"Li" to "Lon" Obituaries

From Geneva Daily Times 20 November 1945

The funeral of Alexander Liberatore was conducted this morning at 8:30 o'clock from his late home, 16 Dove street, and at 9 o'clock at St. Francis Desales Church. Rev. Edward K. Ball celebrated a solemn requiem mass, Rev. William O'Brien was deacon, and Rev. Valentine Jankowiak also officiated at the interment in St. Patrick's Cemetery. Bearers were Anthony Cocola, Patrick Visco, Joseph Petrucci, John Damico, Fred Snowney, and Edward Questa. A firing escort from Company K was headed by Corporal Frank Pullano and included Corporal Lyle Hargrove, Privates First Class Robert Sherman, Charles Rogers, Glenn Vogt and Privates James Toner, William Bruzee, Charles Mahoney and Samuel Strmandinoli. Taps were sounded by Rodney Kirk, bugler.

From Geneva Daily Times 28 January 1935

Mrs. Ellen Calabrese Liberatore,
of 36 Canal street, died Saturday afternoon after a long illness. She leaves two sons, Giuleo and Vincenzo; and a brother, Vincenzo Calabrese of Geneva. The funeral was held at 8:30 o'clock this morning from her late home and 9 o'clock from St. Francis de Sales church with solemn requiem mass. The celebrant was the Rev. John Healy with Msgr. Walter J. Lee as deacon, and the Rev. Bernard Hanna as sub-deacon. Burial will be made in St. Patrick's cemetery with Fr. Hanna officiating. The bearers were the Messrs. Dominick, Nicollo, Sebastian and Antonio Damico, Angelo Marciello and Antonio Delutaio.

From Geneva Daily Times 18 March 1910

The many friends of Mrs. Anna K. Licht, wife of George F. Licht, were grieved to learn of her death, which occurred this morning at 8 o'clock at the family residence, No. 12 North Genesee street. Although Mrs. Licht has not been in the best of health for some time, she was confined to her bed only for the past two weeks. She was 46 years old. She was born in New York. Twenty-five years ago, as Miss Anna K. Stahmann, she became the wife of George F. Licht and was a most devoted wife and mother. Besides her husband, she leaves two children, Miss Anna E. Licht and Master Edward S. Licht; and two brothers, Albert H. Stahmann of New York and Lewis Stahmann of Brooklyn. The funeral will take place Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the house and at 2:30 o'clock from St. Peter's Episcopal church. Rev. John Brewster Hubbs, D. D., will officiated and interment will be in Glenwood Cemetery.

From Geneva Advertiser Gazette 13 July 1905

Frederick Licht,
originator of the wheat flake and founder of the Patent Cereals Company of Geneva, and its vice-president, died at the home of his son, Louis J. Licht, last Tuesday morning, July 11, at about four o'clock, aged 79 years. He had been living alone in a suite of rooms on Exchange street for some years. It was there he liked to entertain his young boy friends, of whom he had a number, and they always called him "Grandpa Licht." There he would get up suppers for them, tell them incidents of his early days, and always with some good morals attached. Not alone the boys, but he made friends everywhere. He was an honorary member of the 34th Separate Company and of Hydrant Hose Company. He loved amusement that was clean. When he was taken sick a week before, his sons each wanted him at their homes, and finally he consented to go with Louis J. His illness did not last very long; it attacked his heart and he passed away quietly and easily. He was an honest, good old man, and will be greatly missed. One of the three sons, George F., is Mayor of our city, and another, Louis J., is Eminent Commander of Geneva Commandery No. 29, Knights Templar, and all the sons inherit the same honest traits of the father. They have been brought up in the business, and it will go on as smoothly as before.

From Geneva Gazette 21 September 1894

Suicide of Wm. S. Liddiard of Stanley -
No countryman was better known in Geneva than William S. Liddiard of Stanley. Ever since the "Stanley Creamery" was established, Mr. Liddiard has been a semi-weekly visitor to Geneva, running a double team, selling the product of the creamery in choice butter and sweet buttermilk, and, in season, eggs and other truck.  He was a genial, plain-spoken man, and everybody with whom he had dealings had a liking for him.  Well, poor old "Bill Liddiard" is no more !  He has shuffled off this mortal coil by his own hand.  The story is thus told by a Stanley correspondent of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle: About 9 o'clock yesterday (Sunday) morning William Liddiard, a citizen of Stanley, committed suicide at his home by shooting himself while suffering from temporary insanity.  For two days past Liddiard had been acting strangely, which was attributed to the use of drugs, to which, however, he was not addicted.  Last Saturday night he drove his family, consisting of his daughter and two grandchildren, out of doors by threatening to shoot them.  Early next morning he stabbed himself three times with his jack-knife and when Dr. Craft, of Stanley, was dressing the wounds, he pulled a pistol and attempted to shoot, but the doctor and others in the room escaped, whereupon Liddiard locked himself tightly in his room, putting the bedstead against the door.  Later, about 9 o'clock, the party, reinforced, were endeavoring to gain an entrance, when they heard two pistol shots in rapid succession, and thinking the shots intended for them, retired hastily, leaving the insane man to his devices until noon, when a constable from Gorham broke in the door and found the man dead. Coroner Hollenbeck, of Canandaigua, was summoned, and the body placed in an undertaker's care.  Liddiard was 60 years of age, and had always lived in Stanley.  His wife died about three years ago.  Since then Mrs. Cameron, his widowed daughter, with her two children, have constituted his family.

From Geneva Gazette 17 July 1896

Dropped Dead - Mr. George Lightfoot,
colored, an insurance agent, died suddenly of heart disease yesterday afternoon. About 4 o'clock Mr. Lightfoot, who was a very fleshy man, was walking past Pembroke's saloon on Castle street when he became faint and seemed about to fall, when Mr. Pembroke called him in and told him to rest.  He still had difficulty in getting his breath, and went out on the back stoop to get more air.  Mr. Pembroke saw that he was about to fall, and laid him gently on the floor.  Dr. Stebbins was summoned, but by the time he arrived he was unconscious, and expired in a few moments.  

Kennedy's ambulance was sent for and his body cared for.  Mr. Lightfoot had only recently moved to Geneva, and was an unusually intelligent man.  He had won the respect of all who knew him and was a perfect gentleman.  He represented the Mutual Reserve Insurance Co. of New York, and did a flourishing business.  He leaves a widow.

From Ontario County Chronicle 25 March 1903

Friday evening Mrs. Jane Lightfoot died at her home in Gibson street, aged 87 years. She was born in Epworth, England, but had been a resident of Canandaigua for many years. Mrs. Lightfoot had been in feeble health for a long time, but her death was the result of an acute attack of pneumonia. The funeral was attended from her late home Monday afternoon, the Rev. J. W. Webb, D. D., officiating. She is survived by two sons, William G. of Canandaigua and John R. of Penn Yan; two daughters, Mary Alden of Aurora, Nebraska, and Mrs. Sarah Wilson of this village.

From Ontario County Journal 16 May 1884

Another of our old residents departed this life on Sunday in the person of Mr. John Lightfoot, who died at his residence on Gibson street, after a lingering illness, aged 70 years. He leaves a widow, two sons -- Wm. G. Lightfoot of Canandaigua, and John R. Lightfoot of Penn Yan -- and two daughters, Mrs. Robert Wilson of this village and Mrs. Mary Alden, who resides in Nebraska.

From Ontario County Journal 5 July 1901

Gorham, N. Y. - 
The death of Charles Lightfoote occurred at his home, north of the village, on Saturday, of consumption. He was 39 years of age. The funeral services were held from his late home on Monday at 10 a.m. Rev. Mr. Hermans, of Emory chapel, assisted by Rev. A. Brown of Benton, officiated. Mr. Lightfoote had been a great sufferer for the past year. He leaves a wife and five children. Interment was made in the Gorham cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 18 April 1884

Mr. E. C. Lilly
died at Cheshire on Monday, and his funeral took place there Tuesday afternoon. He was 43 years of age. Mr. Lilly won an honorable record as a soldier during the war, and at the time of his death was a member of the Charles R. Lilly Post, G. A. R., which was named after his brother.

From Geneva Daily Times 11 February 1909

The funeral of August E. Limbrecht took place this afternoon at 2 o'clock from the undertaking rooms of Kennedy & Kennedy. Rev. Jules Held officiated and interment was in Glenwood Cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 21 April 1876

Mrs. Amelia Lincoln,
wife of the late Lucius Lincoln, died Thursday, April 13th, at the old homestead in South Bristol. She was 71 years of age.  No one, not acquainted with this estimable lady, can realize the loss that her family sustain in her death. She was the mother of a large family of children who may thank her for inculcating in their minds, in childhood, those virtues which make them honored and respected in manhood.  She was the mother of Hon. C. S. Lincoln and other respectable sons of Naples and South Bristol.  For nearly half a century she had lived where she died, respected by all who knew her. Her funeral services were held at the M. E. Church, Naples, Sunday last.

From Shortsville Enterprise 23 September 1921

The death of Mrs. Clementine Lincoln, relict of Ira W. Lincoln, occurred at her home in the township of Hopewell on Sunday evening at 11 o'clock, following an illness covering a period of eight months. Her age was 83 years. The survivors are four daughters, Mrs. Alice Clement of Waterloo; Miss Ida C. Lincoln and Mrs. Fred Grace of Hopewell; and Mrs. William Yerkes of Canandaigua; two sons, Ira Lincoln of Canandaigua and John B. Lincoln, of Dayton, Ohio; two sisters, Misses Louise and Belle Warfield of Shortsville, and one brother, Eugene E. Warfield, also of Shortsville. The funeral services were held from her late home on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by Rev. J. J. Edwards of Rochester, and Rev. G. F. Crawford of Chapin. The interment was made in the cemetery at Reeds Corners.

From Geneva Gazette 24 August 1900

Hon. Cyrillo S. Lincoln
died at his home in Naples on the 17th inst., aged 67 years.  He was a member of Assembly from the second district of this county in 1872 and 1875.

From Naples Record 12 January 1878

Eunice Lincoln
died at the residence of Wm. Wood last Sunday, of consumption. Her age was 33 years. She was buried on Tuesday after appropriate services at the Bristol Springs school house by Rev. J. C. Hitchcock.

From Ontario County Times 18 February 1885

Mr. Henry Lincoln,
who died at his home on the east side of the lake on the 1st instant, was one of the oldest residents of this town. He had lived on the farm on which he died ever since he was three years old, and was highly respected for his sterling qualities of mind and heart. His wife died three years ago. Five children survive him: Flavius Lincoln who occupies the homestead; Henry Lincoln, who resides in Washington, D. C.; Ira W. Lincoln, who lives in Hopewell; Mrs. Hannah Hawley, widow of the late John Hawley of this village, and Mrs. Julia Hawley, wife of Dr. J. A. Hawley, also of this village.

From Ontario County Journal, 13 October 1905

The death of Ira Wood Lincoln, a well known market gardener of Hopewell, occurred on Wednesday. He had been in failing health, caused by a chronic kidney trouble for more than a year, and he was taken to the Memorial hospital a few days before his death. He was 69 years of age. His wife and eight children survive him: Ira, John and Carl, and Miss Ida Lincoln, Mrs. William Yerkes, Mrs. Nellie Grace, Mrs. Albert Lockwood, of this place, and Mrs. Wilbur Clement, of Geneva. The funeral will be held from his late home on Sunday afternoon.

From Ontario County Journal 11 September 1891

Reed's Corners, N. Y. -
We are grieved to announce the sad death of one of our most noble and beloved friends, Mrs. Lillie Douglass Lincoln, which occurred on Thursday last. Mrs. Lincoln was a member of the Baptist Church at the Corners, and she will be greatly missed by the church as well a by the hosts of warm friends who mourn her loss. Death has again chosen a bright and shining light. The funeral was held at the house on Saturday -- interment at Gorham.

From Ontario County Journal 29 June 1888

Naples, N. Y. -
We mourn the sudden death of a good man, one of our most reliable citizens. Mr. Linus F. Lincoln, older brother of Hon. C. S. Lincoln, dropped down dead on Saturday evening with heart disease. He was 61 years old, and in his ordinary full health. He had worked hard during the day on his farm, and had gone over to his neighbor's in the evening and fell while talking with him in the yard. Mr. Lincoln's character was almost spotless. He had lived all of his life in this vicinity, and there is not one to rise up and charge him with wrong. He was a prosperous farmer, living about one mile from the village. He was a member of, and a pillar in the Methodist church. He married Mary Ann Hawkins, daughter of Benson Hawkins, and had three daughters, all married. The funeral was attended by people from all over the town and by those in adjoining towns, a great multitude being present. It was held Monday afternoon. This is the second death in that large family of children -- Lieut. Spencer F. Lincoln, who died in the army, being the first.

From Naples Record 20 March 1875

Lucius Lincoln,
South Bristol, aged 76 years, died on Thursday morning. Mr. Lincoln was an old resident of this vicinity, and too well-known and respected to need comment from our individual self. He had spent all, or nearly all, his many years in our midst, filling the every post of Christian, neighbor, husband, father, etc. in the most exemplary manner. He had reared to mature age a large family, a portion of whom have taken prominent places in he annals of our state and county, and all are the best of citizens. After a long life of toil and good, the worthy gentleman leaves a void in the M. R. church, of which he was so long an exemplary member, in the family circle, the community that cannot be filled, and will be deeply mourned. The Funeral services will be held from his late residence tomorrow morning at 11 a.m.

From Ontario County Times 27 February 1867

An obliging correspondent reports a melancholy case of suicide, which occurred in South Bristol on the 14th inst. It appears that Mrs. Lydia Lincoln, wife of William Lincoln, who had for some time previously been in poor health and greatly depressed in mind, proceeded to the Lake and walked out upon the ice until she came to an opening, when she precipitated herself into the water, and was drowned. Efforts were made to recover the body of the unfortunate woman, but at last accounts it had not been found. The search was to be continued.

From Ontario County Journal 13 April 1917

Naples, N. Y. -  Mrs. Lydia Powell Lincoln,
aged 75 years, died at her home on Main street on Sunday afternoon. She had been in failing health for some time, but was confined to her bed only a few days. She was born in Dutchess county, the daughter of Shotwell and Sarah Clapp Powell. When she was two years old, her parents came to South Bristol and bought the farm now and occupied by a son, Israel Powell. Lydia Powell was married to William E. Lincoln of South Bristol and they resided there until about 20 years ago when they moved to this village. Mr. Lincoln died about two years ago. Two sons survive, Egbert P. Lincoln, of Mahwah, N. J., and Marshall T. of South Bristol; one brother, Israel Powell; several grandchildren. Funeral services were held on Wednesday, Rev. C. C. Penfold, pastor of the Methodist church, of which Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln were members for over 50 years, officiating. Burial was in Rose Ridge cemetery.

From Naples Record 13 March 1901

Monday evening occurred the death of Mrs. Mary Lincoln, widow of the late L. N. Lincoln, at Willard. Mrs. Lincoln was to have been brought to her old home about two weeks ago, but was taken ill and died as above stated. Her age was about 75 years. The remains were brought to this village at noon today and taken to her old home, from whence funeral services will be held tomorrow at 2pm.

From Ontario County Journal 11 July 1902

The death of Myron H. Lincoln occurred at the home of his brother-in-law, Charles Chapin, in the town of Hopewell on Wednesday. The deceased was 82 years of age. He is survived by two daughters, Miss Fannie Lincoln of Hopewell, and Mrs. Childs of Niagara Falls. The funeral will be held at the Chapin home this morning at 11 o'clock. The remains will be taken to Bedford, Ind. for burial.

From Geneva Daily Times 22 January 1910

Samuel G. Lincoln
died this morning at 6:30 o'clock at his late home, No. 30 West street, after an illness of Bright's disease. The deceased was 41 years old. For twenty years Mr. Lincoln had been employed as clerk at the Geneva National Bank. He was active in St. Phillip's Mission of Trinity church. Besides his widow, he leaves two children. The funeral will take place Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from the family residence and at 3 o'clock from Trinity church. Rev. C. M. Sills, D. D., rector of Trinity church will officiate and interment will be in Washington Street Cemetery.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 16 February 1915

Canandaigua, Feb. 15 - The death of William Lincoln occurred in his home on the Geneva turnpike last night about 10 o'clock. Mr. Lincoln's death was due to a cancer from which he had been suffering for some time. He leaves his wife, two sons and a daughter, Rev. C. M. Eddy, pastor of the Methodist Church, will conduct the funeral to be held from the Lincoln home Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment will be made in the West Avenue cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 23 July 1915

Naples, N. Y. - 
On Monday afternoon, William E. Lincoln passed away at his home on South Main Street, after having lingered at the point of death for four weeks. Mr. Lincoln was 80 years old, a son of Lucius Lincoln, formerly of this place, Mr. Lincoln being the last of the family. He spent his entire life in this vicinity. He was married to Miss Lydia Moss, who lived but a short time. Later, he married Miss Lydia Moss. who survives, with their two sons, Marshall, who lives on the home farm in South Bristol, and Egbert, of Rahway, N. J.

From Geneva Daily Times 1 November 1907

Charles Lindenberg,
aged 64 years, died last evening at his residence, No. 15 Burrall avenue. The cause of death was dropsy. The deceased is survived by his wife, four sons, Eletnoe, John and George of this city, and Ira of Ovid, four daughters, Mrs. M Carragher, Mrs. B. Brown, Miss Anna and Ida Lindenberg, all of this city. The funeral will be held at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon at the house with interment in Glenwood Cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 10 January 1913

Christopher Lindner,
one of Canandaigua's oldest residents, died at his home on Chapel street early yesterday morning, following a short illness. The aged man was up and about on Monday, and that day cut down and chopped up a tree. He caught cold while at work and contracted the fatal illness. Deceased was born at Reudenhausen, Bavaria, Jan. 6, 1833. He came to Canandaigua in 1872, and had since resided here. Up to three years ago he was employed as a cooper at Canandaigua brewery. Mr. Lindner's wife died about 3 years ago. There survive two daughters, Mrs. Benjamin Rainer, and Elizabeth Lindner, of this place; and two sons, Dr. John Lindner of this place, and Andrew Lindner of East Rochester. Two sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth Eiseline of this place, a sister in Germany, and one brother, Michael Lindner of New York City also survive. Rev. Guy L. Morrill will officiate at the funeral services tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Interment will be at Woodlawn.

From Ontario County Journal 11 May 1900

On Saturday morning occurred the funeral of Edward Lindner, late of the firm of Lindner Bros. Deceased was 44 years old and a prominent men in local affairs. Mr. Lindner had for a year or two traveled much in search of relief from the dread disease, consumption, but a couple of months ago gave it up and returned home here, whee he had gradually grown worse. He was a man whom it was always a pleasure to meet, being of the sunny, genial nature. More than one felt a deep and true sorrow when he was called so early from a life which seemed so full of promise. The beautiful floral designs sent as a last tribute gave evidence of the many and sympathetic friends. Besides a mother and two brothers and one sister, he is survived by two sons, Ralph and Eddie.

From Ontario County Chronicle 14 May 1902

George Lindner,
aged 77 years, died at his home in this village on Thursday night after a brief illness. He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. John Dorsch, of Lafayette, Ind. The deceased was a native of Germany, coming to this country in the early '50's. He located in Rochester, where he found work as a cooper in the original Bartholomay brewery. He was an expert workman, and after working in Rochester for several years, he came to Canandaigua and entered the employ of J. & A. McKechnie, a brewing firm then in its infancy. He worked for the McKechnies for thirty years, during which time he saved enough to take care of himself comfortably in his old age. His funeral was largely attended on Sunday.

From Ontario County Journal 22 June 1900

Clifton Springs, N. Y. -  Mrs. Margaret Lindner
died at her home on Main street Sunday morning. Mrs. Lindner had been an invalid for some years and since the death of her son some weeks ago, had failed rapidly. She and her husband were among the first settlers of this village. Deceased was 69 years old and leaves three children, Frank Lindner, Mrs. Leonard Fischer, and George Lindner, all of this place.

From Ontario County Journal 22 April 1910

On Monday evening at Rochester, occurred the death of Mrs. Sophia Lindner, wife of Christopher Lindner of Chapel street, aged 68 years. Mrs. Lindner had been in poor health for some months and with hopes of getting better, she went to visit her daughter, Mrs. Benjamin Rainer of Rochester. Her condition grew worse and she was taken to the City Hospital where she died. Deceased was born in Germany and came to Canandaigua 38 years ago. Besides her husband, she is survived by two sons, Andrew and Dr. John J. Lindner of Canandaigua, Mrs. Benjamin Rainer of Rochester; and one brother, John Dorsch, of Tampa, Florida. The funeral service was held yesterday afternoon, Rev. Guy L. Morrill officiating and interment was in Woodlawn.

From Ontario County Journal 19 October 1917

Farmington, N. Y. - 
The death of Mrs. Rhoda Lindsay, who resided southeast of this village, occurred on Oct. 10. She was born in the town of Lewis on April 6, 1860, and had resided in Rochester for several years, but for the past seven years had lived here. She is survived by her husband, George Lindsay, and three daughters, Mrs. Sarah Weller and Mrs. Bertha Melne, of Rochester, and Mrs. Ethel Gardner, of this town, two sons, George Lindsay of Canada, and Bert Allen Lindsay of Tennessee. Funeral services were held from her late home on Saturday afternoon, conducted by Rev. Reuben J. Payne, pastor of the Friends Church. Interment was in North Farmington cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 3 May 1904

Shortsville, N. Y. - Mrs. Sophia D. Lindsay,
eighty-three years, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. C. E. Hann, Sunday morning. She was born in Elmira and had spent the last seven years of her life here. Two daughters and three sons survive:  Mrs. S. E. Stage of Hornellsville; Mrs. Charles E. Hann of Shortsville; Luther Lindsay of Grand Rapids, Mich.; Fred Lindsay of Shortsville; William Lindsay of Grand Rapids, Mich. The funeral was held at the home at four o'clock yesterday afternoon, Rev. Charles Eddy of the M. E. church officiating. Burial was at Breeseport near Elmira.

From Ontario County Journal 22 February 1889

Rushville, N. Y. - Mr. A. C. Lindsley died at his residence near this village Monday afternoon, Feb. 18th, aged 68 years. The funeral will be held in the M. E. church Friday at one o'clock p.m. Mr. Lindsley's life was very active and successful, with large business interests carefully and skillfully conducted. A wife and son survive him. A more extended history of his life will doubtless soon be prepared.

From Ontario County Times 4 April 1888

Rushville, N. Y. -
The funeral of Elger B. Lindsley was held on Thursday of last week from the M. E. church of this place, at 11 o'clock a.m. The services were conducted by the members of the a. O. U. W. of Rushville and West River lodges.

From Ontario County Journal 24 September 1915

The death of Mrs. Eunice Lindsley occurred on Tuesday morning at 4 o'clock at her home in Rushville, aged 91 years. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Husted and was born in Greenwich, Conn., Aug. 19, 1824. She had been a member of the Methodist church of Rushville for a great many years and was a charter member of the Rushville Auxiliary of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society. She leaves one son, M. B. Lindsley of Canandaigua; and one sister, Mrs. O. L. Jackson, of Rushville. Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon from the home on Gilbert street, Rev. J. J. Edwards officiating. Burial was in Rushville cemetery.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 29 April 1939

Canandaigua, N. Y. -  Mrs. Nora Linehan,
83, widow of Thomas Linehan, died Thursday night in her home, Pleasant St. She was born in Hopewell and had resided here 55 years. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Clarence Taylor, and two sons, George L. and Fred W. Linehan, all of Canandaigua. Funeral services will be held at 9 a.m. Monday in St. Mary's Church with burial in Calvary Cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 22 October 1915

The death of Timothy Linehan, aged 55 years, occurred at his home on Gorham Street on Tuesday morning. Deceased was employed as a mason by the New York Central Railroad Company until compelled by illness to retire. There survive his wife, one son, William; three daughters, Mary E., Gertrude C. and Louise A. Linehan; three brothers, Thomas, Patrick and Samuel Linehan, all of Canandaigua; one sister, Mrs. Ellen Finn of Rochester. The funeral services were held at St. Mary's church yesterday morning. Interment was made in Calvary cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 5 August 1908

Mrs. Timothy Linehan
of White Springs avenue died this morning at 4:10 o'clock after an illness of about three weeks of pneumonia. She leaves her husband and six sons, John of New York City, Timothy, of Binghamton, James, Patrick, Cornelius and Daniel of this city, also two daughters, Mrs. P. Handlan and Miss Elizabeth Linehan of this city. Burial St. Patrick's Cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 6 November 1903

West Bloomfield, N. Y. -  Daniel Lines,
an aged resident of this town, died on Monday morning after a short illness. He leaves a wife and four children. The funeral was held from St. Joseph's church on Wednesday morning, Rev. Simon Fitz Simons officiating. Interment was at Lima.

From Geneva Advertiser 9 February 1904

The Canandaigua papers announced the death there last Tuesday night of Edwin Lines, who formerly conducted a shoe store there. He was asphyxiated. Going into his room on Niagara street, he lighted an oil lamp and a gas stove, lay down on the bed without removing his clothes. Next morning he was discovered dead, passed in some time during the night. If we are not mistaken, he was one of the Lines Brothers who at one time had seven shoe stores in Western New York, under the firm of Lines & Sons, one of which was here.

From Geneva Daily Times 15 February 1904

Shortsville, N. Y. - The death of Edwin Lines occurred at the home of his sister, Mrs. Julia A. Felton, at two o'clock Saturday morning. Mr. Lines was eighty-two and was born in Manchester. He spent 55 years of his life in Canandaigua, where he was a prominent shoe dealer. For the past seven years he made his home in this village. Death was due to heart failure. He is survived by one brother, Joseph Lines, of Port Gibson, one half-brother, Dewitt Wilcox of Elmira, and one sister, Mrs. Julia A. Felton of Shortsville. The funeral was held at two o'clock Monday afternoon, Archdeacon L. C. Washburn of Rochester, officiating. The interment was in Canandaigua.

From Ontario County Journal 1 November 1889

Mrs. L. Lurana Lines,
wife of Edwin Lines, Esq., of this village, died at her home on lower Main street, Wednesday morning, of heart disease. The funeral services will be held from the family residence at two o'clock this afternoon. Mrs. Lines was in her seventieth year.

From Geneva Gazette 18 May 1883

Canandaigua, N. Y. - A Fatal Accident - Mr. S. V. Lines,
the well-known boot and shoe merchant of this village, died on Wednesday night of last week as the result of an accident on the Tuesday evening previous.  He had risen from his bed for a drink of water, and was returning when he inadvertently mistook the cellar door for that opening into his room, and fell headlong down the stairs.  Those who hastened to his assistance found him helpless, an injury to the spine having paralyzed the upper portion of the body.  He retained consciousness and was able to talk, however, until within a few hours of his death.  The announcement of the accident and of its fatal termination was received with sorrow by the community, Mr. Lines having been one of the oldest and most enterprising of our business men.  He was about seventy years of age, and leaves a large family, a wife and five children.  Two of his sons, S. V. Lines, jr., and Wm. H. Lines, are engaged in business in Rochester.  Another son, Edwin Lines, 2d, is located in Buffalo.  Can. Times.

From Ontario County Chronicle 28 October 1903

Reed's Corners, N. Y. -
On October 12 occurred the death of Mrs. Reuben Link, aged 70 years. Mrs. Link had been suffering from a cold the past three weeks, but was taken seriously ill on Friday and died Monday evening. Besides her husband, she leaves five children, Lorenzo and Theodore Link and Mrs. Mary A. Powell of this place; Mrs. Jane Moore of Canandaigua; Mrs. Emma Spoor of Clifton; and two brothers, John Miller of this place, Tunis Miller, and two sisters, Mrs. Jane Snyder and Miss Adaline Miller of Columbia county. Interment at Gorham cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 29 October 1875

On Thursday night about 2 a.m., Samuel Linkletter, who resides near the "dairy farm," met with a fatal accident. He arose at that hour to go downstairs, and fell to the bottom.  His wife heard him fall and hastening to the foot of the stairs found him insensible; she at once called in a neighbor and sent for Dr. Gallagher.  He was found to be dead, and the doctor pronounced his neck broken.  His death must have been instantaneous.  He was father of Orson Linkletter of this village who, with the remainder of the family, has the sympathy of the entire community. Naples Record.

From Geneva Daily Times 9 May 1900

Mrs. Caroline Linkner
died at the City hospital at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, aged 39 years. The deceased had been at the hospital three days. Her death was the result of an operation. She is survived by a husband, Frederick Linkner, and several children. The funeral will take place from the family residence on the White Springs road at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Interment will be in Glenwood Cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 1 May 1944

Mrs. Elizabeth Linkner,
aged 91, died early Sunday morning in the Wilkins Nursing Home. Surviving are two sons, Fred W. Behrens of Phelps R. D. 2, and William Behrens of Geneva; four grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; several step-sons and step-daughters; a brother, William of St. Paul, Minn. Funeral rites are scheduled for Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from the Bennett Funeral Home. Rev. C. A. Rieder, pastor of the First Evangelical Church will officiate and interment will be in Glenwood Cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 3 March 1919

Mrs. Esther Leona Linkner,
aged 19 years, wife of Edward Linkner, of 14 Davis Street, died last night at 6:50 o'clock at her home, following an illness of one week. Besides her husband, she leaves one daughter, Henrietta Rose, her father and mother, Emmett J. and Marietta Smith of this city; two brothers, Chester E. and James Smith, also of this city. The funeral will be held at the residence on Davis street Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock. The interment will be made in Brookside cemetery in Cromwell's Hollow.

From Geneva Daily Times, December 26, 1929, page 9

Mrs. Marie Linkner, aged 74 years, widow of the late August Linkner, died this morning at 2 o'clock at her home on the White Springs road after a short illness. She is survived by six daughters, Mrs. Fred Yost, Mrs. Charles Pries and the Misses Josephine and Wilhemina Linkner of Geneva, Mrs. Harry Connell of Penn Yan and Mrs. W. M. Hagadorn of Lockwood, N. Y.; three sisters, Mrs. Louise Olsowske of MacDougall, Mrs. Anna Lobitz and Mrs. Caroline Kalbch of Auer, Germany, and two brothers, Fritz and Godfred Laskowske, of MacDougall. The funeral will be held Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock from her late home on the White Springs road with Rev. Alvin W. C. Starck of the Zion Lutheran church officiating. Interment will be in Glenwood Cemetery. Thanks to Martha McGill for this contribution.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle
19 February 1926

Canandaigua, N. Y., Feb. 18 - Thomas Linton,
81, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. George Hinde, in Bristol street, last evening after a long illness. He leaves two sons, William Linton of Rochester and Alexander Linton of this city; three daughters, Mrs. Hinde of Canandaigua, Mrs. Henry Kaufman of Frederick, Md. and Miss Violet Linton of Washington, D. C.; and two sisters, Mrs. Eliza Reynolds of Gainsburg, Manitoba, Can., and Mrs. Carah Roeller of Cobourg, Can. The funeral will be held Saturday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock with Rev. Bascomb E. Forbush, Congregational church pastor here, officiating. Burial will be in Woodlawn cemetery.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 18 September 1938

Geneva, N. Y. - Mrs. Dollie Bogart Linzy,
66, died Friday in the home of her daughter, Mrs. Laura Scott, after a long illness. Surviving are five daughters, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Erma Scott, Wolcott, Mrs. Cora Johnson, Geneva, Mrs. Viola Scott, Wolcott and Mrs. Mabel Scott, Rochester; three sons, Daniel, James and Minor Linzy, Geneva; 12 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow in the home with burial in Sand Hill Cemetery.

From Clifton Springs Press 10 January 1918

Mrs. Alice D. Lisk
passed to her heavenly home, December 26, 1917, aged 91 years and 26 days. Her husband, Ira P. Lisk, passing away 12 years ago. She was born in Manchester Nov. 28, 1826, and had lived in this vicinity most of her life-time and in Clifton Springs 48 years, had been a member of the M. E. church for 75 years. Mrs. Lisk was the youngest daughter of Anson and Hancy Brainard Nelson, early pioneers of the town of Farmington, coming here at an early date from Hartford, Conn. She leaves one daughter, Carrie A. Lisk of Clifton Springs; a son, Murray A. Lisk of Syracuse; and three grandchildren, Mrs. Alexander Barnett of Rochester, and Beatrice and Jessica Lisk of Syracuse; also a half-sister, Mrs. Hancy Parks of Colon, Mich., and a half-brother, Wallace Nelson of Lansing, Mich. The funeral was held at her home on Tuesday afternoon, Rev. E. F. Albertson, pastor of the M. E. church, conducting the service. Interment was made in the Pearl street cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 26 July 1907

Clifton Springs, N. Y. - The death of David Lisk occurred at his late residence on Broad street, Wednesday evening at 10 o'clock. Mr. Lisk was born at Cooperstown, N. Y., and was 78 years old. He had been a resident of this village for the past 54 years. The funeral services will be held this afternoon at 2 o'clock at the residence. The Rev. J. J. Brayton will officiate at the service. Mr. Lisk is survived by three daughters, Miss Emma Lisk of Clifton Springs; Mrs. Clara Mahaney, and Miss Kate Lisk of Minneapolis, Minn.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 26 November 1929

Clifton Springs, N. Y., Nov. 25 - George W. Lisk,
60, business man, died suddenly today at his home in South street. His death was unexpected although he has been in ill health for some time. He was born at Palmyra, moving to this village at an early age. He was one of the founders of the Lisk Manufacturing Company which originated in this village, later moving to Canandaigua. He leaves his widow, Mrs. Mary Thompson Lisk; two daughters, Mrs. Thomas Scott of Oklahoma and Mrs. Isaac Morris of this village. Funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from his home, Rev. J. B. Felt officiating. Burial will be in Clifton Springs cemetery.

From Geneva Gazette 27 November 1896

Mrs. George W. Lisk,
of Clifton Springs, mother of the six children, four of whom died of diphtheria last wee, has herself succumbed to this terrible disease, her death occurring last Friday.  The other two children are recovering.  Mrs. Lisk is also survived by her husband and her mother, Mrs. DeLarme.

From Geneva Daily Times 12 May 1905

Clifton Springs, N. Y. - Ira P. Lisk
died at his home on West Main street in this village Wednesday. He was born in Otsego county and has lived for the greater part of his life in this village. Mr. Lisk has owned and conducted a saw mill at Coonsville for the past twenty-five years. He drove to it every morning, attended to his duties during the day and returned at night up to a few weeks ago when he was taken quite ill. Mr. Lisk always told his people when asked why he did not lay aside his work and enjoy the remainder of his life, that he "rather wear out than rust out." The cause of his death was old age. He is survived by his wife, one daughter, Miss Carrie Lisk, of this village, one son, Murray Lisk, of Troy, one granddaughter, Miss Reta Lisk, and two sisters and two brothers.

From Geneva Daily Times 19 October 1905

Phelps, N. Y. - P. F. Litle,
73 years old, for nearly twenty years a station agent for the New York Central Railroad company in this village, died this morning from the effects of a stroke of paralysis sustained last March. The deceased was born in Chili, near Rochester, and when quite young, moved to Michigan. There he engaged in the railroad business which he followed up to within one year of his death. Over twenty years ago Mr. Litle moved to this village from Chili and took up the duties of station agent here. In May, 1904, he retired because of old age, and was given a position as flagman at the Church street crossing. While on duty there last March he was stricken with paralysis. The deceased is survived by one son, A. B. Litle, a New York Central engineer, two daughters, Mrs. Fred Linstrom, and Miss Eva Litle, both of this village. The funeral will take place Sunday afternoon and the remains will be taken to Chili for burial.

From Geneva Daily Times 2 April 1908

Mrs. Caroline Traver Little,
widow of the late William Little, died yesterday afternoon at 2:20 o'clock. She was 87 years old, was born in Green county in this state and after her marriage she lived at Hudson, N. Y., later coming to this city, where she has resided for nearly thirty years. She leaves one son, Robert H. Little, and two grandchildren, Harry Little and Miss Maude Little of this city. The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock from the home of Robert H. Little, No. 99 William street. Rev. J. B. Hubbs, D. D., will officiate. The remains will be taken Saturday morning to Hudson, N. Y., for interment.

From Geneva Daily Times 4 April 1933

The death of Robert H. Little of 99 William street, prominent in the grocery business here for forty-three years, occurred at 1:30 o'clock this morning at his home following a short illness. He was in his 83rd year. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Augusta Little; one daughter, Mrs. Maud L. Wirtz; one son, Harry L. Little; a grandson, Edmund Wirtz; and two cousins, Frank D. Hallenbeck of Geneva, and Henry L. Miller of Hudson, N. Y. Mr. Little was born in Hudson on September 17, 1850. He moved to Geneva in 1872 and was employed by the late D. W. Hallenbeck in the grocery business. Upon Mr. Hallenbeck's retirement, a partnership was formed with Mr. Hallenbeck's son, Frank D. Hallenbeck, under the firm name of Hallenbeck and Little in 1886. They continued in business at 81 Seneca street until it was sold in 1915. Since then Mr. Little has been in retirement. Funeral services will be held at 2:30 o'clock Thursday afternoon at his late residence on William street with the Rev. Raymond H. Huse of the First Methodist church, officiating, assisted by the Rev. Fred L. Harper of the First Presbyterian church . Burial will be in Glenwood Cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 11 May 1888

Cheshire, N. Y. - Mrs. Laura Livermore died last Saturday at the house of N. E. Hutchens where she has made it her home for nearly a year. She was stricken with paralysis over a year ago and has been confined to her bed ever since, being almost entirely helpless. She was a sister of the late N. W. Randall, of Bristol. Funeral services were held at the church here last Monday, Rev. George R. Searles conducting the services. The remains were buried in the Academy cemetery by the side of her husband.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 7 February 1933

Geneva, N. Y. , Feb 6 - Mrs. Lydia C. Livermore,
58, wife of Glenn S. Livermore, died yesterday at her home in Pre-emption Road. She leaves her husband; three sons, Louis S. of Pittsburgh, Pa., George and Clarence Livermore of Geneva; two daughters, Mrs. Edward Barlow of Rochester and Doris Livermore of this city; a sister, Mrs. Lena Butterfield of Geneva; and three brothers, William Hemminger of Los Angeles, and Charles and Joseph of Geneva. Funeral Wednesday at 2:30 p.m.

From Ontario County Journal 5 January 1894

Honeoye, N. Y. -
The remains of Mrs. Eva Bentley Livingston, wife of Henry E. Livingston, of Lima, were brought to Lake View for burial last Friday. Mrs. Livingston was formerly from this place and was the daughter of the late Isaac D. Bentley. She died of consumption on Wednesday, December 27, aged 39 years.

From Victor Herald 26 October 1895
Wm. Llewellyn, a well-known resident of Clifton Springs, died Wednesday of last week. He was quite prominent in the affairs of his village, and was engaged in the produce business with his son.

Christian Ambassador, Auburn NY, Sat. 10 May 1855
[a Universalist newspaper]

DEATHS.  In North Bloomfield, Ontario co., on the 22d ult., Mr. JOHN LLOYD, Esq., in the 59th year of his age.  Mr. Lloyd was born in Little Hoosic, Rensselaer co., reared in Plainfield, Otsego co., and came to reside in North Bloomfield, more than thirty-nine years since.  There he married [Orpha Gates], thirty-six years previous to the day of his death, filled many places of public trust with honor, was widely known as an active friend of temperance and many other benevolent enterprizes [sic] of the day, and reared and educated a family of ten children.  He was a kind husband, a tender parent, a useful citizen, and a man much beloved.  From his early manhood he became ardently attached to the cause of Universal Salvation, was always zealous for its support, and aided by his means liberally to promote its prosperity.  With his own hand he drew the subscription that built the Universalist meeting-house in North Bloomfield; he was the warm friend of that great and good man, Rev. Wm. I. Reese, as he had been of every one of his successors in the pastoral care of the Society of which he was so worthy a member.  His funeral services were attended by a large number of personal friends, who came to testify their respects to the memory of a man who has left behind him so large a record of noble deeds.  Services by Bros. G. W. Gage and O. F. Brayton.

This contribution was kindly donated by Karen Dau, Rochester NY
Archivist, NY State Convention of Universalists

From Ontario County Journal 26 June 1885

Died at the residence of her son-in-law, Bolivar Ellis, in Victor, June 8, Mrs. Joanna Lobdell, aged 67 years. Mrs. Lobdell was born in Canandaigua, where she passed the first few years of her life. Removing to Victor in girlhood, she married in 1843 Lyman Lobdell, whom she survived thirty years. Her remaining family consists of three sons, Burton H., and Oliver L. of Victor, Byron J. of Abilene, Kansas, one daughter, Mrs. Frances M. Ellis, and a twin sister, Miss Julia Ann Farr.

From Ontario County Journal 29 December 1882

Victor, N. Y. -
Died, Monday evening, December 25th, Mr. Levi Lobdell, aged seventy-two years, a life-long resident of this town, highly esteemed by his neighbors and friends, having occupied many places of honor and trust. He will be missed, and more especially by his immediate family, an only daughter, to whom he was devotedly attached. The funeral services will be held at the house Thursday, at 2 o'clock p.m.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 12 June 1905

Victor, N. Y. - Mrs. O. M. Lobdell, one of Victor's most beloved women, died at the home of her sister in Pittsford at an early hour Saturday morning. Mrs. Lobdell had been a sufferer for many months from an incurable disease, which gradually wore up her strength until death released her from her suffering. She had been a resident of this village since young womanhood, and her kindly traits of character had made for her a wide circle of friends. She is survived by a husband, one daughter, Miss Ina Lobdell of Victor; three sisters Mrs. D. B. Gillette, Mrs. C. H. Cole of Pittsford, Mrs. J. Berry of Cleveland, Ohio,; and two brothers, W. Armstrong of Spokane, Washington.

From Victor Herald 16 June 1905

Lila Armstrong Lobdell,
wife of Oliver M. Lobdell, of this village, died at the home of her sister, Mrs. C. S. Cole, in Pittsford, on Saturday, June 10th. Mrs. Lobdell had been a sufferer from a chronic trouble for many years. Several months ago her condition became so serious that she went to a Rochester hospital for treatment. Thence, when it became apparent that there could be no improvement in her condition, she was taken to the home of her sister. Mrs. Lobdell was forty-eight years of age. Mrs. Lobdell was a woman of rare Christian character. Her many beautiful graces of heart and mind drew to her the love of family and of a great number of friends. She is survived by her husband and one daughter, Ina; four sisters, Mrs. Ella Stubbs of Victor; Mrs. E. T. Berry of Cleveland, Ohio, and Mrs. C. H. Cole of Pittsford; and Mrs. D. B. Gillett of Rochester; two brothers, C. H. Armstrong of Spokane, Wash., and W. H. Armstrong of Fairport, N. Y. Funeral services were held at the home of Mrs. Stubbs on Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock, the Rev. Margaret Brennen of St. Paul's Universalist church, and Rev. Frickey, C. S. of Rochester, officiating. Interment was had in Boughton Hill cemetery.

From Victor Herald 11 May 1906

Mrs. Anna Jane Locke,
the mother of Fred M. Locke of this village, died at her home in Manchester on Thursday evening, May 3rd, at the age of seventy years. Mrs. Locke is also survived by a daughter, Mrs. Frank Whiting of Manchester, at whose home the funeral was held on Sunday morning. Rev. S. S. Pratt, pastor of Manchester Methodist church, officiated at the funeral services and interment was made in the Phelps cemetery.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 19 August 1939

Victor, April 15 - Fred M. Locke,
inventor of the porcelain insulator and oven glass, died suddenly of heart failure at his home in East Main street about 3:30 this morning. Grief over the death of his son and co-worker, Fred J. Locke, on March 7 undoubtedly shortened the life of the inventor, who was the originator of many devices and materials besides the two which are of paramount importance, the Locke insulator and heat-enduring glass. Mr. Locke was born at West Mendon, April 24, 1861, a son of Mr. and Mrs. William Morton Locke. He became a telegraph operator and followed that occupation from 1880 to 1887. It was while acting as operator and station agent at the New York Central in Victor that he began the experiments that produced the porcelain insulator. He began the manufacture of insulators in 1898, employing only a few men, but the demand for his product grew rapidly and the Victor plant in size, becoming the largest insulator factory in the world. Mr. Locke retired from active business in 1904, but continued work as an inventor conducting his experiments in a large laboratory at his home. The business which he founded was incorporated in 1902 as the Locke Insulator Manufacturing Company and now employs about 1,000 men in the plant here and in another large plant in Baltimore, Md.

Besides his wife, Mercy Post Locke, to whom he was married in 1884, Mr. Locke is survived by four sons, Morton F. of Dobbs Ferry, Louis P. of Victor Post of Ravenna, Ohio, and James of Victor, and by several grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at the family home at Victor Thursday afternoon, the Rev. Nelson Lobdell officiating. Burial will be in Boughton Hill cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 24 July 1906

Clifton Springs, N. Y. - At the home of his son, John Locklin, three miles south of this village occurred Saturday the death of James Locklin, an aged and long-time resident of this vicinity. The funeral was held yesterday morning in St. Felix church. Father Gafell assisted Father Shanlon, officiating, burial was in St. Agnes cemetery. Mr. Locklin is survived by three children, Mrs. James McCarrick of Seneca Castle, Mrs. James O'Connors, of Clifton Springs and one son of Hopewell.

From Geneva Daily Times 22 October 1904

Mrs. Catherine C. Lockwood
died last night at 5:30 o'clock at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Kearns, No. 226 Genesee street. The deceased was twenty-three years of age. Besides her parents, she is survived by her husband, one daughter, Florence; three brothers, Michael, Martin and John Kearns; two sisters, Mrs. George Mosher and Miss Mary E. Kearns, all of this city. The funeral will take place Monday morning from St. Francis de Sales church. Burial in St. Patrick's cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 15 May 1925

Charles Lockwood
of 233 Lake Street, died at his home yesterday afternoon at 1:15 o'clock following a long illness. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Margaret Lockwood, and one daughter, Mrs. Florence Cook, of this city. The funeral will be held tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock at St. Francis de Sales church and interment will be made in St. Patrick's Cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 13 January 1919

Mrs. Clarissa Eva Lockwood,
aged about 66 years, widow of the late John Lockwood of Hall, died yesterday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock at her home, 131 Pulteney street, Geneva. Mrs. Lockwood formerly resided about four miles southwest of Geneva, near Hall, but moved to Geneva in October. She had been ill about two months. The survivors are one son, John Lockwood, of Ohio; and three grandchildren with whom she made her home, Louis, Robert and Ruth Lockwood. She was a member of Number Nine Church.

From Geneva Daily Times 13 April 1909

Franklin M. Lockwood,
aged 66 years, died at the home of Michael Kearns, 226 Genesee street, yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock. About 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon he suffered a stroke of apoplexy. The remains were taken to the undertaking rooms of Devaney and Fletcher. The deceased was a veteran of the Civil War; he enlisted in the 148th New York Volunteers. He is survived by his widow and one son, Charles Lockwood. The funeral will take place Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from Devaney and Fletcher's rooms. Rev. J. B. Hubbs will officiate. Interment will be in Washington Street Cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 24 May 1918

Chapin, N. Y. -
On Thursday at 2 o'clock, at the home of Mrs. C. B. Vanna, was held the funeral of her father, Ira Martin Lockwood, whose death occurred on Monday evening, after a ten days illness of pneumonia. Mr. Lockwood was born in Rushville on Sept. 15, 1855, and was the eldest son of Joseph and Pheba Salisbury Lockwood. His wife, who was formerly Miss Rose E. Wheeler, of Rushville, survives; also a son, James R. Lockwood, and two daughters, Miss Alice Lockwood and Mrs. C. B. Vanna, and two grand-daughters, Rose and Marian Vanna, all of Hopewell; three brothers and two sisters, Mrs. D. M. Wheeler and Alfred Lockwood, of Hopewell; Mrs. Eva Teall of Bristol, and Joseph and Bert Lockwood of Rochester. Six nephews acted as bearers. Rev. S. H. Adams, of Clifton Springs, pastor of the Methodist church, conducted the services, with interment at Chapman cemetery. Those from out-of-town who were in attendance at the funeral, besides the brothers and sisters, were Mr. and Mrs. Irving J. Potter and son, Martin, George M. and Ira Martin Care of Ithaca; Mrs. Joseph and Anna Lockwood of Rochester; Fred Bucklin of Geneva, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Taylor and Mr. and Mrs. Clark of Rushville. Mrs. Lockwood and family wish to thank friends who kindly assisted them in the sickness and death of husband and father.

From Geneva Daily Times 2 January 1896

The remains of John S. Lockwood, who was drowned in New York on Saturday evening last, arrived in Shortsville yesterday morning. Brief services conducted by Rev. Dr. Rankine, of the Episcopal church of Geneva, were held at the residence of W. J. Fulton at 3 o'clock. Burial was in the family lot in the Shortsville cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 21 February 1908

Rushville, N. Y. - 
The funeral of Joseph Lockwood, who died at Seneca Castle, was held on Tuesday in the Congregational church. The burial took place at Overackers. Mr. Lockwood was ninety-one years and eight months old. There are seven children living, out of ten born, Mrs. Nathan Hadsell, Middlesex; Mrs. Grace Wheeler, Shortsville; Mrs. Eva May Teal, Romulus; Ira Martin, Joseph, Jr., Bert and Alfred, all living in the township of Canandaigua.

From Geneva Daily Times 5 August 1907

Coroner Buchholz was called to Halls Corners yesterday by the death of Michael Frank Lockwood of that place. Mr. Lockwood was in his usual good health yesterday morning. He was about the house during the morning and had just come in and sat down when he suddenly threw up his hands and fell over. Dr. C. B. Robson of Halls Corners was called immediately but the man was dead before the physician arrived. Death was so sudden that it was decided to call the coroner. Investigation by the physician showed that death was due to a stroke of apoplexy and a certificate of death was granted giving that as the cause. Mr. Lockwood was 51 years of age.

From Geneva Daily Times 11 February 1920

Hopewell, N. Y. - 
The funeral of Mrs. Rose Wheeler Lockwood was held from her late home on Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. Guy Crawford, pastor of the Chapin Methodist church, officiating. Interment was made in Chapman Cemetery. Mrs. Lockwood was the widow of the late Ira Lockwood and died very suddenly on Friday evening of heart disease. The deceased was 68 years old. She is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Cornelius Vanna of Chapin; and a son, James Lockwood, who makes his home with his mother; a sister, Mrs. Louisa Smith; one brother, Dudley Wheeler of Canandaigua.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 2 December 1939

Mrs. Carmela Lofaro,
29 Wadsworth St., wife of Rocco Lofaro, died late Thursday after a short illness. Surviving, besides her husband, are a daughter, Mrs. Joseph Crupi, Rochester; two sons Rocco Lofaro, Jr., Irvington, N. J. and Arthur Lofaro, Geneva.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 14 November 1906

Bristol Center, N. Y. -
The death of Bernard Logan, aged 73, occurred at his home Wednesday morning after a lingering illness. He was a soldier of the 136 New York Volunteers and belonged to the Albert M. Murray Post. The funeral was held from St. Mary's church, Honeoye, Saturday at 11 o'clock. The interment was in St. Mary's cemetery. The deceased is survived by his wife, three sons, John and William of Richmond and Patrick of Bristol; two brothers, John of Massachusetts and Patrick of Wisconsin.

From Ontario County Journal 20 April 1900

Bristol, N. Y. -
On Easter Sunday, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Acheson, occurred the death of Mrs. Jane Logan, widow of the late John Logan. The deceased was 82 years of age, and is survived by three daughters, Mrs. James McKinney of Bristol Center; Miss Jennie Logan of Canandaigua; and Mrs. Mary Acheson of Bristol. Interment at Bristol cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 16 May 1919

Honeoye, N. Y. - 
On Saturday evening occurred the death of Mrs. John Logan at her home on Briggs street, after a long illness. Mrs. Logan, whose maiden name was Margaret Figenscher, was born at Manchester on May 28, 1870. On September 12, 1889, she was married to John Logan, of this place, who survives her. Besides her husband, she leaves two sons, William and Frank, both of this place; four sisters, Mrs. William Cochran, Mrs. Sylvester Gartland and Mrs. John Scanlon, all of Rochester, and Mrs. John Hoffman of Centerfield; five brothers, Joseph, Andrew, Louis and John, of Canandaigua, and Wensel of Clifton Springs. The funeral was held on Tuesday morning from St. Mary's church. Burial was made in the Catholic cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 14 March 1919

Bristol, N. Y. -
Death claimed another aged resident of Bristol, when Mrs. Mary Logan passed away on Friday morning at the home of her son, Patrick Logan, with whom she had made her home. Mrs. Logan was formerly Miss Mary Murphy, and was born in Wexford, Ireland, in 1847, and came to this country, landing in New Jersey in 1861. She was married to Bernard Logan soon after the Civil War. Three boys were born to them, Patrick of Bristol, John of Honeoye, and William of Allens Hill, all of whom survive. Her husband preceded her 12 years ago last November. She is also survived by five grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Mrs. Logan had been a sufferer from sugar diabetes for many years, and had been in her usual health until it was decided to take her son, William, to a Canandaigua hospital for observation last Thursday, when she became suddenly worse. Funeral services were held from St. Mary's church at Honeoye, of which she was a member, on Monday morning.

From Geneva Daily Times 8 May 1936

Canandaigua, N. Y. - 
Injuries received when a truck in which they were riding was struck by a westbound Rochester & Eastern trolley just west of the County Home in Hopewell yesterday proved fatal to William Logan, 35, foreman at the County Farm, and Harry Underhill, 60, an inmate of the almshouse. Logan died at the Memorial hospital here shortly before 6 o'clock last evening from shock and multiple fractures of the left arm and leg. Underhill succumbed to a fractured skull earlier in the afternoon without regaining consciousness. He leaves only a sister residing in Geneva where he was formerly a well-known barber. Logan leaves his wife and one son, Harold, of Canandaigua; his father, John Logan of Honeoye; and a brother, Frank Logan of Victor. Coroner Leon A. Stetson of Canandaigua said today that he probably would not hold an inquest into the case because before his death, Mr. Logan made a statement in which he said that before he drove the truck on the tracks, he looked in both directions and did not see or hear any trolley car.

From Fairport Herald Mail 13 April 1921

Farmington, April 11 -
The death of Mrs. Clarissa Ann Lombard, the aged mother of Mrs. Charles H. Gardner, who had been ill for several weeks as the result of a fractured hip, occurred last week Thursday afternoon at four-thirty o'clock at the home of her daughter, who resides a mile west of this village. Mrs. Lombard was the daughter of Theophilus and Clarissa Hill Short of Shortsville and was born in that town on January 3, 1836, and was 85 years old. Her father, Theophilus Short, owned a large tract of land in and near Shortsville, and also a paper mill in the town, which was named after him. After the death of her mother, she came to this village and resided here a number of years. She united in marriage on October 14, 1854, to George H. Lombard of Scipioville, who died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Gardner, on March 20, 1915. They resided in this village for a number of years and in 1874 moved to Michigan, where they made their home until, overcome by the infirmities of old age, they came to the home of their daughter, Mrs. Gardner. Mrs. Lombard was a member of the Methodist church in Michigan and was an example of a true Christian, always cheerful and considerate of those about her. She is survived by her daughter, Mrs. Clara H. Gardner; and one son, Lewis H. Lombard of Hanford, Calif; four grandchildren; and ten great-grandchildren. The funeral was held last Saturday afternoon from the Friends Chapel, Rev. R. Payne, pastor of the church, officiating. Interment was made in the North Farmington cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 26 March 1915

Farmington, N. Y. - George H. Lombard
died suddenly on Saturday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Charles H. Gardner, in this village, aged 87. Mr. Lombard was born on Oct. 4, 1828, in the town of Scipio. He was a son of Nathaniel and Sally Ann Lombard, the fifth of ten children. He was married on Oct. 14, 1854, to Clarissa A. Short, of Shortsville, who survives him. Three children were born to them: Lida, who died several years ago; Clara E., with whom he resided, and one son, Lewis H. Lombard of Hanford, California; four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren ; also one sister Mrs. Mary Jane Dean, of Cortland. At the age of 21 years he moved to this town, and in the same year he joined the Masons at Victor. He learned the trade of wagon-making of the late Charles Jennings, who resided on the place where he died. He worked at the same bench for 26 years, in the old stone shops, which have of late years been razed, and which the elements are fast dissolving to decay. In 1874 he moved to Addison, Mich., where he engaged in farming. After a number of years he returned to Farmington and made his home for the past 12 years with his daughter. He was an expert in wagon making, being able only a few years ago to repair finely. The funeral was held from the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Gardner on Monday afternoon and from the Friends church at 3 p.m., Rev. W. H. White, of Macedon Center, officiating, assisted by Rev. R. J. Payne, pastor of the Friends church. The Masons held exercises following the sermon, an address begin given by Lewis F. Allen, Interment was made in the North Farmington cemetery.

From Geneva Advertiser 13 May 1902

Lewis R. Lombard,
the well-known grocer and merchant of Orleans in the town of Phelps, died last Thursday aged about 67 years.  He was a member of Sincerity Lodge No. 200; F. A. M., of Geneva Chapter No. 36, R. A. M., and of Geneva Commandery 29, K. T.  In the latter order he was made an honorary member about a year ago, as his infirmities were such that he was unable to meet with his fraters.  The funeral was held from the Baptist Church at Orleans Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock, attended by the officers of the Commandery as escort.  He leaves a lonely widow but no children.  He was when in good health one of the best fellows in the world.  He had been confined to his home and store with rheumatism for many years.

From Ontario County Journal 27 April 1900

Phelps, N. Y. - Mrs. Catherine,
wife of James Loney, of this village, died last Friday of bronchitis and heart failure, aged 67 years. A husband, two sons, John and James, Jr.; and three daughters, Mrs. Hennessy, Mrs. O'Brien and Mrs. Parks, survive. The funeral services were held from St. Francis church on Monday at 10 o'clock.

From Geneva Daily Times 11 September 1895

Phelps, N. Y. - Mrs. Mary Loney
died Monday morning at the home of her son, James Loney, on Pleasant street, after a lingering illness. She was nearly 80 years of age, is survived by two sons, James and John Loney.

From Victor Herald 19 April 1901

wife of Leonard Long, died at the home of her son, in Farmington, Monday, after a long illness, aged 69 years. She leaves a husband and one son. The funeral was held from the Orthodox church in Farmington, Wednesday. The burial took place in Farmington cemetery.

ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT and CHRONICLE September 13, 1967 Wednesday PAGE 6B COL 2



Elinor S. Long, 69, of 8 Park Place was stricken unexpectedly Monday night, September 11, 1967, and pronounced dead on arrival at Geneva General Hospital.

Services will be tomorrow at 10:30 a. m. in the DeVaney and Co. Funeral Home and at 11 a. m. in St. Francis de Sales Church. Burial will be in St. Patrick Cemetery.

Friends may call at their convenience. Contributions may be made to the heart fund or St. Francis de Sales Church.

Mrs. Long was a life long resident of Geneva and the widow of John Long. She was a member of St. Francis de Sales Church and the Women's Club of Geneva.

Surviving are one daughter, Mrs. George Linehan of Newark, four sons, John, Dr. William, Donald and Richard, all of this city, one sister, Mrs. C. J. Brown of Alexandria, Virginia, one brother, Jerome de Vaney of California, eight grandchildren, and one niece.

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From Geneva Daily Times 27 October 1941

The funeral of Mrs. Frank J. Long, who died Friday, will be held tomorrow morning at 8:30 o'clock from her late home, 55 Lafayette avenue, and 9 at St. Francis de Sales Church. Interment will be in St. Patrick's cemetery. Besides five sons and two granddaughters, Mrs. Long leaves one sister, Mrs. William Hefferon of Geneva; two brothers, John Malone, also of this city, and Lester of New Jersey; and several nieces and nephews.

GENEVA DAILY TIMES Wednesday December 10, 1958

Frederick H. Long


Funeral service for Frederick H. Long, 68, of 210 Lewis Street, were held today at 9 a.m.at the DeVaney and Co. Funeral Home and at 9:30 a.m. at St. Francis De Sales Church.

The Reverend Robert Smith was the celebrant of the solemn funeral Mass and the Reverend Raymond Ringwood, sub deacon. Burial was in St. Patrick's Cemetery with Father Smith officiating.

The bearers were all members of the Geneva Council of the Knights of Columbus, headed by Grand Knight Michael Simione. They were Frank Alvaro, Bernard DiDuro, Chris DeWall, Philip Hensbury and Joseph Heffernan.

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From Geneva Advertiser 25 June 1901

George R. Long
died at his home in this city Saturday morning, June 22d, aged about 62 years. We have known George Long pretty well for forty years. At one time, he was as prosperous a farmer as all the town of Seneca could boast of, grew as large crop and kept his broad acres in the best possible condition. We are not familiar with the cause of his adversities, how his money and lands were all swept away and then coming into Geneva to live. Unfortunate investments and unwise, then drink, may have been the causes. For one or two years he held the office of superintendent of poor in the town of Geneva before we became a city, and the last position he held was that of observing that the dog law was enforced, which office is one not likely to add to one's popularity. No one ever doubted his honesty; that he maintained to the very last. He is survived by a widow and three sons.

From Geneva Daily Times 13 January 1919

Henry C. Long
died yesterday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock at the home of his son, Andrew C. Long, of the Castle road. Besides his son, Andrew, he leaves three daughters, Mrs. J. Y. Williams of Washington, D. C., Mrs. H. Eckenroth of Blossburg, Pa., Mrs. Henry Gruner of Geneva

From Ontario County Journal 23 May 1879

The Phelps Citizen states that Jacob Long, a resident of Oaks Corners, a man of dissolute habits, and addicted to the cup, died recently from exhaustion, produced by living in an almost continuous state of intoxication. He was about fifty years of age.

From GENEVA DAILY TIMES June 4, 1941

Funeral of John F. Long

The funeral of John F. Long who died Monday, was held this morning at 8 o'clock from his late home, 159 Lafayette Avenue, and also St. Francis de Sales church with Solemn High Mass. The celebrant was the Rev. Raymond Nolan with the Rev. William O'Brien and the Rev. Ralph Neagle as sub deacon. Burial was in St. Patrick's Cemetery with military honors, Father Neagle officiating.

The bearers were Joseph and Leo McDonough, Joseph McElroy, Edward McKenna, C. D. McCarthy and Edward Donahue. Members of the military escort from the American Legion, headed by C. DeWolfe Smith, were Magnus Larson, Martin McCarthy, John Gleason, Charles Kleinhenz, Malcolm Allen, C. Leonard Bowler, and Francis Alvaro, bugler.

Many thanks to Ron Hanley for contributing this obituary.

From Geneva Daily Times 6 October 1904

Mrs. John H. Long,
who has been ill for six months, died this morning at 3:20, from Bright's disease, at her home, No. 340 Exchange street, aged thirty years. The deceased was born in Alton, Penn., and had lived here for four years. Her husband, who conducted a bicycle repair shop at 343 Exchange street, is the only survivor. Burial Glenwood Cemetery.


Mrs. Julia Long

Canandaigua, July 3

The death of Mrs. Julia Long, formerly a resident of Canandaigua, occurred at Geneva last evening after a long illness.

She is survived by four daughters, Mrs. Thomas Brennan of Rochester, Mrs. Alvey Marshall, Miss Julia Long and Miss Mildred Long, all of Geneva, and two sons, John Long and Thomas Long, both of Geneva. She also leaves a brother, William E. Hanley, of Canandaigua, and a sister, Mrs. Edward Regan, of Jersey City. Burial in St. Patrick's Cemetery.

Many thanks to Ron Hanley for contributing this obituary.

From Ontario County Journal 19 April 1895

Last Friday morning occurred the death of Mrs. Mary Long, wife of Michael Long, at her home west of the village. The cause of death was bronchitis. Beside her husband, Mrs. Long left three daughters, Mrs. James Cowan, Misses Nellie and Mary Long, of this village, and two son, Walter and William Long. The deceased was 55 years of age. The funeral services, Monday morning, were largely attended.

From Phelps Citizen 19 April 1917

Mrs. Mary Long,
widow of Jacob Long, passed away at the home of her son, Jacob Long, near Oaks Corners, last Thursday night, at the age of 81 years. Deceased had been in feeble health for several years. Mrs. Long was born in Germany, December 11, 1835, but had spent practically all her life in the town of Phelps. Surviving relatives are two sons, Jacob of this town, and John of Waterloo; and one daughter, Mrs. Rudolph Lutz of Waterloo. The funeral services were held from St. Francis DeSales Church, Geneva, last Monday morning and interment was in St. Patrick's cemetery.

From Penn Yan Democrat 25 July 1924

Died in Canandaigua, Monday, July 21, Mrs. Mary Long. She is survived by one son, John M. Long of Watertown, N. Y.; and two daughters, Helen E. Long of Beacon, N. Y. and Catherine A. Long of Penn Yan. Funeral services were held in St. Mary's church in Canandaigua Wednesday, July 23. Burial in Calvary Cemetery.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 21 February 1906

Maurice Long
died Monday afternoon after an illness of two weeks which developed into pneumonia Saturday resulting in his death as stated. He was aged 58 years. Mr. Long had been flagman at the Main street crossing of the New York Central for a number of years until a few years ago when he became flagman at the Pleasant street crossing. He is survived by his wife, two daughters, Catherine and Nellie Long, of this village; one son, John Long of Cleveland, Ohio; and one sister, Mrs. Patrick Toomey of Shortsville. The funeral was held this morning from the home of Henry Casey, Ontario street.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 30 April 1897

Yesterday occurred the death of Michael Long, of Centerfield, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. James Cowan, in Canandaigua. Deceased was aged 60 years.

From Ontario County Journal 17 November 1876

FATAL ACCIDENT - Patrick Long,
a railroad hand employed on the Geneva and Ithaca road was instantly killed today. He was at the round house a short distance from Geneva, and was leaning against a car door when a jolt knocked him off the car. He fell on the track and the car wheels ran over him, cutting off his head.  The accident occurred so quickly that there was no chance of rescue after the fall.  Long lives in Geneva and leaves a widow and five children.

From Shortsville Enterprise 30 April 1936

Shortsville friends were deeply affected when it became known that Peter J. Long of Canandaigua, former well-known resident of this village, had died suddenly while at his work, as an employee of the State Highway department, last week Wednesday. He was aged 58 years. Peter Long was a native of Canandaigua, although a number of years of his life had been spent here. For some time he made his home with his grandfather, the late Patrick Toomey, on what is now the Frank Heath farm, in the town of Farmington, about two miles west of this village. He had been employed for several years in the factory of the Shortsville Wheel Company. He was born on Aug, 21, 1877. He was a member of Canandaigua Council, Knights of Columbus. He possessed a very jovial nature and made friends on every occasion.

The survivors are his wife, Mrs. Gertrude Phelps Long; three daughters and a son, Mrs. Ethelbert Seiler of Victor, Misses Genevieve and Mary Long and Jay Long of Canandaigua; two brothers and a sister, John Long of Canandaigua, Jeremiah Long of Syracuse and Mrs. S C. Johnson of Buffalo. Funeral services were held Saturday morning at 8:30 o'clock from his late home and at 9 from St. Mary's church, Canandaigua, with interment in Calvary cemetery in that city.

From Ontario County Journal 1 May 1914

Stanley, N. Y. - The death of Mrs. Mary Longcor occurred at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Carr, at Hall, on Saturday, at the age of 68 years. She was born in Steuben county, but with her husband, William Longcor, lived in this village for many years. Funeral services were held from the home of her daughter, with whom she had lived for many years. The services were conducted by Rev. A. B. Temple of the Seneca Presbyterian church and Rev. A. G. Lawton of the Gorham Baptist church. Her husband passed away several years ago. Two daughters survive: Mrs. Del Gilmore of Geneva; and Mrs. John Carr, of Hall; also four grandchildren. The deceased was a devoted mother, a kind and obliging neighbor and will be missed by a large circle of friends. Burial was made in Little Church Cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 5 May 1893

Shortsville, N. Y. - 
Again, sudden and unexpected, has death visited this village and taken a highly respected citizen, G. W. Longstreet. Saturday morning, Mrs. Longstreet awoke about half past five and spoke to her husband, but receiving no reply, she took hold of his arm to awaken him and discovered that he was dead. A physician was hastily called and gave it as his opinion that he had been dead about four hours, and the cause, heart failure. Mr. Longstreet was at work about his premises on Friday and out on the street in the evening, and seemed in perfect health. His age was 78 years. Besides a widow he leaves one son, George, of Auburn. The funeral services were held at the house Tuesday morning at 8 o'clock, Rev. E. C. Long, pastor of the Baptist church at Manchester, officiating. The remains were taken to Genoa, Cayuga county, for interment.

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