliction as that which befell a family in this village in the early part of this week.  On Sunday morning Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Mead were blessed in the possession of three lovely children, all rosy with the flush of youthful health.  In the short space of 15 hours thereafter, all of them were locked in the icy embrace of Death ! How terrible the decree of Providence that carries such sweeping bereavement into a household !

Of this family it may not be deemed inappropriate to give a few particulars, owing to the suspicions and rumors which are current as to the cause of death of the children.  Mr. Mead is about 28 years of age.  His father and several brothers also reside here.  So far as known, he entertained the natural affection of a father for his children.  He married Miss Williams of Waterloo, who in all respects filled the offices of a kind wife and affectionate mother.  The children were aged respectively 10 months, 3 years and 5 years.  The only other inmate of the house was the servant girl.  Her name is Mary Keane. Unfortunately for her under the suspicious circumstances surrounding this mournful affair, she sustains anything but a good character in this community. She it was who figured as principal in an accusation against a young gentleman of this place for seduction -- the examination into which charge was held before a Canandaigua Magistrate.  By the testimony elicited thereat, her character was shown to be so loose that the Justice promptly discharged the complaint.  Indeed, it was while she was in jail where she had been committed as a disorderly character that she made such complaint.  She is only about 16 years of age.  If it be found that the children were poisoned, and by her hands, it is difficult to conceive of a motive which could have prompted the act.  The idea suggested by a correspondent of the Rochester Union that it is supposed she intended to destroy the whole family with the exception of Mead "and then by some stratagem secure him and his property," seems fallacious from the fact that Mead is not a man of property, but a poor mechanic, dependent upon his daily labor for the means of support of himself and family.

The following among other rumors are afloat as to the circumstances immediately preceding the sickness and death of the children:  That on Saturday morning the girl, Mary, got breakfast all ready before the family were dressed; that she even poured out, sweetened and put milk in the tea, for them all; that on sitting down to the table, Mead simply tasted of his tea, and not liking its flavor, shoved the cup aside and called for water.  Mrs. M. drank her cup, and but that one.  The children, even to the baby, drank freely of the tea.  During the afternoon and night following, the little ones showed an inordinate thirst, and frequently called for drink.  These restless symptoms increased until morning, when the two elder children (here the type is not legible for a few words) and showed other signs of serious illness.  They were feverish, skin dry and parched and considerably spotted. A physician was called, but he did not properly diagnose the disease, and under his prescription they got no better.  He was sent for again, and came, and a counsel was summoned.  Before the last one of the counsel arrived, the second eldest child had breathed its last.  The eldest was so far gone that medical skill was unavailing, and within a few hours it too was released from earthly suffering. The babe lingered till into the night, when its infant spirit was at rest with its sisters. Mrs. Mead was herself affected similarly to her children.  She vomited freely, and was indeed very sick.  But providentially she recovered.

The symptoms of the disease so strongly indicated poison that the family and physicians determined on a post mortem examination of the bodies.  The contents of their stomachs were taken out and handed over to the eminent chemist, Prof. Towler, of the Geneva Medical College.  Coroner Young also took cognizance of the case and summoned a jury of inquest to investigate it.  No testimony has yet been taken, as the Coroner is awaiting the report of the chemist.

We repeat, we give these rumors as they are current about town over this melancholy affair.  We would not unjustly cast suspicion upon anyone connected with it.  It is almost too horrible to the thought, that any one could be so fiendish as deliberately to plan and execute the murder of three little innocent, guiltless children.  But for the depravity which is occasionally manifested in human nature, resulting in the premeditated taking of life with little or no provocation, the thought could scarcely be entertained that a human being was responsible for the death of these little ones.  Science has prepared the way for ascertaining the presence of poisons -- hence the hand of the murderer can be as distinctly recognized when his victim falls by the deadly poison as if he had sheathed the knife in its bosom.  But when poison is found the next thing to ascertain is, if it hath been administered by accident or design.  

Thorough investigation, such as this affair will undergo, will develop the facts.  If the former, all parties suspected will be eager to establish their innocence.  If the latter, the guilty may not hope to escape detection, not to avoid the terrible doom which the law proclaims to the murderer.

From Ontario County Journal 15 February 1889

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Mrs. Erastus Mead
died very suddenly last Monday morning, aged 55 years. Funeral services were held on Wednesday at 2 p.m., at her late residence. She leaves a husband and aged mother to mourn her loss.

From Ontario County Journal 30 March 1894

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
The death of Erastus Mead, who resided about two miles south of the village, occurred Sunday morning. He had been suffering from an attack of asthma and pneumonia, but had been much improved; he suffered a relapse and died. He is survived by two sisters in Oswego county, Mrs. O. G. Cummings, James and William Mead of East Bloomfield, Charles Mead of Illinois, and Theo. Mead of Washington, D. C. The funeral was held from the house Wednesday afternoon. The Rev. M. L. Stimson officiated. The deceased was 66 years of age.

From Ontario County Journal 17 June 1887

Victor, N. Y. -
Monday night, George Mead, of this place, was suddenly taken ill with heart disease, and expired soon after at the residence of L. Scrambling, where he was making a call. He was engaged in conversation with Mr. Scrambling, when he suddenly raised up, advanced towards a table, and fell to the floor. A physician was immediately summoned, but before he arrived Mr. Mead had expired. He was a highly esteemed man, and had many friends in Victor. He was a widower, and leaves one child, a little boy.

From Ontario County Times 15 June 1887

Victor, N. Y. -  Geo. H. Mead
died suddenly on Monday night about ten o'clock. He was at Mr. Lucian Scrambling's in this village for a call and arose from his chair, evidently to go home, took a few steps, and fell to the floor. Mr. Scrambling immediately raised him and placed him on a lounge, sending across the street for Dr. Mead, who arrived in a few minutes, finding him already dead. The cause of death is said to be apoplexy. The funeral will be held on Thursday at 12 o'clock at the Universalist church, under the auspices of the A. O. U. W., of which order he was the D. D. G. M. W. The interment will be made at Pittsford where his wife was buried.

From Ontario County Journal 29 March 1895

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - James E. Mead
died at his home Sunday afternoon at the age of 69 years. He was born in the town of Caroline, Tompkins County, in 1826, and lived there during his boyhood until his father moved to East Bloomfield fifty-one years ago. The deceased has since been a resident of this town with the exception of two years, when he lived in Illinois. For thirty years Mr. Mead followed the occupation of a carpenter and joiner, after that he went into the carriage business under the firm name of Swift & Mead, which he continued for eight years. He leaves three children, Clarence Mead of Canandaigua; Frank Mead of this place and Mrs. Cora Ballard of Avoca, Steuben County. He is survived by three brothers, Charles Mead of Illinois; William Mead of this place, and Marcus Mead of Washington, D. C.; and one sister, Mrs. O. G. Cumming. The funeral was held at his late residence on Wednesday at 10 a.m. in charge of Rev. M. L. Stimson, pastor of the Congregational church.

From Geneva Gazette 11 July 1879

Mrs. Jane,
second wife of Lewis Mead, died at her home in Geneva on Saturday last, after a short but very painful illness of dropsy. Her age was 77 years, and had been married 34 years. She was a zealous Christian woman, she respected alike in church and in the community.

From Geneva Gazette 8 June 1883

The venerable Lewis Mead departed this life on Friday morning last, 29th inst., aged 81 years, 1 month, 16 days. He had gone in and out among us for nearly fifty years; and in all that time, as throughout his earlier life in other communities, he sustained the character of "an honest man, the noblest work of God." He has been repeatedly honored by his fellow-citizens of Geneva with local offices -- as assessor, collector of taxes, poor-master, &c. to the discharge of which duties he brought the same integrity of character which marked his intercourse and dealings with his fellow-man. He was no drone in community, but cheerfully earned his daily bread by honest toil. He had been twice-married, but survived both wives. He leaves a family of five sons, all by his first wife, viz: Charles H., Oscar, Edgar, Austin and Lewis L. He was a native of Fairfield Co., Conn., and spent the earlier years of his life at that place and in New York city. The funeral was held last Sunday afternoon at the Baptist church where he was a devout and praying worshipper. Rev. Drs. Moore and Hogarth respectively paid fitting tributes to his character as a Christian, neighbor, husband and father. The church was filled with sincere mourners.

From Ontario County Times 5 March 1884

Victor, N. Y. -  Mrs. Mary Mead,
wife of Bat. Mead, died on Sunday, the 24th of February, after a lingering illness. Her funeral was attended on Tuesday at the Catholic church. A large circle of relatives and friends mourn her loss.

From Geneva Daily Times 25 November 1907

Mrs. Mary J. Mead,
widow of Charles H. Mead, died yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock at her home, No. 14 Pulteney street. She was 76 years old, was born near Watkins in Schuyler county, but has lived in this city over sixty years. Her survivors are two daughters, Miss Caroline L. Mead of this city and Mrs. Thomas Wilbur of Ticonderoga, and one son, Herbert C. Mead, of this city. The funeral will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from the house.

From Ontario County Chronicle 6 May 1903

Phelps, N. Y. -
The death of Mrs. Nancy Mead occurred at her home on East Main street, Wednesday, after a short illness. Mrs. Mead was 65 years of age, and had been a residence of this village for the past eleven years. She leaves besides her husband, one daughter, Miss Cora, who lives at home. The funeral was held Saturday, and the remains were taken to Burdette for interment.

From Geneva Daily Times 4 January 1904

Canandaigua, N. Y. - Nelson Mead,
eighty-two, died at the home of his son-in-law, Daniel Horton, of Pleasant street, Saturday night, of ailments due to advanced years. He had been a life-long resident of the town and village of Phelps, and was one of the best-known men of that place. Two daughters survive him. The remains will be taken Monday to Phelps for interment.

From Ontario County Journal 14 April 1911

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
The funeral of William Mead was held from his late home Tuesday afternoon and was conducted by Rev. W. D. Robinson and burial was in the local cemetery. Mr. Mead was born in Tompkins Co. 77 years ago and came to this town with his parents when about six months old. He had spent nearly all his life here and was a good citizen, highly respected by the entire community. His sudden death which occurred Saturday, while sitting with his family was a great shock. Mr. Mead married Miss Martha H. Steele who survives. They celebrated their golden wedding last year. He is also survived by a daughter and son, Miss Theda M. Mead of this town, and Leslie G. Mead of Pittsburgh, Pa.; and a brother, Dr. Theodore Mead of Washington, D. C., who is the last one of a family of ten.

From Ontario County Journal 29 December 1916

Victor, N. Y. - 
The funeral of Mrs. Bridget Meade was held on Monday from St. Patrick's church. Rev. P. A. Neville, of East Bloomfield, a nephew of the deceased, sang the requiem mass. Mrs. Meade's maiden name was Bridget Connaughton and she was born in County Sligo, Ireland, 1829, and came to the United States when a young woman. For a time she lived in the town of Farmington, and in 1859 married Thomas Meade, of this town. The marriage ceremony was performed in Palmyra, there being no priest of the Catholic church in Victor in that early day. Twelve years ago Mr. and Mrs. Meade gave up their farm home and purchased a home on Maple avenue. Mr. Meade died six years ago. Nine children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Meade and but one survives, Miss Ella Meade, who lived with her mother. Five grandchildren live in Rochester. Interment was made in St. Patrick's cemetery.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 25 April 1906

Rushville, N. Y. - 
This community was greatly saddened when on Monday, April 16, it became known that Mrs. Elnathan N. Meade had died early that morning. Although it was known that her case was incurable, her condition was not considered immediately dangerous. On Easter Sunday she attended the union services in the evening held in the Methodist church. She soon retired feeling as well as usual after returning to the home of her sister, Mrs. W. I. Jones, where she was visiting. In the morning, hearing a peculiar sound, Mrs. Jones went to her sister's room to find her breathing her last. Her death at the age of 44 years was due to Bright's disease. She was the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elzer Lindsley. Her early life was spent on a farm two and a half miles south of this village. For several years she taught school and at one time was preceptress of our union school. Later she was married to Elnathan N. Meade. After her marriage she lived in Washington, D. C., where her husband has for a number of years occupied a government position. Mrs. Meade's kindly and sympathetic disposition endeared her to a host of friends who together with the sorrowing family feel so keenly the death of their loving friend. The funeral was held on Wednesday afternoon from the home of her sister, Mrs. W. I. Jones, Rev. A. W. Rice officiating. Burial was made in the village cemetery. Besides her husband, she leaves a daughter, Miss Madeline, a mother, Mrs. Mary Harkness; and one sister, Mrs. Jones. Among the out-of-town friends who attended the funeral were Misses Nellie and Katherine Wilcox, Mr. and Mrs. John Cole of East Potter; Mrs. James Thayer of Penn Yan, and Fred Remer of Dundee.

From Ontario County Journal 10 March 1893

Shortsville, N. Y. - Mrs. Nancy Meader
died at the home of her father, W. G. Lewis, Monday morning, after a long year of suffering and sickness. The funeral services were held at the house Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment was in the new cemetery. The father, mother and husband are left to mourn her loss, and have the sympathy of the numerous friends of the deceased.

From Ontario County Journal 24 September 1909

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
The death of Mrs. Mary Meagher, wife of Lawrence Meagher, occurred at her home in this town on Friday. Mrs. Meagher was 73 years old. Besides her husband, she is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Michael McNamara, of Elmira, and Mary Meagher of Brooklyn, and four sons, William and Thomas of Rochester, and George and Henry of East Bloomfield. The funeral was held from St. Bridget's church on Monday morning, Fathers Donnelly, Cluney and Dougherty officiating. Burial was in the Holy Sepulchre cemetery at Rochester.

From Geneva Daily Times 28 November 1903

The funeral of the late Mrs. Agnes T. Means, who died yesterday morning at the City hospital, will take place at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon from her late home, No. 145 Washington street. Rev. A. B. Temple, pastor of Seneca Presbyterian church will officiate. he will be assisted by Rev William W. Weller, of First Presbyterian church. Burial will take place in Glenwood cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 15 October 1897

Reed's Corners, N. Y. - 
On Tuesday morning at 3 o'clock, one of the oldest residents, Benjamin Means, died, in the eighty-ninth year of his age. Mr. Means had been confined to the house the most of the time for a year, but his last illness was only one week in duration. He leaves a widow, two sons, Benjamin of Silver Springs, and Edward, of this place, and three daughters, Mrs. Charles Washburn, Mrs. Daniel Nobles of Orleans, and Mrs. Frank Chace. The funeral was held in the church on Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment was at Reed's Corners cemetery.

From Geneva Gazette 21 January 1898

Obituary - CHARLES H. MEANS -
Died at his home in Seneca on the 10th inst., in the 67th year of his age.  He was a son of the late Geo. W. Means, an old time resident of that town, and like him followed the business of farming successfully. The deceased leaves a widow, two sons and two daughters, to whom we extend heartfelt sympathy.  This dispensation bereaves us of another long-time and highly esteemed patron.  "The old stock" are falling about us like autumn leaves.

From Geneva Daily Times 12 January 1898

Charles Henry Means
died in Seneca on Monday, January 10th, aged 66 years. He was born in Seneca and had always lived on the same farm where he died. He is survived by his wife, two sons and two daughters, J. Murray and Thos. K., and Jennie M. and Harriet R. Means.

From Geneva Gazette 2 August 1867

Sudden Death - Mr. Geo. W. Means,
one of our oldest patrons and most respected farmer of this town, was stricken with paralysis on Thursday morning of last week which terminated fatally on the Sunday evening following.  During the interim he was deprived of powers of speech and of motion, and most of the time of consciousness.  He was about 67 years old, a widower, with a family of adult children.

From Ontario County Journal 4 March 1898

Reed's Corners, N. Y. -  Mrs. Jane Means,
who had been ill for the past six months, passed away on Tuesday night. she had been a patient sufferer, and will be missed by a host of warm friends. She leaves three daughters, Mrs. Daniel Nobles of Orleans; Mrs. Chace, of California; and Mrs. Charles Washburn of the lake shore; and two sons, Benjamin of Crystal Springs, and Edward of this place. The funeral was largely attended from the Congregational church on Thursday at 2 o'clock with interment at Reed's Corners.

From Geneva Daily Times 11 April 1899

John Means
died at his home near the White Springs farm last yesterday, aged 66 years. The deceased is survived by his wife, two sons and two daughters. The funeral will take place at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon, from his late residence, Rev. Mr. Temple officiating. Burial will be in Glenwood.

From Ontario County Journal 5 March 1917

Stanley, N. Y. -
The death of Mrs. Margaret Kerr Means occurred suddenly on Sunday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Agnes Hall, after a brief illness, her daughter, Louise Means having left for New York City to resume her work there after the holiday vacation, just a few hours previous to her mother's death. Mrs. Means was born in Scotland, July 18, 1846, and came to America when five years old. Her husband, John R. Means, passed away several years ago. Mrs. Means and her daughters have been residents of this place for several years. Funeral services were held from the home of her daughter on Wednesday afternoon, Rev. A. B. Temple, pastor of the Seneca Presbyterian church, officiating. The survivors are two daughters, Mrs. Agnes Hall of Stanley, and Miss Louise Means of New York City; one son, Wallace Means of Geneva; one sister, Miss Mary Kerr of Minneapolis, Minn.; and one brother, Thomas Kerr of Canandaigua. Burial was in Geneva.

From Ontario County Journal 6 December 1901

Bernard Meath died at his home, three miles southwest of this village,  last Sunday evening. Deceased was born in Trinity, County Wicklow, Ireland, and came to this country when 21 years of age. He resided for a time in Rochester, but most of his life had been spent in this vicinity where, as a farmer, he had been successful. There survive him his wife and seven children, Benjamin, Mary, James, John, Michael, Nora and Annie, all of this town. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. James T. Dougherty, at St. Mary's church on Tuesday morning.

From Ontario Repository & Messenger 10 June 1874

Mrs. Bernard Meath,
residing about four miles south of this village, died suddenly of heart disease, on Thursday last. Her funeral was largely attended on Saturday.

From Ontario County Journal 12 October 1883

Margaret Meath,
wife of Patrick Meath, who resides on Bristol street, died suddenly on Saturday last, of heart disease. The deceased was about forty-three years of age.

From Geneva Daily Times 31 August 1908

Canandaigua, N. Y. -
After an illness of less than a week, Patrick Meath, an old and esteemed resident of this place, passed away at his home on Bristol street last night. Mr. Meath suffered a stroke of paralysis a few days ago. It is thought that injuries received in a recent runaway accident may have induced his illness.

From Ontario County Journal 4 September 1908

Patrick Meath,
for 45 years a well-known business man of this village, died at his home on Bristol street on Saturday. Several months ago he was thrown from a wagon, which was struck by a runaway team, and the injuries which he received resulted in paralysis causing death. Mr. Meath was born in Ireland 69 years ago. He was twice married. His first wife was Miss Margaret Cooney. His second wife, Miss Sarah Regan, survives him, with three daughters, Mrs. John Dugan of Rochester; Mrs. John Martin of Bath; Miss Mary Meath of Canandaigua; and four sons, James of Cleveland, O.; and Bernard, William and Howard Meath of Canandaigua. The funeral was held from St. Mary's church on Tuesday morning. Solemn requiem mass was celebrated by Rev. J. T. Dougherty. The C. M. B. A. of which Mr. Meath was a member, attended in a body. The interment was in Calvary cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 10 May 1918

Mrs. Sarah E. McCormack,
widow of Patrick Meath, died at her home on Bristol street on Tuesday morning after a long illness with heart trouble, aged 70 years. She was born in New York and when about a year old came to Canandaigua with her parents, the late Frank and Nancy McCormack, and had since resided here most of the time. She first married Hugh Ragan, who died in Lima after several years residence there. She later married Patrick Meath, who died in 1908. There survive two brothers, John McCormack of Canandaigua, and William McCormack of Rochester; three sisters, Mrs. Celia Gentner of Canandaigua, and Mrs. Laura Coons and Mrs. Owen Doyle of Rochester; two sons. William M. and P. Howard Meath, of Canandaigua, and three step-daughters, Mrs. Martin Muldoon, of Canandaigua; Mrs. John Martin of Mount Morris, and Mrs. John W. Dugan, of Rochester; and a step-son, James P. Meath of Cleveland, O. Funeral services will be held at the home at 9 o'clock and from St. Mary's church at 9:30 this morning. Interment will be at Calvary Cemetery.

From Geneva Advertiser 1 December 1903

Mrs. Agnes T. Means,
widow of Charles H. Means, died in the city hospital at an early hour last Friday morning, of typhoid fever, aged 60 years. Her's was a very severe case from the start, and even the best of hospital nursing was unavailing. She is survived by four children, one of whom is Dr. Thos. K. Means, the dentist.

From Geneva Advertiser 18 September 1894

The funeral service of Will Meehan was held in St. Francis de Sales Church Saturday morning at 10 o'clock with solemn high mass.  The 34th Separate Company attended in uniform and took charge of the body after it left the church, from which moment it became a military funeral.  After the interment volleys were fired over the grave.  He was very highly esteemed here in all circles, and his sad death is sincerely mourned.

From Ontario County Journal 1 April 1898

Phelps, N. Y. - Henry Meeker,
who has been sick for a long time, died on Wednesday afternoon, aged 44 years. A wife and two children survive.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 6 June 1924

Canandaigua, June 5 - J. Wesley Megaffee,
66 years old, died Tuesday at his home on Bristol street after a long illness. He was born at Woodville. He is survived by two sons, Charles W. Megaffee and Howard E. Megaffee, both of Canandaigua; and three daughters, Mrs. George L. Dewey of Gorham, Mrs. William L. Schreck of Waverly, and Miss Harriet R. Megaffee, of this city. He also leaves three brothers, AlbertW. Mefaffee and Emory A. Megaffee, of Reed Corners, and William H. Megaffee, of Canadice; and four sisters, Mrs. Gertrude Putnam and Mrs. Israel T. Lewis, both of Canandaigua, Mrs. Eugene Henry, of Canadice and Mrs. Robert Bigham, of Gorham. Funeral services were held this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Rev. Forbush, of the Congregational Church, officiated. Burial was Woodlawn Cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 11 December 1891

Reed's Corners, N. Y. -
We have to announce the sad death of one of our most esteemed and lovable Christian neighbors, Mrs. Stephen Megaffee, which occurred on Thursday of last week. Mrs. Megaffee was always a kind and indulgent mother. She leaves a husband and ten heartbroken children to mourn her loss, all of whom were with her during her short illness. The bereaved family have the sympathy of the entire community. The funeral was held from the house on Saturday afternoon, Rev. Mr. Cody officiating. Interment was in the Reed's Corners cemetery.

From Ontario County Times 27 February 1889

This morning, about 9 o'clock, Jerry Mehaney, an aged gentleman of 78 years, living on Salstonstall street, was crossing the railroad track on Pleasant st., and not heeding repeated warning given him, was struck by a switch engine which backed down upon him. His head was severely cut and other injuries sustained which resulted in his death at about 12 o'clock.

From Geneva Daily Times 30 April 1902

Abram V. Mekeel
died suddenly this morning, at the residence of Conrad Wehnes, 396 LaFayette avenue, aged 72 years. Mr. Mekeel roomed at the Wehnes home.  He had been in poor health for some time.  He felt well this morning, and went across the street to his boarding place.  After breakfast Mr. Mekeel sat down and read the morning paper.  At 9:30 o'clock Mrs. Wehnes went into the room.  She found Mr. Mekeel dead in the chair.  Dr. T. D. Rupert was summoned.  The physician pronounced the cause of death heart failure.  The deceased had resided in Geneva four years.  He was born in the Town of Hector, Seneca county, and was for many years a farmer and lumber dealer in that section.  The deceased is survived by one son, Arthur M. Mekeel of this city, and a daughter, Mrs. Caroline Smith of Syracuse.  The funeral arrangements are not yet completed.

From Geneva Courier 28 May 1862

Suicide - David Melick,
a resident of this village, committed suicide by drowning himself in the Lake, on the morning of the 22d inst.  He had been in an unsettled state of mind for some time, occasioned by bodily infirmities and pecuniary losses. His hat was found with his pocket book in it, early in the morning, on Davis' dock.  Search was immediately commenced for his body and at about 10 o'clock it was hooked up about twenty feet from the dock.  A Coroner's Inquest was held upon the body, and the Jury rendered the following verdict:

"That the said David Melick came to his death by drowning himself in Seneca Lake, caused by great mental suffering produced by bodily pain and loss of property."

From Ontario County Journal 23 July 1909

Gorham, N. Y. -
The death of Mrs. Ann Melious, widow of Peter Melious, who died several years ago, occurred at the home of her daughter, Mrs. D. W. Mott, in this village, on Friday afternoon, July 16, at the age of 87 years. The deceased was born in Columbia county, but the greater part of her life was spent in this village, where she had always been held in high esteem as a woman of most estimable Christian character. She is survived by five children: Mrs. D. W. Mott, Mrs. Anson Mott, Henry and Frank Melious of Gorham, and Mrs. George Koesler of Geneva; also three sisters, Mrs. William Pulver of this village, Mrs. George Lisk of Greenville, Mich., and Mrs. Jerome Van Arsdale of Gasport. The funeral services were held from the residence on Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock, Rev. Dr. John McColl, pastor of the Presbyterian church, of which she was a member, officiating. He was assisted by Rev. A. B. Knight, of the Baptist church. Durard Henry and Roy Mott, Clarence, Owen and Jay Melious, grandchildren of the deceased acted as pall bearers. Burial Gorham Cemetery

From Geneva Gazette 20 January 1893

The sudden death of Mrs. Charles R. Mellen, which occurred early Tuesday morning last amid the throes of maternity is a crushing blow to a devoted husband and produces the keenest sorrow in a wide circle of friends and relatives.  Coming among us two years ago a comparative stranger, by her amiability of character and helpfulness in good deeds, she quickly won her way to the hearts of all acquaintances.  The deceased was a faithful communicant of the P. E. Church, and died in the full and assured hope of blissful immortality.

From Geneva Advertiser Gazette 18 January 1906

James P. Mellen
died at his home on West Castle street Saturday morning, January 13th, at four o'clock. He had not been out-of-doors since the day of the accident when he collided with a bicycle on the sidewalk near his home. His three sons and daughter were with him when he passed easily away. We have given an account of the unfortunate accident and it is not necessary to repeat it here. Mr. Mellen was aged 76 years and six months. He came to Geneva from Clyde thirty years ago, buying the place where he lived of the late Robert Simpson, and it has been his home ever since. He was bereaved in the death of his good wife a few years ago, but bore up under that blow with christian fortitude. No man more devoted to family, to home, to church than he, nor more highly esteemed and respected by his neighbors and the whole community. Mr. Mellen is survived by three sons and one daughter, Chas. R. and John W. of this city, Rev. A. H. Mellen of Holy Trinity Church, New York, and Mrs. Charles S. Burrall, also of this city. The funeral took place on Monday, attended by a large number of his friends.

From Ontario County Journal 12 April 1912

Rushville, N. Y. -  David Mellius
died Tuesday at the home of his son, Willett Mellius, aged 84 years. About 64 years ago he married Helen Traver, of Columbia county, and they had since lived in this county. Their three children are living: Albert of Geneva, Mrs. Sylvester Fuller of Gorham, and Willett, with whom he lived. Funeral services were held from the residence Friday at 1 o'clock, Rev. Bruce Pierce of Gorham officiating. Burial in Gorham cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 17 December 1909

Michael Melville,
who came to Canandaigua from Ireland 40 years ago, passed away at his home on Ontario street on Thursday of last week. Deceased was 69 years of age. Besides his wife, there survive three sons, William of Minneapolis, James of New York, and Thomas of Canandaigua; also four daughters, Jennie and Catherine and Mrs. Edward Sick of this place; and Mrs. C. T. K(r?) of Clifton Springs; two brothers, Thomas of Middlesex, England, and William of Eau Claire, Wis.; and two sisters, Mrs. John Barry of Boston, and Mrs. George Allen of Ireland, also survive. Rev. H. L. Gaylord of St. John's church officiated at the funeral services on Sunday afternoon and burial was in West Avenue cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 25 March 1892

Shortsville, N. Y. - Mrs. Bridget Melvin
died Monday afternoon between four and five o'clock, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles VanBuren, after a long and painful illness, aged 64 years. She had been confined to the bed over a year. Funeral services were held Thursday morning. Interment at Canandaigua. The deceased leaves one daughter, Mrs. Will Felton, of this place, besides Mrs. VanBuren, and four sons, James of Lyons, John in Washington, Dennis of Canandaigua, and Thomas of Auburn.

From Ontario County Journal 24 February 1899

Shortsville, N. Y. - Dr. John Melvin
died at his home in Shortsville on Tuesday morning, after a long illness of dropsy and heart disease, at the advanced age of 76 years. He practiced medicine for over forty years and was one of the best known and most successful physicians in this part of the state. His funeral was held yesterday afternoon from the Methodist church of which he was a member. He leaves one daughter, Mrs. Lucy Derr of this place.

From Ontario County Chronicle 19 March 1902

Mrs. Margaret McGann Melvin
died at her home in Ontario street, on Wednesday morning last, aged 72 years. The cause of death was pneumonia, from which Mrs. Melvin had suffered for a week. She was born in Ireland, and came to this country nearly a half century ago, during which time she had resided in Canandaigua. There survive her four daughters, Mrs. S. P. McCarney and Mrs. A. H. Stemler of Buffalo; Mrs. George Bartlett of this village, and Mrs. Grant Parker of Ashtabula, O., and four sons, Patrick of California; Thomas, of Charleston, S. C.; and William and Dennis of Canandaigua. The funeral was held from St. Mary's church Friday morning, the Rev. Father Dougherty officiating.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 20 November 1894

The death of Mrs. Sophia Melvin, wife of Dr. John Melvin, of Shortsville, occurred at her home at about 7 o'clock yesterday morning. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Manchester; also a member of the Sunday school, where she had been a teacher in the primary department for several years. When the home department of that Sunday school was organized, she was put at the head by being made its superintendent. She leaves a husband, a daughter and several grandchildren. Her death was caused by organic disease of kidneys and liver. The Funeral services will be held at the Methodist Episcopal Church at Manchester tomorrow afternoon.

From Geneva Daily Times 11 June 1907

Canandaigua, N. Y. -
Yesterday morning the funeral of William Melvin, who died last Friday, was held at St. Mary's Church with Rev. J. J. Donnelly officiating, assisted by Rev. James T. Dougherty, rector of St. Mary's.

From Geneva Gazette 29 September 1899

Miss Mary Melzer
died in Clifton Springs last Saturday.  She was the last of five sisters, all of whom died of consumption. Funeral service held at the Episcopal Church Monday last.

From Ontario County Journal 3 August 1917

Allen's Hill, N. Y. -  Daniel Menihan,
aged 64 years, died at his home on the Richmond Center road about a mile and a half south of the hill on July 29. Mr. Menihan was born in Ireland and when 21 years old came here, where he had since lived. Besides his wife, he leaves three children, John of California; William of Boston navy yard; and Miss Agnes at home. The funeral was held on Monday at St. Mary's church, Honeoye, with burial in the Catholic cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 14 December 1917

Honeoye, N. Y. - 
The death of Michael Menihan, Sr., occurred on Friday evening at the home of son, Frank Menihan, at the age of 83 years. He was born in Ireland, a son of John and Ellen O'Leary Menihan. In 1864 he came to this town where he had since resided. In 1856 he married Miss Mary McDonald of East Bloomfield, who died 12 years ago. He leaves five sons, Supervisor D. C. Menihan of Richmond; Supervisor F. H. Menihan of Canandaigua; Michael J. Menihan of Honeoye Falls; William G. Menihan of Corning and Frank Menihan of this place. The funeral was held on Monday from St. Mary's church and burial was made in the Catholic cemetery here.

From Phelps Citizen 28 December 1922

Mrs. Ellen Mennell,
after a protracted illness, died on Monday night at the home of Mrs. W. J. Burns on Mill street. Mrs. Mennell was born at Pavillion, and most of her life was spent in this community. She is survived by her daughter, Mrs. Burns of Phelps, and one son, John P. Mennell of Fort Worth, Texas; and five grandchildren. The funeral will be held at 9:30 at the home and 10 at St. Francis church on Friday morning, with burial in St. Francis cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 25 November 1913

The funeral of John Mennell, Sr., will take place Thursday morning at 9 o'clock from the home of his daughter, Mrs. Edward Fitzgerald of 27 Hallenbeck avenue, and at 9:30 from St. Francis de Sales church. Interment will be in St. Patrick's cemetery. Besides the two children surviving Mr. Mennell, he leaves another son, John Mennell of Washington, D. C.

From Geneva Daily Times 1 December 1909

The funeral of Mrs. Mary Mennell, wife of John Mennell, will take place Friday morning at 9:30 o'clock from the home of her daughter, Mrs. Edward Fitzgerald, No. 27 Hallenbeck Avenue, and at 10 o'clock from St. Francis deSales church. Burial will be in St. Patrick's Cemetery.

From Shortsville Enterprise 7 November 1935

The death of Mrs. Raffery Mennito of Manchester occurred at her residence on Friday, at the age of 60 years. She was a native of Cosenza, Italy, and had made her home in this country for the past 30 years. The survivors are her husband, Frank Mennito of Manchester; two daughters, Mrs. Angeline Tarzia of Buffalo and Jeanette Mennitto of Manchester; also three grandchildren. Funeral services were held Monday morning from the home, and from St. Dominic's church in Shortsville at 9 o'clock, conducted by the pastor, Rev. John E. Napier. Burial was made in St. Rose cemetery, Shortsville.

From Geneva Daily Times 21 February 1921

Mrs. Catherine Mensch,
aged 74 years, widow of the late William Mensch, died yesterday morning at 2 o'clock at her home, 77 High street, after a brief illness. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. D. R. Hawkins; one sister, Mrs. M. Scott; four grandchildren, Catherine, Hattie and Elizabeth Hawkins and Mildred Mensch, all of this city. The funeral will be held tomorrow morning at 8:30 o'clock from her late home, and at 9 o'clock at St. Stephen's church. Burial will be made in Glenwood Cemetery.

From Geneva Gazette 11 June 1862

Charles Mensch,
the son of C. J. Mensch of this village, who was wounded at the battle of Williamsburgh, died in the Hospital in New York on the 8th inst., aged 18 years.  Shortly after the battle he came to New York, on his way home, but his injuries were such that he was unable to proceed farther.  His leg was amputated on the 31st ult., but the shock was too severe, and he never rallied.  He was a member of the 33rd Regt., and enlisted under Capt. Platner of this village.  His remains were met at the depot by his former comrades who were taken prisoners at the battle in which he was wounded, but released on parole soon afterwards.  

The funeral ceremonies were held at the residence of his father, at half past 6 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, Rev. T. Tousey officiating.  Our Fire Department, of which the deceased was a member, and a large concourse of people, turned out to pay their respects to the remains of one who had sacrificed his life upon Freedom's altar. Thus has another of our brave boys lain down his life in the service of his country.  One by one they come back to us, bleeding, wounded, suffering, and dead.  These are the tributes we offer on the altar of Liberty.  God pity and care for the families thus made desolate.

From Palmyra Courier 30 October 1918

SCOTTISH KNIGHT DEAD - James Steward Menteth, aged 77 years, died Monday morning at his  home at Menteth Point, Canandaigua Lake. Mr. Menteth was a Scottish knight and the title reverted to him in 1870, upon the death of a relative in Scotland. He was born at Menteth Point, his father having gone there from Scotland in 1832 and purchasing a large tract of land at what became Menteth Point. James Menteth was a well known fruit grower, was educated in Canandaigua and went to California in 1859, where he engaged in cattle raising, returning in 1866. He is survived by his wife and two daughters, Mrs. Humphrey Vines of India, and Isabella Stewart Menteth of Menteth Point.

From Geneva Daily Times 3 June 1915

Rushville, N. Y. - 
The death of Clark Mentor occurred Tuesday night at his home, about two and one-half miles east of this village. He was 72 years of age and was born in Steuben county. He leaves his wife and five children; two daughters, Mrs. Henry Smith of Gorham and Mrs. Loren Rector of Ferguson Corners; and three sons, Grover of Granger, Roy of Gorham, and Edward who lived at home. The funeral will be held tomorrow at the house. Burial will be in Gorham Cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 17 December 1909

Rushville, N. Y. -
The death of Albert Menzer, an aged veteran of the Civil war, who served in Company D, 144 New York Volunteers, occurred at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Albert Middaugh, at Reed's Corners, on Tuesday night. Deceased was born in Otsego county in 1829. In 1853 he married Rosetta Cummins and ten children were born to them, eight of whom survive: Mrs. Albert Middaugh of Reed's Corners; Mrs. David Emory of Rushville, Mrs. Hull of Cooperstown, Mrs. Bartholomew of Owego, whose husband was at one time pastor of the Congregational church of this village, John Menzer of Sidney Center, Albert, Frank and Lynn Menzer of Milford, Otsego county. He also leaves his wife. The funeral services will be held from the residence this afternoon at 1 o'clock, Rev. Harsey King of this village officiating.

From Ontario County Journal 28 July 1899

Shortsville, N. Y. -
The death of another of Shortsville's old residents occurred on Saturday afternoon, July 15, when Aaron Mercereau died at the advanced age of 91 years. For the past 18 years, he had been a resident of Shortsville. The funeral services were held at his late residence on Main street, and interment was made in the cemetery at South Farmington chapel.

From Geneva Daily Times 26 August 1935

Albert Meredith,
60, of 419 West William street, died last night after an illness of three months. He leaves his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Meredith; two daughters, Mrs. Alexander Branson and Miss Ada A. Meredith; four brothers and three sisters in England.

From Geneva Daily Times 18 July 1940

Mrs. Elizabeth Meredith,
71, widow of Albert A. Meredith, died last night at her home, 419 William street, after a long illness. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Alexander Branson of Geneva and Mrs. Floyd Rhodes, Rochester; one grandson, and a brother, Thomas Bigham of England. Mrs. Meredith was a member of Trinity Episcopal church.

From Penn Yan Democrat 21 September 1934

Died in Canandaigua, Sunday, Sept. 16, Mrs. Carrie Virginia Merels, 49. She leaves one son, Edward, of Canandaigua; and a sister, Mrs. Bertha Long, of Rushville. The funeral was held on Wednesday afternoon, Rev. Kenmore Haight officiating. Burial in Rushville cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 19 January 1897

Joseph Merimace,
an Hungarian, was killed almost instantly last night at 7:10 o'clock by the N. Y. C. passenger train which arrives at the Geneva depot at 7:20. The man was an employe of the Lehigh Valley R. R. under section foreman Daniel O'Brien. He had received orders to work last night at the junction of the N. Y. C. and Lehigh railways, keeping the tracks clear of snow. At about 7 o'clock he was in the switch house near the junction when he picked up a broom and a shovel saying good night to some comrades who were in the switch house with him when he started to work. It is thought that he was at work sweeping out the switches, darkness having set in and the wind blowing a heavy gale with the snow drifting he did not hear the west bound passenger train until it was upon him. His body was hurled a distance of about ten rods up against a flag shanty with such force as to jerk off his boots which were found back of the shanty. The train was stopped and the crew picked the man up, he was found to be unconscious.

Joe Marks, John Maras and John Kopacra took him to his home at 44 Pre-emption street. Officer Merry, hearing of the accident, called Dr. Eddy, who in company with the officer, went to the home of the injured man. Death ensued about one hour from the time the accident happened. Coroner Wright was sent for, that officer secured Borgman's ambulance, and had the body taken to the morgue where it was laid out. An examination showed that Merimace must have been struck in the head. There was a large hole in the forehead, also one in the left temple, the nose and mouth was badly bruised, the left arm smashed and a hole in the left leg below the knee. The dead man leaves a wife and three children to mourn his loss. Two boys and a girl respectively, one, three and five years. He was about 35 years of age. 

January 20 1897 - The funeral of Joseph Merimace took place from his late home on Pre-emption street this afternoon. Interment was made in the Catholic cemetery. The county will pay the funeral expenses by order of Coroner Wright with the exception of $15 which was raised by his friends. This is a very sad case as he leaves a wife and three small children practically destitute.

From Geneva Daily Times 19 September 1916

Mrs. Mary Merino,
aged 41, the wife of Frank Merino of 77 Herbert street, died this morning at 10:45 at her home. Besides her husband, she is survived by five sons and two daughters.

From Geneva Daily Times 27 June 1908

Elizabeth Merkel,
wife of Simon Merkel, died at her home at No. 44 Hofmann avenue, yesterday, aged 53 years. Besides her husband the deceased is survived by one daughter. The funeral will take place at 4:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon from the house with Rev. L. K. Devitt, pastor of the German Evangelical church officiating. Burial will be in Glenwood Cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 31 October 1910

Naples, N. Y. - Frank Merkel,
aged about seventy years, died at his home in this village last Friday morning. He had been ill for some time with Bright's disease. He leaves his wife and an only son, Charles, who lives in Olean.

From Ontario County Journal 31 January 1890

Last week Thursday about noon, Henry Merkle, a German tailor, who had been drinking hard for a long time, was found dead in his room on Coach street. On a window sill near by was an open box of "Rough on Rats" with marks indicating that he taken a quantity out with his fingers. His pet dog was also found dead near by having been shot. Merkle's wife died about a year ago and he received $2000 on a policy of insurance on her life. He began drinking heavily and with losses on real estate speculations and money of which he had been robbed, he ran through most of it. He was robbed of $80 in broad daylight on Main street. Robert Noonan was arrested for it but got clear owing to Merkle's not appearing before the grand jury. He had frequently said he should some day blow the dog's brains out and then die himself. He was about fifty-five years of age.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 9 February 1938

Canandaigua, N. Y. -  Mrs. Lena Merkel,
68, died Monday night in her home, 22 Antis St. Surviving are the husband, George Merkel; two daughters, Mrs. Daniel Lazarus, Penn Yan, and Mrs. Louise Angel, Canandaigua; one son, Wilbur, Rushville; five sisters, Mrs. Emma Derby, Rushville, Mrs. Stephen Goosen, Marion, Mrs. Mabel Graham, Rochester, Mrs. Louisa Seyvaert, Belgium, Mrs. Hattie Turpyn, Canandaigua; and one brother, Benjamin Mace, Montana. Funeral services will be held at 9 a.m. tomorrow in St. Mary's Church with burial in Calvary Cemetery.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 16 March 1926

Canandaigua, March 15 - Mrs. Clara Merrell,
90, of Geneva, died at the Canandaigua Health House this morning. She is survived by two sons, W. D. Merell and H. A. Merrell of Rochester.

From Geneva Gazette 20 April 1849

Died, in Geneva, on Tuesday, April 17th, after a lingering illness, Mr. Ira Merrell, one of the late proprietors of the Geneva Courier, in the 70th year of his age. The deceased has been a residence of this village about 12 years -- during which time, as proprietor of a public journal, as the head of a large and interesting family, and as an upright member of a Church of God, he has enjoyed largely the esteem of this community. None, however, can so fully appreciate the worth of his character, as the large number of the typographical profession whose fortune it has been to be placed under his fatherly care and instruction; and cold and stony, indeed, must be his heart who will not long remember the kind attitude and christian admonitions of the age patriarch. His funeral was attended on Thursday by a large concourse of our citizens.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 20 September 1918

Geneva, N. Y., Sept 19 - Mrs. Hattie Belle Merrick,
aged 28 years, died last night at the home of her parents in the town of Fayette. She leaves three small children, two girls and a boy; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Edwards of Fayette; a sister, Miss Alice Edwards of Fayette; four brothers, Charles P. Edwards and Alfred R. Edwards, of Fayette; Lewis G. Edwards, serving in France; and John T. Edwards of Camp Gordon, Georgia. The funeral will be held from the residence tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock, Rev. F. B. Topping, pastor of the First Methodist church of this city. Interment will be made in Glenwood Cemetery, this city.

From Geneva Daily Times 12 October 1942

George Henry Merrill,
aged 75, died Saturday night at the Memorial Hospital in Canandaigua after a short illness. He was a former resident of Geneva and had been living in Gorham. He is survived by his adopted son, John William Merrill, retired army officer living in Panama; his wife, Christina, of Gorham; one sister, Mrs. Anna A. Harris of Geneva; one brother, Col. S. H. Merrill of Geneva; several nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be held from the Corwin Funeral Home tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, Rev. Herbert L. Gaylord of Canandaigua will officiate. Burial will be in Glenwood Cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 20 March 1915

Howard E. Merrill,
52 years of age, died this morning at a sanitarium in Canandaigua after a lingering illness. Mr. Merrill was a son of Andrew Merrill and was born in Geneva, where he had lived until last few years of his life. He received his education here and was graduated from Hobart College with the class of 1883, being the valedictorian of his class and receiving Phi Beta Kappa honors. He was a member of the Kappa Alpha fraternity. Leaving college, he assisted his father in the nursery business and upon his father's death, Mr. Merrill succeeded to the business. For a time Mr. Merrill's nursery business was conducted on both retail and wholesale lines, but later it became entirely wholesale. In 1911 his business was incorporated under the name of H. F. Merrill Nursery Company, and at about this time he went to New York, where he became connected with a company that developed certain telephone and other electrical devices. He lived in New York for a time and then his health broke and he was compelled to retire from active life. Mr. Merrill became a member of Ark Lodge, No. 33, F. & A. M. in 1900 and he served as master of the lodge in 1904. He is survived only by his wife.

From Geneva Gazette 26 September 1832

Died, in this village, the 23d inst., Mr. Nathaniel Merrill, of the firm of Merrill, Milford & Co., merchants, aged 57 years. Mr. M. came into this country at a very early period, and has been for many years a resident of this village. His funeral was attended on the day following by a large concourse of people who had long known and esteemed him as a valuable and worthy citizen. Although his disease was long and painful, yet he was never heard to mourn or complain.

From Ontario County Journal 12 November 1909

Naples, N. Y. - Mrs. Sidney L. Merrill,
whose married life was mostly spent in Naples, died at her home in West Cohocton on Nov. 6, aged 72 years. Her maiden name was Cornelia Scott and her home, Geneva. At about 20 years of age, she married Mr. Merrill, a resident of Naples, who, with one son, Ross, survives her. A sister, Mrs. James S. Briggs, died here a few years ago. One sister, Mrs. Frank Cowles of Bergen, and two brothers, Albert Scott of Geneva and William Scott of Wisconsin also survive.

From Naples Record 9 May 1874

Died, at his residence near this village, May 3, 1874, Mr. Simon Merrill in his 72nd year. He had been twice married and buried his last wife about ten years ago. His wives names were Hinckley, and we believe were formerly from Naples. He leaves 3 children, daughters, Mrs. Dr. Wightman of Branchport, Mrs. Royal Raymond and an unmarried daughter, who reside at the homestead. Rev. M. B. Gelston of Naples officiated.

From Syracuse Herald 9 June 1911

Geneva - William H. Merrill
died early today, aged about 45 years. Mr. Merrill was formerly manager of the Western Union telegraph office at Geneva, and also for a time manager of the local office of the Bell telephone. For several years he had been employed at the Phillips & Clarke stove shop.

From Geneva Daily Times 25 January 1914

Mrs. Margaret Merriman,
widow of the late Patrick Merriman, of Geneva, formerly of Rushville, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Michael Whalen, this morning at 8:30 o'clock. She is survived by three sons, John Merriman, of Canandaigua; Michael and William Merriman of Geneva; three daughters, Mrs. William Bateson, Mrs. Thomas Welch and Mrs. Michael Whalen, all of Geneva. The funeral will be held Monday morning at 8 o'clock from 71 Sherrill street, and at 8:15 from St. Francis de Sales church. The remains will be taken to Canandaigua on the 9:08 New York Central train for burial.

From Penn Yan Democrat 26 June 1908

Rushville, N. Y. -  Patrick Merriman
died at his home near this village Friday, June 19, aged 70 years. He was born at Wexford, Ireland, and came to this vicinity about fifty years ago. In 1861 he married Miss Margaret Sullivan, who survives him. He also leaves six children, Mrs. Thomas Welch, Miss Ella Merriman and Mike Merriman, of this place; Mrs. John Bateson and William Merriman of Geneva; and John Merriman of Canandaigua. Mr. Merriman was a veteran of the Civil War, having enlisted in the 16th Heavy Artillery.

From Geneva Daily Times 4 September 1909

Clifton Springs, N. Y. -
News was received in this village today of the death of one of the oldest residents of this vicinity, Mrs. A. Merritt, which occurred on Friday morning at the Thompson Memorial Hospital at Canandaigua. Several days ago Mrs. Merritt was removed to the hospital, but the change did not have the desired effect and she gradually failed until death came this morning. She had been in poor health for some time past, but her condition was not thought to be serious until a short time ago. The deceased is survived by a son who resides at Manchester Center, a small hamlet two miles northwest of this place. The remains will be taken to Rochester on Saturday and the interment will be at River Side Cemetery in that city. The deceased was 87 years of age, and had a large circle of friends in this place and vicinity.

From Shortsville Enterprise 29 September 1911

Coroner D. A. Eiseline of High street was summoned to Manchester Center on Saturday morning to view the remains of Arthur C. Merritt, whose lifeless body had been found that morning on the floor of his mill by a neighbor's boy about seven o'clock. The Coroner gave the cause of death as uremic poisoning. Mr. Merritt had conducted the mill in that place for the last fifteen years and lived alone in rooms in the same building. He also ran a small store in connection with his business. It is thought that he had died only a short time before the discovery by the boy. His age was about 56 years and he was born in this State. The remains were taken to Rochester on Monday for burial beside his mother, whose death occurred during the month of August, 1909. He leaves a wife and two sons, Arthur and Claude Merritt, all of Rochester.

From Ontario County Journal 6 February 1891

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - C. W. Merritt
died at his residence last Thursday after a long illness, aged 63 years. He was a member of Company B., 3d New York cavalry, and for 12 years had served the town in the capacity of Justice of the Peace. Funeral services were held at the family residence Saturday at 2 p.m., Rev. P. M. Harman officiating.

From Ontario County Chronicle 21 May 1902

Friday occurred the death at his home on the east shore of the lake of Charles Merritt, a well-known farmer, aged 62 years. Death was due to Bright's disease. He is survived by a wife and two sons, George and Charles Merritt, of this village. The funeral was largely attended on Sunday afternoon.

From Ontario County Journal 16 August 1912

The death of Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Merritt, wife of Henry G. Merritt, occurred at her home in West avenue last week Friday, aged 78 years. Death was due to general debility. Besides her husband, she leaves one daughter, Mrs. Ada A. Sumter; one son, George M. Merritt, both of Canandaigua; and two sisters, Mrs. J. S. Capen and Mrs. Amanda Clark of Saranac, Mich. The funeral services were held from the residence on Sunday afternoon, with burial in West avenue cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 2 July 1915

Henry John Merritt,
aged 82 years, passed away at his home on West avenue, on Tuesday morning. Death was due to general debility. He leaves one daughter, Mrs. Ada Sumner, of Canandaigua, a son, George E. Merritt, of Naples; and a sister, Mrs. G. E. Eldridge of Macedon. Rev C. M. Eddy officiated at the funeral services held yesterday afternoon. Interment was in West Avenue cemetery. Mr. Merritt was a musician of a great deal of experience. He played the violin, and previous to his residence in Canandaigua, he directed several orchestras.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 31 July 1929

Geneva, N. Y., July 30 -
Funeral services for Mrs. Nellie G. Merselis, who died suddenly at the home of her aunt, Mrs. John Fitzwater, after walking a short distance from her own home, was held today. She leaves her husband, three daughters, Mrs. Sarah House, Miss Lois A. Merselis and Miss Florence E. Merselis; and one brother, Ernest Van Tuyle of Branchport.

From Ontario County Chronicle 31 July 1901

Farmington, N. Y. - The funeral of Mrs. George D. Merserean was held Sunday afternoon at the family residence in Farmington. Her death occurred on Friday after a long illness. She was a member of the Presbyterian church at Shortsville. The services were conducted by her pastor, Rev. J. C. Glover and burial was at South Farmington cemetery. A husband and three daughters survive.

From Geneva Daily Times 7 January 1902

Michael Mertz,
of Vine Valley, died at the Geneva City Hospital at 6 o'clock this morning, aged 54 years.  The deceased had been a patient at the hospital three weeks.  The cause of death was Bright's disease.  The remains were removed to Kennedy's undertaking rooms.  The body will be taken to Vine Valley tonight, where the funeral and interment will take place.

From Naples Record 16 September 1896

Augustus T. Metcalf,
Superintendent of the Canandaigua water works, died suddenly in a Rochester restaurant Friday evening of heart disease. He had been to the City hospital for treatment and had left the institution but a few hours before. Mr. Metcalf was a son of the late Jabez Metcalf and brother of Judge J. Henry Metcalf. He was 32 years of age, and leaves a wife, one young son, a brother and sister.

From Ontario County Journal 17 December 1886

Henry Metcalf, a well-known resident of this town, died very suddenly and unexpectedly at his home on East street on Tuesday morning. He retired in apparent good health on Sunday evening but was soon after taken with a fit of epilepsy from which he died in the short space of two days. Mr. Metcalf was a very successful farmer and widely known as a breeder of Hampshire Down sheep. He leaves a wife, two daughters and a son. The funeral services were held yesterday at eleven o'clock.

From Ontario County Journal 20 April 1906

Hiram Metcalf,
the oldest member of the Canandaigua bar, died at his home on Dungan street, at a late hour on Thursday evening, April 12, in the 84th year of his age. He had been ill for a long time. His birth place was Naples, but nearly all his life had been spent in this village. His parents were Jabez and Nancy Metcalf. Previous to 1863, Mr. Metcalf was for a number of years in charge of all the loans of the Gibson estate, and he employed a force of clerks in his offices in the Bank block. His legal career covered nearly half a century. For 36 years, he was clerk of the board of supervisors, his service covering these years: 1871-1874, 1876-1882, 1885-1895. He was a strong Republican and was keenly interested in all the affairs of his party. Mr. Metcalf married Miss Jane Berryhill, who died about three years ago. A short time before the death of Mrs. Metcalf, the golden anniversary of their wedding was quietly celebrated. Three children survive: Samuel G. Metcalf of New York; Mrs. Otis Strong of Auburn; and Miss Henrietta Metcalf of the Franco-American college at Springfield, Mass. The funeral was held from St. John's church on Monday morning at 11 o'clock, Rev. F. P. Harrington officiating. The remains were placed in the vault at Woodlawn.

From Ontario County Chronicle 22 July 1903

Mrs. Hiram Metcalf
died at her home in Dungan street on Wednesday morning last, aged 75 years. Her death occurred on the fifty-first anniversary of her marriage. Her death was due to her advanced age and a general breaking down. Last winter and spring, she spent with her daughter, Miss Henrietta Metcalf at Springfield, Mass., returning to her home here several weeks ago. She is survived by her husband, one son, Samuel G. Metcalf of New York and two daughters, Mrs. Otis Strong of Auburn and Miss Henrietta G. Metcalf of Springfield, Mass. The funeral was largely attended from the family home Friday morning at 11 o'clock. The interment was in Woodlawn.

Empire State Universalist, Carthage NY, March 1927

Mrs. Isabel Ferris Metcalf died at her home on Bristol St., Canandaigua, N.Y., on Wednesday, January 26, 1927.  Mrs. Metcalf was born near Auburn, N.Y., on October 6, 1852.  She was educated in the schools near her home and at Clinton Liberal Institute.  In 1897 she was married to Ephriam Metcalf of Canandaigua, and resided in and near this city until the time of her death.  From her earliest years until her marriage she was a regular attendant of the Auburn Universalist Church.  When All Soulsí Universalist Church was organized in this city in 1904 she became a regular attendant at all of its services, though she did not withdraw her membership from the Auburn Church.  She was also a life member of the Womenís National Missionary Association.  Mrs. Metcalf loved her church dearly and was vitally interested in all the activities of the State and National organizations as well as in those of the local parish.  To have known and worked with her was indeed a rare privilege.

This contribution was kindly donated by Karen Dau, Rochester NY
Archivist, NY State Convention of Universalists

From Ontario County Journal 20 April 1883

On Friday, April 13th, this community was pained to hear that Jabez H. Metcalf, Esq., had received a stroke of paralysis, which it was feared, at his time of life, would prove fatal. These fears appear to have been well-founded, for Mr. Metcalf passed away at 12 M. on Thursday, April 19th. Jabez H. Metcalf was born in what is now Yates county (then Ontario), August 1, 1813, and was consequently nearly 70 years of age. He came to Canandaigua in 1837, where he studied law, and was admitted to the bar in 1843. Soon after, in 1844, he was elected President of the village, and Supervisor of his town in 1848. He was a member of the law firm of Lapham & Metcalf from 1846 to 1848, and of that of Metcalf & Field from 1863 to 1883. During this long law practice of 40 years, his counsel was much sought and relied upon, and he has always been held in the highest esteem as a man and a citizen. In the family of Mr. Metcalf may be found the only instance where three generations have been represented in the Board of Supervisors. Jabez Metcalf, his grandfather, was a member of the Board in 1803, Jabez Metcalf, his father, in 1822, and Jabez H. in 1848. Mr. Metcalf leaves a widow, two daughters, Susan and Elizabeth, and two sons, Augustus and J. Henry, besides his brother, Hiram, to mourn his departure.

From Ontario County Journal 3 March 1899

Rushville, N. Y. - James E. Metcalf
died on Thursday, Feb 23, very suddenly. He had been very ill for two weeks with typhoid fever and congestion of the lungs, but was considered better, and on Thursday afternoon was up, having the bed arranged, talking and laughing with his wife, when, upon coughing, he felt something give way and he died in a short time. An autopsy was held by Drs. Halstead and Wilkin, and Stevenson of Gorham, revealing a rupture in the heart. He leaves a wife and three sons by a former wife. He lived about three miles east of the village on a farm and conducted a milk business in Rushville. He was an upright business man, respected by all, and a member of the Baptist church at Gorham. The funeral was held at the home on Monday at 11 a.m., conducted by Rev. Davis of Gorham, assisted by Rev. F. T. Hoover of Rushville. The interment was at Gorham.

From Ontario County Journal 29 May 1874

John Metcalf,
brother of Jabez H. and Hiram Metcalf, of this village, died at his residence in Naples, on Saturday, the 16th inst., aged 49 years.  His disease was consumption.  He was an upright citizen and greatly esteemed by all who knew him. Most of his life had been spent in the vicinity where he died.

From Geneva Daily Times 28 May 1902

Mrs. Mary Metcalf,
widow of the late Henry Metcalf, died at the family residence at Halls Corners yesterday, aged 88 years. The deceased is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Alice Sutherland, of Seneca, and one son, Warren Cowing of Hammondsport. The funeral services will take place from the house at 2:30 o'clock Thursday afternoon.  Rev. N. B. Temple will officiate. Interment will be in Log church cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 10 April 1902

Thomas J. Metcalf
died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. H. B. Connolly, 40 Grove street, at 8:05 o'clock last night, aged 66 years.  The cause of death was a complication of diseases.  The deceased removed here from Romulus last October.  He had been a resident of Romulus for 57 years.  Declining health compelled him to give up farming last summer.  The deceased is survived by a wife, by three daughters, Mrs. Cassus Hofmann, Mrs. Andrew Moore and Mrs. H. B. Connolly of this city; by one son, Adelbert T. Metcalf of the Town of Varick; by two brothers, James L. Metcalf of Varick and Martin L. Metcalf of Seneca Falls; and by two sisters, Mrs. Sibyl A. Hunt of this city, and Mrs. Marvin Brown of Varick.  A short funeral service will be held at 9:30 o'clock tomorrow morning at the house in Grove street.  Rev. W. W. Weller, assisted by Rev. J. Wilford Jacks, will officiate.  The remains will be taken to Romulus on the 10:52 o'clock Lehigh Valley train.  The funeral will take place from the Romulus Presbyterian church at 1:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.  Interment will be in the Romulus cemetery.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 24 July 1924

Geneva, July 24 - Mrs. Catherine Meyer,
90 years old, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Henry Meyer, No. 18 Jefferson avenue. Death was indirectly caused by a fall which she sustained a week ago. Surviving are two sons, John Hammer and Fred Meyer of Waterloo; three daughters, Mrs. Harry Weist of Waterloo; Mrs. Reinhart Salzman of Buffalo; and Mrs. Henry Meyer of Geneva. Funeral services will be held from the house at 2:30 o'clock Thursday afternoon, Rev. H. E. Ritz of Rochester officiating. Interment will be made in Glenwood Cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 13 September 1895

Naples, N. Y. - Mrs. Harriet Harvey Meyer
died on Thursday last, aged 34 years. Besides a husband, she leaves an infant child, four weeks old, and a little son of six years. She was the wife of R. F. Meyer, a prominent business man of this place. She was one of the leading women of the German Lutheran society, and full of good works. The funeral was one of the largest ever attended here. In the funeral processions were members of the order of Odd Fellows, the Ladies' Missionary society of the Lutheran church and a long line of citizens. Revs. Klein and Anthony officiated.

From Geneva Daily Times 3 December 1903

John Meyer,
seventy-three years of age, died at 12:07 o'clock this afternoon at the home of his granddaughter, Mrs. W. C. Buchholz, No. 281 Washington street, from heart trouble after an illness of a week. The deceased came from Lyons to this city four and a half years ago. He is survived by three sons, John Meyer, jr., of Corning, George Meyer of Lyons and Michael Meyer of this city; two daughters, Mrs. Roudolph Buchholz of Syracuse, and Mrs. Julius Buchholz of this city, and two brothers, George and Leonard Meyer, both of Waterloo.

From Geneva Gazette 1 December 1899

Mr. George H. Meyers
died very suddenly last Sunday evening at his home on Tillman st.  Life went out in the twinkling of an eye, either of apoplexy or heart disease.  His age was about 68 years.  He had been deputy sheriff at times and constable for a great many years, and served as assignee in many cases of assignments.  He had long been a Free Mason and attained rank as a Noble of the Mystic Shrine -- was held in high esteem by the fraternity.  He leaves a widow, the sister of Mr. Geo. W. Proctor, who feels keenly her sudden and unlooked-for bereavement.  He opened the first 99 cent store in Geneva.  He also opened the Corner Drug Store, which he afterward sold to W. O. Neily.  He was United States Deputy Marshal for one term.  He is survived by an adopted daughter, Miss Clara Myers of Utica, and two sisters, Mrs. Alice M. Hobson of this city, and Mrs. Eli Robinson of Hastings, Mich.  His funeral took place last Wednesday afternoon from the Methodist Church at 3:30, Rev. Dr. Broadway officiating.  Geneva Commandery, K. T. acted as escort to the remains.  Interment in Glenwood cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 2 January 1909

Mrs. Grace Elliott Meyers,
wife of Charles Meyers, died at her home, No. 20 Goodelle Terrace, yesterday morning at 4 o'clock. She leaves a three-months' old baby; four sisters, Misses Carrie and Jessie Elliott, and Mrs. P. A. Wilcox of Clifton Springs; and Mrs. Jacob Brosard of Lockport; one brother, Frank Elliott of Warsaw, and her father, E. F. Elliott of Medina. A brief prayer will be said at the house by Rev. J. B. Hubbs, D. D., at 12:30 o'clock tomorrow and at 3 o'clock the funeral service will be held in the Baptist church in Clifton Springs. Rev. B. A. Sage will officiate and interment will be at Gypsum.

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