"Dup" to "Dz" Obituaries

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 1 February 1922

Canandaigua, Jan. 31 -
The death of Mrs. Anna Sisson Durand occurred at her home in the town of Canandaigua this morning after a long illness. Mrs. Durand was the widow of Rufus Durand, who died some months ago. She was 88 years old, having been born in Bristol in December, 1833. After her marriage she went to the farm where she resided at the time of her death and resided there all her married life. Mrs. Durand is survived by a son, Professor Elias J. Durand, of St. Paul, Minn., and a brother, Edgar Sisson, of Newark Valley. She also leaves a granddaughter, Miss Anna Durand, of Ithaca.

From Geneva Daily Times 18 October 1906

Canandaigua, N. Y. - Mrs. H. A. Durand died at the Thompson Memorial hospital yesterday as a result of burns received October 1st when she tried to remove from her home a burning oil heater which threatened to explode. Mrs. Durand was preparing for her daughter's wedding at the time. The wedding subsequently took place by the bedside of the injured woman.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 24 October 1906

The death of Mrs. Henry A. Durand occurred last Wednesday after two weeks of painful suffering. On Monday, Oct. 1st, Mrs. Durand was frightfully burned in her attempt to carry a blazing oil stove from the house. The burns were so deep and of such a serious nature that her condition had been alarming from the first and in spite of every medical aid, death came to relieve her of her intense sufferings on Wednesday. Mrs. Durand was formerly Miss Emma Stewart and was born in South Butler, Wayne County, 56 years ago. She was married to Mr. Durand in Pittsford, where she lived when a girl, in 1872, She had lived here only a few years, having moved here from Lima. Besides her husband, she is survived by three daughters, Miss Myra E. Durand, Mrs. John B. Miller and Miss Jennie S. Durand; her mother, Mrs. Margaret Stewart of Pittsford; three sisters, Mrs. John Battaus of Pittsford, Mrs. Frank Hutton of Ballston Springs and Mrs. Daniel Bucklin of Hutchinson, Kansas; and one brother, Luman H. Stewart of Pittsford. Brief services were held from the house in Gibson street Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock and the funeral services were held from the Methodist church at 2:30 o'clock. Rev. Ward Mosher conducted the services. Interment was made in Woodlawn.

From Ontario County Journal 25 April 1902

Mrs. Jane Durand,
widow of the late William S. Durand, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Amelia Parrish, Chapin street, on Monday night, at the advanced age of 91 years, 6 months. Mrs. Durand had been an invalid for three years, and for the past eight weeks had been entirely helpless. She was born in Chester county, Pa., and when 16 years of age came to this town, where she had ever since resided. Her husband died about 20 years ago, and a daughter, Mrs. Thaddeus Munson, four years ago. She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Miles Green and Mrs. Amelia Parrish, of this town, and Mrs. Walter Weatherwax, of Shady Side, Mich.; 12 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild. The funeral was held at Mrs. Parrish's home yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. Dr. J. Wallace Webb, pastor of the Methodist church, of which Mrs. Durand had been a member for 60 years, officiated.

From Ontario County Journal 21 October 1910

Mrs. Michal Statira Hickox Durand
died at her home southwest of this village at 8:15 o'clock on Wednesday evening, aged 103 years, two months and 22 days. So peacefully did the end come that those at the bedside knew not the precise moment of dissolution. Dr. F. P. Warner, the attending physician, reported death to have been due to bronchial pneumonia. Up to a week ago last Sunday, Mrs. Durand's wonderful vitality had show no diminution, and as late as last Sunday, when she conversed intelligently with those about her, there was no indication that the end was so near. Deceased is survived by four sons, Luman, Rufus, Willis and Henry, all of this town; and one daughter, Miss Myra Durand, who during the long years has cared for her mother on the old homestead farm. Mrs. Samuel McGerald, widow of the late Dr. McGerald of Buffalo, a daughter, died at the old home about a year ago while on a visit to her aged mother.

Mrs. Durand was born on July 27, 1807, in the town of Canandaigua, four miles west of this village, and her whole life was passed within three miles of her birthplace. She was one of a family of nine children. In 1831, she married Elias Durand, a direct descendant of Dr. John Durand, a physician of note, one of the original Huguenots, who emigrated from Rochelle, France, to this country in 1685. Seven children were born to them. Her husband died 45 years ago. Early in her married life she united with the Methodist church and for nearly 80 years had been a devoted and consistent member of that body. Mrs. Durand came of a sturdy New England stock. Her father, Captain George Hickox, died at 94. He was captain of a company of state militia previous and during the war of 1812. Mrs. Durand's grandfather, Levi Hickox, was one of the pioneers of Western New York and a soldier in the Revolutionary war. Her mother, Eunice Holcomb, was a pioneer school teacher who came from Massachusetts. Some time after having passed the century mark of life, Mrs. Durand fell and fractured a hip. While the fracture did not mend, she appeared to have fully recovered her general health, and was able to occupy her favorite chair every day almost to the end.

From Ontario County Journal 26 April 1895

About 9 o'clock Wednesday evening, at her home on Bristol street, occurred the death of Mrs. Sarah Jane Van Buren, wife of Burrett Durand, in the 76th year of her age. Death resulted from a complication of diseases, induced by la grippe. Mrs. Durand had been a resident of the town of Canandaigua 59 years. For many years past she had been an invalid and confined to the house, but her disposition was ever bright and cheerful. Beside her husband, Mrs. Durand is survived by three daughter, Mrs. A. G. Case of Canandaigua; Mrs. Adel Hayard of Niagara Falls, and Mrs. Edward Howard of Chicago. Funeral services will be held today at 3 p.m., and Rev. D. D. Campbell will officiate. Mrs. Durand has been a member of the Methodist church for many years.

From Ontario County Journal 5 January 1917

The death of Willis O. Durand, aged 76 years, occurred at Memorial hospital yesterday morning. He had been in poor health since September. Deceased was a son of Elias Durand and Michel S. Hickox. His mother lived to be 104 years of age. He was for years a prominent business man of Ontario county, having been engaged in business both at Phelps and Canandaigua. He was a a member of Canandaigua Lodge, F. & A. M. He leaves a wife and three children, Marvin H. Durand, Mrs. O. T. Sherman of Providence, R. I., and Miss Adah Durand of Grand Forks, N. D.; also three brothers, Rufus, Luman and Henry Durand of Canandaigua; and a sister, Miss Myra Durand of Minneapolis. The funeral services will be held at the home on Main street south tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. Guy L. Morrill officiating.

From Geneva Daily Times 11 March 1904

M. W. Fisher was called to Reed Corners yesterday to take charge of the funeral of Charles W. Durfee, who died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Arthur Winne, Monday. The burial was at Wyoming yesterday.

From Ontario County Chronicle 9 March 1904

At Reed's Corners, March 7, occurred the death of Charles W. Durfee, father of Mrs. A. S. Winne of that village, aged 64 years. Mr. Durfee's death was very sudden as he had only been sick a few days with typhoid pneumonia. He is survived by six children, Emery O. Durfee of Philadelphia; Mrs. Charles Newton of Geneseo; Mrs. A. S. Winne of Reed's Corners; Benjamin C. Durfee and Thaddeus Durfee of South McAllister, Indian Territory, and Miss Rufina Durfee of Caldwell, N. Y. The remains will be taken to Wyoming county, Mr. Durfee's former home, and the interment will take place there Thursday.

From Ontario County Repository & Messenger 17 April 1872

Died at Richmond, March 4th, Dr. Daniel Durgan, in the 68th year of his age. The Doctor was an old resident of Bristol, having a practice in that Town for over 30 years; and was well-known in Ontario Co. As a Physician he was successful; as a Surgeon, he had few equals. Some of the qualities in his character are well worthy of mention. He was tender-hearted and kind, and when called upon to administer in the wants of suffering humanity, his feelings were fully enlisted, and the poorest and most destitute of his patients were as well cared for and watched over, as the more fortunate. The Doctor's family have adopted many poor children, assisting them along until they could go alone.

From Geneva Daily Times 29 May 1907

Clifton Springs, N. Y. -
The neighbors and friends of Mrs. Carrie Durkee, wife of Emory L. Durkee, of this village, were saddened and shocked to learn of her sudden death which occurred yesterday morning at her residence on Stephens street. Mrs. Durkee has been alone the most of the time, as her husband is employed in Rochester. She arose at an early hour yesterday morning, and, partly dressed, went to her nearest neighbor, John Maynard. She rang the bell and called to them that she thought she was dying. Miss Grace Maynard, who is a graduate of the Rochester Homeopathic Training School for Nurses, was at her side in a very few minutes. A doctor was called but before he could arrive, Mrs. Durkee was dead. Coroner Iseline of Shortsville was called and pronounced the cause of death as heart disease from which she had been a sufferer for some time. Mrs. Durkee was about 50 years old and has lived here the past five years. She is survived by her husband, and one son, Elmire Couse of Savannah.

From Geneva Daily Times 25 February 1905

Elias M. Durkee
died at the city hospital after an operation, at 8:30 o'clock this morning. Deceased had been in poor health for several years and underwent a similar operation three years ago. He was sixty-one years of age and had lived in Geneva nearly all his life. He is survived by his widow, two sons, Charles Durkee and George Durkee, and two daughters, Katherine and Mary Durkee, all of this city; also by five brothers, Charles Durkee, of Seneca Castle, George and Emory Durkee of Clifton Springs, D. S. Durkee of Cato, and J. A. Durkee of Grand Rapids, Mich. Mr. Durkee had been a painter and paper hanger and of late years agent for sewing machines. The funeral will be held from his late residence, No. 137 Washington street, at some hour on Tuesday, yet to be announced.

From Clifton Springs Press 22 December 1938

It was a shock to the people of this village when news went around town Saturday night that George A. Durkee had passed away. He had been engaged at his accustomed duties until Thursday night and that evening was one of the speakers at the banquet of the Fire Chiefs' Association. Later on in the evening he took part in a contest put on by the Conservation Gun Club. He came home quite ill. He was not a man to give up quickly and it took a great deal of persuasion on the part of his family before he would consent to enter the Sanitarium the following day. George Durkee came to his death in the performance of duty. On Monday of last week it was necessary to do some work at one of the culverts in Sulphur Brook. He became soaking wet, but it was characteristic of him that he did not return home for dry clothing until he had finished his job, though suffering from a cold at the time. Evidently his system had been so weakened by exposure that he was unable to resist the ravages of pneumonia.

George Albert Durkee was born in the Town of Phelps on August 28, 1871. He had been a resident of Clifton Springs since he was a young man. His service to the village extended back for 35 years. He was superintendent of the electric lighting system until its sale to the Empire Gas & Electric Company, at the same time carrying on the duties of street commissioner and superintendent of the water works. He held the last two positions at the time of his death. He was chief of the Fire Department for 18 years, retiring last Spring. On May 19, 1937, the village firemen gave a banquet in his honor, when many tributes were paid by his fellow members and village officials. He was an advocate of street improvements and he was in charge of the construction of several of the village's fine new streets.

"Bert" Durkee, as he was generally called, was no white collar man. When there was a job involving particularly arduous labor, he shared the hardest work with his men. Of late years, he had given some time to the study of engineering problems and this was of great value in street and waterworks construction. He also attended State meeting of waterworks superintendents for the purpose of learning the latest ideas. In other civic affairs, Mr. Durkee was a member of the Clifton Springs Conservation Club and was an ardent advocate of restocking the woods and waters of this vicinity with game. His contribution to this work was very valuable. He was also a member of the Gun Club affiliated with the Conservation Club and of the Phelps Rod and Gun Club and Canandaigua Rod and Gun Club.
Mr. Durkee had long been interested in lodge and fraternal affairs. He was a charter member of Rescue Lodge, I. O. O. F., and the Rebekah lodge, serving one term as I. O. O. F. district deputy grand master of Ontario County. He was also a member of Garoga Lodge, F. & A. M., and of Clifton Springs Grange.

He is survived by his widow, Emma Dalton Durkee; two sons, Foster G. Durkee and George W. Durkee; and one daughter, Mrs. George F. Sherman of Clifton Springs; one brother, Frank E. Durkee of Northville; six grandsons and one granddaughter. Funeral services were held in the Methodist Episcopal church, Rev. Lester Schaff officiating. Burial was made in Riverview Cemetery.

From Clifton Springs Press 23 January 1913

At his home on Hibbard avenue, on Saturday last, occurred the death of George W. Durkee, after an illness of several weeks. Mr. Durkee was born in Cayuga County on January 30, 1842, and was a son of Daniel Thomas and Minerva Ingraham Durkee. When a little over twenty years old, Mr. Durkee enlisted in the 126th New York State Volunteers, during the Civil War. He served more than two years, when he was discharged for disability and sent home. During his stay at home, he was married to Miss Matilda Goodman, of Phelps, on September 21, 1864. Upon regaining his health he re-enlisted in Company G, 111th New York State Volunteers, and served until the close of the war. In all, he was in nine battles. A peculiar coincidence in connection with the death of Mr. Durkee is that he died just seven years to the hour after the death of his wife. He had lived in Clifton Springs for twenty-three years. For a long term of years he served as town constable. He was a a member of Gordon Granger Post, G. A. R., and had been quartermaster of the Post for a great many years. Mr. Durkee leaves three children; George A. Durkee of Clifton Springs; Frank E. Durkee of Canandaigua; and Mrs. Claude Wilson of Port Gibson; and six grandchildren. The funeral was held at the house on Tuesday afternoon, the Rev. V. A. Sage, pastor of the Baptist church officiating. The
burial was made in Riverview cemetery at Gypsum.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 24 January 1906

Tuesday afternoon, January 16, at her home in Clifton Springs, occurred the death of Mrs. Matilda E. Goodman, wife of George W. Durkee. Mrs. Durkee, who was 60 years of age, had been ill for about two months. The deceased is survived by her husband and three children, Mrs. Claude Wilson of Newark, G. A. Durkee of Clifton Springs, and Frank E. Durkee of this place.

From Ontario County Journal 24 May 1907

The death of James Durkin, of Shortsville, occurred at the Canandaigua hospital on Saturday morning. On the preceding Tuesday Mr. Durkin fell from an apple tree at his home and suffered a severe shock, from which, owing to his advanced age of 72 years, he was not able to rally, and he failed rapidly until the end came. The remains were taken to the undertaking rooms of Ahrens & Breen and the funeral was held on Monday morning from St. Mary's church, the interment following in Calvary cemetery. He is survived by his wife and two sons, John and Thomas; and two brothers, Patrick and John, of Waterloo.

From Geneva Gazette 7 January 1898

Obituary - John C. Durkin died at his residence No. 30 Rose st. early Tuesday morning last, aged about 38 years.  His business was that of a nurseryman.  With the exception of about 8 years he had resided in Geneva all his life.  He was an earnest intelligent Democrat, and his friends put him forward at our last village election for Police Justice, but the nomination fell to another.  He is survived by a wife, his mother, two sisters and four brothers, three of whom constitute the firm of Durkin Bros., merchant tailors.  The fourth has a situation at the Michigan Horticultural College.  The funeral of the deceased was held yesterday from St. Francis de Sales Church and interment made in St. Patrick's cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 4 January 1898

John C. Durkin, well-known nurseryman of Geneva, died at 1:15 o'clock this morning at his home on Rose street, from the effects of liver and stomach trouble, aged 38 years. He had been ailing for some time, but his case was not considered serious, he being confined to the house but a few days. He had always lived in Geneva except eight years when he lived in Penn Yan, and was foreman of J. L. Rupert's nurseries. He is survived by a wife and mother, two sisters, Mary and Kitty, and four brothers, Thomas A. of Michigan Horticultural college, J. E., P. F. and Charles M. Durkin of Geneva. The funeral will take place from St. Francis de Sales church Thursday morning at 10 o'clock and from the house a half hour earlier. Interment will be made in St. Patrick's cemetery.

From Geneva Gazette 24 November 1893

Thomas Durkin
died very suddenly at his residence, Rose street, Monday morning last. He was one of the our oldest naturalized citizens, industrious and frugal, exemplary in all things. His age was about 65 years. He leaves a family of five sons and two daughters, all of adult age, and useful and respected citizens. The funeral took place from St. Francis de Sales Church Wednesday morning.

From Geneva Gazette 22 February 1901

The death of Mrs. Thomas Durkin occurred yesterday afternoon at the family residence on Rose street, aged 65 years. Deceased was ill about four weeks with the grip, which developed into pneumonia.  Mrs. Durkin is survived by four sons and two daughters - James E. Durkin, president of the Board of Health; P. F. C. Durkin, clerk of the Board of Health; Thomas Durkin of this city and Charles Durkin, of Syracuse, and Mary E. Durkin and Catharine Durkin of this city.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 28 February 1918

Geneva, N. Y. - John Durnin,
of 64 Center Street, died last night. He leaves his wife, three daughters, Mary, of this city, Katherine of Illion, Helena of St Elizabeth College, Convent Station, N. J.; a brother, William Durnin of Seneca Falls; three sisters, Mrs. Thomas Casey, Mrs. John Halpin and Mrs. Katherine White, of Seneca Falls. Mr. Durnin was a member of the Iron Moulders Union of this city and the Holy Name Society of St. Francis de Sales church.

From Geneva Daily Times 22 April 1907

Mrs. Margaret Durnin, aged 53 years, died yesterday morning at 5 o'clock at the home of her son, Thomas Durnin, of No. 27 State street. She is survived by seven sons, Thomas of this city, Andrew E. and Edward L. of Ithaca, George S. of Seneca Falls, William H. of Medina, John F. and Arthur A. of Buffalo; three brothers, Patrick of Interlaken, Thomas of Atwater, Lawrence of Beaver Dams. The funeral will be held tomorrow morning at 9:30 o'clock from the home and at 9:45 at St. Francis de Sales church. Interment will be made in Trumsansburg.

From Geneva Daily Times 5 December 1927

Thomas Durnin,
aged 56 years, died on Sunday morning at his home, 166 Pulteney street, following a short illness. He is survived by his wife, Mary Rogers Durnin; one daughter, Genevieve Durnin of this city; and five brothers, Andrew E. Rogers of Ithaca; George F. and John J. Rogers of Buffalo; William H. Rogers of Medina and Edward Rogers of Lockport. The funeral will be held on Tuesday morning at 8:30 o'clock from his late home and at 9:00 o'clock from St. Stephen's Church. Interment will be in St. Patrick's cemetery.

From Geneva Gazette 31 August 1855

DIED - In this village, on Monday, the 27th inst., Amelia, wife of Isaac Durrant, in the 47th year of her age. The deceased has been for many months afflicted with that most terrible of diseases, cancer. Her sufferings were of the most intense character, but amid all she bore them calmly and without a murmur, and finally passed away, as she had lived, firm in the faith of a world's redemption. She has left a large circle of friends and relatives to mourn her departure.

From Geneva Gazette 8 March 1901

Mrs. W. P. Durrant
died at the family residence, 46 North Main street, at 5:45 o'clock Monday afternoon, aged 68 years. Mrs. Durrant had been ill a year; she was born in Geneva and has resided here all her life.  She was a communicant of St. Peter's church.  She is survived by her husband, two sons, W. B. Durrant of Williamsport, Pa. and C. W. Durrant of Reading, Pa., and by one daughter, Mrs. George C. Schell, of this city.  The funeral will take place from St. Peter's church at 3 o'clock this afternoon.

From Geneva Advertiser 12 March 1901

Died in Geneva March 4, 1901, Mary Eliza Brizsee, wife of William P. Durrant.  She was born in Geneva May 5, 1833, was married April 18, 1852, and had always made Geneva her home.  Surviving her are a daughter, Mrs. Geo. C. Schell, and two sons, Charles W. and William B. Durrant.

We had a rumor last Tuesday morning of the death of Mrs. William P. Durrant, occurring the evening previous, but saw no one who could verify it before the paper was sent to press.  The rumor proved to be true, and our old friend of nearly fifty years is left alone.  Mrs. Durrant was aged 68 years, and had been almost, if not quite, a lifelong resident of Geneva. Surviving her besides the husband are two sons and one daughter, all married, the sons living in other cities.  The daughter is the wife of Mr. George C. Shell.  The funeral was held from St. Peter's Church on Friday afternoon, interment in Washington St. cemetery. Mr. Durrant lost a son by diphtheria, when the disease raged so fearfully here some twenty-five years ago, and this is the first death that has occurred in his family since.  His will be a lonely life hereafter.  He has our earnest and heartfelt sympathy.

From Ontario County Journal 9 January 1903

South Bloomfield, N. Y. -
On Tuesday evening occurred the death of Mrs. Almira Dusenbury, widow of Henry Dusenbury. Early last week Mrs. Dusenbury fell while walking across her room and fractured a hip. The shock of this fall caused her death. The deceased was 85 years of age, and up to one year ago she had enjoyed life with he natural vigor but little abated. At that time she lost the sight of one eye, through an accident, and since then had gradually grown infirm. By the death of Mrs. Dusenbury, almost the last link in the human chain which connects the present day with the early days of this region is broken. Her life spanned the greater part of the century just closed. Her father, Lemuel Munro, of Upton, Mass., enlisted in the War of the Revolution when 16 years of age, and served during most of the six years. When the war of 1812 broke out, he again enlisted and served two years. Mrs. Dusenbury was one of the very few original Daughters of the Revolution, and was presented with a gold spoon by the Rochester chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and was made an honorary member of that chapter. Bristol was the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dusenbury for many years, and there they reared their four children, William H. and Lester Dusenbury of Bristol; Mark Dusenbury of Colorado, Mrs. Adelle Stiles of South Bloomfield. During the latter years of Mrs. Dusenbury's life, she had resided in South Bloomfield, her daughter, Mrs. Stiles, residing with her. The funeral will be held from the home this afternoon at 2 o'clock.

From "The Automotive Manufacturer, Volume 54." Trade News Publishing Co., 1912.

The Hub, March, 1913.

John E. Dusenbury, 76, president of the Conklin Wagon Works, Geneva, NY, died February 8, died February 8, after a lingering illness. [page 432]

Thanks to Martha Magill for this contribution.

From Ontario County Journal 13 January 1899

Bristol, N. Y. - Mrs. Lucretia Thomas Dusenbury,
whose death occurred at the home of her daughter in Lima on Saturday, was buried here on Monday afternoon. The funeral services were held at the Universalist church, the Rev. Mr. Murray, a guest at the parsonage, officiating.

From Ontario County Journal 9 February 1906

Naples, N. Y. -
Many here mourn the death of Mrs. Marcia S. Dutcher, who had been for 40 years an honored and useful resident of the town. Her death occurred on Saturday at Geneva, where she had been for some time the guest of her son, Ora D. Dutcher. She had attained to the age of 67 years. The body, accompanied by her son and brother-in-law, Frank Ayer, arrived here on Monday evening and funeral services were held at the home of her son, Edward, at 11 a.m. on Tuesday. In the absence of a pastor of the Methodist church, of which she had long been an ardent member, Rev. E. E. Jones, of North Cohocton, officiated. Mrs. Dutcher came here from Dansville in 1864, having been two years married. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Knapp, who with the rest of the family came also to Naples. Two of her sisters, Mrs. F. R. Cribb and Mrs. W. R. Marks, died here. Two others survive her, Mrs. Henry Wemett of Lakeville, and Mrs. Frank Ayer, of Geneva; also a brother, Dr. Z. F. Knapp of Naples. She leaves four sons, Ora, Edward, and Frank of Irondequoit, and Harvey of New York.

From Geneva Daily Times 26 December 1908

Mrs. Olive Dutcher,
widow of the late Jerry Dutcher, died at 7 o'clock Thursday evening at the home of her son-in-law, Edward L. Hadley, of John street. The deceased was 72 years old. She had lived here about five years, coming to this city from Waterloo. She leaves seven daughters, Mrs. S. E. Disinger of Syracuse, Mrs. Eugene Austin of Seneca Falls, Mrs. Edward Hadley, Mrs. Oscar Breen and Mrs. L. J. Hines of this city, Mrs. Harry Close of Kittanning, Pa., and Mrs. William Van Dusen of Newark, N. Y.; four sisters, Mrs. Sarah Brewer and Mrs. Absalom Sears of Trumansburg, Mrs. Andrew Dunn and Mrs. Thomas Dunn of Cortland; and two brothers, Frank Kimple of Cortland and Harrison Kimple of Trumansburg. The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. C. E. Rowley will officiate. Interment at Glenwood Cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 27 July 1897

Austin Dutton,
one of the oldest citizens of Geneva, died at the Church Home hospital Sunday evening, aged 77 years. Mr. Dutton has lived here many years and was well known. His death was due to an attack of paralysis.

From Ontario County Times 7 March 1888

Shortsville, N. Y. - Mrs. Emily Dutton
died after a short illness at Batavia last Monday. Her remains were brought to this place and the funeral services were held from the Presbyterian church Wednesday afternoon. Of her immediate family there are two sons and one daughter, besides four brothers and one sister, to mourn her loss. Mrs. Dutton had many warm friends in this community, she having acted in the capacity of nurse and seamstress for many years here. Her willingness to always be ready to do for others regardless of personal inconvenience was only one of the many traits of character that made her welcome presence appreciated wherever she was known. Rev. W. O. Carrier officiated at the service and paid the deceased high tribute of appreciation, not only from what he personally knew of her, but from reason of high esteem in which she was held by all who knew her.

From Geneva Daily Times 25 June 1918

Despondent over the fact that his wife had left him and his children taken to the Shelter, Guy Dutton, 30 years old, a mounter at the Phillips & Clark Stove Company, committed suicide late Sunday night by turning on the gas in his room in the Fairfax building. He was found by Captain Merry and the landlady early last evening. The owner of the room had noticed the smell of the gas all day yesterday but could not locate the leak, and when Dutton failed to show up last night at 6 o'clock, she thought that something must be wrong and traced the gas odor to his room. She endeavored to look over the transom and through the key hole but she could see nothing of Dutton. The police were called and Captain Merry broke the lock on the door. Dutton was found lying on his stomach on an ironing board with his face in the midst of the burner of the gas stove. The gas was still escaping when the room was broken into and it is thought that he had died at least twelve hours before. Dutton had placed the end of the ironing board on the edge of the bed and the other end on the stove, and, lying face down with his head swathed in blankets, he turned the gas on in the oven and also the burner on the top of the stove.  Dutton was despondent, it is said, because his wife had left him and his three children had been sent to the Shelter and he had been in a depressed state of mind all the past week. An action accusing him of non-support was brought up against him several weeks ago in Police Court by his wife, but he cleared himself of the charge, and the children were taken in hand by the Shelter. Later two sisters of Mrs. Dutton each took a child and Mrs. Fred Newman, mother of Dutton, took the other two. The landlady said this morning that there were many pathetic incidents which occurred between the children and the father. Dutton's little boy had run away several times to go and give his daddy a hug and a kiss to show him that he still loved him, she said. Dutton served a term of enlistment in the Navy and was honorably discharged, and after his latest domestic difficulties, he endeavored to reenlist but was refused on account of bad teeth. He had also tried to get into the Army several times. The last time Dutton was seen alive was on Sunday afternoon when he was walking toward the lake. It is thought that he may have been going to attempt to drown himself, but that there were too many people around at the time. He is alleged to have remarked that if he couldn't have his children, he would have a picture taken of them so the he would always remember them when they were of that age. Coroner Flint has granted a certificate of death by suicide. Before Dutton committed suicide, he left tow sealed letters, one for his wife and one for Mrs. Reynolds, who is in charge of the Shelter. He also requested that his mother and brother be notified. A few years ago, it is said, Dutton had made a similar attempt at suicide by gas, but was not successful. He was taken to the hospital and revived.

Mr. Dutton is survived by his wife, his mother, Mrs. Fred Newman, of Genesee street, four children, Jackson, Donald, Arthur and Sarah Dutton; one brother, James Dutton of Corning; three sisters, Mrs. Herbert Thompson of MacDougall; Mrs. George Torrence of Hornell and Mrs. Alden McCollum of Stanley; also by several nieces and nephews. The body was removed to Yells Brothers' undertaking rooms from where the funeral will take place at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Rev. J. B. Hubbs will officiate and burial will be in Glenwood Cemetery.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 23 January 1907

Gorham, N. Y. - 
One of the saddest funerals ever held in this community was that of Mrs. Sarah Duval, which occurred Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. She was taken to the Canandaigua Hospital on Monday last to be operated upon for appendicitis. She was supposed to be gaining steadily until word came Thursday forenoon that she was very much worse and shortly afterward that she was dead. She leaves to mourn her death, her parents, one sister, Mrs. George Almy of Penn Yan; and one brother; besides her husband, Nelson Duval and a little boy, Willie, about 10 years of age. Her husband has been ill for a long time with consumption and was dependent upon her care. She was a faithful wife and mother, of a cheerful disposition, and will be greatly missed in the home circle as well as by her friends. Rev. Edw. Jarvis officiated at the funeral services, which were necessarily brief on account of the condition of the members of the family, some of whom were completely prostrated. Many beautiful flowers were given by relatives and friends of the family. Interment was made in the village cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 3 December 1906

Mrs. Anna M. Dwyer, wife of the late Matthew Dwyer, died Saturday evening at nine o'clock at the home of Prof. C. D. Vail of South Main street. The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at two o'clock from Trinity church and interment will be in Glenwood cemetery, Rev. C. M. Smills, rector of Trinity church will officiate.

From Ontario County Journal 8 July 1910

Rushville, N. Y. - Mrs. Carrie Dwyer,
wife of Thomas Dwyer, died at her home north of this village on Sunday afternoon, at the age of 36 years. She was one of eight children born to Mr. and Mrs. Emory Green. Her death is the second to occur in this family, a sister, Emma, wife of Burt Reed, being the first. She was united in marriage to Thomas Dwyer. One daughter was born to them. A few years after her father's death, she and her husband moved to the Green homestead. Mrs. Dwyer, by her sweet and kindly manner, won many friends, and the breaking of the ties of endearment which bound her to her loved ones makes the parting, early in her life, doubly hard to bear. She is survived by her husband and daughter, Hazel; her mother, two brothers, William and Charles, four sisters, Mrs. B. G. Clark, Miss Grace Green, Mrs. Joseph Porter and Mrs. Alonzo Carusoe, all of this place. The funeral was held from her late home on Tuesday afternoon, Rev. Alfred Tresery officiating.

From Geneva Daily Times 4 October 1906

The funeral of Helen A. Dwyer who died yesterday morning will be held tomorrow morning at 8:15 o'clock from the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dwyer, of No. 571 Castle street and at 9 o'clock from St. Stephen's church. Interment will be in St. Patrick's cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 26 January 1917

James J. Dwyer,
aged 48 years, passed away on Sunday at his home on Ontario street, following an illness of several months. He leaves his wife, three daughters, Misses Florence and Sarah Dwyer, of Canandaigua, and Miss Margaret Dwyer of Rochester; his mother, Mrs. Sarah Dwyer, and two sisters and one brother, Miss Sarah Dwyer and John E. Dwyer of Canandaigua and Mrs. Thomas Howley of New York City. The funeral services were held at St. Mary's church on Wednesday. Rev. William Payne, of Auburn, celebrated the mass, with Rev. John Masseth of Stanley, and Rev. James T. Dougherty of Canandaigua in the sanctuary. A delegation of 44 Erina Hose members escorted the remains to Calvary cemetery, where prayers were said by Father Dougherty. The bearers were Thomas Murray, William Murray, Thomas Flynn, John Gleason, John Monahan and John J. Costello.

From Ontario County Journal 25 October 1895

The funeral services of the late James R. Dwyer were attended from the residence, on Jefferson avenue, and from St. Mary's church last Sunday afternoon. Rev. D. English officiated. The funeral was one of the largest ever attended in Canandaigua. In addition to the large number of friends and relatives, there were present the members of the board of trustees, the Catholic Mutual Benefit association, and the Ancient Order of Hibernians, of which organization Mr. Dwyer was a member.

From Ontario County Journal 13 September 1912

Rushville, N. Y. - 
Last Friday, at his home two miles northeast of this village, occurred the death of John Dwyer, aged 84 years. He came to America 50 years ago from his birthplace in Ireland and since then had been a respected citizen of this community. The funeral services were held from St. Mary's church, Canandaigua, at 10 a.m. Monday. Burial at Canandaigua. He is survived by three sons, Thomas and Richard, both of this village, and John, who lives in Michigan; and two daughters, Misses Mary and Margaret of Rochester.

From Canandaigua Chronicle  6 September 1905

At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Enright in Ontario street, Saturday, September 2nd, occurred the death of Mrs. Julia Dwyer, an old resident of Canandaigua. Mrs. Dwyer's age is estimated at from one hundred to one hundred and five years. Her husband died about fifteen years ago and two sons died some time before. Mrs. Dwyer was buried Monday from St. Mary's church. Interment in Calvary Cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 22 June 1939

Mrs. Mary Dwyer,
widow of Thomas Dwyer, died last evening, at her home, 563 Castle street, after a short illness. Surviving are three sons, John, Matthew and William; two daughters, Mrs. Jeremiah McNerney and Mrs. Thomas Sullivan; and ten grandchildren, all of Geneva. Mrs. Dwyer was a member of the Rosary Society of St. Stephen's Church. The funeral will be held Saturday morning at 8:30 o'clock from the home of her daughter, Mrs. Sullivan, 56 Colt street, and 9 o'clock at St. Stephen's Church. Interment will be in St. Patrick's cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 10 July 1897

Matthew Dwyer
died yesterday afternoon at 5:30 o'clock from consumption. The deceased was 39 years of age and leaves a wife and two children, besides a mother and brother. Mr. Dwyer was a member of the 34th Separate company, and was well known in Geneva. The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock, from the residence of Dr. Stebbins on South Main street. The burial will be conducted by the 34th Separate company with military honors. The funeral will be in charge of Devaney and Fletcher. Burial Glenwood Cemetery.

From Ontario County Chronicle 29 January 1902

Wednesday night Patrick Dwyer, a well-known and highly respected citizen of Canandaigua, died at his home in Wood street, aged 65 years. The deceased was born in Ireland and came to this country when a lad of 15 years.. He assisted in constructing the old Erie railroad from Elmira to Canandaigua, and continued in the employ of that road and finally was appointed to a position as engineer. He continued in the service after the road passed into the hands of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. About seventeen years ago, however, he was stricken with locomotor ataxia. All the long years he was tenderly cared for by loving wife and children. He was a patient, courageous sufferer, waiting uncomplainingly for the inevitable end. He is survived by a wife and six children, Mrs. Thos. P. Howley and Miss Sarah Dwyer, of New York city; Miss Margaret A. Dwyer, John E., James J., and M. B. Dwyer, of Canandaigua. He also leaves two brothers, Ex-Police Justice John J. Dwyer of Canandaigua, and Michael Dwyer of Rochester, and three sisters, Mrs. Margaret Murray, Mrs. Patrick Gleason, and Mrs. Michael Flynn of Canandaigua. The deceased was the grandfather of little Howard Dwyer, whose sad death occurred only a few days before while riding on a bob sleigh in Wood street. The funeral was attended by an immense crowd of people from the family home and later from St. Mary's church Saturday morning, the Rev. Father Dougherty officiating.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 14 June 1931

Canandaigua, N. Y., June 13 - Mrs. Sarah Dwyer,
89, died yesterday. She leaves two daughters, Mrs. Mary Howley of New York and Miss Sarah Dwyer of Canandaigua. Funeral at St. Mary's Church Monday at 9 o'clock.

From Geneva Daily Times 29 September 1913

The death of Thomas Dwyer occurred this morning at 10 o'clock, at his home, 139 Lyceum street. He is survived by his wife, three sons, John, Matthew and William; two daughters, Mrs. Thomas Sullivan and Miss Margaret Dwyer, all of this city; one brother, John Dwyer of McDougall; one sister, Mrs. Dennis O'Brien of Geneva.

From Geneva Daily Times 24 May 1940

William Edward Dwyer
of 13 Linwood avenue died this morning at the Geneva General Hospital after a long illness. Surviving are his wife, Edith Rarick Dwyer; one daughter, Mrs. Elmer Albro of Waterloo; one grandson; two sisters, Mrs. Thomas Sullivan and Mrs. Jeremiah McNerney; two brothers, Matthew and John Dwyer, all of Geneva. The funeral will be held Monday morning at 8:30 o'clock from his late home on Linwood avenue and 9 at St. Stephen's church. Burial will be made in St. Patrick's cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 17 February 1911

Naples, N. Y. - Milo Dye,
for 45 years a resident of Naples, and a man widely esteemed, died on Tuesday at the home of his son, Russell Dye. He was nearly 89 years of age. He married Miss Harriet Littell, and last December they celebrated their sixty-first wedding anniversary. To them were born four children, three daughters and a son, three of whom are living, Mrs. Burton Potter, Mrs. Mansell Potter and Russell Dye, all in this vicinity. The funeral will be held today at the Italy-Baptist Church, the pastor, Rev. L. B. Gardner, officiating.

From Ontario County Journal 15 December 1916

Naples, N. Y. -  Mrs. Elizabeth Dyer,
aged 78 years, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Joseph Hatch, on Friday evening. She was a daughter of Abram and Sarah Woodard and was born in Naples. She leaves one daughter, with whom she lived, and two grandchildren, Ernest and Celestia Hatch, both of Naples. Funeral services were held from the home on Monday, Rev. A. H. McKnight, pastor of the Bride's parents church, officiating.

From Neapolitan Record 20 October 1881

Farrant Dyer,
father of S. R. Dyer of West Bristol, was buried in Lake View Cemetery, Honeoye, on Tuesday, Oct. 4th, Rev. S. M. Day officiating. He came to South Bristol nearly twenty years ago from Springwater where he had lived a respected citizen for over forty years. He was a native of Vermont and was an early settler here. He survived his aged partner only two years. The aged father is greatly missed in the circle where his wise counsels have prevailed.

From Neapolitan Record 23 December 1879

West Bristol -
The grim monster is again among us and another of our oldest inhabitants is summoned to that unknown world whence no traveler returns. Aunt Sarah Dyer is no more. She leaves her good partner who for more than half a century has plodded with her the journey of life. Uncle Dyer is feeble and must soon follow.

From Geneva Daily Times 10 April 1934

William Dyer,
aged 60, of 99 Optical street, died last night following an illness of two months. He leaves his wife, Mrs. Fannie Bush Dyer; one son, William F.; seven brothers and one sister in England. Mr. Dyer was formerly employed as a machinist by the Geneva Body Corporation. The funeral will be held Thursday morning at 11 o'clock at Trinity Episcopal church with the Rev. S. H. Edsall officiating. Burial will be in Glenwood Cemetery.

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