"Hat" to "Haz" Obituaries

From Canandaigua Chronicle 25 September 1907

Naples, N. Y. -
The death of Mrs. Adela Anthony Hatch occurred on Wednesday at her home, two miles south of the village. Mrs. Hatch was born in Mendon in 1845 and in 1865 she married George Hatch and came to live in Naples in the house where she died. She was devoted to the interests of her home and a friend to those in need. Mr. Hatch died about three years ago. Their three children survive, Mrs. Adelbert Baker and Dana L. Hatch of Naples, and Mrs. Fred Tyler of Canandaigua. One brother, John Anthony, a veteran of the civil war, died here a short time since. The funeral service of Mrs. Hatch was held on Friday, her pastor, Rev. W. H. Haines, officiating, and the Interment in was at Rose Ridge cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 7 April 1882

Naples, N. Y. - Mrs. Anna Hatch,
of South Bristol, died at the residence of her son, John Hatch, on Saturday last, at the advanced age of 88 years. She was the mother of Mrs. Wm. Dunton, of this village, and one of the first settlers in the county, coming here in 1796. She was a very estimable woman.

From Ontario County Journal 23 December 1887

Naples, N. Y. - Mrs. Elizabeth Hatch, wife of Frank Hatch, died on Thursday of last week, aged 64 years. Her life had been spent here, and an active life it was. For many years she toiled with her husband on the top of the hill east of the village, known as "Hatch Hill," developing from the top of the mountain a farm second to none in productiveness. For twenty years last past she had lived in the village, and died at her home on Cohocton street.

From Ontario County Journal 12 August 1887

Naples, N. Y. - The death of Mrs. Hattie Hatch, wife of Salem Hatch, has been the sad theme of the last few days. Mrs. Hatch was a lovely woman, the mother of four young children, and very happy in her family relations. She was but 39, and the picture of health, and one of the few women that seemed sure of a long life. She died suddenly on Saturday last, at 4 p.m., as she was about to give birth to another child. Words cannot express the sorrow of husband and children. They lived somewhat retired, and at quite a distance from town, and were all in all to each other. The sympathy of the community was manifest by the vast throng that assembled at her funeral on Monday. There were sixty-two carriages in line. Rev. Mr. Platt officiated, assisted by Rev. Mr. Hoag. Mrs. Hatch was the daughter of Timothy Griswold, but at the age of 14 was adopted by her aunt, Mrs. C. W. Fox. She had many relatives, and every one was her friend and all are mourners. May God bless and comfort the devoted husband and his dear little children.

From Ontario County Journal 28 December 1883

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Mr. John G. Hatch,
who has been confined to the house for the past three months, died last Sunday night, aged 79 years. Funeral services were held at his late residence Tuesday at 2 p.m., Rev. A. F. Skeele officiating.

From Ontario County Journal 10 December 1909

Naples, N. Y. -
Another of the good women in this village has died. After six months of great suffering, on Dec. 1, occurred the death of Mrs. Martin W. Hatch, aged nearly 55 years. Taken with an obscure disease, she was treated at the Memorial hospital in Canandaigua, undergoing an operation, and came home hopeful, but not for long. Her decline was steady and she wasted away till death came to relieve her from cruel agony. Her maiden name was Sarah Adelle Griswold, daughter of Moses and Lydia Richardson Griswold. She married Mr. Hatch in 1880. Her home from childhood had been in Naples. Her great heart, endearing manner and her lovely presence commended her to every one. She had no children. During  the last fortnight her stalwart husband was taken seriously ill, and was unable to even see her when she passed away. She leaves her mother, her husband, a sister, Mrs. Frank Cleveland, of Middlesex; a brother, Duane Griswold, of Dunkirk, and a young nephew, George Porter. At her funeral not less than 100 relatives and close friends followed her to the burial in Rose Ridge. Rev. S. T. Harding, of the Baptist church, of which she was an adherent, was the officiating clergyman. Mrs. Hatch was a relative of Major C. A. Richardson and Mrs. Merritt C. Wilcox of Canandaigua.

From Ontario County Journal 8 December 1899

Phelps, N. Y. - Mrs. Mary Ann Hatch,
wife of the late Felix Hatch, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. George Landon, last week Thursday afternoon, after a brief illness, aged 81 years. The deceased, who had been totally blind for the past nineteen years, was in her usual health up to a week or ten days since.

From Ontario County Journal 13 August 1897

Naples, N. Y. - Mrs. Rosetta A. Muck,
wife of John W. Hatch, of South Bristol, died Thursday, Aug. 5, aged 65 years. She leaves her husband, one son, Henry Hatch, one daughter, Mrs. Carlton Smith, and a niece whom she reared from a child, Miss Gertrude Muck, all of South Bristol. A brother, James Muck, of Naples, also survives her. Rev. Albert Cornish officiated at the funeral Saturday.

From Geneva Daily Times 29 June 1905

The body of Mrs. William R. Hatch, formerly Miss Marie Baker of this city, who died at Santa Fe, New Mexico, has been brought to this city for burial. The burial will be made tomorrow morning at ten o'clock in Glenwood cemetery, Rev. J. B. Hubbs, D. D., officiating. The deceased is twenty-five years of age and lived in this city until twelve years ago. Besides her husband, she is survived by two aunts, Mrs. George Hoefler of Geneva, and Mrs. Theodore Olcott of Rochester, and one uncle, Henry Zobrist, of this city.

From Ontario County Journal 25 August 1893

Bristol, N. Y. -
The death of Mrs. Augusta Hathaway on Tuesday cast a gloom over the entire community. The funeral on Thursday was attended by a large number of relatives and friends. Mrs. Hathaway was an active worker in the Universalist Church. Her life was filled with good deeds, and her memory will be long cherished by those who had the privilege of knowing her. To the members of the family by whom her gentle presence will be missed the most, is extended the sincere sympathy of many friends. She leaves an invalid husband, a son and daughter in her immediate family.

From Ontario County Journal 14 March 1884

Died, in Farmington, March 7th, at the residence of her son-in-law, George Collins, Hannah Hathaway, aged 85 years. The deceased, sister of John Lapham, the father of our Senator, was well and favorably known to a large circle of relatives and friends in this and adjacent towns. Well educated, of refined and lady-like manner, of much more than ordinary ability and culture, she was looked up to and gave life and tone to society in a way that is not often seen in persons of her age. She was reared in the order and ways of the Society of Friends but did not conform to the strict rules of that sect. A few hours before her death an attendant remarked to her: "Aunt Hannah, you are using the plain language." "Yes," she replied, "I do, now I am so near home." She was one of the few of whom it could in truth be said, "None knew her but to lover her, none named her but to praise." Her husband preceded her thirty years. A son, Joseph, and daughter, Mrs. George Collins, are all her children who survive. 

From Ontario County Journal 19 June 1874

Died -
At West Farmington, Friday, June 12th, aged 39 years, Helen Hathaway, wife of Joseph Hathaway, and a daughter of Arnold Bristol, of Macedon.  Mrs. Hathaway was a person whose loss will be deeply felt, not only by her family and immediate friends, but by the entire community, for she was one in regard to whom it was literally true:  "None knew her but to love her, Or named her but to praise." A husband and three children, and a host of personal friends are left to mourn her untimely death.  The funeral services were conducted at the house by John Cornell, of the religious society of Friends.  The sympathies of the entire community will be extended to the members of this home made desolate by this severe bereavement.  This loved one has simply gone before, they will meet her again "In that land of sunshine Where no grief makes the heart heavy, or the eyelids red."

From Shortsville Enterprise 2 June 1888

The funeral obsequies of Margaret Hathaway were held on Thursday afternoon from the Orthodox church near the Hook. Mrs. Hathaway during her illness made arrangements for her funeral and burial, and with few exceptions her requests were executed. Thomas Pierson officiated at the house, and Mary Knowles, assisted by Addie Wood, took charge at the church. Messrs. Ketchum and Padgham, Mrs. Padgham and Miss Carrie Herendeen were requested to sing "The Crowning day is coming." South Farmington within a few months has parted with a number of her aged and highly esteem citizens; though they will long be remembered, the places that knew them shall know them no more.

Thanks to Martha McGill for this donation.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 24 May 1905

Victor, N. Y. - Mrs. Mary Hathaway
died at the home of Durfee Herendeen in the town of Farmington last week. She was 63 years of age. Funeral was held at the house on Sunday afternoon. Rev. F. W. Hill, of the Victor Presbyterian church officiated.

From Ontario County Journal 21 January 1910

At the home of her sister, Mrs. A. C. Brink, South Pearl street, on Saturday, occurred the death of Mrs. Minerva Hewitt Hathaway of Orleans, aged 72 years. Mrs. Hathaway came to this village about a month before her death to visit her sister, and was stricken with pneumonia at her home. Her husband, Scott Hathaway, died several years ago. Three sons, Melvin of East Bloomfield, Seth of Honeoye, and Sheldon, who is in the Adirondack mountains; two sisters, Mrs. Brink and Mrs. Lucy Beals of Ionia City, Mich.; and two brothers, George and James Hewitt of Bristol survive. Rev. J. S. Ebersole officiated at the funeral services on Monday morning and interment was at Honeoye.

From Ontario Repository and Messenger 27 August 1873

The funeral ceremonies over the mortal forms of the oldest and youngest white persons born in Bristol, took place at the Universalist Church, Aug. 17th. Mrs. Nancy Hathaway, aged seventy-seven, and an infant of Mr. Buckalew. Mrs. H., the mother of Mrs. Billings T. Case and Mrs. Albert Treat, was born on the spot where she passed away. She was a woman of uncommon energy of character, and much respected by a large number of very dear friends. She was confined to the house for several years, but ever taking an interest in the affairs of the family, and the movements of the world.

From Ontario County Chronicle 16 July 1902

The funeral of the late Phoebe Hathaway, Farmington, was held Wednesday at 3 p.m. from the Friends' church, Rev. E. P. Wood officiating. The interment was in the Friends' cemetery. The deceased was the last of a family of seven children, her father, Isaac Hathaway, being one of the first settlers in the town, coming all the way from Massachusetts with an ox team, enduring the privations incident to pioneer life. After arriving he built the first log house in town and shortly after added a frame structure, which part now stands as an addition to the home, where she lived and died. Under the roof of the old homestead was sheltered many a fugitive in slavery days, herself entertaining them on their way to Canada. She was a personal friend of Susan B. Anthony and had enjoyed her as a guest in days gone by when she lectured on slavery throughout the State.

From Ontario County Journal 3 November 1899

Bristol Springs, N. Y. - Samuel Hauggi
died at his home near Woodville, on Oct. 25, after a brief illness of pneumonia  and a complication of other diseases. Mr. Hauggi came to this region from Switzerland about 15 years ago and had lived in Naples and this town all of the time. There survive a widow and several children, who are grown to manhood and womanhood.

From Geneva Gazette 30 January 1857

The Ontario Repository says:  "We have recent information from Naples, one of our neighboring villages, of one of the most melancholy accidents, of which it has been our lot to speak.  The Rev. Mr. Haven of that place, while engaged on the 23rd inst., in preparing some balsam which he was in the habit of making, by some fatal mistake, set the materials he was using on fire; and they being of a very combustible and explosive nature, the result was that all the windows of the room were blown out, and three of the five inmates, including Mr. Haven, his wife, and one child were burned to death.  Two other children of the family were at school at the time of the accident.  The burial of the mangled and charred remains of their dear father, mother, and mate, took place on Sunday last.

From Geneva Gazette 15 November 1861

Death of a Centenarian -
A venerable old negro, named Jack Havens, died in this village on Wednesday morning.  He was, according to the reckoning of his family, one hundred and fourteen years old.  He enjoyed remarkably good health up to the very hour of his death.  He took jobs of sawing wood, and was engaged in such occupation only the day previous to his decease.  He arose quite early on Wednesday morning, and was about to go to a neighbor's to finish such a job; but it being scarcely light, at the suggestion of his daughter he again retired. Soon afterwards, an errand called a person to his room, who spoke to him and he answered.  An hour perhaps passed and he not making his appearance, a grand-daughter went to his room and found that he was dead.  He had evidently died without disease or pain - the sands of his life had run out.

From Geneva Courier 18 September 1878

Mr. Almon Haviland,
one of Geneva's oldest and most respected citizens, died last evening between eight and nine o'clock, at his residence on Geneva street.  He had been sick for only about a week.  Mr. Haviland was 74 years of age, and lived in Geneva nearly all his life.  He was born three miles north of Geneva, where his father lived.  For many years he followed the trade of a wagon maker, in his shop on Genesee street.  By patient industry and careful investment he amassed a considerable fortune.  Of a quiet and genial disposition, he was well liked by all who knew him.  His wife, and only son, W. W. Haviland survive him.

From Victor Herald 5 February 1904

Allen's Hill, N. Y. -
Died, in West Richmond, January 28th, of pneumonia, Eliza Jack, wife of George Hawes, aged about sixty years. She leaves a husband and two children, Albert Hawes and Mrs. Adele Austin; and a brother, Dewey Jack; and sister, Mrs. Macey of Livonia. She was a woman universally respected.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 4 October 1905

Shortsville, N. Y. - 
The funeral of Thomas Hawkes, a well-known market gardener of Manchester, was held from the Manchester Baptist church, of which he was a deacon, at three o'clock on Sunday afternoon, the pastor, Rev. Joseph Weston, officiating. Burial followed in the Manchester Cemetery. Mr. Hawkes was found by his wife  dead in bed at two o'clock on Friday morning and Coroner Eiseline of Shortsville pronounced heart disease the cause of death. He had been in his usual good health until the evening before his death, when he complained a little of not feeling well. He was not quite 71 years of age, and was a native of England, having been born in Warwickshire. When nineteen years of age, he married Miss Ann Harvey and came to the United States, settling on the Augustus Wilson farm in Manchester, where he has resided ever since. Three years after the death of his first wife, which occurred about thirteen years ago, he was married to Miss Ida Jones of Hopewell, who, with a son, Frank, survives him. He also leaves six other children: Miss Harriet E. Hawkes of Burmah, Asia; Mrs. Edward Dunham, of Pittsburg, Pa.; Augustus W. Hawkes, William A. Hawkes, and Albert J. Hawkes, all of Manchester; and James E. Hawkes of Farmington.

From Ontario Messenger 5 May 1852

Suicide - The lifeless body of a young woman was discovered in the Canandaigua Lake on Sunday last about noon. It was conveyed to the Court House, where on the Coroner's request, it was identified as the body of an Irish girl named Ann Hawkins, aged about 18, who was in the service of the widow Gooding on Bristol st. It appeared from Mrs. G.'s testimony, that the girl was "down-hearted" and had said that she was lonesome, &c, and that she left the house early in the morning -- about 4 or 5 o'clock, and was not again seen until found in the lake. A post mortem examination disclosed the fact that she was enciente. The Coroner's investigation is not yet concluded.

From Geneva Daily Times 9 October 1905

Canandaigua, N. Y. -
This morning at the Thompson Memorial Hospital, occurred the death of Mrs. Lucinda Sherman Hawkins, wife of Benson Hawkins, of Bristol Springs, who had been at the hospital for treatment for tumors. She was aged about fifty-eight years, and leaves beside her husband, two brothers, Hiram and George Sherman, of South Bristol.

From Geneva Daily Times 1 March 1897

Michael H. Hawkins,
proprietor of the Club House hotel, died Saturday evening at 10:15 o'clock after a short illness. He attended the funeral of William P. O'Malley a week previous at which he caught a cold which developed into pneumonia. The deceased was born at Clifton Springs thirty-nine years ago and has resided in Geneva for upwards of twenty years. His immediate family consists of a wife and four children, the oldest being ten years of age. He was a brother of Abraham, Thomas W. and Daniel R. Hawkins, well-known residents of this city. Mr. Hawkins was a member of Nester Hose Company and the Sarsfield Division Ancient Order of Hibernians. A meeting of those organizations has been called for tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock for the purpose of arranging to attend the funeral in a body which will take place at St. Francis de Sales church at ten o'clock.

From Victor Herald 3 April 1903

Phebe J.,
wife of William F. Hawkins, died at the family residence in this town on Friday evening, March 27th. She had not been will for more than a year, but her death was a surprise and shock to her relatives and friends, as she seemed more comfortable for several weeks past. Her disease took a turn for the worse on Friday morning and she sank rapidly until the time of her death. Mrs. Hawkins was born in Orange county in 1834, and had resided in Victor since her marriage in 1855. Her nearest surviving relatives are her widowed husband; two sons, J. W. Hawkins and Frank G. Hawkins; two daughters, Mrs. Dr. D. J. Tillotson and Mrs. John A. Osburn, all residing in this town; three brothers, William, Wesley and George Muloch, living in the West, and four sisters, Mrs. G. M. Rowe of Washington, D. C.; Mrs. John Martin of Tripoli, Iowa; Mrs. Doty and Mrs. Farnsworth, also residing in the West. Mrs. Hawkins was prominently identified with the Methodist church in this village, being a regular attendant as long as her health would permit. She also took a deep interest in the temperance work, always using her influence in favor of that cause. She was earnestly devoted to her family, and the family reunions at her home were always occasions that gave her great pleasure and satisfaction. Though a great sufferer she was determined to conquer the disease and was very brave even when there seemed to be little hope for her recovery. Her advice in favor of good things, so often given to those nearest and dearest to her, will never be forgotten by them and will be a constant incentive to them to live a good and pure life.

From Geneva Gazette 26 August 1898


Mr. T. W. Hawkins, who buried his wife only a few weeks ago, now mourns the loss of his oldest child -- Roger, a bright and promising boy of 15 years.  His death took place last evening.  For three or four years past he had been a sufferer from rheumatism, which trouble eventually reached his heart with fatal result.  With this double bereavement and recent financial embarrassment, surely Mr. Hawkins' troubles would seem to be more than mortal can bear.

From Geneva Advertiser 24 September 1901

The venerable Thomas Hawkins died at his home on State street last Tuesday, aged 73 years.  He leaves his wife and a family of three sons and four daughters, the sons only residing here.  Mr. Hawkins was a veteran of the civil war, and a Grand Army man, always appearing with his comrades in street parade.

From Ontario County Journal 13 May 1892

Manchester, N. Y. - Mrs. Ann Harvey,
wife of Thomas Hawks, whose illness was mentioned last week, died at her home just east of this place at 4:29 Sunday afternoon. She was born at Cherrington, Warwickshire Co., England, Feb'y 2, 1828, and therefore was 64 years of age. She was married May 8, 1854, and died on her 38th wedding anniversary. One week after her marriage she sailed for America with her husband and other friends, and for several years lived in Gorham, Ontario county. There she united with the Bethel Baptist church, and a few years later, when they removed to  Manchester, united with the church here, of which she was ever a consistent member. Nine children were born to her, six of whom, young men and women, survive her, namely: Miss Harriet E. Hawkes, a missionary to Bassein, Burmah, Tillie E., Augustus W., William A., Jas. A. and Albert J., all of Manchester. As a faithful wife and mother she exhibited all of the beautiful graces of a Christian character and amidst severe suffering borne for many years, displayed a patient trust in God's abounding grace and love. But few outside her home knew her true worth, but to her children the memory of her life will ever be blessed. Her funeral occurred at her late home at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, Rev. M. V. Willson, of Penfield, a former pastor, officiating, in the illness of her present pastor. Her four sons acted as pall bearers and laid her at rest in the old cemetery, near the church which she loved so dearly.

From Ontario County Journal 18 June 1897

Phelps, N. Y. -
Mrs. Hawks, wife of the late B. F. Hawks, formerly of this place, died in New York, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Martin Brush, on Monday. The remains were brought to Phelps, arriving here yesterday morning, and the funeral services were held in the M. E. church, of which she had long been a member, in the afternoon. The interment was made in the Phelps cemetery.

From Geneva Gazette 15 September 1882

Mrs. Helen Hawks,
the aged widow of George Hawks, died very suddenly of apoplexy, Saturday last, while on a visit at the house of Mr. William Berryman, north of Geneva. She was seventy-eight years old and like her husband who died but a year or two since, was well-known and highly esteemed in this community. Her funeral was attended by a large number of attached friends on Tuesday last at the Methodist church, of which she was one of the oldest and most devoted members.

From Ontario County Journal 3 December 1909

Stanley, N. Y. -
The death of Mrs. Hawley, an aged resident of this village occurred at the home of her son, Andrew Hawley, on Sunday at the age of 92 years. Funeral services were held on Tuesday, Rev. Edward Jarvis officiating. One son and one daughter and several grandchildren survive.

From Geneva Daily Times 23 June 1902

Mrs. Anna Eliza Hawley
died at the family residence in South Main street at 4:15 o'clock yesterday afternoon, aged 90 years. Mrs. Hawley is said to have been the oldest resident of Geneva.  She was 90 years old last January.  The deceased came to Geneva from Oswego about 55 years ago.  She was an active worker in Trinity church and a woman who was always ready to help the poor of the parish.  she is survived by one daughter, Miss M. A. Hawley of this city, and by two grandsons, residing at Minneapolis.  The funeral will take place Wednesday afternoon at 5 o'clock.

From Geneva Daily Times 3 April 1930

The death of Chester Cole Hawley, aged 38, occurred last night at his home in the Pulteney Apartments after a short illness of pneumonia. He is survived by his wife, Katherine Sholes Hawley; one daughter, Aileen Devereaux Hawley; one son, Chester C., Jr.; and one brother, Alan W., all of Geneva. Mr. Hawley was born in Corning and later attended Hobart College in this city, graduating in the class of 1912. He was a member of Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Following his marriage, he moved to Geneva in 1915. He was president of the Hawley Motor Co., a former commodore of the Seneca Yacht Club, and at the time of his death, occupied the office of vice-commodore. Funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 o'clock in Hobart Chapel. Interment will be private at Corning.

From Ontario County Journal 18 January 1895

The death of Mrs. Eva Smith Hawley, wife of Dr. Hawley, of this village, occurred last Saturday morning, after an illness of several weeks duration, from gastric fever and nervous prostration. The deceased was 41 years of age, and had been for many years an active member of the Baptist church and Sunday school, in which latter organization she was a teacher. Her husband and two children, a boy and a girl, survive. The funeral services were held Monday afternoon from the family residence on Center street, Rev. H. C. Townley officiating.

From Ontario County Journal 17 February 1893

The death of Dr. F. C. Hawley occurred at his residence on Center street, Tuesday, February 14. Dr. Hawley was one of a family of twelve children. There were seven brothers, three of whom are physicians, as are three of their sons. He had practiced 43 years, 23 years of which were spent in Canandaigua. He was 70 years old at the time of his death. Two children, Mrs. Matthew H. Jaslyn of Rochester, and Dr. Ira F. Hawley, of Canandaigua, survive.

From Geneva Daily Times 15 July 1907

Phelps, N. Y. - George Hawley, who resides at Unionville, a mile east of Phelps, died yesterday morning. His death resulted from an abscess on the lung. Mr. Hawley was born in the town of Phelps and always lived here. He was 48 years of age. His survivors are his widow and one daughter, Mrs. Phillip Tarro, both of whom live at Unionville; also a brother, Frank Hawley, of Phelps. The funeral services will be conducted by Rev. C. E. Gregory Wednesday afternoon.

From Ontario County Journal 21 November 1890

About five o'clock last Saturday evening Mrs. Harriet Hawley, wife of Dr. F. C. Hawley, died very suddenly of heart disease. She was purchasing some goods in Lines' shoe store on lower Main Street when she was stricken and lived only a few minutes. Dr. Hawley, being notified, hastened to the store but was too late to do anything more than take the inanimate form of his beloved companion tenderly in his arms and convey her home. Mrs. Hawley was in her sixty-ninth year and was a lady of many charming traits of character. At the time of her sudden death she was engaged in charitable work. The funeral services were held from the Baptist Church Tuesday afternoon and were largely attended. Dr. Hawley has the sympathy of the entire community in his affliction.

From Ontario County Journal 5 May 1882

Mr. John W. Hawley,
a well-known and respected citizen of this place, died at his residence on Center street last Friday of heart disease. His health had been failing for several months. Drs. Jas. W. and Fred. Hawley were his brothers.

From Ontario County Journal 15 May 1896

Phelps, N. Y. - Mrs. Julia M. Hawley
died at her home in Unionville, Wednesday morning about 2 o'clock, aged 75 years. She had been in feeble health for some time. Her death was due to apoplexy. She celebrated her 75th birthday on Easter Sunday by having a family gathering. The deceased was the wife of the late Wm. Hawley, a veteran of the civil war, and is survived by two sons and one daughter. Mrs. Hawley was a member of the Presbyterian church. The funeral services will be held from the residence at three o'clock this afternoon and interment will be in the Phelps cemetery.

From Ontario Repository 8 April 1840

Died, with consumption in Canandaigua, Mrs. Nancy Hawley, and daughter of Joel Steel, of East Bloomfield, aged 38. She had been a consistent member of the congregational church a number of years. Her piety was sound, deep and practical. She was averse to all ostentation in religion. Adorned with the meek and quiet spirit of the gospel, commended by the Apostle, she diligently attended to the duties of wife and mother. Her dependence for pardon and acceptance with God, was on the merits and intercession of her Savior alone. This faith supported her through a long and painful sickness, enabled her to give up all that she was attached to in this life, and peacefully to breath her soul in the hands of her Redeemer. She left an affectionate husband and four children to deplore their loss.

From Geneva Daily Times 23 February 1907

Rushville, N. Y. - Thomas Hawley, a prominent farmer two miles south of Rushville, died Thursday night. He was born in this vicinity, living here for seventy years. During his illness the past week he had the best of care, a trained nurse being in attendance all the time. Mr. Hawley leaves a wife nearly three years his senior, one son, Elton, and a widowed sister, Mrs. Sarah Gage. Mrs. Hawley at this writing is not expected to live.

From Ontario County Journal 3 November 1876

a well-known farmer of West Bloomfield, was the victim of a fatal accident yesterday morning.  At about 11 o'clock yesterday he was engaged cleaning out one of the barrels of a double-barrel shot gun.  He was wiping out the empty barrel, and in the operation it is supposed he moved the gun upon the floor, the hammer of the lock to the loaded barrel catching upon some obstruction and causing its discharge, the charge of powder and shot taking effect in his body, from the effect of which he died at 2 o'clock the same day.  It was indeed a terrible accident, and plunges his family and a large circle of friends in the deepest grief.  He leaves a wife and two or three children. He was a man in the prime of life, about 35 years of age, and was a son of the late Cadwalader Haws, who died only a few months since.  We shall probably have further particulars of the sad event next week.

From Victor Herald 18 April 1902

Mrs. Phebe Haws
died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Clarence Green, on Boughton Hill, Saturday afternoon, April 12th, in the eighty-seventh year. She was well-known among the older residents of West Bloomfield and Victor, her home in the former place being the center of many gatherings of the young people of both places. It was in 1824 that she moved with her father, Jeremiah Stratton, to the town of Richmond. In 1837, she was united in marriage to Cadwalader Haws, formerly a well-known citizen of West Bloomfield. She was a good woman and is sincerely mourned by those who knew her. The funeral services were held on Monday afternoon at the home of her daughter, the burial being at West Bloomfield. Two children survive her, Mrs. Edwin Andrews of Lake Charles, Louisiana, and Mrs. Clarence A. Green, of Victor.

From Ontario County Times 4 August 1875

Shortsville, N. Y. - Mrs. Mary Hawver,
who has for a number of years lived on a small farm about a mile west from this village, died last Friday, July 30th, at 3 o'clock p.m., at the age of 72 years. The funeral services were held at the Presbyterian church yesterday, at the usual hour for morning service. Rev. J. M. Harlow preached the funeral discourse.

From Geneva Daily Times 6 May 1908

Mrs. Edna Hayes,
wife of Stanley W. Hayes, the president of the Hayes Track Appliance Company, died yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the family home, No. 420 Castle street. On Saturday morning last Mrs. Hayes became the mother of boy baby, which survives her. The deceased was born in Brooklyn on November 14th, 1882, and came to Geneva fifteen years ago with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Burbank. She was educated in the Geneva High School, where she took a deep interest in all of the school activities. Leaving school she took a business course, and for several years she was a stenographer in the office of Mr. Hayes. In the summer of 1906 Miss Burbank received an invitation from Luther Burbank, of Santa Rose, Cal., the prominent plant breeder, who was a distant relative of the deceased, to come to California and become his private secretary. She accepted this position and remained in Santa Rosa until February 3, 1907. On this date she was married to Mr. Hayes and after a trip on the Pacific coast, they returned to Geneva where they have since resided. Besides her husband and infant son, the deceased is survived by her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Burbank, and one brother, Gardner Burbank, all of this city. The funeral will take place at 10 o'clock Friday morning from the house and the burial in Glenwood Cemetery will be private. It is requested by the family that flowers be omitted.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 20 February 1907

South Bloomfield, N. Y. -
The funeral of Mrs. Hannah Hayes was held at St. Bridget's church, East Bloomfield, last Friday. She was 76 years of age and had died of pneumonia. Though born in Ireland, this had been her home about 50 years. She leaves one son, Timothy, and one daughter, Mrs. James Cooper, of Canandaigua. Timothy is in a Rochester hospital at present recovering from an operation upon his leg which was injured about a year ago. It is reported that his condition is critical. His wife recently lost by death a father, mother and sister, and the sympathy of the entire community goes out to them.

From Ontario County Journal 18 July 1890

Dr. J. B. Hayes,
one of Canandaigua's best known and most respected citizens died at his residence on Gibson street yesterday morning between five and six o'clock, of inflammatory rheumatism complicated with pneumonia and heart trouble. Dr. Hayes was in his 57th year. He was born in this village and always resided here. He leaves three sons: Edward and Chester who have been studying art in Paris and George who is a dentist in Tacoma, Washington. The latter was summoned by telegraph as soon as his father's condition became critical but was unable to reach home before the end came. He is expected to arrive today.

From Geneva Daily Times 12 March 1909

Mrs. Jane Hayes,
widow of the late Joseph Hayes, died suddenly at 4:45 o'clock this morning, after a few days' illness of pneumonia, at the home of her niece, Mrs. C. W. Parsons of No. 521 Castle street. The deceased had been visiting her niece but three weeks. Her home was in Preble, N. Y. She was 81 years old and is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Josie Cutt of Preble; two sisters, Mrs. Mary E. Steves of Pittsfield, Mass., and Mrs. Harriet Shaver of Freeville, N. Y.; and one brother, Oliver Goodsell of Indiana. A short prayer will be said by Rev. W. W. Weller Monday afternoon at about 4 o'clock at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Parsons, and Tuesday morning the remains will be taken on the 8:34 New York Central train to Preble, where the funeral service and the burial will take place.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 19 September 1906

Allen's Hill, N. Y. - 
On Sunday, September 9, at Academy, occurred the death of Jane Harper, wife of Fred Hayes, aged 69 years. She leaves a husband, three sons and two daughters, John, William and George; the daughters are Mrs. Sarah Costello and Mrs. Kate Ingraham. She leaves one sister, Mrs. Martha McClurg of Richmond. Many years of Mrs. Hayes's life were passed here where she had many friends.

From Victor Herald 6 June 1902

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Mary Hayes
died on Saturday last, at her home, at the age of forty-three years and eleven months. She was the daughter of the late Cornelius Hayes and is survived by her mother and a brother, Timothy Hayes. Funeral services were held Monday forenoon at St. Bridget's church, Rev. P. A. Neville officiating.

From Ontario County Journal 14 March 1879

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Mr. Mumford Hayes
departed this life Saturday evening, March 8th, aged 77 years. Funeral services were held at the late residence of the deceased Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. S. A. Morse officiating.

From Geneva Daily Times 11 March 1910

Canandaigua, N. Y. -
Yesterday morning at the Canandaigua Hospital of Physicians and Surgeons occurred the death of Ralph Hayes, for several years a resident of this place. He had been confined to his bed for over three years with paralysis, but he had been at the hospital only a few weeks. He was 49 years of age, born in the town of East Bloomfield, and had resided in this county his entire life. He was a printer by trade and had been foreman of local printing establishments. He leaves his wife and two sons, Carlton of Geneva and Gordon of Canandaigua.

From Ontario County Journal 7 February 1890

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Dr. Richmond S. Hayes died very suddenly last Friday afternoon, aged 67 years. He had been a resident of this town since 1865, and was highly respected and honored by all who knew him. During the late war, he was assistant surgeon of the 129th N. Y. Regiment, and 8th Artillery at Fort McHenry. Funeral services were held in the Congregational church Monday at 10:30 a.m. His remains were followed to their resting place by a large number of relatives and friends. The Sunday school class, of which he was teacher, was present in a body and preceded the remains bearing a pillow of natural flowers inscribed Our Teacher. The services were conducted by Rev. C. C. Johnson, pastor of the Congregational church, of which the deceased was a member, assisted by Rev. P. M. Harman of the M. E. church.

From Ontario County Journal 11 November 1898

The death of Mrs. Sarah Antis Hayes occurred at her home on Gibson street early Saturday morning, after a short illness. Mrs. Hayes was one of the oldest residents of Canandaigua, having been born here on Feb. 21, 1815, and having always resided here. By the death of Mrs. Hayes, another link in the chain which connects the present with the early history of the village has been broken. Mrs. Hayes' ancestors were among the earliest settlers in this region. In 1832 she became the wife of Joseph Byron Hayes who died in 1841. Mrs. Hayes was the mother of four children, none of whom survive. Three grandsons, Edward G. Hayes, of this village, and George B. Hayes and Chester G. Hayes of Paris, sons of Dr. J. B. Hayes, are left. The funeral was held from her late residence on Monday afternoon, the services being conducted by Rev. C. H. Dickinson.

From Ontario County Journal 9 January 1885

Will J. Hayes,
for a number of years past employed as a clerk in the Northern Central freight office, died at his residence on Gorham street Sunday morning. Mr. Hayes came to Canandaigua from Williamsport, Pa., in 1865, and has since been  a faithful and trusted employee of the Northern Central company. He left a young wife. Tuesday morning, after a short service here, the remains were conveyed to Elmira. Mr. Hayes was 29 years old.

From Geneva Daily Times 7 October 1907

William E. Hayes,
the oldest native born Genevan, died this morning 8:30 o'clock at his home, No. 292 Castle street. The deceased was born January 31, 1831, and has lived here throughout his life. Last February he was taken with a severe cold, and while he recovered from the acute disease, it left him weak and he has been in declining health since that time. About three months ago he was obliged to give up his lifelong trade of tin-smithing and has since been living a retired life. Besides being the oldest native born citizen, Mr. Hayes was the oldest Mason of the city and also one of the oldest Masons in the state. He joined Ark Lodge, No. 33, F. & A. M., in 1845 and for more than a half century had been in good standing with the order. In 1847 he became a Knight Templar by joining Geneva Commandery, No. 29, Knights Templar. He was also a member of the Eastern Star, with his membership dating back to 1891. While he was thus identified with various Masonic organizations he always shrank from honors and throughout his long membership, he never held an important Masonic office. For many years Mr. Hayes conducted a general repair shop on Castle street and had the reputation of being a faithful workman. From early life he was a member of the First Universalist church and had repeatedly served the church as a trustee. The funeral will take place Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from the Universalist church. Burial will be in Glenwood Cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 20 Nov 1896

Phelps, N. Y. - John B. Haynes,
an old and respected resident of this town, died at his home about two and one-half miles west of the village, last week Friday, of lumbar neuretis, aged 76 years. A wife survives. The funeral services were held on Sunday at 1 o'clock and interment made in the family plot in the Phelps cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 13 December 1895

Naples, N. Y. - Mrs. Nancy Haynes
died on Tuesday evening of fever, which had been running two months. Her age was 43. She was the daughter of the late Jerry Van Riper of Italy, and married A. J. Haynes 20 years ago. He, with two sons and a daughter, survive her. Their home was in Italy until three years ago, when they moved to this town. It is a sad death for the family.

From Ontario County Times 21 February 1877

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
The "fell destroyer" has again been in our midst, and taken from us another of our old inhabitants. Mr. Asa Hayward died on the morning of Thursday  last at the age of 71 years. Mr. Hayward was born in this town on the farm now owned by Mr. F. Bailey, his father having settled there at an early day. He lived all his life in Bloomfield, with the exception of three or four years that he spent in Brooklyn. He was for many years the proprietor of the East Bloomfield hotel, and in that capacity he became widely known. "Asa," as everybody called him, was an honest, upright and industrious citizen; generous to a fault, would divide his last crust with a friend; genial, and had a kind word for every one he met. He has been a great sufferer for the last ten or fifteen years; yet he was always pleasant and ready for a joke. He lived respected, and died regretted by all.

From Ontario County Journal 30 October 1896

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -  George W. Hayward,
one of East Bloomfield's most highly esteemed and respected citizens, died at his home on Tuesday evening at the age of 63 years. The funeral services were held from his late home on Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The Rev. B. F. Hitchcock, pastor of M. E. church, officiated.

From Geneva Daily Times 20 March 1905

Mrs. Louise S. Hayward
died at her late residence, No. 129 Pulteney street, at 6:30 o'clock Sunday morning, aged 80 years. She had been in failing health for over a year but her last sickness was only of a week's duration. Mrs. Hayward was the widow of William P. Hayward, an old shoe dealer and for thirty years foreman of one of Geneva's best fire companies. Deceased was born in northern France and came to this city sixty years ago, at the time of her marriage. She is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Alfred Catchpole of Geneva, and Mrs. William White of Peoria, Ill., by one son, Neville T. Hayward of this city; and by four daughters, Miss Mary Hayward, a teacher in the High school; Mrs. James E. Brown of Castle Heights, this city; Miss Carrie Hayward of 129 Pulteney street and Mrs. Fred Taylor of Rochester. The funeral will be held Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock from the house, Rev. Dr. J. B. Hubbs officiating. Interment will be in Washington street cemetery.

From Geneva Advertiser 27 August 1901

William P. Hayward
died at his home in Pulteney street last Sunday morning, at what hour is not definitely known, as he was found dead in his bed by one of his daughters at 6 o'clock.  Years ago he was one of our most prominent business men, a member of the shoe firm of Mitchell & Hayward, the present stand of J. Thomas.  He was most prominent as a fireman, being the third and last foreman of Franklin No. 4, and he took great pride in having the largest company and spared no money to man the best engine in the State.  For one or more terms he was a trustee of the village, and afterwards overseer of the poor of the town, and his method of keeping his accounts was warmly approved by the county superintendents.  His age was 78 years, and he is survived by his wife and five children, four daughters, Miss Mary E. and Caroline W. Hayward, Mrs. James E. Brown, and Mrs. Taylor of Rochester, and Neville T. Hayward.  He had been a resident of Geneva for 69 years. He was afflicted in his last years with locomotor attixia, and his death was of paralysis of the heart.  He walked down street Saturday and was shaved by his barber.

From Ontario County Journal 21 August 1891

Late yesterday afternoon came the sad news of the death of Mrs. Jane E. Hazard, who breathed her last at half-past three o'clock Thursday afternoon at the residence of her father, Mr. Thomas M. Howell, on Gibson street. Mrs. Hazard had spent a lifetime of some 52 years in the village of Canandaigua, where she was widely and favorably known. Beside her father, she leaves two daughters, Misses Louise and Sarah Hazard, of Buffalo, who were visiting her at the time of her demise. The immediate cause of her death was heart failure, superinduced by intestinal obstruction.

From Geneva Daily Times 19 February 1909

Thomas Hazel
of Seneca, aged 43 years, died yesterday afternoon at the Memorial Hospital in Canandaigua. He is survived by his widow. Burial No. Nine Cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 31 December 1907

Gorham, N. Y. -
The death of Charles Hazelton, who resided on the William Dickerson farm, occurred Friday evening. The deceased had been suffering during two or three years with Bright's disease. Funeral took place yesterday from his late home at 11 o'clock and burial was at Yatesville. He is survived by a wife and one son.

From Geneva Daily Times 8 November 1897

Ebenezer Hazzard, a well-known colored man of Geneva, died at his home, 33 Madison street, at 5:30 o'clock this morning at the age of 73 years. He was born in Cayuga county, and has been a resident of Geneva twenty years. He leaves a wife and twelve children. The funeral will be held from his late residence Tuesday afternoon, the Rev. Mr. Dean, assistant rector of Trinity church to officiate. Interment will be in Washington street cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 18 December 1903

Mrs. Nellie May,
wife of Albert Hazzard, died at 7:50 this morning at her late home, 33 Madison street, aged twenty-one years. The deceased and her husband were married June 24. July 13 she was taken to the city hospital with typhoid fever. Consumption set in and resulted in her death. Besides her husband, the deceased is survived by her father, three brothers and three sisters, all of Suffolk, Virginia. The funeral will take place at 2:30 o'clock Sunday from Trinity church. Rev. Charles M. Sills will officiate. Burial will follow in Washington street cemetery.

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