Source: 1911 History of Ontario County, NY and its People

Kindly Transcribed and Donated By Dianne Thomas

Date of Marriage
Male Surname
Male 1st Name
Female Surname
Female 1st Name
Other Notes
Oct 14, 1869 ALDRICH Cassius R. BARTLES Cornelia he b: 10/15/1839 Wayne Cnty, NY, son of Urial & Esther (POWER); she b: 9/16/1843 Monroe Cnty, NY, dau of John W. & Mary (BOWERS) BARTLES
Nov 1893 ALDRICH Milton U. CORNFORD Kate he b: 9/12/1870 Victor, NY, son of Cassius R. & Cornelia (BARTLES); she b: 9/30/1871 MI, dau of Wm. & Catherine (CHANDLER) CORNFORD
1831 ALDRICH Urial POWER Esther he b: 1810 Farmington, - 11/24/1883, son of Willis & Edna (SMITH); she died 1897
June 16, 1880 ALDRIDGE Albert C. BOUGHTON Amelia he b: 3/13/1849 Victor, son of Gilbert T & Nancy (CLINE);she b: 11/23/1857, dau of Walter & Caroline (HART) BOUGHTON of Victor
Dec 22, 1887 ALDRIDGE Arthur Gilbert BRIGGS Sarah Catherine he b: 11/24/1861 Victor, son of Gilbert T. & Nancy (CLINE); she b: 1/17/1861, dau of Ichabod White ( 3/24/1809-8/1892) of Macedon & Sarah Catherine (CASE) BRIGGS (3/12/1821 - 9/21/1901)
Nov 10, 1846 ALDRIDGE Gilbert T. CLINE Nancy he b: 3/4/1819 Victor, NY - 7/16/1899, son of Gilbert (buried in Brockport Ceme.); she born 8/17/1825 Victor, NY - 4/7/1855, dau of Mark & Betsey Ann (WELLS) CLINE
Feb 1860 ALDRIDGE Gilbert T. MAPLES Mrs. Julia (ALLEN) he b: 3/4/1819 Victor, NY - 7/16/1899, son of Gilbert (buried in Brockport Ceme.); she born 1828, (1st wife of (m:1851) Dr. Charles Henry MAPLES 1825 CT-1852)
Nov. 12, 1872 ANDRUSS Cornelius Jay BAILEY Maria M. he b: 10/7/1845 Canadice, NY, eldest of George & Sarah (TER BUSH); she b: 4/17/1846 Chili, NY, dau of James & Mary Ann (BARNES) BAILEY; m: at Canandaigua
July 11, 1844 ANDRUSS George TER BUSH Sarah he b: 1/4/1824 Jerusalem, NY - 4/2/1870 Canadice, son of Zebina C. & Almira (GARLICK); she b: 3/12/1827 Barrington, NY, dau of Cornelius (4/15/1786 -10/21/1870) & Esther (ANGEL) TER BUSH (5/10/1795 - 1/2/1872)
Sept 20, 1818 ANDRUSS Zebina C. GARLICK Almira he b: 8/12/1794 Butternuts (Gilbertsville), NY, son of Benajah & Abigail (NASH); grandson of Miles, ggson Wm, gggson Dr. Joseph; she b: 2/10/1799 Norwich, NY
Oct 14, 1832 ARMSTRONG Milton W. AVERY Lucinda she b: 9/10/1810 - 2/10-1841, dau of Henry & Hannah (ROCKEFELLER) AVERY
Apr 29, 1829 ARNOLD Daniel PEIRCE Betsey he b: 12/22/1800 Farmington, son of Pardon; she died 4/20/1876
June 3, 1832 ASHLEY Noah Jr. TISDALE Minerva he b: 8/24/1806, son of Noah; she of Cortland
Dec. 1872 ASHLEY Noah Tisdale ST. JOHN Mattie he: son of Noah & Minerva (TISDALE); married in Richmond
Dec 6, 1829 AVERY Peter Rockefeller BLAKEMAN Elizabeth he b: 3/20/1807 - 3/4/1854, son of Henry & Hannah (ROCKEFELLER);she 10/4/1807 - 12/18/1883, dau of Asahel & Mary (ROCKEFELLER) BLAKEMAN; married in Great Barrington, MA
27-Dec-04 BALDWIN Burt FOX Eunice May he b: 10/9/1873 Bradford Cnty, PA, son of Vincent & Mary (KENNEDY); she dau of Truman B. FOX of Clifton Springs
unknown BALDWIN Vincent KENNEDY Mary he b: 8/3/1836 Chemung, PA - 1905, son of George; he in hotel business; she was of Troy, PA
Nov 10, 1875 BARDEN Henry Vincent HOFFMAN Mary A. he b: 9/18/1837 Seneca, NY, son of Levi & Maria (BUSH); she b: 9/13/1839 of Ontario Cnty, NY
Apr 14, 1877 BARDEN J. Jay WOODS Adelaide E. he b: 5/4/185 Seneca, NY, son of Sylvanus & Jane (HEDGES); she b: 3/31/1856 Flint Creek, dau of John M. & Jane WOODS
1872 BARKER Thomas W. WORDEN Sarah he b: 4/4/1850 KY, son of John & Mary (SMITH); she dau of Luther & Sarah WORDEN
Oct 19, 1837 BARNARD Peter Pitts REED Fannie he b: 1/20/1812 Livonia, NY, son of Chauncey (b: 5/9/1784 CT - 4/5/1834, son of Samuel & Cynthia [FOLES]) & Mrs. Mary (PITTS) BENTON (b: 9/18/1774 - 2/22/1847, dau of Capt Peter PITTS, 1st settler of Richmond, NY); she b: 5/7/1818, dau of John F. & Cynthia REED of Richmond
unknown BARNES D. Eddy BOND Anna M. he b: 8/10/1856 Geneva, son of David, grandson of James; she of Geneva, 3rd wife of D. Eddy
unknown BARNES D. Eddy HASLETT Caroline he b: 8/10/1856 Geneva, son of David, grandson of James; she of Seneca, NY, 1st wife of D. Eddy
unknown BARNES D. Eddy PHINNEY Harriet he b: 8/10/1856 Geneva, son of David, grandson of James; she of Bellona, NY, 2nd wife of D. Eddy
Mar 22, 1827 BARRON David SHADBOLT Sarah he b: 8/15/1800 England; she b: 12/7/1801 Stillwater, Saratoga Cnty, NY, dau of Darius & Martha SHADBOLT
Sept 27, 1893 BEATTIE Herbert SIMPSON Emma he b: 3/23/1866 Ontario Cnty, NY, son of Wm. & Mary E. (BARNES); she b: 4/5/1871 Seneca Cnty, NY, dau of Matthew & Hannah SIMPSON
June 9, 1858 BEATTIE William BARNES Mary E. he b: 12/16/1830 Ontario Cnty, NY-1/14/1893, son of David & Dorothy (TURNBULL); she b: 1/22/1827 Yates Cnty, NY - 5/10/1900
unknown BEECHER Frank R. MILNER Winnie he b: 6/18/1866 Canandaigua, son of Rollin L. & Mary F. (BRINK);
unknown BEECHER Rollin L. BRINK Mary F. he b: 4/30/1844 Owego, NY - 2/1/1908, son of Calvin & Emeline; she of Owego, NY, dau of James & Ellen (SAVAGE) BRINK
Dec 24, 1874 BEEMAN Henry C. CRANE Lucia he b: 10/8/1847 Canandaigua, son of Reuben; she dau of George CRANE of S. Bristol
Sept 1871 BELL William BISHOP Ann Eliza he b: 8/21/1845 Phelps, NY, son of Jonas & Miranda (LUCAS); she b: Manchester Centre, dau of Wm. & Eleanor BISHOP
July 4, 1864 BEMENT Murray J. COOPER Jennie V. he b: 5/20/1844 Manchester - May 23, 1910 Clifton Springs, NY, son of Wm. E. & Laura A. (NEWELL); she b:1/12/1846 Manchester - May 12, 1865 Manchester, dau of Peter & Abigail (NICHOLS) COOPER, 1st wife of Murray
Nov 15, 1871 BEMENT Murray J. WADE Sarah C. he b: 5/20/1844 Manchester - May 23, 1910 Clifton Springs, NY, son of Wm. E. & Laura A. (NEWELL); she 2nd wife of Murray
abt 1826 BENNETT George LUM Sally he b: 1794 Goshen, NY - 1876 Geneva; she dau of Matthew LUM of Geneva, NY
Jan 25, 1854 BENNETT Horace D. JACQUES Harriet A he b: 6/29/1828 Geneva, NY, son of George & Sally (LUM); she b:1826 Wayne Cnty, NY- 2/22/1909 Geneva
Dec 16, 1846 BLACK Aaron HIPPLE Hannan Jane he b: 9/21/1821 Seneca - 1/27/1900 Seneca, eldest of Moses & Mary (MC MASTER); she b: 5/8/1829 PA - May 1888 Seneca
Oct 24, 1877 BLACK M. Newton WATSON Nettie (Jeannette) he b: 6/3/1854 Seneca, son of Aaron & Hannah J. (HIPPLE); she b: 10/31/1853 Seneca, dau of Lewis (1811 Scotland - Mar 1904 NY) & Janet (DUNCAN) WATSON (she died 1892); married in Hopewell, NY;
Jan 20, 1820 BLACK Moses MC MASTER Mary he b: 9/29/1789 MD - 9/27/1872 Ontario Cnty, NY; she b: 5/30/1802 Benton, NY- 1/11/1880 Seneca, NY
Sept 14, 1854 BLACKMAN Myron H. PENNELL Harriet N. she b: 1/21/1834, dau of John & Sarah (GREEN) PENNELL
unknown BLOSSOM Joseph CORWIN Ellen he b: 4/8/1837 Seneca, NY, son of Wm. & Polly (BENHAM); she dau of Youngs CORWIN
1873 BOLGER Andrew BUCKLEY Honora he b:1844 Ireland, married in Geneva; she b: 1851 Ireland, died at aged 36
Oct 26, 1828 BOOTH Danforth CALDWELL Caroline he b: 9/8/1804, son of Sharon & Ruth (GILLET); she died 2/25/1830, 1st wife of Danforth
Mar 3, 1831 BOOTH Danforth MORGAN Sally he b: 9/8/1804, son of Sharon & Ruth (GILLET); she 2nd wife of Danforth; she died 5/28/1876 (8 children)
1794 BOOTH Sharon GILLETT Ruth he b: 1771 - 7/6/1845, son of Henry & Dorothy (FISH); she died 1805, dau of Joab GILLETT, pioneer of Manchester
Dec 21, 1806 BOOTH Sharon ROOT Catherine he b: 1771 - 7/6/1845, son of Henry & Dorothy (FISH); she 2nd wife of Sharon; she died 12/18/1814
Oct 23, 1815 BOOTH Sharon WILDER Mrs. Anne he b: 1771 - 7/6/1845, son of Henry & Dorothy (FISH); she 3rd wife; married in Farmington
1888 BOWEN Ernest S. HOGLE Clara L. he b: 5/8/1838 Levanna, NY, son of Wilford M. (dod 1893); she b:1863 Granville, NY, dau of Charles HOGLE
Jan 7, 1864 BOWERMAN Brice W. SMITH Lucena he b: 1837 Farmington -1904, son of Silas G. & Lydia (HOAG); she b: 1839 Farmington -Dec 1897, dau of Elwood & Joanna (JENKS) SMITH
Nov. 3, 1886 BOWERMAN Charles H. GREEN Emma A. he of Perinton
Feb 14, 1898 BOWERMAN William GOFFE Marian E. he b: 10/3/1874 Victor, son of Brice W. & Lucena (SMITH); she b: 7/12/1878 Brockport, NY - 1884, dau of Ezra P. & Elizabeth (EAGLESTONE) GOFFE (both of England)
Dec 11, 1867 BRACE Romeyn W. ALVERSON Mary E. he b: 11/30/1846 Victor - 1902, son of Thomas Beach & Margaret O. (JACKSON); she b: 3/2/1849 Perry, NY, dau of John Lewis & Eliza (CORNWELL) ALVERSON
Nov 16, 1834 BRACE Thomas JACKSON Margaret Octavia he b: 1/17/1812 Victor - 6/26/1889; she b: 2/2/1814 Litchfield, NY -6/29/1889 Victor, dau of Powell JACKSON
1853 BRAYTON Jay J. (REV) ROCKEFELLER Mary Jane he b: 4/29/1829 Lake George, NY, son of Mose & Hannah (JENKINS); she dau of William ROCKEFELLER
Jan 27, 1880 BROWN Charles L. CAMP Mary E. he b: 3/25/1852 Lodi, NY, son of John N. & Eliza (GRAHAM); she dau of Montgomery & Joanna (REEVE) CAMP
Sept 16, 1869 BROWN Charles W. STAFFORD Mary M. he b:7/13/1848 Newark, Wayne Cnty, NY - 10/14/1897, son of Hiram L. & Hester A. (BONKER); she 9/30/1827 - 2/19/1906, dau of Dr. John & Nancy (HURLBURT) STAFFORD
Aug 12, 1875 BUCK Myron M. SAWYER Velma he b: 1/16/1835 Shortsville - died 1889 in MI, grandson of Theophilus SHORT; she of Orleans, NY, dau of James Mosley & Angineete (SHORT) SAWYER
Apr. 1832 BUELL Mortimer BOUGHTON Edna he b: 11/11/1808 E. Bloomfield - 1/27/1885 Rochester, NY, son of Jonathan & Sally (RICE);she 12/25/1812 Victor - 1906 Canandaigua, dau of Jared & Olive (STONE) BOUGHTON
July 1858 BUELL Theron P. WHEELER Gertrude M. he b: 8/10/1834 - 5/28/1889; she only child of Simeon R. & Betsey (BENTLY), died 5/30/1859; married in E. Bloomfield
unknown BUELL Timothy RICE Lucy he b:12/8/1791 Goshen, CT - 1/16/1873 E. Bloomfield, son of Capt. Timothy & Olive (NORTON); she dau of Daniel RICE
1883 BUELL Timothy MOTT Alsada he b: 5/30/1856 E. Bloomfield, son of Timothy & Lucy (RICE);
May 13, 1855 BUFFINGTON James H. MARTIN Triphena he b: 5/13/1834, son of Joseph (of Ohio, died 1830) & Dolly (FERRY); she 8/24/1836 - Feb 26, 1902 Geneva
Jun. 9, 1881 BURLING George W. CASTLE Helen Anna "Nellie" he b: 3/12/1858 Canandaigua, son of Thomas C. & Cynthia (AVERILL); she b: 2/22/1863 Rochester, dau of Charles D. & Anna E. CASTLE; married At Seneca Point Hotel, Canandaigua Lake (owned by her father)
unknown BURNETT Jean La Rue GILLETTE Margaret he b: 1/10/1871 Canandaiuga - 2/27/1907 Albany, NY, son of Jonathan & Elizabeth (MEAD); she dau of John & Harriet A. (JARVIS) GILLETTE of Canandaigua
1898 BURNETTE Frank RICE Elvia M. he b: 3/21/1867 Phelps, son of Hiram & Eliza Ann (PARSONS); she dau of George L. RICE
Mar 1890 BURNETTE Ulysses CROSBY Anna May he b: 10/1/1865 Phelps, son of Hiram & Eliza Ann (PARSONS); she dau of Horton & Mary E. CROSBY
Mar 20, 1890 BURRELL Dwight R. (DR) KENT Clara he b:3/1/1843 Sheffield,OH - 6/22/1910; she of Kentland, Indiana
unknown BURRELL Edward PARKER Elizabeth he b:1825 Seneca, NY - 1907, son of Thomas, grandson of T. Wm. Of England; she died 1902, also English
Dec. 1886 BURT Charles Harris VANDERHOOF Ina he b: 1/16/1857 Phelps, NY, son of Dr. Jonathan & Mary Ann (HARRIS); she dau of Dr. F.D. VANDERHOOF; married in Auburn
Feb 28, 1832 BURT Jonathan (DR) HARRIS Mary Ann he b: 10/4/1804 Brattleboro, VT - 1/14/1885 Phelps, NY, son of Jonathan & Bathsheba; she b: 8/11/1812 Newtown, CT, dau of Ziba & Orinda (HOWE) HARRIS
1896 BURTIS Arthur Benjamin MONFORT Louise he b: son of Charles & Catherine (GRANGER), he of Phelps; dau of Elias Riggs & Emma A. (TAYLOR) MONFORT of Cincinnati, OH
Oct 6, 1846 BURTIS Charles GRANGER Catherine he b: 2/17/1825, youngest of Arthur (7/12/1778 - 1/9/1833) & Elizabeth (PALMER)(dau of Drake PALMER of L.I., NY); she dau of Gaius GRANGER, & sis of General Gordon Granger; 2nd wife of Arthur)
1899 BUSHNELL Wendell K. WAGER Emily he b: 7/14/1870 Lakeport, NY, son of Almanza & Emma (RANSOM); she dau of Philip & Emily WAGER of Chittenango, NY
Apr 28, 1897 CAMMETT Frank BARBER Katherine Esther he b: 9/3/1875 Hopewell, son of Samuel & Frances (BARHITE); she b: 10/28/1873 Benton, NY, dau of Wm. & Carrie (PELTON) BARBER
July 2, 1867 CAMMETT Samuel BARHITE Frances he b: 1826 Canandaigua - 9/6/1906 Hopewell, son of Johnson (of VT); she b: 9/15/1845, dau of Judge John A. BARHITE of Rochester, NY
abt 1850 CARPENTER Curtis PAYNE Minerva he b: 1828 Allegany Cnty, NY - 5/6/1894, son of Daivd & unk. (CATOR); she b: 12/28/1832 Farmington, NY, dau of Calvin PAYNE
Dec 29, 1877 CARPENTER Frank H. SAUNDERS Estella L. he b: 9/6/1832 E. Victor, NY, son of Curtis & Minerva (PAYNE); she b: 7/12/1857, dau of Wm. & Jane (REEVES) SAUNDERS (dau of Theopholus REEVES & Louise GREEN)
Apr 30, 1874 CARSON James Carlton SMITH Jane M. he b: 1/23/1847 Seneca, son of Robert & Rebecca (RIPPEY); she b: 11/3/1852 Geneva, dau of Thomas & (CATCHPOLE) Susan SMITH
July 4, 1866 CARSON James S. JEFFREY Mary E. he b: 8/22/1837 Scotland, only son of James & Margaret (MAC DOWELL); she dau of Charles & Mary (MASON) JEFFREY
Jan 2, 1834 CARSON Robert RIPPEY Rebecca he b: 5/23/1810 Seneca - Oct 6, 1883, son of Robert & Sarah (ARMSTRONG); she 9/6/1808 - 4/5/1875
21-Sep-16 CARTER Arthur Raymond LAWRENCE Grace will reside in Walworth
Jan 28, 1885 CASE Edson T. WORTHY Cora L. he b: 1/23/1865, Bristol, NY only child of Isaiah & Mary (TOTMAN); she b: 10/6/1866 Richmond, NY, only child of Marion P. & Celsetia M. (CASE) WORTHY; married in Canandaigua
unknown CASE Isaiah SR REED Rachel he b: in Bristol, NY & son of Jonathan J. & Lucy (CASE); married in Bristol, NY
1862 CASE Isaiah I. TOTMAN Mary he b: 11/10/1832 Bristol, NY, son of Isaiah & Rachel (REED); she dau of Ira & Nancy (GREGG) TOTMAN of Bristol, NY
unknown CAVANAUGH James BURNS Rose he b: in Dublin, Ireland, died 2/15/1888 Phelps, NY; she born in Ireland, died 5/28/1889 Phelps, NY
19-Nov-07 CHANDLER Will Lewis THROOP Beulah Belle he of Cleveland, OH; she dau of Adoniram Judson & Anna H. (COOPER) THROOP
Dec. 26, 1883 CHILDS Albert Sherwood PITKINS Emma he b: 9/18/185 Phelps, son of Benjamin & Laura (SHERWOOD);she b:1856 of Gibson,NY, dau of Chester; married in Seneca, NY
May 29, 1843 CHILDS Benjamin SHERWOOD Laura he b: 4/8/1819 Seneca - Jan 27, 1878 Seneca, son of Oliver & Nancy (HART); she dau of Homer & Electra (HOTCHKISS) SHERWOOD of Fairfield, VT
unknown CHILDS Oliver GILBERT Betsey he b: 7/27/1783 Conway, son of Libbeus & Sarah (WALKER); she dau of John GILBERT of Seneca; she 3rd wife of Oliver
unknown CHILDS Oliver HART Nancy he b: 7/27/1783 Conway, son of Libbeus & Sarah (WALKER); she dau of Selah & Hannah HART of Seneca, NY, she died 4/30/1831, 2nd wife of Oliver
unknown CHILDS Oliver WHITMORE Electa he b: 7/27/1783 Conway, son of Libbeus & Sarah (WALKER); she dau of Oliver WHITMORE of Seneca; she died 8/2/1816, no children
May 1, 1895 CLAPPER William B. (DR) HAUSNER Minnie A. he b: 12/13/1864 Bristol (father, German & mother, English); she B: 3/25/1864 Cayugaville, NY, dau of Irvin & Ruth HAUSNER
Dec 9, 1845 CLARK Frederick P.A. KING Eliza J. he b: 5/21/1819 Glover, VT, son of Cephus & Deborah (WILBUR); she b: 11/6/1823 Glover, VT
1868 CLARK Walter A. PHILLIPS Eudora he b:1846 Troy, NY, son of Otis G. & Amelia S. (BARDWELL); she b: 3/17/1849 Troy, NY, dau of George H. & Laura G. (WOOD) PHILLIPS
Sept 27, 1871 CLARK William Frederick MARTSON Elizabeth he b: 1/7/1849 Glover, VT, son of Frederick P.A. & Eliza J. (KING); she b: 6/6/1848 Craftsbury, VT, dau of Deacon Charles & Emeline B. (EMERY) MARTSON
abt 1892 CLAYTON John HAWLEY Emma he b: 5/25/1853 Salem, NY, son of Wm & Ellen (KITLEY of Canada); she dau of John W. HAWLEY of Canandaigua
Jan 13, 1858 CLINE John WILKINSON Phebe A. he b: 12/29/1832, son of Mark (b: 6/1/1802S. Amsterdam, NY)& Betsey Ann (WELLS) (b: 1/6/1805 Mayfield, NY);
Feb 15, 1854 CLINE Richard VAN HORN Jane Ann he b: 9/18/1829 Victor, son of Mark (b: 6/1/1802S. Amsterdam, NY)& Betsey Ann (WELLS) (b: 1/6/1805 Mayfield, NY); she dau of Peter VAN HORN & she died 8/25/1897
Sept 10, 1868 CLINE William I. MEAD Mary he b: 12/23/1836, son of Mark (b: 6/1/1802 S. Amsterdam, NY & Betsey Ann (WELLS) (b: 1/6/1805 Mayfield, NY); 2nd wife of Wm. I.
Sept 2, 1858 CLINE William I. NICHOLS Rhoda A. he b: 12/23/1836, son of Mark (b: 6/1/1802 S. Amsterdam, NY) & Betsey Ann (WELLS) (b: 1/6/1805 Mayfield, NY); she dau of Peter VAN HORN & she died 8/25/1897; she died 1/17/1864, 1st wife of Wm. I.
1898 COLLIE James J. (DR) BALCH Myrtle he b: 1866 Franklinville, NY, son of James & Elizabeth (WATSON); she b:1876 MN, dau of Andrew BALCH
Jan 5, 1860 COLLINS George HATHAWAY Ann Maria Victoria he b: 6/20/1833 E. Bloomfield, son of Guy & Maria (ELLIS) (died 3/30/1876); she b: 11/12/1838, dau of Perez & Hannah (LAPHAM) HATHAWAY
3-Aug-03 COLLINS Guy N. HUDSON Christine he b: 8/9/1872 Farmington, son of George & Ann M.V. (HATHAWAY);
1888 COLLINS Louis D. YOUNG Carrie he b: 1852 Rose Valley, Wayne Cnty, NY, son of Chauncey Brooks, grandson of Thaddeus; she b: 1849 Cincinatti, OH
16-Aug-04 COLLINS Perez Hathaway SHAPPEE Anna May he b: 9/18/1860 Farmington, son of George & Ann M.V. (HATHAWAY); she of Horseheads, NY
1-Jun-05 COLLISTER Ewin MC INTIRE Jane Isabelle he was att'y for Erie Railroad; she b: 2/2/1887, dau of Charles & Katherine (FISH)
unknown CONNOLLY Andrew DUNN Julia he b: 6/10/1814 Kings Ireland - 8/31/1899 Phelps, NY; she 4/14/1814, Portalington Kings, Ireland - May 20, 1885
June 8, 1886 CONNOLLY Robert Emmet SOMMERS Mary he b: 4/1/1860 Phelps, son of Andrew & Julia (DUNN); she dau of Daniel SOMERS of Hopewell, NY
Jan 9, 1858 CONOVER John TUCKER Elizabeth he b:4/20/1817 Victor, NY - 10/10/1908 Victor, NY, son of Cornelius & Margaret (BOWERS); she b: 10/31/1832 Penn Yan, NY, dau of Wm. (of NH) & Ruth (CAMERON) (of OH) TUCKER
Sept 20, 1881 CONOVER Theodore MINK Clara he b: 11/22/1858 Victor, Son of John & Elizabeth (TUCKER); she b: 8/10/1857 ILL, dau of Dr. Ezra & Mary (PROSEUS) MINK of Rochester, NY
Dec 26, 1877 COOK Benjamin Franklin HOWELL Lucy A. he b: 10/18/1852 Bristol, England, son of Henry & Sarah (HILLMAN); she b: 7/26/1857 Phelps, NY, dau of Wm (1826 England - 1893); married in Auburn, NY
Jun. 1857 COOK George (DR) BULL Caroline he b:11/20/1824 Cayuga, NY - 6/12/1876;
1892 COOK Robert George STRONG Mary Belle he b: 8/4/1864 Canandaigua, son of Dr. George & Caroline (BULL); she born in Haverhill, MA, dau of Rev. Augustus H. STRONG
1885 COOKE John D (DR) WHETMAN Julia he b:12/17/1858 Paris, Ontario, Canada, son of Dr. Silas W.(1816MA - 1884 Canada) & Mary Louise (COOK); she dau of Joseph WHETMAN of Mt. Vernon, Canada
Feb 18, 1836 COOLEY John COOLEY Adaline he b: 2/12/1814 Canandaigua, son of John & Lucina (BISSEL); she of Attica, Wyoming Cnty, NY; she died 1/28/1853
July 14, 1853 COOLEY John BENSON Catherine T. he b: 2/12/1814 Canandaigua, son of John & Lucina (BISSEL); she 2nd wife of John
June 24, 1894 COOPER Louis A. BARRON Mabel B. he b: 9/23/1871 Phelps, NY, son of Wm. E. & Elizabeth (PIERCE); she b: 9/9/1872 Geneva, dau of Wm. W. & Mary J. (TAYLOR) BARRON, granddau. Of Thomas & ggdau of Wm BARRON (purchased land from Indians & one of first settlers of Geneva)
unknown COOPER William E. PIERCE Elizabeth he b:1815 Phelps, NY - 4/12/1894 Phelps; she b:1836 Geneva-1903 (Oak Lawn ceme has dates of 1831 -7/16/1898)
Dec. 12, 1878 CORNFORD William H. LOVERIDGE Helen "Nellie" he b: 6/15/1839 Phelps, NY, son of Wm. H. & Catherine (CHANDLER); married in Phelps
1828 COTTON Leonard GARDNER Amy Ann he b: 1822 Farmington - Fall, 1872, son of Isaac & Sarah (BENNETT); she 1828 Farmington - Spring 1873, dau of Elisha & Miss (PATTERSON) GARDNER
Jan 6, 1876 COTTON William Marion (DR) JOHNSON Amy Ann he b: 11/25/1851 Farmington, son of Leonard & Amy A. (GARDNER); she dau of Wyman & Hannah (GARDNER) JOHNSON
27-Jun-06 COVERT Jay Byington (DR) SCHUMACHER Magdelne he b: 6/18/1875 Geneva, NY, son of Dr. Nelson B. (1/22/1840 Ovid - Nov1908 Geneva,NY); she b: 9/30/1878 New Boston, PA, dau of Jacob SCHUMACHER; nurse by profession
Feb. 10, 1880 COYE Elmer Nathan CLAPP Georgie J. he b: 10/22/1853 S. Bristol, son of Nathan H. & Lydia L. (BROWN); she b: 1860 Bath, England, dau of Charles C. & Emily J. (TENNANT) CLAPP
1846 CRANE George MARTIN Sarah he b: 1811 Canandaigua, son of Elam, gson of John & Abigail (CAMP) CRANE of Scotland; she dau of John R. MARTIN of Canandaigua
unknown CROTHERS Oliver RIDLEY Mary he b: 12/12/1818 Phelps, son of William ; dau of Elihu & Betsey RIDLEY, 1st wife of Oliver; (2nd wife was Eunice NYE)
1892 CROTHERS William L. FRISBIE Georgiana he b: 4/25/1865 Phelps, NY, only son of Oliver & Mary (RIDLEY); she dau of Garrett & Jennie FRISBIE of Phelps, NY
Sept 6, 1897 DAVISON Charles C. CREQUE A. Louise he b: 6/22/1868 Odessa, NY - 1900, Odessa, NY, son of Ozmer L.; she dau of John & Annette CREQUE of Trumansburg, NY
Oct 14, 1891 DE GRAFF Frank A. PARSONS Minerva H. he b: 8/4/1864 Gorham, son of Groat A.; she dau of Edward PARSONS of Canandaigua
4-Sep-00 DE GRAW (de GRASSE) F. Allen DEANE Flora he b: 6/7/1875 Wayne, Steuben Cnty, NY, son of Arthur H.; she b: 10/13/1882 Hammondsport, NY; married at Hammonsport
17-May-04 DENTON Eugene C. BROWN Mary H. he b: 12/10/1865 Fitchburg, MA, son of Stephen E. & Ann E. (both native of Orange Cnty, NY); she dau of Harvey W. BROWN
Dec. 1865 DEWEY Jedediah SOUTHWORTH Mary D. he b: 4/15/1807 Farmington, NY (now Manchester) - 10/2/1876; both of Manchester; married in MICH
Sept 1820 DICKSON John HAMLIN Mary he b: 6/1/1783 Keene, NH - 2/22/1852; she 5/7/1792 - 12/28/1860 dau of Elijah & Lydia HAMLIN; married in Bloomfield
19-Apr-04 DIXON Edward Baxter HEACOCK Sarah M. he b: 7/21/1874 Hall, NY, son of Edward & Isabella (CROSIER); bro of Dudley Marvin (unwed); she dau of Lemuel HEACOCK, born at Gloversville; married at Gloversville, NY
1867 DIXON John Boynton TYLER Mrs. Nancy (SLARROW) he b: 2/3/1812 Rellington, England - 3/4/1890 Geneva, NY, only child of John & Hannah; she 2nd wife to John B.; b: 1/10/1831;dau of Sidney (of Dutchess Cnty, NY) & Ann (TAYLOR) (of Seneca, NY) SLARROW; widow of Wm. C. TYLER
1845 DORCHESTER Preston J. GRIFFIN Mary Ann he b: 1819 Geneva - 1891, son of James G. & Clarissa (BACKENSTOSE); she b: 1820 W. Bloomfield
1864 DORSEY George C. BRADLEY Emma he b:1834, Ovid, NY, son of Upton of MD (1814-1856); she b: 1845 Onondaga Cnty, NY
18-Jul-01 EISELINE Daniel A. (DR) BROWN Mabel E. he b: 6/10/1868 Canandaigua, son of John & Elizabeth S. (LINDER); she b: 4/24/1871, dau of Charles W. & Mary (STAFFORD) BROWN of Shortsville, NY; gdau of Hiram L & Hester BROWN
June 30, 1874 ELLIS Bolivar LOBDELL Frances M. he b: 2/25/1833 Victor, NY, son of Henry & Isabel (BENNETT);she 6/25/1844 Victor - 3/27/1897, dau of Jacob L. LOBDELL
Feb. 10, 1886 ELLIS Daniel TURNER Alice he b: 9/30/1837 - 7/5/1889, son of Henry & Isabel (BENNETT);she b: Salem, WI, died 3/8/1892
Dec 29, 1823 ELLIS Henry BENNETT Isabel he b:12/10/1798 Florida, NY - 9/1/1884, son of Samuel (b5/27/1762), nephew of Dr. Eleazer & Stephen ELLIS; she dau of Amos BENNETT, of Duanesburg, NY; she died 1/24/1875
5-Jul-00 ELLIS Willis C. HART Martha C. he b: 1/12/1868 Wyoming Cnty, NY, only child of Abram W. & Marion A. (PHELPS); she b: 6/18/1874 Canandiagua, dau of George D. & Maria (CRAWFORD) HART
Dec 25, 1883 ESTY Frank J. WARNER Ella A. he b: 10/6/1858 Seneca, NY, son of John B. & Rachel C. (BRIZZEE) of Hopewell; she dau of Daniel T. & Rebecca (WITTER) WARNER of Hopewell
8-Aug-00 FAIRFAX Charles Washington PAGE Gertrude he b: 12/2/1862 Geneva, NY, son of George Henry & Elizabeth (DUNN); she dau of Joel PAGE of Seneca Castle
Jan. 1885 FAIRFAX Willis T. OSTRANDER Lena he b: son of George Henry & Elizabeth (DUNN); married in Geneva; he removed to Colorado Springs
1888 FAY Walter L. GORDINEAR Minnie G. he b: 2/5/1859 Auburn, NY, son of Edmund B.(born in Fulton); she b:1867, dau of J.A. GORDINEAR
Dec 25, 1876 FLEMING Edward S. BUFFINGTON Frances Estella she b: 10/9/1857 Seneca Falls, NY, dau of James H. & Triphena (MARTIN) BUFFINGTON
unknown FLOOD Herbert C. CASE Rose E. he b: 2/18/1860 Coldwater, MI, son of Luther & Ruth (CALDWELL);she B; 9/11/1875, dau of Theodore & Eunice (COBB) CASE
Dec 9, 1878 FLYNN Francis BUTTER Anna he b: 7/13/1856 Auburn, NY, son of Francis & Bridget (SCOLLIN);she b:1/1/1856, dau of John & Elizabeth (BERRY) BUTTER (both of Ireland)
1860 FORCE Chester B. WINTER Catherine Cromwell he b:1832 Kendall, NY - 1906, son of Benjamin & Sophia (CASWELL); she 1832 Ontario Cnty, NY - 1893, dau of Joel WINTER (1799 CT-1872)
Nov 1, 1876 FORDON George TILLS Caroline Elizabeth he b: 1/11/1850 Seneca, NY, only son of Wm & Honor Matilda (DURRANT); she dau of Wm & Eliza (NEWBERRY) TILLS, born in Seneca, NY
30-Jan-01 FORDON William BAXTER Jessie he b: 10/8/1877, son of George F. & Caroline E. (TILLS);
Mar 10, 1887 FORSTER Clark RITCHIE Mary he b: 9/5/1840Seneca, NY, son of Wm. & Mary (CAWARD); she dau of John RITCHIE
Sept 1823 FORSTER William CAWARD Mary he b: 1792 England; she dau of George (10/2/1775 - 6/8/1867) & Mary (WILSON) CAWARD (8/14/1778 -4/15/1834) all of England; married in NY
May 1, 1867 FORSTER William D. BRITT Matlilda J. he b: 3/29/1830 Halls Corners, Ontario Cnty, NY; she b 3/3/1837 Catskill, Greene Cnty , NY & died 2/10/1910
June 19, 1872 FOSTER Henry (DR) EDWARDS Mary he b: 1/18/1821 Norwich, VT, son of Henry & Polly (HUBBARD); she native of Brooklyn,NY, dau of Wm. W. & Helen (MANN) EDWARDS
July 8, 1860 FRARY Edward Harrison CROSS Emily A. he b: 4/25/1840 Lyndon, NY, only son of Wm. Stoddard & Lydia Ann (WARREN), crippled Vet from Civil War; she dau of Joseph & Fidelia (BABCOCK) CROSS, of NY
June 17, 1896 FRARY Edward Harrison FARMER Maryette Laura he b: 4/25/1840 Lyndon, NY, only son of Wm. Stoddard & Lydia Ann (WARREN), crippled Vet from Civil War; she dau of Nelson & Alida (VROOMAN) FARMER, married in Centerville, NY
Oct 27, 1875 FRESHOUR George D. CUTTER Mary E. he b: 7/4/1845 Hopewell, son of John & Catherine (DUNKLE); she b: 4/30/1852 Morveth, Northumberland Cnty, England
27-Nov-00 FRESHOUR George D. Jr. MARSHALL Jennie A. he b: 3/18/1877 Hopewell, son of Geo. D. & Mary E. (CUTTER); she b: Canadaigua, dau of Albert & Emily E. (KELLOGG) MARSHALL
May 27, 1874 FULTON James P. FROST Sarah M. he b: 8/17/1843 Seneca, NY, son of James S. & Margaret Ann (MC CAULEY); she b:1847 Putnam Cnty, NY
unknown FULTON James S. MC CAULEY Margaret Ann he b:1813 Seneca, NY - died 5/6/1887 Seneca; she dau of Thomas & Anna (RIPPEY) MC CAULEY, she died 1/2/1892
Sept 26, 1877 GALUSHA George S. THATCHER Mary Isabelle he b: 7/14/1857 Yates Cnty, NY, son of Clark & Eunice (BURNETTE); she dau of Jesse & Cynthia A. THATCHER
29-Aug-01 GARDNER Anson Lapham CLAPPER Edith M. he b: 2/7/1872 Farmington, son of Sunderland P. & Annette H. (BELL); she dau of Abraham & Elizabeth (APPLETON) CLAPPER
Dec 23, 1885 GARDNER Charles H. PERCEY Nettie E. he b: 7/12/1863 Nassau, NY, son of Hanson A. & Mary (FERGUSON); she b: 6/2/1865 Arcadia, NY, dau of Henry & Amanda Louise (HARMON) PERCEY of Arcadia, NY
Aug 22, 1861 GARDNER Hanson FERGUSON Mary he b: Columbia Cnty, NY, son of Benjamin; she dau of Palmer FERGUSON; she died 3/23/1898
May 28, 1863 GARDNER Sunderland Pattison BELL Annette Hannah he b: 7/4/1802 Rensselaerville, NY- 2/13/1893, son of Elisha W. & Sarah (PATTISON); she b: 8/24/1836 Richmond, PA, dau of Wm. & Sarah Hyde (LORD) BELL
June 12, 1895 GARLOCK Charles BULKLEY Mrs. Mary E. (HOSFORD) he b: 5/7/1864 Arcadia, son of Peter & Maria (VAN DE VORT); she dau of John HOSFORD of Phelps
unknown GARLOCK Cyrus BURT Laura he b: 8/26/1826 - 7/6/1908, son of Abram & Catherine (COOK); she died 1892
unknown GARLOCK Cyrus FERGUSON Hester Ann he b: 8/26/1826 - 7/6/1908, son of Abram & Catherine (COOK);
unknown GARLOCK Peter SMITH Cecelia he b: 10/6/1832 Phelps - 2/17/1904, son of Abram & Catherine (COOK); she of Rochester
unknown GARLOCK Peter VAN DE VORT Maria he b: 10/6/1832 Phelps - 2/17/1904, son of Abram & Catherine (COOK); she b: 5/7/1864 Arcadia, NY - 3/27/1886
1891 GARLOCK William F. TERRY Nellie he b: 2/15/1870 Manchester, son of Cyrus & Laura (BURT); she dau of Carroll C. & Lydia TERRY
Oct 22, 1829 GATES Joseph Brown COOK Pamelia Bishop he b: 4/28/1802 Hopewell, NY, son of Daniel (of VT); she 2nd wife ; she 7/23/11798 Cazenovia, NY - 9/1869; dau of Isaac & Mary B. COOK (1st wife was Milcah BROWN, widow of Joseph Brown)
Nov 30, 1815 GIFFORD John SPIER Minerva he b: 7/23/1794 Chatham, NY - 11/20/1883 Phelps, NY, son of Rowland & Judith (SUTHERLAND);she of Lebanon, NY, died 4/10/1879
1893 GIFFORD John C. SEAGER Harriet R. he b: 7/23/1837 Phelps, son of John & Minerva (SPIER); she dau of Edwin & Mary Jane (PRICHARD) SEAGER, gdau of Levi
Jan. 1885 GIFFORD Loren E. SUTHERLAND Helen M. he b: in Phelps, son of Emmons H. (6/2/1824 - 10/5/1897) & Parmelia (CURTIS)(of Parma, NY); married in Penn Yan
1865 GILLETTE John JARVIS Harriet A. he b: 11/18/1838 Palmyra, NY, son of John & Margret (EATON); she dau of William F. & Harriet (MAXON) JARVIS
Dec. 1886 GILLIS John D. CLINE Margaret B. "Maggie" he b: 10/12/1859 Victor, son of John Smith & Harriet S. (BUNDY); she b: 1/2/1861 Rochester, NY
Mar. 25, 1886 GOODING Elias J. HICKS Cora M. he b: 4/9/1862 Bristol, NY, son of Edwin & Fidelia (CROOKER); she dau of Wm. H. HICKS of S. Bristol; she died 8/9/1903
6-Feb-06 GOODING Elias J. HUGHSON Mrs. Mary L. (GELDER) he b: 4/9/1862 Bristol, NY, son of Edwin & Fidelia (CROOKER); she dau of Robert GELDER of S. Bristol; widow of Mr. HUGHSON, 2nd wife of Elias J.
Nov 10, 1892 GOODMAN Charles H. SMITH Carrie E. he b: 8/9/1872 Saginaw, MI, son of Henry H. & Ella (GIFFORD); she b: 2/2/1870, dau of Asahel & Adaline (WRIGHT) SMITH
Oct. 1817 GRANGER Francis VAN RENESELAER Cornelia b:12/1/1792 Suffield, CT - 8/31/1868; son of Gideon & Mindwell (PEASE); she died in a few yrs; married in Utica, NY
1868 GRANGER Gideon PIERSON Isaphine he b: 8/30/1821 Canandaigua & son of Francis & Cornelia (VAN RENSSELAER); she of Canandaigua & died in 1903
June 2, 1893 GRANGER Henry Francis MICHAELIS Mary he b: 8/18/1868 Hornell, son of Henry Martyn & Sarah (SMITH); she b:8/7/1873 NY City
unknown GRANGER Henry Martyn SMITH Sarah he b: 8/13/1835 Rochester, NY & son of Calvin; she dau of Deacon Chauncey B. SMITH of Hornell, NY
1829 GRANGER John Albert JACKSON Harriet he b: 9/11/1795 CT; son of Gideon & Mindwell (PEASE); dau of Amasa & Mary (PHELPS), 2nd wife of John Albert; she died in 1868
Mar. 1819 GRANGER John Albert WILLIAMS Julia Ann he b: 9/11/1795 CT; son of Gideon & Mindwell (PEASE); she dau of Dr. Wm. A. & Elizabeth (CHAPIN); she died in 1822; married in Canandaigua
Aug 22, 1899 GRIFFITH E.A. (Atty) CUMINS Rose Christine he b: 10/31/1865 Covington, NY, son of Wellington & Elizabeth Jane (ELLIS); she b: 3/9/1870 Bethany, NY, dau of Harrison & Rhoda (HARDY) CUMINS
Jan 16, 1894 GRIFFITH Frank Allyn BENNCKENSTEIN Christine he b: 8/17/1873 Phelps, son of John Watson & Charlotte (MALETTE); she dau of Edward BENNCKENSTEIN of NY City
14-Jun-05 GROVE Chauncey W. (DR) NAGEL Kathryn he b: 12/15/1879 Fredonia, PA, son of Jay C., & Zettirah (FRY); she b: 11/12/1884, dau of Sameul Nagel of Geneva, NY
unknown HALL John S. FISH Mary Jane he b: 1/31/1841, son of Thomas W. & Mary Ann (SIMS); she b: July 24, 1849 Ontario Cnty
Jan 18, 1894 HALL Roscoe F. MEGAFFEE Anna he b: 12/22/1868 Halls corners, NY; she b:1874 Hopewell, dau of Stephen & Harriet MEGAFFEE
Nov 1867 HALL Thomas SIMS Mary Ann he b: 1/31/1812 Halls Corners, NY - 9/7/1901; son of Edward; she born in England
Sept 25, 1872 HAMLIN Frank Harwood WRIGHT Elizabeth Pearce he b: 3/26/1846 E. Bloomfield, son of Henry Wm. & Sibyll Blackman (SEARS); she b: 10/18/1848, dau of Col. George & Elizabeth (PEARCE) WRIGHT; married in E. Bloomfield
Oct. 8, 1879 HAMLIN George Wright WENDELL Susan E. he b: 7/1/1854, son of Henry Wm. & Sibyll B. (SEARS); she b: 11/14/1854, dau of George Amos & Eunice T. (WOOD) WENDALL
Sept 13, 1865 HAMLIN John Sears HOLCOMB Elizabeth he b: 7/14/1842 E. Bloomfield, son of Henry Wm. & Sibyll B. (SEARS); she dau of Hiram & Eliza C. (WHITE) HOLCOMB of Watertown, NY; she died 12/14/1879; 1st wife of John S.
unknown HAMLIN John Sears HOWELL Minnie he b: 7/14/1842 E. Bloomfield, son of Henry Wm. & Sibyll B.. (SEARS); dau of George S. & Sarah (SCOTT) HOWELL; 2nd wife of John S.
Jan 12, 1823 HAMLIN Philo COLLINS Betsey he b: 12/9/1794 - 1/20/1883 of E. Bloomfield, son of Elijah (2/8/1767 - 4/12/1858) & Lydia (b: 2/28/1767 Voluntown, CT); she: 10/9/1801 - 10/12/1890, dau of Cyprian & Huldah (NORTON) COLLINS
unknown HART Jonathan "John" CHAPIN Orpha he b: 1773 Bristol, son of Jonathan & Mary (COE); she b: 9/25/1776, dau of Capt. Jeremiah & Caroline (FOWLER) CHAPIN
May 20, 1861 HART Samuel Collins BUELL Katherine Marie he b: 1828 Harford, NY, son of Theodore Ephraim & Eliza (COLLINS); she b: 5/20/1838 E. Bloomfield, dau of Mortimer & Edna (BOUGHTON) BUELL
Jan 11, 1826 HART Theodore Ephraim COLLINS Eliza he b: 12/22/1802, son of Jonathan & Orpha (CHAPIN); dau of Samuel & Elizabeth (BISHOP) COLLINS
Apr 10, 1827 HARVEY Ursen HAMLIN Caroline he b: 2/8/1800 - 5/6/1852, son of James & Sarah (RICE); she 5/20/1803 - 4/15/1830; dau of Elijah & Lydia HAMLIN; 1st wife of Ursen
May 20, 1832 HARVEY Ursen HAMLIN Esther she b: 5/17/1796 - 4/2/1876, 2nd wife of Ursen, dau of Elijah & Lydia HAMLIN
1784 HATHAWAY Isaac COMSTOCK Jemima he b: 10/28/1788 RI, son (or nephew) of Isaac; she b: 1760 -1793, dau of Nathan COMSTOCK (b1735); 1st wife of Isaac
May 4, 1794 HATHAWAY Isaac RICHMOND Elizabeth he b: 10/28/1788 RI, son (or nephew) of Isaac; she b: 3/9/1760 - 4/21/1830, dau of Perez (10/13/1729 - 11/13/1800) & Mercy (CHURCH) RICHMOND ( 9/18/1734)
Sept 25, 1878 HATHAWAY Joseph P. BEACH Mrs. Helena he b: 2/20/1833 Farmington, son of Perez & Hannah (LAPHAM); she of Victor & 2nd wife of J.P.(her father born in Dutchess Cnty, NY)
Mar 7, 1827 HATHAWAY Perez LAPHAM Hannah he b: 7/15/1805 -1/25/1854, son of Isaac & Elizabeth (RICHMOND); she 2/20/1799 - 1884; married in MA
1900 HAYES Edward Graham MC GILL Elizabeth he b: 7/12/1862, son of Dr. Joseph Byron & Louise Anne (COLEMAN); she of Jamestown, NY
Sept 24, 1861 HAYES Joseph Byron (DR) COLEMAN Louisa A. he b: 5/11/1834 Canandaigua, son of Dr. Joseph Byron Sr & Sarah (ANTIS); she b: 9/24/1833 MD - 3/22/1884, dau of Chester & Eliza (GRAHAM) COLEMAN of Canandaigua
Oct. 1, 1879 HEATH Clarence BROWN Jennie P. he b: 3/30/1857 Darien, NY; she dau of Hiram L. BROWN; married in Shortsville
Nov 12, 1851 HEMIUP George M. REMINGTON Maria he b: 11/22/1822 Penn Yan, NY - 7/14/1886, son of Alexander & Mary (MILLS); she 3/18/1832 Boston,NY - 9/11/1911, dau of Rev. Seth W. & Maria (PICKERING) REMINGTON; she writer of scientific "Law of Heat"
1871 HENRY David H. YORK Ella he b: 1848 Bennington, VT, son of Paul M.; she b: 1848 NY, dau of Peter YORK
Dec 6, 1899 HERENDEEN Albert H. (HON) KING Neva A. he b: 6/19/1868 Farmington, son of Lemuel & Eliza (NEWMAN); she b: 12/12/1870, dau of Charles KING
10-Jun-03 HERENDEEN Charles H. MERSEREAU Caroline M. he b: 6/13/1840 Farmington, son of Welcom Wilkinson & Caroline L. (ARNOLD); she b: 7/20/1871 Flint, MI, dau of George D. MERSEREAU of Farmington; 2nd wife of Charles H.
Dec 18, 1862 HERENDEEN Charles H. NEWTON Julia M. he b: 6/13/1840 Farmington, son of Welcom Wilkinson & Caroline L. (ARNOLD); she dau of Proctor & Mary L. NEWTON of Manchester, NY
Nov 9, 1861 HERENDEEN Lemuel NEWMAN Eliza he b: 5/13/1833 Farmington, NY -2/13/1897 Geneva, son of Gideon & Barsheba; she 12/5/1831 - 12/7/1885, dau of Benjamin & Margaret NEWMAN of Victor
Jan 16, 1889 HERENDEEN Lemuel PETERS Anna E. he b: 5/13/1833 Farmington, NY -2/13/1897 Geneva, son of Gideon & Barsheba; she 12/5/1831 - 12/7/1885, dau of Benjamin & Margaret NEWMAN of Victor
Feb 25, 1828 HICKOX George MALLORY Mary A. he b: 12/29/1802 MA, son of George Sr. & Eunice; she b: 9/20/1808 Milford, CT
Oct 2, 1878 HIGINBOTHAM William Adsit HAMLIN Anna Beach he b: 11/20/1852, son of George & Catherine Ann (ADSIT); he of Victor; she b: 2/18/1851, dau of Henry Wm. & Sibyll B. (SEARS);
11-Jul-04 HILL Reynolds PATRICK Lizzie M. he b: 5/7/1841 Reading, NY, son of Seth & Maria (RICH); 1st wife Olivia ANDRUS (married in Geneva); Lizzie is 2nd wife; she b: 10/28/1866 England, dau of John & Ellen (COLLINS) PATRICK
Mar 21, 1871 HOENING Ambrose V. HOSFORD Louise he b: 11/19/1842 Phelps, son of John & Angeline SEE (of Schenectady, NY, dau of Garret & Ann); she b: 5/10/1842 dau of Ashbel & Emeline HOSFORD of Saratoga Springs
1880 HOFMANN Frank Christian KLOPFER Margaret Catherine he b: 12/10/1849 Amerback, Germany, son of Hubert C. & Catherine ; she b: 6/3/1855 Williamsburg, NY; married in Geneva, NY
unknown HOLLIS Alfred M. SMITH Louisa he b:1850 England, son of Henry Hollis; she b: ~1850 England, dau of William SMITH (later of Bristol, NY)
Aug 18, 1896 HOLLIS Fred W. SUTHERLAND Verna E. he b: 12/27/1871 Canandaigua, son of Alfred M. & Louisa (SMITH); she born in Canandaigua, dau of Cassius C. & Harriet (SMITH) SUTHERLAND; married in Canandaigua
June 5, 1878 HOLLISTER Edwin O. (DR) HAMLIN Sarah Atwater he b: 4/4/1846, son of Natan Edwin & Margaretta A. (WORTENDYKE); she b: 1/28/1852 dau of Henry Wm & Sibyll B. (SEARS) HAMLIN, grad of Vassar College
1853 HORNBECK James B. PECK Phila M. he b: 7/15/1827 Phelps, son of James & Margaret (BURNETT);she born in Phelps, dau of Hiram PECK
Apr 11, 1894 HORTON Coe STRONG Marie he b: 4/12/1864 Springwater, son of Isaiah & Ruth C. (ADAMS); she b: 10/3/1861 Port Gibson, NY, dau of Ashbel STRONG ( 12/14/1813 Waltham, VT) & Hannah (HAZEN) PHELPS (b:3/15/1818 Dutchess Cnty, NY)
Feb 21, 1856 HORTON Isaiah ADAMS Ruth C. he b: 8/27/1831 Springwater, NY, son of Isiah & Charlotte (CHATFIELD); she b: 8/28/1830 Springwater, NY - 5/3/1897
June 1, 1880 HOUSTON James KELLOGG Mrs. Mary (EATON) he b: 10/13/1845 NYC, son of Robert & Jane (CARSON), both of Glasgow, Scotland; she b: Nov 1845 MI, dau of Colvin EATON, widow of Curtiss A. KELLOGG; no children
July 1899 HOYT Eugene F. HOLLETT Jennie B. he b: 3/14/1859 St. Paul, MN, son of John F. & Adeliade (GRANGER);
unknown HOYT John F. GRANGER Adelaide he b:1830 OH - Aug 1905, son of Rev. Benjamin F. & Elizabeth (HANEY); she died 1860, niece to Senator Douglas; 1st wife of John F.
June 16, 1897 HUNT William J. HANNON Katherine B. he b: 8/4/1869 Geneva, son of Wm. & Johanna; she dau of Patric & Mary HANNON of Moscow, NY
May 1870 HUNTOON Albert STRONG Mary J. she born 9/10/1844, dau of Ashbel & Hannah (HAZEN) PHELPS, STRONG
July 3, 1872 HUTCHENS Charles H. CORNER Alice Mary he b: Canandaigua, son of Henry & Polly U. (LIVERMORE); dau of William & Mary CORNER; married at Geneva
Sept 1, 1897 HUTCHENS Nodiah E. WILLSON Jane Lightfoot he b: 4/12/1874 Canandaiuga, son of Charles H. & Alice Mary (CORNER); she b: 2/8/1873 Canandaigua, dau of Robert & Sarah (LIGHTFOOT) WILLSON
Jan. 1884 JEWETT John H. (DR) BUELL Kezzie S. he b: Canandaigua; she b: 1859 E. Bloomfield, dau of Charles & Anna (DUNN) BUELL
June 1890 JOHNSON Thomas FLANNIGAN Jane he b: 1/10/1856 Derry, Ireland; she of E. Bloomsfield, NY, 1st wife of Thomas
2-Nov-07 JOHNSON Thomas STEWART Ethel he b: 1/10/1856 Derry, Ireland; she of Toronto, Canada; 2nd wife of Thomas
Dec 27, 1882 JUDD William Arthur HILL Addie J. he b: 10/12/1858 Geneva, only son of Calvin L. & Mary N. (WHITE); she dau of Marvin HILL of Palmyra; married in Palmyra, NY
12-Apr-16 KARLSON Karl JOHNSON Mabel he from NEB.; she dau of William JOHNSON of Shortsville
May 26, 1881 KANE Daniel TANNIAN Elizabeth he b:11/27/1854 Geneva, NY; she b: 12/12/1854 Geneva, NY - 9/3/1906
1870 KEATING John MOORE Margaret he b: 1844 Cork, Ireland; she 7/8/1845 E. Bloomfield - 2/17/1909,dau of Michael MOORE & Margaret (MAHONEY) MOORE
1-Sep-02 KEATING Willam F. TOBIN Honora he b: 11/5/1871 E. Bloomfield, son of John & Margaret (MAHONEY); she b: 7/15/1875, dau of James & Mary (BURKE) TOBIN
1853 KENNEDY Frances M. FISHER Phoebe J. he b: 5/30/1830 Scotland, son of James & Margaret (HOUSTON); she dau of James & Rachel FISHER & 1st wife of Francis
unknown KENNEDY Frances M. GRISWOLD Lillie I. he b:5/30/1830 Scotland, son of James & Margaret (HOUSTON);she 2nd wife of Francis
Sept 28, 1892 KENNEDY Grant Maitland GEER Nettie L. he b: 1/3/1866 Italy, NY, son of Francis M. & Phoebe J. (FISHER); she, b: 9/6/1865, dau of George L. & Jane B. GEER
June 27, 1894 KENNEDY James M. UNDERWOOD Lizzie M. he b: 8/13/1870 Italy, NY, son of Robert M. & Emma O. (ROBSON); she of Middlesex, NY
1869 KENNEDY Robert M. ROBSON Emma O. he b: 8/26/1848 Italy, Yates Cnty, NY; she b:1850 Italy, NY
unknown KIRTLAND Dorrance L. BANNISTER Victoria he b:12/16/1818 Durham, NY - 8/11/1885 Phelps, NY, son of Daniel & Huldah (STEVENS); she dau of Col. Asahel BANNISTER; she died 9/13/1881
29-Oct-07 KLOPFER Louis MOGGE Mary Catherine he b: 5/3/1872 Geneva, NY, son of John Michael & Anna Barbara (KERNDTER) (both of Germany); she b: 6/4/1878 Chippewa, Ontario, Canada, dau of Wm. (of Germany) & Barbara (KELLER) MOGGE (of Buffalo, NY);married at St. Peters Parish House
June 11, 1845 KLUBE Gustave Fredeman VOIGHT Maria Ernstina he b: 8/11/1815 Oldeshaven, Germany; she b: 3/19/1822 Schwarzburg, Germany; married in Germany, came to states on 5/4/1850 to NYC, to Syracuse, to Geneva
Oct 31, 1894 KLUBE Henry John Lewis BUFFINGTON Carrie I. he b: 7/10/1859 Geneva, son of Gustave F. & Maria E. (VOIGHT); she b: 9/19/1862, Geneva, dau of James H. & Triphena (MARTIN) BUFFINGTON
24-Mar-04 KNICKERBOCKER Richard Monroe DEWEY Jenny he b: 10/14/1865 Hopewell, NY; son of Sidney & Helen (MC CIVER); she dau of John DEWEY of Clifton Springs
unknown KNICKERBOCKER Sidney MC CIVER Helen he b: 3/21/1832 Naples, NY, son of Hebram & Miss (WHETMORE); she dau of Murdo MC CIVER (born in Scotland 1/1/1800)
Feb 1855 KNOWLES Eber A. BASTEDO Lydia he b: 7/13/1834, St. Johnsville, NY, son of Seth & Hannah (REYNOLDS); she b: 11/4/1837 Somerset Cnty, NJ;
Dec 29, 1881 KNOWLES Frederick W. RANDALL Cora A. he b: 11/1/1858 Hopewell, NY, son of Eber A. & Lydia (BASTEDO); she dau of William & Ann (ALLEN) RANDALL; married in Farmington, NY
unknown LAPHAM De Witt C. FINLEY Amelia J. he b: 1846 Macedon, Wayne Cnty, NY & son of Nathan; she b:1847, dau of David FINLEY
14-Oct-03 LAPHAM Nathan D. CASE Rose E. he b:11/14/1871 Macedon, NY, son of De Witt C. & Amelia J. (FINLEY); she dau of Harvey & Kate B. CASE of Clyde, NY
1855 LAUDER John A. BOWERMAN Ann he b: 8/21/1821 Florida, NY - 12/3/1883, son of James & Jane; she of Schenectady, NY
Dec 20, 1883 LAUDER John W. MARQUIS Cora C. he b: 11/24/ 1858 Victor, son of John A & Ann (BOWERMAN); she b: 2/24/1862, dau of Charles & Eliza MARQUIS of Farmington, NY
22-Jul-14 LAWRENCE Alfred KRESS Emily he b: eldest son of Wellington M. LAWRENCE; only dau of George KRESS of Rochester St.
9-Sep-14 LAWRENCE Franklin J. TUTTLE Gladys Mary he b: youngest son of Wellington M. LAWRENCE of Walworth; only dau of Frank H. TUTTLE of Walworth
27-Sep-15 LAWRENCE Horace M. HENNESSY Nellie M. she dau of John S, HENNESSY of Palmyra;
29-Jul-14 LAWRENCE Irving J. (Prof) PEASE Eva May he b: son of Mary E.; he of Mt. Hermon, MA ; she only dau of Charles B. PEASE of Ontario, NY; will reside in MA
14-Jan-03 LEAHY Patrick Henry SKILTON Dora Ann he b: 6/21/1873 Canadice, son of John (1833 Ireland - Apr 1873; Civli War 160th Co. E); she b: 6/19/1883 Canadice, dau of Thaddeus A. & Lydia M. SKILTON
Mar. 7,1878 LEE Roswell Munson "Raney" GOODING Ella A. he b: 9/20/1854 E. Bloomfield, son of Col. Seth Lafayette & Sarah (PECK); she b: 2/23/1856, dau of Russell W. & Betsey (THURBER) GOODING
16-Apr-12 LEET George Harold LAWRENCE Sarah "Grace" she b: 1883, dau of Gould M. & Mary A. (CLARK) LAWRENCE
29-Sep-03 LEWIS Alfred George SLAWSON Agnes he b: 7/5/1879 Buffalo, only child of George Howard (of PA) & Katherine (BELL) (dau of Alfred BELL of Rochester); she b: 5/27/1878 Geneva, dau of Harry SLAWSON of Geneva
Mar 6, 1884 LOCKE Fred M. PEER Mercy he b:4/24/1861 W. Mendon, NY, son of William & Amy (MOORE); she b: 2/26/1866, dau of Andrew & Ellen (SPLAINE) PEER
1793 LOCKE Frederick FARWELL Anna he b: 6/6/1757 Westboro, NH - 1/17/1834, son of Lt. Joshua (7/22/1733) & Abigail (MAYNARD); she died 1804; married at Charlestown, NH
July 15, 1805 LOCKE Frederick GRAVES Lucy he b: 6/6/1757 Westboro, NH -1/17/1834, son of Lt. Joshua (7/22/1733) & Abigail (MAYNARD); she of Washington, NH; 2nd wife of Frederick
1831 LOCKE William G. WILLIAMS Lovisa he b: 10/26/1808 Charlestown, NH - 1883, son of Frederick 6/6/1757-1/17/1834 & Lucy (GRAVES) of NH; she b:1812 -1896Rochester, NY; married in W. Mendon
unknown LOCKE William Morton MOORE Amy he b: 7/9/1833 - July 1880, son of Wm G. Lovisa (WILLIAMS); she died in 1907
Jan 15, 1896 LOOMIS George COLLINS Eliza Briggs she b: 9/23/1867 Farmington, dau of George & Ann M.V. (HATHAWAY) COLLINS
Oct 15, 1842 LOOMIS George KETCHAM Hannah Maria he b:12/7/1818 Bloomfield, CT - 8/13/1895 Farmington, NY, only son of George & Aurelia (PALMER); she b: 1/4/1827 Schaghicoke, NY, dau of Benjamin & Lavina Ann (SNEDECKER) KETCHAM; married in Victor, NY
June 4, 1884 LOOMIS Leslie George HUNT Delia Mary he b: 4/9/1857 Farmington, son of George & Hannah Maria (KETCHAM); she b: 2/16/1859 Marion, NY, dau of Theodore & Clarinda (WALLACE) HUNT ; married in Newark, Wayne Cnty, NY
1886 LYON William CRAMER Mary he b: 2/4/1861 Rochester, NY, son of Wm. & Jane (ROSENCRAN); she dau of John & Mary CRAMER
unknown MARKS Frank CANFIELD Grace he b: 12/17/1/1877; she of Canandaigua
unknown MARKS William H. (DDS) ANDRUS Jessie he b: 2/17/1876, son of Wm. R & Imogene (KNAPP); she of Canandaigua
June 21, 1899 MARKS Wm. R. HENRY Cora he b: 7/27/1852 Naples, son of Wm. & Emily (HOLCOMB); she b: 3/8/1864, dau of J. Andrew HENRY of Gorham; married in Gorham
Apr. 14, 1874 MARKS Wm. R. KNAPP Imogene he b: 7/27/1852 Naples, son of Wm. & Emily (HOLCOMB); she b: 10/111852 Naples - 5/1/1897, dau of Edward; married in Naples
20-Feb-00 MARSH John N. MC MURRAY Lillian he b: 2/28/1880 Hopewell, son of Frederick & Frances (WILSON); she b: 4/16/1883, dau of Samuel & Sarah (HUBBARD) MC MURRAY
1828 MASON Francis WHEELER Chloe he b: 4/15/1798 MA, son of John (died 2/1836) & Sarah Francis (1771 - 7/1860); she dau of Aaron WHEELER of Bristol
May 1830 MASON Francis SIMMONS Maria he b: 4/15/1798 MA, son of John (died 2/1836) & Sarah Francis (1771 - 7/1860); she dau of Richmond SIMMONS & widow of Harold HAYES; she died 10/9/1874
Dec 13, 1877 MC DOWELL Charles STOUTENBERG Fanny he b: 9/5/1855 Barrington, NY, son of John & Emilia (CROSBY); she b: 1/16/1860 Cortwright, NY, dau of Alfred B. & Marjorie (MC LAURY) STOUTENBERG
4-Sep-00 MC DOWELL John Alfred BATES Frances G. he b: 12/20/1878, son of Charles & Fanny (STOUTENBERG);
Dec-05 MC IVOR Burton CAMMETT Nellie she b: 6/13/1878, dau of Samuel & Frances (BARHITE) CAMMETT
Nov 9, 1892 MC KELVIE Edward Wiser MC INTIRE Emma he b: 10/16/1870 Geneva, son of Wm. G. & Lydia (JACKSON); she b: 10/4/1874 Geneva, dau of Charles & Katherine A. (FISH)
Dec 31, 1891 MC KELVIE William Graham JR AINSLEY Cora he b: 4/8/1869 Geneva, son of Wm. Sr. & Lydia (JACKSON); she b: 10/23/1869, dau of John Witter (1831-1907) & Eleanor (DORMAN) AINSLEY
Feb 22, 1855 MC KELVIE William Graham SR JACKSON Lydia he b: 1/27/1831- 4/30/1903 Geneva, son of Charles & Charlotte (GRAHAM); she b: 5/12/1831Geneva, NY - 2/4/1909
14-Feb-07 MC KELVIE William Henry LEWIS Mrs. Susie (FORCE) he b: 3/22/1865 Geneva, NY, son of William ; she b: Rock Strea, Yates Cnty, NY, dau of Chester B. & Catherine C. FORCE; 1st wife of Charles W. LEWIS (1862-1906)
Apr 6, 1881 MEAD Alfred M. (DR) BROWN Hattie A. he b: 11/21/1856 Macedon Center, NY, son of John G. & Emma B. (COOKINGHAM); she b: 10/20/1856 Union Hill, NY, dau of Robert K. BROWN
1878 MERRITT Adelbert Clinton MERRITT Mary E. he b: 4/8/1847, son of Wm. & Olive M. (ALLYN); she dau of Olver Chapin MERRITT of Penfield
unknown MERRITT William Harrison ALLYN Olive M. he b:1820 Penfield, NY, son of Stacy & Elizabeth (CASS); she dau of David Allyn (she died 9/3/1909)
Nov. 1877 MIDDAUGH Oren A. HANES Lucretia he b: 3/20/1853 Phelps, son of Jacob & Leah (VAN AUKEN);she dau of John & Lany HANES; married in Phelps,NY
June 18, 1895 MILLIKEN Charles F. TOWNLEY Margaret he b: 8/27/1854 Canandaigua, son of Nathan J. (9/27/1821 NH - 11/26/1902 Canandaigua) & Orline O. (SUTTON); she dau of Rev. Hugh C. TOWNLEY
1856 MOTT Philander A. BRUSH Mary J. he b: 3/14/1826 Chatham, NY - 3/6/1909 Phelps, NY, son of Philander & Mary Ann (BAKER); she died 5/5/1904
June 1839 MURRAY Albert G. MORSE Emily A. he: 1810 Pompey, NY - 4/15/1879; married in Canandaigua
Dec 1879 NAGEL Samuel LOUDENSLACKER Anna Katie he b: 9/15/1855 Germany, son of George; she born 1859 in Germany; married in America
unknown NEEDHAM Edmund F. BROPHY Alice A. he b: 2/10/1864 Phelps, son of Michael & Margaret (FLYNN); she 2nd wife of Edmund F.
Nov 27, 1889 NEEDHAM Edmund F. BROPHY Margaret he b: 2/10/1864 Phelps, son of Michael & Margaret (FLYNN); she dau of John & Matilda BROPHY, born in Phelps, died 1900
Apr 13, 1861 NEEDHAM Michael FLYNN Margaret he b:1834 Burr, Tipperary, Ireland - 7/3/1909 Phelps; she of Phelps
19-Jan-04 NEWLAND Frank Herrick (DR) VAN DYNE Maud B. he b: 12/13/1873 E. Bloomfield, son of Fred H. & Elivy (CRANDALL); she b: Clifton Springs, dau of Frank & Sarah (PEACHEY) VAN DYNE
1889 OAKS Nathan VAN VALKENBERG Margaret A. he b: 3/25/1860 Oaks Corners, NY, son of Nathan & Susan (HEMINGWAY); she dau of Wm. H. & Charlotte A. (SHELDON) VAN VALKENBERG
Dec. 1820 OAKS Thaddeus BANNISTER Mrs. Fanny (DICKINSON) he b: in Conway, MA, son of Jonathan & Martha (HAWKS); she of Conway, MA, dau of Mr. DICKINSON, widow of Mr. BANNISTER
June , 1885 OAKS William Aldrich THOMAS Mrs. Jessie (COOKE) he b: 7/29/1853 Oaks Corners, NY, son of Nathan & Susan (HEMINGWAY); she dau of Thomas & Sarah COOKE of Neenah, WI; she widow of Mr. THOMAS
Feb 27, 1889 O'BRIEN Daniel MC MAHON Anna he b: 2/5/1859 Hopewell, NY, son of Patrick & Anne (MC GRATH); she dau of Michael & Margaret (MARRINAN) MC MAHON of Victor, NY
1897 O'BRIEN Matthew T. LONEY Mary he b: 2/1/1859 Clifton Springs,NY, son of Terrence & Johanna (MC MAHON); she dau of James LONEY of Phelps, NY
Feb 11, 1858 O'BRIEN Patrick MC GRATH Anna he b:3/11/1832 Galway, Ireland - 8/14/1908 Manchester, NY; she born in Galway, Ireland, died 2/4/1906 Manchester, NY
Aug 15, 1874 O'MALLEY Patrick WHITE Mary he b: 2/25/1858 Lyons, NY; she b: 1/1/1858 Ireland, dau of Owen WHITE; married in Geneva
Jan 5, 1847 OSBORNE David Henry BUSHNELL Lovina Amelia he b: 11/11/1819 Austerlitz, NY - Jan 26, 1905, son of David; she 10/4/1830 - 4/13/1906, dau of Wm. BUSHNELL (from Berkshire NH)
Jan 5, 1881 OSBORNE William Bushnell MC DONALD Laura V. he b: 10/26/1852 Victor, son of David Henry & Lovina Amelia (BUSHNELL); she b: 10/20/1857 Rochester, dau of Angus MC DONALD; married in Rochester
Nov 14, 1867 OSBURN Henry C. HOWLAND Mary he b: 9/23/1843 Farmington, son of John & Hannah Tracy (SMITH); she b: 2/9/1848 Farmington, dau of Abraham & Phoebe (MC CUMBER) HOWLAND
unknown OSBURN John SMITH Hannah Tracy he b: 1807 Dutchess Cnty, NY - 2/4/1885, son of Sturgis; she 9/18/1812 Farmington - 5/18/1864, dau of Levi & Lucy (HAYWARD) SMITH
Jan 22, 1889 OSGOOD Carlos Peirce ALLEN Daisy D. he b: 3/11/1857 Manchester, NY, son of Burrus & Sarah (PEIRCE); she b: 6/10/1868 Waterville, ME, dau of Stephen ALLEN
10-Feb-04 OTTLEY G. Lynn LE ROY Jennie M. he b: 8/27/1882 Phelps, son of George W. & Anna (RIDLEY); she dau of David & Wilhelmina (ANDERSON) LE ROY
Dec 31, 1867 OVERACRE John W. DAY Juliet S. he b: 7/25/1835 Warren, NY, son of John & Emily (BLANCHARD); she dau of Jacob DAY; she died June 1906; married in Baltimore, MD
17-Oct-06 PADGHAM Ethelbert G. RIDENOUR Grace Etta he b: 5/9/1875 Odessa, NY, son of Dr. Richard W.; she a native of Gallipolis, OH
1874 PADGHAM Richard W. (DR) CLARK Elizabeth he b: 4/11/1830 Barbadoes, West Indies - 2/27-1911; she b:1851 Ontario, Canada
17-Dec-02 PAGE John A. VROOMAN Lena C. he b: 9/11/1877 Seneca Castle, NY, son of Levi A. & Margaret F. (BENHAM); she dau of H.S. VROOMAN
June 25, 1880 PALMER Edward H. ROUSE Cornelia H. he b: 5/17/1855 Clinton Cnty, IA; she b: 1/17/1856 NYC, dau of J. Platt ROUSE of Catskill, NY
1898 PARMELE George H. MURRAY Katherine he b: 11/7/1867, son of Hiram Taft & Mary (GATES);
1891 PARMELE Henry M. MUNSON Elise Migeon he b: 1/1865, son of Hiram Taft & Mary (GATES); she dau of Henry & Arcene (MIGEON) MUNSON
1853 PARMELE Hiram Taft GATES Mary he b: 1831 W. Bloomfield, eldest son of Isaac & Laura (LEACH); she dau of Melangton GATES of W. Bloomfield
Nov. 23, 1881 PARMELEE George Herbert POND Lillian May he b: 7/27/1854 Addison, NY, son of Rev. Anson & Mary E. (WHITING); she b: 5/18/1860 Truxton, NY; dau of George C. & Anna (HURD) POND; married in Phelps, NY
Sept 22, 1892 PARMENTER John (DR) GORHAM Frances Perry he b: 1/25/1862 Ontario Canada, son of William L. & Clara Adelaide (SMITH); she b:3/16/1867 Auburn, NY, dau of George & Ellen (MARVIN) GORHAM
1823 PAYNE Allen COMPTON Sophronia he b: 11/22/1801 Farmington, NY, son of John;
Nov. 15, 1883 PECK Charles GIFFORD Lillie M. he b: 2/8/1857 Phelps, son of Lewis & Sarah (LONG); she dau of Emmons & Pamelia (CURTIS) GIFFORD of Phelps; married in Phelps
May 23, 1878 PECK Charles E. STRYKER Anna Marie he b: 3/15/1845 Phelps, son of Hiram & Margaret (WESTFALL); she died 1889; 1st wife of Charles E.
Aug 3, 1894 PECK Charles E. VAN der VORT Mary E. Burnette he b: 3/15/1845 Phelps, son of Hiram & Margaret (WESTFALL); she 2nd wife of Charles E.
Oct 27, 1854 PECK Lewis LONG Sarah he b: 5/13/1816 Phelps, NY - 10/30/1878 Phelps, NY, son of Elisha & Lucinda (WARNER); she died July 30, 1907
June 19, 1862 PENNELL Francis G. BLACKMER Sarah he b: 5/22/1828, son of John & Sarah (GREEN);
unknown PENNELL George W. MC GINNIS Millie he b: 4/19/1840, son of John & Sarah (GREEN); she 2nd wife; they resided in Atchison, KS
May 6, 1827 PENNELL John GREEN Sarah he b: 4/14/1796 MA, son of John Sr. & Martha (TINNEY); she b: 3/8/1805, dau of Moses GREEN (of VT)
unknown PENNELL John W HAZEN Celia D. he b: 4/21/1832, son of John & Sarah (GREEN); she b: 3/27/1855; they resided in Grand Rapids, MI
25-Dec-01 PERRIN P.A. BUFFINGTON Edith Rankin she b: 5/24/1876, dau of James H. & Triphena (MARTIN) BUFFINGTON
Sept 1, 1825 PHILLIPS Cyrene ADAMS Abria he b: 7/4/1804 - 6/8/1828, son of Capt Joshua & Olive (PAULL)
Oct 6, 1845 PHILLIPS John Edwin POOL Mary E he b:5/10/1819 - 6/24/1869, son of Capt Joshua & Olive (PAULL);
Sept 1, 1803 PHILLIPS Joshua (CAPT) PAULL Olive he b: 1/5/1782 MA - 9/27/1865, son of Joshua (1751 -1799) & Elizabeth (FISH) (b:11/8/1757); she b: 6/20/1784 - 11/8/1871, dau of William PAULL
Oct. 14, 1868 PIERCE Edgar W. THROOP Francis Agusta he b: Plattsburg; she b: 6/17/1837, dau of Azel & Fanny (VAN DUSEN) THROOP
Sept 28, 1843 PIERPONT David A. PHILLIPS Sarah Elizabeth he b: 11/19/1815 VT, son of David & Sally (PALMER); she dau of Capt. Joshua (1782 - 1865) & Olive (PAULL) PHILLIPS
Aug 9, 1841 POND George C. HURD Anna he b: 6/7/1814 - 2/14/1889 son of Munson & Phebe (CHAPIN); she of Hamilton, NY, died 1/6/1863
Sept 12, 1864 POND George C. SUMNER Lucy H. he b: 6/7/1814 - 2/14/1889 son of Munson & Phebe (CHAPIN); she of Homer, NY
1904 POST Abram A. BARNES Margaret T. he b: 7/26/1876, son of Frank J.; she of Phillipsburg, PA
1866 POTTER James K. STAFFORD Mahala he b: 8/18/1844 Cattar. Cnty, NY, son of Wm. & Julia (SLOVER);
unknown PRATT Agustus C. SMITH Sarah he b: 12/16/1831- 3/6/1895 Manchester, son of John & Sarah (SHERMAN); she 1833 CT - 3/14/1894 Manchester, dau of Leonard Everett Sr. & Nancy (CURTIS) (both of CT)
1864 PRESTON George H. GRAHAM Ellen F. he b: 11/13/1837 Ontario cnty, NY, son of Geo. W. & Eliza (BRISTOL); she died 12/21/1891
1832 PRESTON George W. BRISTOL Eliza he b: 12/13/1804 Hancock, NH, son of Abner & Zurviah (MILES);she b: 4/11/1811; married at Chapinsville
1890 PRESTON Ward H. VAN SICKLE Antoinette he b: 5/24/1867 Shortsville, son of Geo. H. & Ellen F. (GRAHAM);
10-Apr-00 PRICHARD George C. (DR) HUFF Harriet Amelia he b: 2/1/1839 Phelps, son of Benjamin & Jane Ann (STOUGHTENBURG); she dau of Isaac L. HUFF of Waterloo, NY; 2nd wife of Dr. George C.
Jan 25, 1865 PRICHARD George C. (DR) POST Imogene he b: 2/1/1839 Phelps, son of Benjamin & Jane Ann (STOUGHTENBURG); she 7/25/1839 Phelps -3/29/1893, dau of Col Wm & Polly (SUTHERLAND) POST
unknown RAINES George R. CURTIS Lola he b: 3/1/1878 Canandaigua, son of Hon. John & Catherine A. (WHEELER)(she died 1879); she dau of Ziba C. CURTIS of Canandaigua
Dec 25, 1885 RAINES John STEVENSON Caroline E. he b: 6/6/1863 Geneva, eldest son of Hon. John & Catherine A. (WHEELER) (she died 1879); she dau of Capt John & Marietta (COOPER) STEVENSON of Waterloo
Mar 28, 1865 REED Thomas R. PENNELL Elmira S. she b: 1/9/1844, dau of John & Sarah (GREEN) PENNELL; they resided in Richmond, NY
unknown REED Vincent REED Bethiah he b: 1811 Ontario, Canada - 1878, son of Joshua;
Jan 19, 1870 REED Vincent Jr. CHURCH Alice he b: 10/21/1846 Geneva, son of Vincent & Bethiah (REED); she dau of Henry & Louise CHURCH
Oct 4, 1838 REED Wheeler WIMPLE Philia he b: 6/21/1811 Richmond, NY, son of Col. John F. & Antha (STEEL); she b: 1/18/1813; married in Franklin, MI; 8 children
unknown RICE Edward H. DIXON Lucy he b: 5/2/1842 Seneca, NY - 2/5/1893, son of Charles (b1812 Seneca,NY);she dau of John & Lucina (BAXTER) DIXON
7-Feb-10 RICE Terrence W. MOONEY Helen A. he b: 8/4/1872, son of John & Catherine (RAFFERTY); she dau of James MOONEY
Nov 11, 1855 RICHARDS Allen Becker FLINN Emma A. he b: 9/1/1830 Maxatawny, PA - Oct 10, 1898, son of Michael & Ada; she b: 1/26/1836 Geneva, dau of Wm. H. & Prudence (DENNISON); married at Waterloo, NY
Jun-05 RIGNEY Edward E. O' NEIL Marguerite he b: 11/28/1865 W. Bloomfield, son of Martin & Mary (MC GORY) both of Kings, Ireland; she born in Ireland, dau of Cornelius & Marguerite O'NEIL
unknown ROBINSON Baxter SMITH Martha he b: 1824, son of Dr. Daniel Arnold & Isabella (RICHARDSON); she dau of Jacob SMITH (of MA)
May 9, 1820 ROBINSON Dr. Daniel RICHARDSON Isabella B.P. he b: son of Benedict (of Yates Cnty) & Susan (BROWN); she dau of Isaac & Margaret (PLUNKETT) RICHARDSON
1899 ROBINSON Robert H. SASSAMAN Jennie he b: 12/15/1855 Farmington, eldest son of Baxter & Martha(SMITH); she of Union Cnty, PA, dau of Joseph Miller & Harriet (MOORE) SASSAMAN
3-Jan-06 ROBSON Edward B. WILLOWER Flora he b: 11/19/1867 Seneca, son of Wm. N & Katherine J. (SMITH); she 2nd wife of Edward (1st wife was Anna B. WATSON)
1875 ROCKEFELLER Ira P. TIFFANY Julia E. he b: 1/22/1842 Richford, NY, son of Norman & Christina (BLAKEMAN); she died 1/26/1887
1840 ROCKEFELLER Norman BLAKEMAN Christina he b:10/17/1812 Barrington, NY -1905, son of Godfrey & Miss (AVERY); she died in 1882
Feb. 1881 ROSE Oswald J. C. AYRAULT Edith he b: 1/30/1852 NY City, son of Robert Seldon; she dau of Rev. Walter AYRAULT; married at Geneva
Jan 6, 1897 ROWLEY Charles Andrew (DR) POWER Stella he b: 1/13/1863 Victor, son of Franklin & Jeanette (WILDER); she b: 7/13/1866 Farmington, dau of Mark Sibley & Alyda (SHAW) POWER
Dec. 23, 1858 ROWLEY Franklin WILDER Jeanette M. he b: 10/14/1822 Victor, NY - 12/24/1899, son of Andrew & Sarah (BIGELOW), gson of Jirah (1753 MA - 1835 Victor); she 1/15/1830 -12/8/1895, dau of William WILDER of S. Bristol, NY
June 28, 1893 RUPERT Frank E. BUDD May he b: 8/26/1869 Ontario Cnty, NY, son of William P. & Catherine (BELL);she b: 11/27/1868 Marengo, NY, dau of James M. BUDD
Oct 6, 1880 RUPERT Theodore D. (DR) BOND Clara C. he b: 4/23/1880 Seneca, son of Wm. P. & Catherine (BELL), grandson of Philip; she dau of Thomas BOND of Geneva
Mar 31, 1814 SACKETT Augustine STARR Arze he b: 4/24/1789 CT, son of Homer; she b: 6/11/1793 Warren, CT - 11/20/1871; dau of Platt STARR
Nov. 29, 1882 SALISBURY Elon G. STOUTENBURG Martha she b: 10/20/1843, dau of Isaac & Ann (REESE) STOUTENBURG
1904 SALISBURY John Lewis RINGER H. Lulu he b: 9/17/1875 Phelps, NY, son of John V. & Ellen (STRYKER); she dau of Jacob RINGER
Jan 15, 1880 SAWYER Henry Howard RUSHMORE Ella P. he b: 3/31/1853 Farmington, son of Joseph Norris & Caroline (JOHNSTON); she b: 12/25/1858 Farmington, only child of Lewis & Deborah A. (DENNIS) RUSHMORE
Dec 25, 1807 SAWYER Joseph COATS Anna he b: 3/30/1777, son of Capt Thomas; she was his 2nd wife; married in Farmington, NY (1st wife Desire ROOT, m: 1802 she died 1807)
Oct 26, 1843 SAWYER Joseph Norris JOHNSTON Caroline he b: 4/4/1814 Manchester - 3/16/1883 Farmington, son of Joseph & Desire (ROOT); she 1822 Dutchess Cnty, NY - 4/1/1908
July 23, 1820 SCHAURMAN Isaac B. AVERY Amanda she b: 7/17/1802 - 8/9/1841, dau of Henry & Hannah (ROCKEFELLER) AVERY
June 15, 1882 SCHNIREL Reinhold A. BUCHHOLTZ Augusta he b: 3/25/1856 Pozen, Germany, son of Jacob & Elizabeth (SCHILF); she b: 8/27/1859 Joseph Ruh, Germany, dau of Augustus & Anna (BERG) BUCHHOLTZ
Mar 23, 1858 SEVERENCE William Dwight WARNER Caroline A. he b: 5/11/1836 Melvin Hill, NY, son of Wm. Sidney & Arzelia (JOSLYN); she b: 10/10/1839, dau of Chester WARNER
Oct 17, 1892 SHEFFER Edward T. MILLS Florence M. he b 12/24/1870 Shortsville; son of Ceylon & Emma (THATCHER); she dau of Ansel & Ursula (DAGGS) MILLS of Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
1865 SHELDON Cassius C. FIERO Frances he b: 4/2/1844 Bureau Cnty, ILL, son of Charles & Sarah (CRITTENDEN);she of Gorham, NY
unknown SHELDON Charles CRITTENDEN Sarah he b: 3/16/1813 Waterbury, VT, son of Richard, gson of Cephas (b1754, MA);she b: 1/11/1814, dau of Osee CRITTENDEN
Mar 1, 1864 SHORT Andrew Jackson MYERS Mary Jane he b: 1837 Phelps - 5/11/1881; she died 7/2/1904
unknown SHORT John W. (DR) WORDEN Ruth he b: 8/24/1880 Bernhards Bay, NY, son of Rev John L SHORT; she born in Fayetteville, NY, dau of Lester & Julia WORDEN
Oct 9, 1890 SHORT JR. Andrew Jackson REDFIELD Caroline Harriet he b: 5/3/1870 Phelps, son of Andrew J. & Mary J. (MYERS); she dau of Charles M. REDFIELD of Clifton Springs
Feb 27, 1821 SILVERNAIL Conrad AVERY Elizabeth she b:10/16/1808, dau of Henry & Hannah (ROCKEFELLER) AVERY
Dec 26, 1854 SIMPSON M.K. MC NEILL Frances he b: 9/3/1829 Orange Cnty, NY;
Dec 10, 1883 SISCO Charles Marcellus HULBERT Mrs. Lottie A. (MATHERSON) he b: 4/19/1845 Bangor, NY, son of Rev. Marvin & Melissa (MANNING);
Oct 6, 1812 SKINNER Israel HAYES Betsy Maria he b: native of Prattsburg, NY & father of Henry Godfrey, grandfather of Dr. William Waddell SKINNER
Aug 22, 1880 SKINNER William Waddell (DR) SCOFIELD Hattie May he b: 1/14/1860 of Marengo, ILL, son of Henry Godfrey & Mary Jane (WADDELL); she b: 6/25/1863 Benton, NY, dau of John P. & Deobrah Louisa (TOWNSEND) SCOFIELD; she died 10/28/1896
Jan 4, 1898 SKINNER William Waddell (DR) SHEEHAN Margaret Jennie he b: 1/14/1860 of Marengo, ILL, son of Henry Godfrey & Mary Jane (WADDELL); she b: 9/16/1869 in Vine Valley, NY
unknown SMITH Edmund HARMON Alice he b: 12/12/1825 Manchester, son of Asa & Hannah (POOR); she dau of Harvey & Eunice HARMON
unknown SMITH Edmund W. ABSENSHEME Catherine he b: 5/4/1866 Manchester
Oct. 22, 1873 SMITH Franklin FOWLER Eva F. he b: 6/20/1851 Manchester - 1/8/1919 Manchester, son of Leonard Everett SR & Nancy (CURTIS); dau of Wm. C. & Eliza Jane (CLARK) FOWLER (both of Wayne Cnty, NY); divorced after birth of dau Carrie F. 1875
Jan 3, 1894 SMITH Franklin SHAW Frances E. he b: 6/20/1851 Manchester - 1/8/1919 Manchester, son of Leonard Everett SR & Nancy (CURTIS); she 7/1867 -2/7/1941; 2nd wife of Franklin
Feb 1, 1865 SMITH Franklin D. WILSON Mary he b: 9/22/1829 Manchester, NY, son of Asa & Hannah (POOR); she dau of Peter & Susan (LAMBERTSON) WILSON
Dec 31, 1873 SMITH Isaac Newton BUCK Adah Harriet he b: 5/19/1851, son of Martin & Welthea (WELLS); she b: 4/13/1852 Hudson, MI, dau of George & Harriet (SMITH) BUCK
abt 1865 SMITH Leonard Jr. FOWLER Mrs. Eliza Jane (CLARK) he b: 9/1836 CT -5/20/1888 Manchester, son of Leonard Everett SR. & Nancy (CURTIS) (both of CT)
Jan 1, 1885 SMITH Mack S. ROBERTS Nettie N. he b: 8/14/1854 Farmington, NY, son of Lindley W. (died 3/8/1878 Chapinville), & Caroline E. (SPAULDING) (died 3/19/1887 Canandaigua); she of Phelps; married in Phelps
unknown SMITH Martin WELLS Welthea he b: 3/23/1808 Ormstown, Canada, son of Asa & Hannah (POOR) & eldest of 14 children; she b: 7/15/1810 Penfield, NY, dau of Peter (died 1812) & Clarissa (MC LOUTH) WELLS (b:7/5/1784 Farmington, dau of Lawrence)
1851 SOUTHWORTH Samuel EVANS Annesley Louise he b: 10/11/1828 Geneva, NY - 10/28/1909, son of Dr. Samuel; she died in 1899
17-Jun-07 SPENGLER John Arthur (DR) MAC VICAR Edna he b: 3/10/1868, Geneva, son of John & Elizabeth (VON HUBEN); he raised niece Marian E. STONE (dau of his sister Mrs. Vernon S. STONE); she b: 6/20/1874 Clyde, NY, dau of John D. MAC VICAR of Rochester
unknown SQUIRE Jesse C. TUTTLE Mary E. he b: 8/28/1841, son of Jesse, grandson of Adin; she dau of Joseph & Casandra (HAYES) TUTTLE
1860 STACY Samuel T. HOPS Rachel Ellen he b: 7/27/1838 near Troy, NY, son of Alanson & Emeline (SMITH); she dau of Hiram HOPS
unknown STANLEY Luther BENNETT Lydia he b: 2/8/1782 VT; she b: 7/12/1788 VT - 1852; married in VT; had 8 children
1898 STEBBINS Francis Lansing (DR) d' E. PICOT Elise he b:1866 Geneva, son of Dr. James H. Stebbins of Greece, Monroe Cnty, NY; she native of Philadelphia, PA
Sept 11, 1872 STEEL Charles E. HAMLIN Agnes Downes he b: 7/1845 - 3/28/1885; she b: 7/28/1844, dau of Henry Wm. & Sibyll B. (SEARS) HAMLIN
Dec 27, 1881 STEPHENS John H. JOHNSON Elizabeth "Libbie" he b: 1/8/1847 NYC, son of William L. & Elizabeth (WOOD); she of Naples; married in Clifton Springs, NY
Mar 15, 1893 STILTS John Robert DEUEL Hattie E. he b: 2/8/1858, son of Thomas Henry & Sarah (PARKS); she dau of Alfred & Mary (HEIGHT) DEUEL of Niagara Cnty, NY
Feb 5, 1861 STOUTENBURG Fred KING Lucy M. he b: 8/17/1834 Hopewell, NY, son of Isaac & Ann (REESE), she dau of Kendall & Anna (STILWELL) KING; she died 10/31/1902; married in Orleans
Mar 14, 1882 STRONG Franklin A YOUNG Addie he b: 11/5/1851, son of Ashbel & Hannah (HAZEN) PHELPS, STRONG
May 9, 1870 STRONG Loren James PENOYAR Tamison he b: 11/9/1846, son of Ashbel & Hannah (HAZEN) PHELPS, STRONG
unknown STRYKER Winfield S. CASE Harriet J. he b 8/28/1847 Cayuga Cnty, NY, son of John & Maria (GARRITSON); she dau of Daniel & Eliza (BENSON) CASE
1888 STUBBS George S. WALTHEART Lydia he b: 6/13/1867 Halls Corner, Seneca, only son of Watson E. & Martha E. (LOUW);
Mar 31, 1863 STUBBS Watson E. LOUW Martha E. he b:1837 Oneida Cnty, NY, son of Wm. & Elizabeth (KING); she b: 3/24/1844 Phelps
1862 SUTHERLAND Myron C. CROSIER Mary J. he b: 4/25/1836 Seneca, NY, son of James & Elizabeth (CLARK); she died 1887
23-Oct-07 SWEENEY Charles Henry QUINN Jane Winifred he b: son of Thomas Henry & Honora Frances (DONNELLY); she b: Watkins, NY, dau of Michael & Bridget (GURNETT) QUINN; married in Geneva
1875 SWEENEY Thomas Henry DONNELLY Honora Frances he b:3/28/1850 Sandy Creek, NY - 6/14/1906, son of Edward & Julia (DESMOND); she dau of William DONNELLY
21-Jun-04 TAYLOR Fayette KELLAM Inez E. he b: 7/15/1874 Yates Cnty; she b: 9/23/1874 Penn Yan, dau of James KELLAM of Paterson NJ
May 21, 1885 TAYLOR Livingston L. (Rev) TITSWORTH Mary he b: 9/16/1860 Philadelphia,PA; she dau of Judge Caleb S. TITWORTH of Newark, NJ
Mar 1824 THOMAS William ABBEY Anna he b: 4/16/1804, son of David C. of MA; she died 11/19/1866; had 11 children (2nd wife, m:11/18/1867 Mrs. Mary WALES)
Sept 8, 1896 THOMPSON Robert F. RUDD Susan Josephine he b: 7/31/1870 Canandaigua, son of Lt. Lester P. & Sarah Jane (FOSTER); she b: 9/5/1872 San Diego CA, dau of Charles G. & Susan (PALMER) RUDD (grand dau of Rev Charles G. RUDD, pastor at Lyons Baptist Church, NY)
June 15, 1893 THORNE Edwin S. SHERMAN Caroline he b: 12/24/1865 Schoharie Cnty, NY; son of Stevenson & Ann (SMITH); she b: 7/24/1869 Albany Cnty, NY, dau of Robert SHERMAN
July, 1878 THROOP Adoniram Judson COOPER Anna Hamilton he b: 11/28/1844 Manchester, son of Azel & Fanny (VAN DUSEN); she of Williamson, NY, died 1878; 1st wife of Adoniram
21-Aug-00 THROOP Adoniram Judson GRANGER Mrs. Isabella (THROOP) he b: 11/28/1844 Manchester, son of Azel & Fanny (VAN DUSEN); she is his cousin, dau of William THROOP of Palmyra, NY; 2nd wife of A.J.
May 20, 1819 THROOP Azel VAN DUSEN Fanny he b: 1/28/1792, son of Benjamin (10/8/1754 CT - 1/17/1842) & Rachel (BROWN) (1761-7/3/1851); she b: 1802
Nov 23, 1868 THROOP Augustus P. (DR) SMILLIE Mary Elizabeth he b: 8/21/1832 - 11/28/1907; she b: 8/8/1836 NYC, dau of James SMILLIE; married in NYCity
May 4, 1775 THROOP Benjamin BROWN Rachel he b:10/8/1754 Lebanon, CT - 1/17/1842 Port Gibson, NY, son of Daniel & Susanna (CARY) THROOPE;she b: Lebanon CT - 7/3/1851 Ontario Cnty, NY
Sept 18, 1864 THROOP Newton Adams PIERCE Bell H. he b: 4/1/1835, son of Azel & Fanny (VAN DUSEN); she of Jay, Essex Cnty, NY
1849 TILDEN Christopher HOLMES Marcelline he b: 1828 Charlestown, NH - 4/9/1903, son of Wm. B. & Sarah (HUNT); she dau of Nathaniel & Tirzah HOLMES
13-Jul-04 TILDEN William H. CULVER Daisy Hortense he b: 2/21/1860 Manchester, NY, son of Christopher & Marcelline (HOLMES); she dau of Alexander H. & Elvira H. CULVER
June 3, 1834 TITUS Anson SABIN Almira he b: 3/13/1809 Marshall - 12/22/1882, son of Billy & Judith (HUESTED); she 1/26/1810 Sherburne, NY - 11/16/1888, dau of Oliver & Olive (UPHAM) SABIN
Feb 14, 1866 TITUS Oliver Sabin UPHAM Frances Marion he b: 5/13/1843 Phelps, son of Anson & Almria (SABIN); she b: Sherburne, NY, dau of Elijah & Susan (JENKINS) UPHAM
Aug. 1861 TITUS Thomas Benton COMBS Hattie E. he b: 3/2/1935 - 2/15/1901 Clifton Springs; married in Phelps, NY
Dec 23, 1869 TRUESDALE William Henry YOUNG Agnes E. he b: 10/30/1844 near Rochester, son of Samuel & Charity (CUMMINGS); she born in Rochester, dau of Robert & Esther (HANVEY) YOUNG
Feb 21, 1889 TURNBULL William R. RIPPEY Margaret E. he b: 12/5/1857 Seneca, NY, son of Alex & Elizabeth (BURRELL); she b: 10/24/1868 dau of Geo O. RIPPEY
Oct 7, 1856 TUTTLE Anson S. SMITH Amanda he b: 8/9/1822 Seneca, son of Joseph; she dau of Wilmarth (b 4/13/1792) & Saloma (EDDY) SMITH
Dec 8, 1897 TUTTLE Richard A. WHIPPLE Lucy he b: 11/28/1864, Farmington, son of Anson S. & Saloma (EDDY); she b: 11/22/1876 Farmington, only child of Franklin (b1832)& Carrie (COTTON) WHIPPLE( b: 2/28/1852 & dau of F. H. Cotton (1820 - 1903) Farmington, NY)
1874 VAN DYNE Frank P. PEACHY Sarah he b: 12/20/1848 Clifton Springs, son of Joshua & Sarah (BAILEY); she dau of Henry & Elizabeth PEACHY
1861 VAN VALKENBURG William H. SHELDON Charlotte A. he b: 1836 Columbia Cnty, NY - 1905 Ontario Cnty, NY, son of Glen & Theodosia (LOBDELL); she dau of Jonathan & Mary ( FINCH) SHELDON
Oct 20, 1896 VAN VOORHIS George Lyman STRONG Vernie B. he b: 4/21/1871 Kalamazoo Cnty, MI, son of Lyman & Elizabeth (FIELD); she dau of Charles & Mary (GILLETT) STRONG of Monroe Cnty, NY
1872 VANCE James R. SCHULTZ Adelaide C. he b: 4/4/1849 Scotland; she b: 1850 Waterloo, NY
unknown VANDERHOOF Abram VAN DUSEN Johanna he b: 1814 Manchester, NY - 5/1887 Manchester, son of Jacob (of Orange Cnty, NY); she dau of Martin & Gertrude VAN DUSEN; she died 1867
Nov 23, 1857 VANDERHOOF Jacob W. BISSELL Elmira M. he b: 9/23/1834 Manchester, son of Abram & Johanna (VAN DUSEN); she b: 1833, dau of Daniel W. & Irene BISSELL of Allenshill, NY
1837 VANNOSTRAND Jr Isaac THATCHER Julia A he b: 10/31/1815 Trenton, NJ - 1868; she b: 2/28/1818 Hopewell
unknown VINCENT JR. Arthur S. BAKER Mattie A. he b: 12/20/1862 Phelps, son of Charles B. & Maria (BLIVEN); she dau of Lyman A. & Eunice (NEARING) BAKER of Knowlesville, NY
unknown VOSBURGH Arnold COE Olive he b: 4/10/1831 Hillsdale - 1/18/1898; son of Richard & Caroline (VAN DAZEN); she dau of William COE of Wayne Cnty, NY
9-Jan-01 VOSBURGH Lee VAN DER POEL Grace C. he b: 7/26/1863 Hillsdale, Columbia Cnty, NY, son of Arnold & Olive (COE); she dau of Alfred VAN DER POEL of Red Creek, NY
Nov. 9, 1871 WARFIELD Emerson Eugene COREY Anna M. he b: 4/28/1848 Hopewell, son of Zadock & Chloe (KNAPP); she b: 12/26/1844 Shortsville, dau of Amos & Harriet (GREEN) COREY; married in Shortsville
Dec.1868 WARFIELD Zadock W. DOUGLASS Carrie he b: 1843 Hopewell, NY, son of Zadock & Chloe (KNAPP); 1st wife of Zadock (2nd wife was Minnie RUNYON); married in Canandaigua
26-Nov-07 WARNER Earles Spear HOLBROOK Selma he b: 8/12/1880 Phelps, son of Henry D & Frances Belle (SPEAR); she dau of Charles H. & Lucretia (DILLINGHAM) HOLBROOK
Jan 1875 WARNER Henry D. SPEAR Frances Belle he b: 6/17/1844 Phelps - 6/4/1908, son of Hiram & Mary Jane (KNAPP); she dau of James Allen & Mary (BAGGERLY) SPEAR of Clifton Springs; married in Manchester, NY
unknown WARNER Hiram KNAPP Mary Jane he b: 5/1808 Hopewell - Oct 1884, son of Rufus and Miss (RICE); she 1809 - 1889
unknown WARNER Rufus RICE Miss he b: 1775 Conway, MA, son of Jesse & Sarah (WARRENER);she sister of Caleb RICE & mother was a sister of Rev. J. LELAND
Sept 24, 1890 WEBSTER Milo Freeman WOODS Harriet Amelia he b: 11/14/1866, son of Otis A. & Cynthia S. (WATTLES); she b: 11/19/1870 Bath, NY, dau of Rev. Henry Clay & Mary M. (SEAVER) WOODS of Byron, NY
Oct 10, 1888 WELCH William Harris RAINES Grace he b: 12/15/1862 Erie PA; she dau of Hon. John RAINES
June 14, 1871 WELLS Henri E. CROSBY Anna M. he b: 9/14/1843 Newark, OH, son of Samuel & Emma (RAND); married in Binghamton, NY; she died 4/3/1888; 1st wife of Henri
May 1, 1890 WELLS Henri E. MANY Josephine A. he b: 9/14/1843 Newark, OH, son of Samuel & Emma (RAND); married at Tampa, FL; 2nd wife of Henri
Jan 16, 1895 WESTFALL Burton S. PATTEN Hattie he b: 11/20/1872 Phelps, son of Benjamin F. & Harriet (PECK) (dau of Hiram PECK); she dau of Wm. & Hellen PATTEN of Phelps
Sept. 22, 1886 WHEELER Heber E. ADAMS Mary L. he b: 12/24/1859 Bergen, NY; son of Oscar F. & Lucy(ROWLEY); she born 11/30/1863 E. Bloomfield; dau of Benjamin F. & Lurinda (GAUSS) ADAMS
Feb 1859 WHEELER Oscar F. ROWLEY Lucy he b: Feb 1831 in Bristol, NY, eldest son of Addison H. & Lucy (REMINGTON);she dau of Simeon & Lucy (HAYWARD); born in Rush,NY Apr 1833; married in E. Bloomfield
Apr 2, 1839 WHEELER Simeon R. BENTLY Betsey he b: 12/28/1817 E. Bloomfield, son of Benjamin D. & Deborah (REED); she 1819 Richmond - 5/9/1878, dau of Isaac & Hannah (DUBOIS) BENTLY of Saratoga Cnty, NY
Nov. 5, 1879 WHEELER Simeon R. HINMAN Mrs. Clara "Carrie" he b: 12/28/1817 E. Bloomfield, son of Benjamin D. & Deborah (REED); she dau of Mr. DAILY, widow of Mr. HINMAN & 2nd wife to Simeon R.; married in Rochester
2-Apr-02 WHITE Charles D BLOUNT Lois he b: 9/21/1882 Phelps, NY, son of David & Melissa (VAN der MARK); she dau of Archer & Laura BLOUNT
1817 WHITNEY Cheeney CALDWELL Olive he b: 4/21/1795 Seneca, NY; she born 3/1801 (parents of Cheney P.)
1861 WHITNEY Cheny P. CHAPMAN Mary C. he b: Seneca 6/10/1836 & son of Cheney & Olive (COLWELL); she dau of John & Margaret CHAPMAN
Jan 11, 1893 WHITNEY Henry B. BISHOP Emma May he b; 6/11/1868 Phelps, son of Oscar J. & Eliza (BANNISTER); she dau of Henry & Ella I. BISHOP of Lyons, NY
unknown WHITWELL William DAVENPORT Caroline A. he b: 4/14/1836 Geneva, son of John; she of Utica, NY
Apr. 1871 WILBUR Marvin A. DEWEY Ida M. he b: 1/9/1837 Hamilton, NY, son of Brownell & Elizabeth (ROWELL); she of Victor; married in Victor
1867 WILCOX Merritt C. RICHARDSON Caroline Frances he b: 6/6/1842 Demopolis, AL, son of Lucius & Frances A. (CRAWFORD) (dau of Rev. Andrew Jackson CRAWFORD of Demopolis, AL); She b: Cortland Cnty, NY, dau of William & Caroline O. (HEATON) RICHARDSON; married in Canandaigua
15-Jul-02 WILDER George F. ELLIS Isabella she b: 6/16/1875, dau of Bolivar & Frances M. (LOBDELL) ELLIS
Nov 11, 1862 WILKENS Gustavus Charles KROLL Caroline he b: 8/8/1843 Poland, son of Ludwig & Caroline (TEICHMAN); she native of Russia; married in Bozizno, Russia
Apr 25, 1895 WILLIAMS Charles E. GLANVILLE Hattie E. he b: 4/28/1869 Clinton, NY; she b: 11/1871 Geneva, NY, dau of Herny GLANVILLE
Oct 19, 1882 WILLIAMS William H. ROBERTS Katharine Ida he b: 10/31/1853 Amherst, MA, son of Enos D. & Caroline Ruth (HAWLEY); she b: 8/2/1855 Amherst, MA, dau of Reuben E. & Lydia T. (ENDICOTT) ROBERTS
Spring 1810 WILLSON Gilbert HENDRICKS Electra he b: 12/19/1785, son of Nathaniel & Miss (TURNER) (1st wife of Nathaniel); she died 1816 (3 children)
unknown WILLSON Gilbert SPENCER Selecta he b: 12/19/1785, son of Nathaniel & Miss (TURNER) (1st wife of Nathaniel); she 2nd wife, dau of Daniel SPENCER of W. Stockbridge; she died 2/1845 (Allen's Hill Cemetery)
Oct. 1817 WILLSON Jared WILLIAMS Delia he b:5/23/1786 W. Stockbridge, MA - 4/8/1851; Vet of War of 1812; married in Canandaigua
Mar. 6, 1876 WILSON Thomas B. SCOON Maggie A. he b: 12/12/1852 Hall's Corners, son of John C.; she dau of Charles R. SCOON of Calhoun Cnty, MI; married in MI
Nov 10, 1878 WILSON William J. (Col.) HIPPLE Mary "Minnie" E. he b: 6/16/1855 Seneca, NY; she b: 6/2/1857 Geneva, dau of George HIPPLE of Geneva
Apr 6, 1864 WOOLSTON John A. LUSK Nancy C. he b: 1/6/1838 Victor, NY, son of Wm ( 6/13/1807 Victor - Mar 1888) & Laura L. (ANDRUS) (5/28/1812 Rosbury, NY - Sept 1887)
Apr 3, 1899 WOOLSTON William Franklin STEVENS Mary he b: 12/31/1864 Victor, son of John A. & Nancy C. (LUSK); she b: 11/4/1880 Mendon, NY, dau of Edmund & Ursula (GREEN) STEVENS of Mendon
Sept 16, 1896 WYCKOFF Abram Ralph CATCHPOLE Ethel Agnes he b: 10/13/1862 Ovid, son of Conrelius & Mary Ann (SWARTHOUT); she born in London, England
Nov 17, 1847 WYCKOFF Cornelius SWARTHOUT Mary Ann he b: 9/11/1823 - 1894, son of Abram; she b: 12/17/1826 Ovid, dau of Ralph & Catherine (HURD) (VOORHEES) SWARRTHOUT
June 12, 1887 YOUNG Gardner B. (DR) ROBERTS Ada B. he b: 12/21/1839 Mc Kean Cnty, PA, son of Arthur & Laurinda (STULL); she b: 3/5/1865 Coldwater, MI, dau of Ingham B. & Sarah M. (DILLENBACH) ROBERTS; married in Eldred, PA
Nov 28, 1889 YOUNG George BEARD Emma M. he b: 7/10/1854 Yorkshire, England - 2/21/1899 Geneva, NY, son of Samuel & Jane (ARNOTT); she b:7/12/1855 Detroit, MI, dau of Thomas & Dinah W.. (COLE) BEARD
1853 England YOUNG Samuel ARNOTT Jane he b: 1829 Yorkshire, England - 2/11/1899 Geneva, NY; she 1853 Yorkshire, England - 11/16/1908 Geneva, NY
Nov 1, 1835 YOUNGS H.E. LISK Margaret he b: 11/22/1809 Albany Cnty, NY; she b: 11/28/1815 Green Cnty, NY- 1875, dau of Junius LISK of Seneca Cnty

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