"Br" through "Bri" OBITUARIES

From Geneva Daily Times 28 December 1906

Canandaigua, N. Y. -
Yesterday at Memorial Hospital, Leon Brace, of Victor, who was operated on Wednesday for appendicitis, died, aged 28 years. His case was a very serious one, and was delayed so long that he was past aid. He leaves his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Romaine Brace; a sister, Mrs. Charles Longyear; a brother, Romaine Brace, Jr., and his wife.

From Ontario Repository and Messenger 9 September 1874

Died at Canandaigua, Saturday, September 5th, 1874, Mary Boughton Brace, relict of John Brace, in the 86th year of her age. In the above notice we find another of the original settlers of Ontario County has been gathered to her fathers. Mrs. Brace came into Western New York a child of three years old in 1791, when the village of Canandaigua contained but three houses, and when the wilderness of the Genesee country extended throughout what is now known as Western New York. Her father, Jared Boughton, in connection with the father of her husband, Joseph Brace, purchased a large tract of land comprising what now constitutes the flourishing and wealthy town of Victor. She and her husband resided from infancy in this county, having been residents therein for more than eighty-one years. She has left several children surviving her, among whom is Justice H. B. Brace of this village.

From Ontario County Journal 10 March 1882

Victor, N. Y. -
The death of Mrs. Thomas Brace occurred at the home of her son, Romain, last Tuesday morning. Her illness was long and severe.

From Ontario County Times 17 May 1865

In Farmington, on the 2d of the 5th month, Thomas U. Bradbury, in his fifty-sixth year. We can hardly realize that Thomas U. Bradbury is no more, yet when we visit his late home, where he was wont to extend such heartfelt and bountiful hospitality, we are sadly reminded that indeed he is gone. He had rare and excellent business qualifications. He seemed to comprehend by intuition the business transactions of life, and with a versatility of talent which few men possess, could successfully carry on at the same time varied and extensive pursuits. It was in the social relations of life that we knew him best. With remarkable conversational powers and a fund of humor, hopeful and looking upon the bright side of life, he rendered himself endeared to his friends, and the better they knew him the more they loved him. He was the kind patron and advisor of young men struggling with adversity, always ready to lend them a helping hand, and by this class many a tear will be shed as they remember his many acts of kindness and his earnest solicitude for their prosperity and success. A kind husband and generous friend, peacefully and quietly, like one falling asleep, had passed to his final rest.

From Ontario County Times 22 January 1879

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
Died  on Saturday night last, Mrs. Clarissa Bradley, relict of the late Bani Bradley, in the 83rd year of her age. She was an old resident, her late husband being one of the earliest settlers of the town.

From Ontario County Journal 11 November 1898

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -  Mrs. Elizabeth Peck Bradley,
widow of Charles W. Bradley, died on Sunday morning from typhoid fever, at the residence of her cousin, L. H. Brunson. Mrs. Bradley is the third member of the family who has died from that disease within about two months, her husband having succumbed to it on Sept. 2, and her older daughter, Clara, on Sept. 17. Four weeks ago Mrs. Bradley came from LeRoy to East Bloomfield, hoping a change and rest would be of benefit to her, but on the second day after her arrival she was compelled to give up, and became a victim of the dread malady. Mrs. Bradley was born in this town on Apr. 5, 1851, and was the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Parmeno Peck. She is survived by two sons, William Peck and Charles Louis Bradley; and one daughter, Eila Gauss Bradley; and one sister, Mrs. E. A. Wright of Canandaigua. The funeral services were held from the family's old home on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. B. S. Hitchcock officiating.

From Ontario County Journal 15 March 1889

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Mrs. Jessie R. Bradley died at her home, No. 11 Pinnacle avenue, Rochester, Monday, March 11th, aged 33 years. Deceased was the wife of Will M. Bradley and a former resident of this place. A husband and two sons survive her. The remains were brought here Wednesday and funeral services were held at the residence of Chas. Bradley at 11 a.m. There was a large attendance of relatives and friends. The family have the sympathy of the entire community in this sad bereavement.

From Ontario County Times 20 September 1876

Shortsville, N. Y. - Mrs. L. G. Bradley
died very suddenly of apoplexy of the heart, at 1 o'clock last Wednesday morning. she had been to Canandaigua Tuesday afternoon, and was, to all appearances, as well as usual, and was engaged late at night getting ready for the Sunday school picnic. She was a very energetic, industrious woman, always ready to take hold and carry out every good work, an earnest Christian, a devoted wife and mother, and a kind neighbor. She will be missed by many friends in this place. The remains were taken to Dansville for interment.

From Ontario County Times 2 September 1885

East Bloomfield Station, N. Y. - Mr. O. L. Bradley,
for a long time troubled with rheumatic lameness, but otherwise in good health, partook of dinner with his usual appetite on Thursday last, and then lying down, was found dead about three o'clock.

From Ontario County Journal 29 April 1898

Shortsville, N. Y. -
The death of Mrs. W. Clark Bradley occurred on Tuesday morning, after a long and painful illness. Mrs. Bradley possessed a Christian character and was dearly beloved by all who knew her. She leaves a husband, two daughters and one son, all of this place. Funeral services were held on Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock, Rev. J. C. Glover officiating.

From Ontario County Journal 19 February 1909

William Bradt,
who suffered a severe scalp wound by falling from his wagon while driving to his home at Cheshire on Feb. 11, died at the Memorial hospital on Tuesday night. He did not rally from the shock of the injury. He was 62 years of age and had resided at Cheshire for many years. His birthplace was Clifton Springs. He was a farmer by occupation and owned 200 acres of land. He is survived by his wife, who was formerly Miss Mary Barnes; two brothers and one sister. The funeral was held from Academy church yesterday afternoon, Rev. J. S. Ebersole officiating.

From Ontario County Journal 23 July 1909

Andrew E. Brady,
for 33 years a resident of this village, died at his home on Chapel street on Wednesday morning, after a lingering illness. Mr. Brady was 60 years of age and was born in the city of Rochester. Previous to his last illness, he had been for 20 years an employee of the New York Central railroad, and when no longer fit for active service on the line, was made flagman and served at the West Gibson street crossing for some time. He is survived by his wife, Ellen Brady, and four sons, Capt. J. F. Brady, U. S. A., of San Francisco, Cal.; Dr. William Brady of Elmira; Andrew, Jr., and Walter S. Brady of Canandaigua. The funeral services will be held this morning at 9 o'clock with burial at Calvary cemetery.

From Geneva Gazette 28 March 1862

Frozen to Death -
The body of Charles Brady, an aged Irishman, was found dead in a piece of woods near the village yesterday morning.  He had been engaged in chopping during the day, and it is supposed imbibed too freely of spirits, under the influence of which he lay down and went to sleep -- proving to him an everlasting sleep.  He leaves a family.  An inquest is to be held today by Coroner Young.

From Geneva Daily Times 12 January 1904

Clifton Springs, N. Y. - Mrs. James Brady
died this morning, at the family residence, corner of Crane and Stephens streets. The funeral services will be held in St. Felix church, Wednesday morning conducted by Father F. J. O'Hanlon. Burial in the Catholic cemetery.

From Ontario County Journal 2 March 1894

Bristol Springs, N. Y. - Mrs. Lucy Brady,
widow of the late Chas. Brady, whose recovery was despaired of long since, passed quietly away of Sunday morning, February 25, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. W. Holcomb. Mrs. Brady had been a most patient sufferer from cancer, and despite any care that could be bestowed upon her, life must have been a burden and death a welcome relief. She leaves two sons and a daughter to mourn her loss.

From Ontario County Chronicle 13 August 1902

Mrs. Patrick Brady,
a lifelong resident of Canandaigua, died at her home in Niagara street on Sunday, aged 68 years. Death was due to a general breaking down of her health. The funeral was held from St. Mary's church yesterday morning. She is survived by a husband and several children.

From Ontario County Journal 14 November 1890

Bristol Center, N. Y. - Richard M. Brady died suddenly Wednesday morning, Oct. 29, after an illness of only one day. He worked as usual all day Monday about the house which he had lately purchased and extensively repaired. Dick had worked very hard, and with cold upon cold, was in a good condition for the disease - cerebro-spinal congestion - to take a firm hold. He leaves a widow and two small children to mourn their loss.

From Ontario County Journal 9 October 1885

Chapinville, N. Y. -
Our citizens were pained to hear last Friday morning that Mr. Edward Branch, living about two miles east of here, had committed suicide by hanging himself with a strap in his barn. "Ned" was a hard-working, steady man, and leaves a large circle of friends to mourn his sudden death. He was buried at Canandaigua Sunday afternoon.

From Ontario County Journal 27 January 1888

Cheshire, N. Y. - Charles Brandow, the young man whom we mentioned in our items last week as accidentally shot, died Jan. 19. Funeral services were held at the Academy church last Sunday, Rev. Mr. Byram conducting the services. He leaves a wife and two small children to mourn his loss and they have the sympathy of the entire community in their bereavement.

From Ontario County Journal 3 May 1895

Honeoye, N. Y. - Aaron Bray,
a lifelong resident of this town, was buried on Monday morning. He died on Sunday, April 28, aged 85 years. He leaves a widow and two sons, Fisher G. and John P. Bray.

From Geneva Daily Times 5 July 1907

Mrs. Julia J. Brayton, aged 92 years, died this morning at about 5 o'clock at her home, No. 276 Castle street. She was born in Cheshire, Mass., and came to this city 23 years ago. She is survived by two daughters, Miss Olive E. Brayton and Miss Waity Brayton, both of this city. The funeral will be held Sunday afternoon at 5 o'clock, and Rev. W. K. Towner will officiate. Burial will be in Adams, Mass.

From Geneva Gazette 4 August 1871

The Threshing Machine Accident -
Further particulars of the shocking accident at Melvin Hill, resulting in the instant death of David Brazee, are giving by the Phelps Citizen:  Mr. B. was engaged feeding the threshing machine, (which was being run by the steam engine built by Messrs. Babcock & Miller, of Phelps,) the man whose place it was to see that the elevator was kept, had stepped aside to get a drink of water, and Mr. Brazee's cry for some one to clear the elevator, which had become clogged, was not heard, and in an instant Mr. B. stepped over the feed-board, relieved the elevator, and in stepping back he unfortunately set his foot down too near the mouth of the machine and on some straw, and the soles of his boots of course were glassy, he slipped down into the jaws of the machine, breaking the concave in the fall, which admitted of the teeth drawing his body in until the machine was brought to a standstill.  It was done in a twinkling, as it were, and one limb was completely torn into shreds close up to the hip.  Every assistance possible was rendered by the attendants, but he lived only about three minutes after the accident, and did not speak a word.  He resided on Melvin Hill, and was about thirty years of age, and leaves a wife and two interesting little girls to enter upon the realities of life without the protection of a fond husband and devoted father.  Mrs. Brazee has the heart-sorrowing sympathy of the entire community.  She was not at home when the mangled body of her husband was brought there, but the awful news was not long reaching her, and then to go home realizing that its headlight had gone out forever was a blow that well nigh dethroned reason.  The deceased was an honest, upright and industrious man, universally liked and respected by every one that knew him.

From Geneva Gazette 23 August 1855

Killed By the Cars - An elderly man by the name of Brazee (father of Peter Brazee, a resident of Phelps) was run over and instantly killed by the mail train bound eastward on Saturday evening last.  He was walking upon the track about two miles north of this village, when the accident occurred.  It is supposed that he was laboring under a temporary aberration of wandering of the mind, to which he was occasionally subject, as he was discovered by the engineer to be facing the approaching train, and he made no effort to get out of the way, although the usual signal was given. Mr. B. was a plain, honest farmer, universally respected by his acquaintances.  His remains were interred at Gorham last Sabbath.

From Geneva Courier 13 June 1883

Mr. Judson Brazee,
a farmer well known in Geneva, died at his residence in the town of Geneva on Sunday last, aged 34 years 8 months and 26 days.  He was ill but a short time.

From Ontario County Chronicle 5 August 1903

Mrs. Cornelius Breen
, a well known and respected resident of the town of Hopewell, died at her home early Sunday morning, aged 35 years. Death was due to heart trouble. She is survived by her husband and three small children.

From Ontario County Journal 16 December 1910

Death came as a welcome release to Jeremiah Breen at his home on Main street south on Saturday. He had been ill for several months. Deceased was born in Ireland 77 years ago, came to America 53 years ago and settled in Hopewell. He was a successful horseman and farmer and as a breeder of fine horses acquired more than a local reputation. He married Mary Costello of this town in 1862, who with five of their ten children survives. They are Cornelius and Morris Breen and Miss C. Mollie Breen of this village; Michael Breen of Rochester; and Mrs. Frank Gillespie of Hopewell. Solemn high mass was celebrated at the funeral services on Tuesday, Revs. Dougherty and Masseth being assisted by Rev. James Kennedy of Aurora, and Rev. Alexander McCabe of Stanley. Burial was in Calvary cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 27 August 1896

John Breen,
who resides about five miles south of this city, died of consumption, Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock, at the age of thirty-two years. Mr. Breen had been suffering for some time past with the dread disease but it was not thought by his friends that he was so near death. A wife, child and other relatives are left to mourn their loss. The funeral services will be held Friday morning at 11 o'clock at St. Francis de Sales church. Burial will be made at St. Patrick's cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 18 October 1906

Canandaigua, N. Y. - Patrick Breen, of Spangle street, in the town of Hopewell, east of here, died Tuesday at the age of 33 years, after a long illness. He was well-known among a large circle of friends and acquaintances in this section. He leaves his wife, formerly Miss Agnes Farrell, of Canandaigua; his mother, Mrs. Anna Breen, of Hopewell; one brother, Morris Breen, of New York City; and four sisters, Mrs. John B. Kennedy, of Flint Creek; Mrs. William Dannahe of Bellona; Mrs. James Morris of Despatch and Miss Ella Breen, of Hopewell.

Geneva Courier 24 December 1873

In Geneva, James Brennan, a young man who grew up here, was well-known and respected, died on Friday morning of Consumption and was buried on Sunday.  Mr. Brennan had been a fireman and the fire department attended his funeral.  Mr. Brennan was aged about twenty-five years and leaves a wife and child.

From Victor Herald 21 September 1895

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - John Brennan, aged 25 years and 10 months, died last Monday evening. The funeral was held at the St. Bridget's church Wednesday morning, the Rev. J. J. Donnelly officiating.

From Geneva Daily Times 23 March 1910

Rushville, N. Y. - Michael Brennan
died of old age yesterday, about noon, of old age at the home of his son, Michael Brennan of this village, with whom he has lived for the past few years. He was born at Temple Knowl, Kerry county, Ireland in 1834. When about twenty years of age he came to America and made East Bloomfield his home. Here, for a number of years, he was engaged in farming. He is survived by three sons, Michael, who conducts a grocery store in this place; Timothy of East Bloomfield, and T. M. Brennan of South Lima. Tomorrow morning his remains will be taken to East Bloomfield for burial.

From Geneva Advertiser 2 June 1903

Poor Mike Brennan, known among the boys as "Officer" Brennan, died at his home on North Exchange street last Wednesday night, May 27th. At heart Mike was a good fellow, but he had his spells, and these caused his fall, as he had often been told would be the case. His faults will be buried with him, and all will kindly remember his good points, his faithfulness, his zeal, and his honesty to those who employed him. He leaves a widow and two young children, a father and mother, brothers and a sister, all very highly regarded and good neighbors.

From Ontario County Journal 24 April 1896

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - William Brennan
died at his home on Tuesday morning, after a long illness, with consumption, at the age of 18 years. The funeral services were held from the St. Bridget's church on Thursday at 10 o'clock. The Rev. Father Donnelly of Victor officiated.

From Shortsville Enterprise 8 April 1915

Thomas William Brethren,
for eleven years a resident of the township of Farmington, died at the home of is son, John Brethren, on Saturday night. His demise followed an illness covering a long period, and his age was 79 years. Mr. Brethren was born in England, but when 9 years of age went to Canada to reside, where the greater part of his life was spent. He was married to Miss Ann Hopkins of Canada, and to the couple were born eleven children, eight of whom are now living. The survivors are these children: John Brethren of Farmington; Mrs. Effie Raddn, of Kingston, Canada; Harry Brethren of Adams, this state; Mrs. Ruth Weston, Mrs. Lida Lambert, William, Joseph, and Thomas Brethren, all residents of Rochester. The funeral services were held from the Brethren home in Farmington on Monday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock, conducted by Rev. Donald H MacKenzie, pastor of the Shortsville Presbyterian church. The remains were taken to Rochester for interment in Riverside Cemetery. 

From Geneva Daily Times 10 December 1901

Mrs. Deidrich Breuer
died at the family residence, 486 Exchange street, at 7:30 o'clock this morning, aged 54 years. Mrs. Breuer had been ill nine weeks.  She was a resident of Geneva for 35 years.  The deceased is survived by her husband and several nieces and nephews.  The funeral arrangements are yet completed.  Interment will be in Glenwood cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 8 April 1908

Mrs. Eliza Matilda Brewer,
widow of the late John S. Brewer, died at 7:30 o'clock last evening at the family home, No. 155 Genesee street. She was 83 years old and was born in New York. For 58 years she has lived in this city. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. W. I. Bonnett and  (newspaper line missing) this city. She is survived by two brothers, Winfield Huntington of Homer, N. Y. and Edward Huntington of this city. The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock from the house. Rev. C. E. Jewell and Rev. J. W. Webb will officiate. Burial will be made in Washington Street Cemetery.

From Ontario Messenger 5 April 1848

Mysterious Disappearance - Miss Emily M. Brewer, aged about 18, left her residence at Miss Abbey's Millinery, in this village, on Monday evening last, about 7 o'clock. She went to the Post Office at that time, since which no trace of her can be found, although diligent search has been made. She took nothing with her save the clothes she had on, and no cause can be assigned for her disappearance. She wore a light plaid dress, a black hood, and a red and black plaid shawl. Any aid in recovering her, or information of her whereabouts, will be thankfully received by her friends, either at Mr. I. Legore's or at Miss Abbey's.

P. S. We learn that her body was found on the Lake shore, near the old Windmill, last evening, by some boys. It was partially covered with sand and rubbish. No marks of violence were perceptible. A coroner's inquest is to be held this morning.

From Shortsville Enterprise 25 November 1915

The death of Mrs. Harriet Brewster, a well-known resident of Manchester, occurred at her home in that village last week Wednesday morning. Her age was 88 years. Mrs. Brewster was born in the town of Farmington on October 20, 1827, and was a daughter of the late Allen and Sophronia Payne. She was united in marriage with Nathan Brewster of Manchester, during the year of 1845, and in 1879 came to Manchester to reside, purchasing the place which had since been her home. The survivors are one daughter, Mrs. Orlando Sunderland, of Manchester; one brother, Judson E. Payne, of Hopewell, and three granddaughters, Mrs. John O'Donnell of Buffalo; Mrs. Stuart Bennett, of this village, and Miss Ruby Knapp of Manchester. The funeral obsequies were held from her late home on Friday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, conducted by the Rev. Mr. Jarvis, pastor of the Manchester M. E. Church. The burial was made in the Manchester village cemetery.

From Geneva Daily Times 18 September 1905

Victor, N. Y. - Irving Brewster,
a young man residing in the hamlet of Brownsville, about three miles northeast of this village, met with a tragic death at a late hour Saturday night. Brewster with some friends had been spending the evening in the surrounding woods hunting coons and about midnight had finally located one in the top of a tree. In order to get the animal as quickly as possible they proceeded to cut the tree down. In falling it lodged in another and when young Brewster, in order to completely dislodge the tree, struck into it again with his ax, the butt flew backward with great force, striking him squarely in the chest, throwing him some distance and killing him instantly. His companions at once summoned Undertaker Case of this village, who called in the services of Coroner Hallenbeck of Canandaigua. The coroner after viewing the remains ordered them removed to his home, deeming an inquest unnecessary. Brewster was 37 years of age and was much respected. He is survived by his mother and a brother, Frederick E. Brewster.

From Ontario County Journal 5 September 1879

Died, in Shortsville, on Wednesday, Aug. 27, 1879, Stephen A. Brewster, aged 87 years. The funeral was held at the late residence of the deceased on the following Friday. A large number of relatives and friends were in attendance. The funeral sermon was delivered by Rev. C. C. Thorne. The deceased was well and favorably known in this vicinity, having passed the greater part of his days in and about Shortsville. In early life he was very energetic, and to a certain extent public-spirited, though never caring for any prominent part in public affairs. He was always ready and willing to give his assistance when needed. His health had been comparatively good for one so far advanced in years, until quite recently he received a paralytic stroke. Since that time he had been failing rapidly and on Wednesday last death claimed its own. He leaves two daughters, Mrs. A. Bronk, of Shortsville, and Mrs. Dewite Newton, of Manchester, who have the sympathy of a large number of friends in their deep affliction.

From Ontario Repository and Messenger 6 January 1875

Shortsville, N. Y. -
Death has again been in our midst, this time striking down one of our oldest and most respected inhabitants, the wife of Stephen A. Brewster. She died on Sunday morning, December 27th, at the age of 72. Mrs. Brewster, formerly Mrs. Buck, was born in this county and has lived in this village sixty-three years. She came to this place with her father, after whom the village is named, at the age of nine, and has remained here since. To but few is it allotted to reach the ripe old age of seventy-two, and to fewer still is it vouchsafed to pass them in peace and harmony. For her, death is indeed a crown of glory. During her long life she has been more solicitous  for the wants of others than her own. During sickness and trouble she has been as a mother to us all, and none in this community will be missed more than mother Brewster, as we all loved to call her.

From Geneva Gazette 6 June 1890

who had been ailing for several weeks past, died at six o'clock Wednesday evening.  Mr. Brian was a well known shoemaker, having had a shop on Castle street for several years.  He was identified for a long time with the fire department, being a member of the old hook and ladder company when it disbanded.  The deceased was 55 years of age, and leaves three grown-up children.  The funeral services took place this afternoon.

From Ontario County Journal 26 August 1898

Phelps, N. Y. - Mrs. Mary Bridger,
who has been critically ill for quite a long time, died at an early hour on Monday morning, aged 67 years. The deceased was the wife of the late George Bridger of this place, and is survived by one son, a son and a daughter having died several years since. The funeral services were held on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the residence, West Main street, Rev. A. J. Waugh, officiating. Interment was made at Newark.

From Ontario County Journal 16 September 1910

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -  William Bridgland
died at his residence here on Tuesday, after an illness of five weeks. He was born Feb. 15, 1830, at Maidstone, England. He is survived by eight children: W. G. Bridgland of Kansas City, Mo.; Charles F. Bridgland of Caledonia; Mrs. Kate Burrow of Penfield; Mrs. Agnes Jacobs of West Walworth; Mrs. Harriet Page, Miss Florence G. Bridgland, Walter T. Bridgland and Mrs. Annie VanBurren of East Bloomfield. Twenty-one grandchildren and five great-grandchildren also survive. Funeral services will be held this afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment at East Bloomfield cemetery.

From Geneva Gazette 26 January 1900

Mrs. Bridgman,
widow of Geo. D. A. Bridgman, founder of the Ontario County Journal, died suddenly of apoplexy at her home in Canandaigua last Wednesday, aged 67 years.  She is survived by a son and daughter.

From Geneva Gazette 12 August 1881

Mrs. Abigail Briggs,
an aged sister of Wm. H. Smith, proprietor of the Geneva Bookstore, died on the 15th inst.

From Ontario County Journal 19 August 1881

Mrs. Abigail Briggs,
widow of Artemus Briggs, of South Bristol, died at her home in Geneva on Monday of last week. She was well-known in the this part of the county as a most exemplary woman and beloved for her amiable nature and many excellent traits of character. Speaking of the death of Mrs. Briggs, the Geneva Courier of last week says: "This venerable man excellent woman, whose funeral is attended today, is the sister of our fellow citizen, Mr. Wm. H. Smith." She died at his house, which has long been her home, on Monday afternoon, aged 82 years. She expired in the new room which thoughtful love had lately added to the dwelling on purpose to provide more amply for her convenience and comfort. Older by many years than her brother, the affection she had shown him from infancy was almost motherly, and to the wide circle of younger kindred, she was an object of more than ordinary veneration. A niece had come with an adult son from Mississippi, on purpose to visit her, and arrived only two or three days before her death. For a number of years she has been too infirm to attend church, but her pastor has always found her most kindly appreciative of his visits, and has been much impressed by the intelligence and consistency, as well as the calm fervor of her piety. She was a humble, amiable, wise, godly woman. She was ripe. She was ready. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."

From Ontario County Journal 4 January 1889

Honeoye, N. Y. - Last Saturday evening, Dec. 29th, at the residence of his brother-in-law, R. D. McCrossen, of Rochester, Cyrus Briggs, one of the oldest and best-known citizens of Honeoye, passed away. Cyrus Briggs was born on the farm on which he has always lived, November 18th, 1820. His father, Artemus Briggs, settled along the shore of Honeoye lake early in the present century, and he and his family have been identified with the history of this section for four score or more years. The deceased was a man of sterling integrity and singularly pleasing manners. His friends will always remember him as the genial companion and hospitable neighbor, having a smile and cheerful word for every one. One of his best known characteristics was sympathy with and enjoyment of the young people of his acquaintance. The youth were always welcome within his doors, where they were always sure of having a good time. He took a lively interest in public improvements, in the church and school. He was a successful business man, attending to his own affairs and believing in, giving every man a fair chance. His death was not entirely unexpected as he has been suffering from an incurable disease for more than a year, and his visit to the city was for the purpose of getting relief, if possible, through a council of physicians. Besides the many friends, young and old, who mourn his loss, he leaves a widow, two sons, Zachary and John, both of whom are married and living upon the old farm, a brother, Jedediah, living in the same neighborhood and a sister, Mrs. Huff, now residing at Jonesville, Mich. The funeral services were held at the church at Honeoye, Wednesday, January 2d, at 11 o'clock, after which his remains were interred in Lake View Cemetery, once a part of the old farm.

From Ontario County Journal 6 October 1882

Naples, N. Y. -
Another of our old residents died on Saturday night, Sept. 30th, Mr. Daniel Briggs, brother of Judge Briggs of Penn Yan. Mr. Briggs had been a strong, healthy man all of his life, and had reached nearly four score years, and so when a severe sickness came upon him he was unable to withstand it. He was comparatively an uncultured man, but one of good judgment and a close observer. At the the funeral the house was filled with relatives, the family being a numerous one. He was buried in Garlinghouse, where he had formerly lived.

From Victor Herald 1 December 1905

Died at Honeoye, November 22nd, Elihu E. Briggs, aged 70 years. Mr. Briggs was born in Bristol September, 1835, the son of William and Nancy Briggs, and always resided in that town until last spring when failing health rendered it necessary to leave the farm. At the age of nineteen, he married Miss Emmeline Reed who died in 1869, leaving four children, William and Frank, who reside in Canandaigua; Helen, who married Constant Simmons and died and died several years ago; Elnathan, who lives in Bristol. In 1870 he married Mrs. Ann Johnson Beach, who died in 1884, having two children, Lewis and Ina, both of whom live in Canandaigua; Ina the wife of Wilbur Tiffany. In 1885 he married Mrs. Lucretia K. Tiffany who survives him. He also leaves eleven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Of his father's family three survive, George of Bristol,  and Elnathan Briggs of Lima; one sister, Mrs. Ruth Hitchcock of East Bloomfield. Burial was had at Baptist Hill.

From Ontario County Journal 29 January 1892

Honeoye, N. Y. - Mrs. Elizabeth Briggs,
widow of the late Jedediah Briggs, who died a little over a year ago, died of pneumonia early Friday morning, the 15th, aged 69 years. The funeral services, conducted by Rev. Mr. Day, were held from her late home on Sunday at 12. The Briggs' had for forty years held proprietary interest of the Gideon Pitts, Sr., farm. Squire Pitts was one of the early settlers of this town, over a hundred years ago. He was the owner of a vast tract of land, extending across the Honeoye valley and containing several hundred acres. The late Gideon Pitts was one of the sons. Every member of that once large family has passed away with the exception of Hon. Hiram Pitts, of Washington.

From Ontario County Journal 5 February 1909

Bristol, N. Y. - Mrs. Eva Briggs,
a lifelong resident of the town of Bristol, died on Wednesday at the home of her sister, Mrs. Eli Springstein, at Vincent. She had been in failing health for several months. She was 54 years of age. The funeral will be held from the Springstein home today at 1 p.m.

From Ontario County Journal 15 September 1893

Honeoye, N. Y. -
After a months' illness, Ira T. Briggs, son of the late Leonard Briggs, died of typhoid fever on Friday evening, September 8, aged 44 years. He leaves two children, both sons; one a young man and the other about three years old. His wife died about two years ago. The funeral services were held from his late home on Sunday afternoon; a Baptist clergyman from Hemlock Lake, and Rev. Mr. Day officiating. The burial was in the Richmond cemetery here.

From Ontario County Chronicle 2 April 1902

Naples, N. Y.
- The funeral of the late Mrs. James S. Briggs was held Wednesday. The maiden name of Mrs. Briggs was Mary S. Scott. She was born in Dresden, in 1841, married in 1860 and had lived in Naples since. She leaves her husband, two sons, Clarence Briggs of Mendota, Ill.; Arther of St. Paul, Minn.,; two sisters, Mrs. S. J. Merrill of West Cohocton; Mrs. Cowles of Rochester, and two brothers, Albert Scott of Geneva, and William of Wisconsin.

From Geneva Daily Times 25 June 1906

John Briggs,
aged seventy-four years, died at eleven o'clock this morning at his home, No. 107 Wadsworth street. Mr. Briggs was born in Quebec, Canada, but for the past nineteen years has lived in this city. He was employed at the Phillips & Clark stove works until about four years ago when his health failed and since then he has not been able to work. Besides his widow, he is survived by five sons, John, William and Henry, of Smith Falls, Canada, Thomas G. and Howard J. Briggs of this city; and two daughters, Mrs. Elizabeth Stockwell, of Geneva, and Mrs. Hugh Helms, of Cleveland, Ohio. The funeral arrangements will be announced later. Burial Glenwood Cemetery.

From Ontario County Times 23 April 1884

Bristol, N. Y. -  Mary Ann Briggs,
wife of Elihu E. Briggs, and daughter of Phineas Johnson, died April 16. Funeral from the Universalist church Friday last; sermon by Rev. S. M. Day of Richmond. A large circle of sympathizing relatives and friends followed her remains to their last resting place in Evergreen cemetery, Bristol.

From Ontario County Journal 24 April 1896

Bristol, N. Y. -
On Wednesday, April 15, occurred the death of Mrs. Nancy Briggs, wife of William Briggs, aged 81 years. The funeral was held from her late home Friday afternoon, the Rev. H. J. Orelup officiating. Mrs. Briggs was held in the highest esteem by all and was dearly loved by the members of her family. Beside a feeble husband, four children, W. Nathan Briggs of Lima, Mrs. Curtis Hitchcock, Elihu and George Briggs of Bristol, a large number of grandchildren, several great grand-children and one great-great grandchild, survive.

From Ontario County Times 7 December 1887

Bristol, N. Y. -
Entered into rest, on November 30, Nancy L., daughter of Wm. W. and Nancy Briggs, aged 32 years, 1 month, and 17 days. She leaves her aged parents, three brothers, Elihu E., George W. and Elnathan G. Briggs; two sisters, Mrs. G. A. Andrews and Mrs. Curtis Hitchcock; one child, Georgie; and a large circle of other relatives and friends to mourn her loss, who followed her remains to their last resting place in Evergreen Cemetery, in Bristol. Funeral services at the Universalist church on Saturday. Rev. G. A. Cole officiated.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 11 April 1906

Wednesday at the home of L. M. Smith on Arsenal Hill, where he had been staying temporarily, the death occurred of Nathan Henry Briggs of Cheshire, aged 66 years. Death resulted from an attack of apoplexy with which he was stricken Tuesday afternoon. Deceased was a veteran of the Civil War, having enlisted in Company B, 85th New York Volunteers, on August 26, 1861, and he remained a member of this company until honorably discharged June 7, 1865, after having completed nearly four years of service. Mr. Briggs was one of the Union soldiers who suffered the horrors of Andersonville, having been confined therein for a term of nearly eighteen months. He was a member of Charles R. Lilly Post, G. A. R. of Cheshire. He is survived by his wife, two daughters, Adelaide and Florence, and three son, Charles, George and Louis, all of Rochester. Immediately after his death the remains were removed to Kennedy's undertaking rooms in Bristol street, from whence the funeral was held Friday afternoon, Rev. J. Scott Ebersole, pastor of the Baptist church, officiating. The remains were placed in the vault at Woodlawn.

From Ontario County Chronicle 10 September 1902

Naples, N. Y. - Mrs. Phoebe Briggs,
wife of David Briggs, died Wednesday after a long sickness with cancer, aged 54 years. She was the daughter of Elijah Arnold and had lived most all her life at Garlinghouse. She leaves a husband, one son, Myron Briggs of Avoca, and two daughters, Mrs. William Springstead and Mrs. Byron King. She was much esteemed.

From Ontario County Journal 3 December 1897

Bristol, N. Y. - 
The funeral of William Briggs, aged 86 years, was held from the residence of his son, Elnathan Briggs at Lima, where Mr. Briggs had made it his home for the past year. The interment was in the Evergreen cemetery at Bristol. Mr. Briggs was a highly respected citizen and a lifelong resident of this town. He survived his wife but two years.

From Ontario County Journal 18 June 1897

Phelps, N. Y. - Thomas Brightman,
an old resident and prominent farmer of this place, died at his home, about two miles northeast of the village, last Friday morning, after an extended illness, aged 64 years. A wife, six sons and two daughters survive. The funeral services were held from the residence on Monday afternoon at 12:30, Rev. A. J. Waugh officiating. The remains were taken to Rochester for burial.

From Geneva Daily Times 24 March 1915

Phelps, N. Y. - Edward R. Briglin,
aged 78 years, died of pneumonia yesterday morning at the home of his son, Jesse E. Briglin, in West Main street. Mr. Briglin was born at Prattsburg, N. Y., September 28, 1836. Fifty-six years ago he moved to the Milton Warner farm, a mile and a half west of Orleans, and 35 years ago he became a resident of the village of Orleans, where for a number of years he conducted a produce business, and was a Justice of the Peace of the town of Phelps. He came to this village with his son last fall. Surviving relatives are his wife, one son, Jesse E., and a sister, Miss Fannie Briglin, all of Phelps. The funeral services will be held Thursday, Rev. J. A. Nasmith, pastor of the Baptist church, conducting the services.

From Palmyra Courier 1 August 1917, p. 1

FATALLY INJURED DIVING - Thomas Edward Briglin, aged 16  years, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Briglin who reside in Phelps, was fatally injured while bathing Sunday afternoon in the Canandaigua outlet near Clifton Springs. In making a dive the young man, who, it is said, was unacquainted with the stream at that point, landed in shallow water and struck his head against a rock. He was rendered unconscious but was rescued from drowning by John Neary of Clifton Springs, who plunged into the stream after him. Briglin was taken to the Sanitarium at Clifton Springs where he was attended by Dr. Conley. In the course of an hour or so he revived only to lapse again into a state of unconsciousness. A further examination disclosed a fracture in the spinal column just below the base of the skull and a wound in the head. Pneumonia also developed on Monday and he died Monday night at 10 o'clock. The young man was born October 29, 1901, at Orleans and had lived in Phelps for the last six years. He is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Briglin, two sisters, Katherine and Margaret, and a brother, Donald, all of Phelps.

From Geneva Daily Times 24 August 1903

Mrs. Rhoda Brignall,
78 years of age, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles Wood, 33 Dorchester avenue, yesterday evening. Mrs. Brignall had been an invalid for a long time having been confined to her bed for nearly two years and her death was due to old age. She was born in England and came to America at an early age. She married William Brignall and had passed the greater part of her life at Junius coming to this city several years ago to make her home with her daughter. She is survived by five daughters and three sons. These are Mrs. Ella Bentley of Clyde, Mrs. Hannah Snyder of Phelps, Mrs. George Barringer of Junius, Mrs. Charles Wood of Geneva, Robert Brignall of Junius, Harrison of Waterloo and Wesley Brignall of South Wales. One sister, Miss Mary A. Gayton of Cleveland, Ohio, also survive.  The funeral will be held at the house, No. 33 Dorchester avenue, at 10 o'clock Wednesday afternoon and at the West Junius Methodist church at 3 o'clock. The burial will be at West Junius.

From Victor Herald 16 February 1900

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
Last Wednesday morning occurred the death of Mrs. Mary Brindid, at the age of 80 years and 3 months. She had been helpless for over a year and confined to her bed, the result of a paralytic shock. Funeral services were held at her late home Friday afternoon, the Rev. W. D. Robinson officiating. Her husband, John Brindid, died over two years ago. She leaves two brothers, Henry and Samuel, besides a number of nephews and nieces to survive her.

From Ontario County Journal 26 February 1909

Cheshire, N. Y. -
The death of Jerome Brink occurred at his home in the southwestern part of the town on Tuesday evening, after a long and painful illness. The surviving members are his aged wife, five sons and two daughters. Deceased was a soldier and will be buried in the soldiers' lot at Pine Bank cemetery this afternoon. He was 70 years of age.

From Ontario County Times 11 February 1874

Victor, N. Y. -
Sunday morning we were informed of the death of Mr. Jos. Bristol, aged 66 years, long a resident of this town.

From Shortsville Enterprise 22 June 1916

The death of Andrew Brizee, a well-known and respected resident of Farmington, occurred at his home in that township on Friday morning, following a lingering illness. The survivors are his wife, and a brother, Adelbert Brizee, of East Syracuse. The funeral services were held from his late home on Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock.

From Palmyra Courier 30 October 1918, p. 4

DIED IN FARMINGTON - Mrs. Carrie Rose Brizee, widow of the late Andrew Brizee of Farmington died in that place on Thursday of last week, aged 62 years. She was a daughter of Henry Rose and she had always lived in Farmington.

From Ontario County Journal 1 February 1878

Victor, N. Y. - Mrs. Philip H. Brizee,
of this place, died very suddenly at her home on Railroad St., last Monday afternoon. She had been sick for some time with consumption, but had been able to be about the house until within a very few days, and no one thought that she was in any immediate danger.  She leaves a very large circle of friends and relatives to mourn her death.

From Ontario County Times 14 April 1875

Died, at the residence of her father, in Hopewell, on the morning of the 26th of February, 1875, Cornelia H. Brizzee, wife of Andrew Brizzee, and daughter of Dr. J. Pratt, aged 27 years, in hope of a glorious immortality in Heaven. . . . Cornelia was a sincere friend and ever ready to sympathize with the sick and afflicted. She firmly believed she should meet her dear little daughter, Minnie, who died on the 10th of November last, in "that land of pure delight where saints immortal dwell."

From Geneva Gazette 15 November 1878

Died, in Hopewell on Sunday, Oct. 27, Cornelius Brizzee, aged 85 years.  Mr. Brizzee was an early settler in this town, and was a man against whom we have never heard one word of adverse criticism.

From Ontario County Journal 25 January 1895

Clifton Springs, N. Y. - Cornelius C. Brizzee,
who has been sick for over a year, died at his home on East Main street Sunday afternoon, aged about 70 years. The funeral services were held at his late residence Wednesday afternoon, and the interment was at Sand Hill cemetery, near Flint Creek.

From Ontario County Journal 20 December 1889

Hopewell, N. Y. -
The sudden death of Mrs. Joseph Brizzee of Algerine street, has cast a feeling of gloom over the whole community. She was highly esteemed by all who knew her, and will be missed not only in the home circle, but in the neighborhood, church and Sunday school, where she had long been a teacher. She had not been sick very long, and it was supposed she was gaining, when, on Sunday last, she had a sinking spell and never rallied. Her only child now lies in a critical condition with the same disease, typhoid fever. The doubly afflicted husband has the heartfelt sympathy of those who know him.

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