From Geneva Daily Times 14 February 1911 

Clark L. Iddings, formerly of Tioga PA, died last week of pneumonia, at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. F.
Iddings at Stanley. Besides his parents, he leaves four sisters, Mrs. Edward Emile of Bellefonte PA, Mrs. Elmer C. Krebs of Tioga PA, and Charlotte and Marie of Stanley; seven brothers, Toser of Stanley, Harry of Trowbridge PA, George of Geneva, Walter, Ernest, Vincent and Howard of Stanley. His six brothers acted as bearers. Interment took place at Sand Hill Cemetery. Rev. Mr. Shepard of Lewis officiated at the funeral and choir assisted in singing.

From Geneva Gazette 8 January 1869

SUDDEN DEATH - Our citizens were unsettled on Sunday morning last by tidings of the death of Mr. John Ide. The report proved, alas, too true.  Only the day previous he was attending to his usual vocation as a blacksmith, seemingly in as good health as usual.  At about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, while shoveling snow from in front of his shop, he was stricken down in a apoplectic fit, and conveyed home in an unstable condition.  He did not regain consciousness or speech, and died about 4
o'clock the following morning.

Mr. Ide had been a resident and active business man among us for more than forty years. However rough the exterior, within there was a good true heart, ever ready to sympathize with the distressed, and to beat with honest indignation over oppression and wrong of every name and nature. He had long been a sufferer from rheumatic affliction, but it was hardly conceived that the Destroyer would at length strike him in the fearfully sudden form of apoplexy. The sad event will be received with profound sorrow among a wide circle of acquaintances. The funeral of Mr. Ide took place from his residence on Water street on Wednesday afternoon last, attended by the largest concourse of sorrowing friends that has been seen in our village on any similar occasion for many years.

From Ontario County Journal 26 May 1899

North Bloomfield, N. Y. -
The funeral services of Mrs. John Ideson were held from her residence on Saturday afternoon. She leaves, besides a husband, three daughters, Mrs. John Jerome of Delaware; Mrs. Arthur Hunt of Honeoye Falls; and Mrs. Charles Chambers of this place. She was 80 years of age.

From Geneva Gazette 12 August 1881

Mrs. Hannah Ingalls,
an elderly lady, who had performed the offices of nurse in many of our leading families, died last Sunday. In her last illness she had affectionate attendance from many such friends. She left a property estimated at $4000 or $5000.

From Ontario County Journal 26 January 1894

Phelps, N. Y. -
On Monday forenoon another death occurred on Church street in the residence adjoining the one in which Mrs. Severance died. This second death was that of Mrs. Polly Ingersoll, widow of the late E. E. Ingersoll. She died quite suddenly after a very brief illness of pneumonia, aged 82 years. The deceased was very widely known and had a large circle of friends. She had always lived in Phelps, and was a woman of very agreeable and pleasing manners. The funeral was held on Wednesday afternoon at half-past two o'clock, Rev. Dr. Webb officiating, and interment made in the Phelps cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 21 April 1904

Shortsville, N. Y. -
Although not unexpected, the news of the death of Mrs. Ida Ingles, forty, wife of Herman Ingles of Hopewell, came with a shock to her many friends and acquaintances in this village. She expired Tuesday after a lingering illness. In the fall of 1902, Mrs. Ingles went to Colorado and spent several months in Denver, but the change did not prove of permanent benefit and she returned last spring, and has been gradually failing since. Mrs. Ingles was a daughter of the late Russell Persons, a prominent Hopewell farmer. She had spent her whole life in this locality. She leaves her husband and four little children, Muriel, Elmer, Claire and Mabel, the youngest being but three years old. Other survivors are her mother, Mrs. Russell Persons of Hopewell; two sisters and two brothers, Mrs. Adelbert H. Smith of Hopewell; Mrs. Joseph Jones of Cheshire; Charles Persons of Geneva; George Persons of East Bloomfield. The funeral was held from the family residence at two o'clock this afternoon, Rev. Mr. Boyd of Syracuse, former pastor of the Chapinville Methodist church, of which she was a devoted member, officiating. Burial was at Hopewell.

From Ontario County Times 20 July 1887

South Bristol, N. Y. -
Again it is our sad duty to record the death of one of our number. Mrs. Almira Ingraham, wife of Mr. Benjamin Ingraham, and mother of Messrs Avery and Fayette Ingraham, of this place, and Mrs. Reuben Dunton of Michigan, died at her home in South Bristol, on Saturday, July 9, 1887, at the advanced age of 79 years. At the age of 21 years she was married to Mr. Benjamin Ingraham, with whom she had lived 57 years. She was a member of the Christian church, and was loved and respected by all who knew her. She leaves an aged husband to finish the journey of life alone. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. G. B. Fuller, and the remains were interred in Rose Ridge cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 13 November 1893

Naples, N. Y. - Mrs. Angeline Ingraham
died suddenly on Sunday evening, the result of a hemorrhage caused by coughing. She had a cold, but was engaged in her domestic duties when she was seized with this violent cough. Mrs. Ingraham was over 80 years of age, very smart and young looking, having no grey hairs, and a fresh, young face. She cast her first vote at the last election. Her husband was the late Hanford Ingraham, an inventor of some note. His corn cultivator with thills had a large sale. Two daughters resided with her, Mrs. Mary Aspinwall and Jane Ingraham. One other daughter lives in Penn Yan. She had buried four adult children.

From Ontario County Journal 14 March 1890

The funeral of Benjamin Ingraham, another of the old and prominent citizens of South Bristol, was held Sunday. The deceased was formerly a resident of Naples, removing to South Bristol twenty years ago. He was the father of ex-Supervisor Avery Ingraham, and of Fayette Ingraham, who has been town clerk for fifteen years. The remains were taken to Naples for burial.

From Ontario County Journal 2 March 1894

Honeoye, N. Y. - Miss Carrie Ingraham,
the daughter of Moses Ingraham of West Hollow, died of consumption at the residence of her niece, Mrs. Charles Cobb, on Friday, February 23, aged 31 years. The remains were taken on Sunday to Rose Ridge, Naples, for burial.

From Ontario Chronicle 13 February 1901

Bristol Springs, N. Y. - Chauncey Ingraham
of Canandaigua, formerly of this place, died Wednesday, Feb. 6, at his home in Garden street. The deceased was 85 years and five months of age. He leaves a wife and four children to mourn: Mrs. Mary Hemenway of this place; H. C. Ingraham of Reeds Corners; and Mrs. C. B. Peck, and son, George, of Canandaigua.

From Ontario County Chronicle 4 March 1903

Bristol Springs, N. Y. -
The death of Mrs. Flora Sutton Ingraham, wife of our esteemed town clerk, Fayette Ingraham, occurred last Friday night. She had been a great sufferer for years, not having been able to step on the ground for over five years. The funeral was held at the house, Monday, at 10 o'clock. Mr. Ingraham is also in feeble health.

From Ontario County Chronicle 20 April 1904

Naples, N. Y. -
Last Monday, April 11th, occurred the death of Henry Ingraham. Deceased was 47 years of age and is survived by wife and two sons, Lisle and Leon.

From Ontario County Journal 6 March 1874

Canadice -
The community was shocked yesterday morning by the news of the sudden death of one of our old citizens, Mr. Hiram Ingraham.  He went alone into the woods on Saturday to draw logs to the shingle mill of the Branch Brothers.  He was unable to give an intelligent account of what happened, if indeed he knew.  Whether he burst a blood vessel, or received a blow from the lever he was using to load his log, or both, he was unable to say.  His distress was such that he thought he would die on the spot, though he had sufficient command of himself to hitch his team.  After a time he succeeded in driving home, a distance of half or three quarters of a mile.  Dr. Gray, of Springwater, was called at once; but he was beyond mortal help.  He was buried today after a very appropriate address by Elder S. M. Dayton.  Mr. Ingraham was a very hard-working and successful farmer. If the man who makes two blades of grass grow where but one grew before is a benefactor of his race, he was entitled to that distinction.

From Ontario County Chronicle 12 June 1901

Naples, N. Y. - Miss Jane Ingraham, aged 64, died last Thursday. She was the eldest daughter of the late Hanford Ingraham and was born in Naples. A sister, Mrs. Aspinwall, died last January since which time deceased had lived alone. Five weeks ago she was received into the Baptist church which she had attended since childhood. She was a member of its choir fifty years. One sister, Mrs. Bradley Mallory of Penn Yan, survives.

From Ontario County Journal 28 January 1910

Canadice, N. Y. -
The death of Lorenzo Ingraham occurred after a long illness of lung and heart trouble on Jan. 18. Mr. Ingraham was one of a family of 10 children and was born on the farm where he died, nearly his whole life of 78 years having been passed there. On Nov. 10, 1858, he married Miss Nancy Thorpe, who survives him, with two children, Mrs. Adelle Hoppough and Arthur Ingraham, both of this place. He is also survived by five grandchildren, Mrs. Leonia Colegrove of Livonia, Burdette Hoppough, Misses Bertha Marion and Ellen Hoppough and Bertha Ingraham; and two great-grandchildren, Mildred and Frederick Colegrove. Mr. and Mrs. Ingraham celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in Nov., 1908. The funeral was held from the house on Thursday, Revs. Green and Mandeville, of Springwater, officiating. Interment in the Evergreen cemetery at Springwater. William Thorpe of Honeoye Falls, Henry Thorpe of Springwater, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fulton of Arkport, were present at the funeral of Mr. Ingraham.

From Ontario County Journal 24 January 1890

Canadice, N. Y. -
Little more than a year ago, Frank H. Ingraham was united in marriage to Miss Millie McNair. Hardly had the young couple been congratulated when Mrs. Ingraham was seized with lung trouble, and though able physicians did all in their power, and despite the care of a loving husband, the dread disease gradually fastened its hold and last Friday she calmly and peacefully fell asleep in Jesus., being a little less than twenty-one years old. The deceased had lived in town for some time previous to her marriage and was a favorite with all her acquaintances. Her quiet, pleasant way and strong christian character gave proof that she "had been with Jesus and learned of Him." Though lingering on a bed of disease, she did not murmur but patiently waited the summons, "come up higher." The funeral service was held from the church on Sunday, Rev. E. J. Cook speaking from Jeremiah, 15th, 9th, the 3d clause. The bereaved husband has the sympathy of all sympathetic hearts in this dark hour of affliction. May they whom she loved so well look for strength from the same source, knowing that He is mighty to save.

From Ontario County Journal 18 March 1910

Canadice, N. Y. -
The death of Mrs. Nancy Ingraham occurred on Wednesday, just seven weeks and two days after that of her husband. Mrs. Ingraham had been in failing health for several months and her death was not unexpected. Her age was 72 years. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Adella Hoppough, and one son, Arthur Ingraham, both of this place; six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren; four brothers, O. A. Thorpe of East Bloomfield; William Thorpe of Honeoye Falls; Henry Thorpe of Springwater and Milo Thorpe of this place; and two sisters, Mrs. Elinor Crooks of Springwater, and Mrs. Mary Fulton of Arkport. The funeral was held on Saturday from the home, Rev. Mandeville of Springwater officiating. Interment was in Evergreen cemetery, Springwater.

From Ontario County Chronicle 20 March 1901

Bristol Springs, N. Y. - News reached this place last Wednesday of the death of Mrs. Ingraham, widow of the late Chauncey F. Ingraham, at the home of her son, Geo. W. Ingraham, of Canandaigua, aged about 78 years. Theirs was a long wedded life of about 55 years, with but a short separation here, he having died just five weeks before. They were highly respected by all who knew them.

Different page -

Mrs. Polina E. Ingraham, aged 79 years, died at the home of her son, G. W. Ingraham, in this village, Wednesday of last week. Her husband died February 6th. She is survived by four children, George, Mary, Melvina and Hiram Ingraham.

From Geneva Daily Times 19 April 1905

Clifton Springs, N. Y. -
The funeral of Warren I. Ingraham, son of Peter Ingraham, of Hopewell, was held today at his home on the Oliver Knapp farm. The burial was in Sand Hill. Mr. Ingraham was twenty-two years of age.

From Ontario Repository and Messenger 11 March 1874

A fatal accident occurred in Canadice a week ago Saturday. Hiram Ingram was out in the woods getting logs. He loaded one upon his sled and the handspike was fastened under it. Then, in starting up, the handspike was thrown across his body with great force, causing internal injuries from which he died the next morning at 5 o'clock. He managed to get upon his sled and ride home.

From Geneva Daily Times 25 August 1904

The funeral of George A. Inman, who died Monday afternoon, took place at 4 o'clock this afternoon from the house, No. 36 Grove street. Among the floral gifts was a pillow from the local International Typographical union bearing the initials, "I. T. U. No. 178." The bearers were Charles B. Guile, Charles Hemans, J. C. Burrill, J. M. VanDevyver, F. S. Tower and Gilbert W. Fletcher. Rev. A. C. Clark officiated. Burial was in Washington street cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 3 February 1908

Mrs. Josephine R. Inman
, widow of the late John Inman, died at noon yesterday at her home at No. 75 Elm street. She was 53 years old. Her survivors are one sister, Miss R. G. Norris and a niece, Miss Margaret Persons, both of this city. The funeral will take place Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from the residence. Rev. J. B. Hubbs, D. D., rector of St. Peter's Episcopal Church, will officiate and burial will be in Glenwood Cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 27 May 1912

Clifton Springs, N. Y. - James Pollock Inslee,
who had been a resident of this village for the past twenty years, died at his home on West Main street on Friday. Mr. Inslee had been ill for about two weeks. Mr. Inslee lived on his farm on West Main street, just outside the village limits. He was born September 9, 1831. He is survived by two sons, Victor and Gurdon Inslee of Clifton Springs, and one daughter, Miss Helena Inslee, who has been employed as bookkeeper in the Lisk Manufacturing Company at Canandaigua for several years; and two sisters, Miss Laura and Emiline Inslee of Clifton Springs; and one sister living in the west. The funeral services were held today and the interment was made at Lyons, N. Y.

From Ontario County Chronicle 18 June 1902

Clifton Springs, N. Y. - John Inslee
died at the home of his brother, a mile west of the village, on Sunday morning, aged about 80 years. The funeral was held at the house on Tuesday morning at half past ten o'clock, conducted by Rev. Mr. Houghton, of the M. E. Church. Interment at Lyons.

From Geneva Daily Times 5 July 1902

Mrs. Levi Ireland
died at the family residence, in North Main street, at 10 o'clock this morning, aged 51 years. Mrs. Ireland had been in poor health for some time.  She is survived by a husband, one son, J. H. Hartranft of Fayette a daughter, Mrs. Frederick Vance, of this city and by five brothers, David Hartranft of Fayette; William Hartranft of Cortland; F. P. Hartranft of Waterloo; J. B. Hartranft of Sioux city, Dakota; and Andrew J. Hartranft of this city.  The funeral will take place from the house at 3:30 o'clock Saturday afternoon.  Rev. C. E. Jewell will officiate.  Interment will be in Glenwood cemetery.

From Ontario Repository & Messenger 5 September 1866

On Tuesday night of last week, Mrs. G. H. Ireland was burned to death at Geneva by the explosion of a lamp filled with kerosene oil. The explosion shook the building, which was nearly, or quite, destroyed by fire. Mrs. Ireland carried on the millinery business in the building, her goods being entirely consumed. She was taken from her room in an unconscious state soon after the fire broke out, and lingered along until Thursday before she died. When restored to consciousness, her sufferings were most agonizing, finding utterance in piercing screams. Her condition was rendered worse, if possible, by the fact of her being enciente and within a month or two of confinement.

From Geneva Daily Times 18 October 1895

John Ireton,
an old and respected citizen of Geneva, departed this life at his family residence, No. 14 North Main street, Wednesday afternoon at 3:45 o'clock. The deceased was born in Belturbert, Ireland, and was 80 years of age. Death resulted from a complication of diseases. Mr. Ireton had been a resident of Geneva for about fifty years. He leaves a widow and two daughters, Mrs. John M. Horner and Miss Mamie Ireton. Funeral services will be held at the home at 3 o'clock this afternoon.

From Geneva Gazette 3 September 1869

Amos Irish Jr.
was found dead in his bed at Shortsville on Wednesday morning.  A coroner's inquest revealed the fact that he died of cholera morbus.

From Geneva Daily Times 30 September 1908

Canandaigua, N. Y. - Lemuel Irons
aged 66 years, died suddenly yesterday morning at 7 o'clock. Coroner Warner was called and pronounced death due to heart disease. Mr. Irons was a shoemaker by occupation. He leaves a widow and two sons. He was about the street as usual Monday, but arose yesterday morning complaining that his left arm was stiff and numb. After breakfast he sat down in a chair, and death came with no warning whatever.

From Ontario County Journal 7 April 1899

Phelps, N. Y. - Isabella,
wife of the late William Irvine, of this place, died of old age Tuesday afternoon, aged 88 years. The deceased had been a resident of this town for the past 50 years. Four sons and four daughters survive. The funeral services will be held from St. John's church, Rev. Charles Hayes officiating. Interment will be made in the family plot in the Phelps cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 28 September 1894

Port Gibson, N. Y. - Mrs. James H. Irwin
died at her home in this place last Sunday at the age of 50 years. The funeral was held in the M. E. Church last Tuesday, the Rev. J. C. Hitchcock officiating.

From Ontario County Times 23 November 1887

Port Gibson, N. Y. -
The funeral of Mrs. Julia C. Irwin, one of the oldest residents of this village, was held at her home last Friday afternoon. Deceased was 78 years old. She leaves a large family of children to mourn her loss.

From Ontario County Journal 7 June 1895

Academy, N. Y. - Mrs. Clarrissa Isham
died on the morning of the 31st of May, aged 67 years. She had been an intense sufferer for four years, and her death at any time would not have been a surprise. Her husband, William Isham, two sons, Hiram and Frank, and one daughter, Mrs. John A. Mansfield, survive her. Mrs. Isham was the daughter of James Tyler, formerly of Cheshire. The family wish thus publicly to thank their friends for their kind assistance through the long illness, death and burial of the wife and mother.

From Ontario County Journal 2 March 1894

Cheshire, N. Y. - Jonas E. Isham,
who has been sick a long time with consumption, died last Sunday morning. Funeral services were held Tuesday, the interment being in Cheshire cemetery.

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