From Geneva Daily Times 29 October 1940

The nation's first peacetime call to arms brought to John Albert Bishop, R. D. 3, Geneva, holder of No. 158 in the Geneva Selective Service Board district, the honor of being the first draftee in the Geneva City, Towns of Geneva, Gorham and Hopewell area.

John Albert Bishop, R. D. 3, Geneva
Vincent Ferdinand Schlageter, R. D. 1, Rushville
William Henry Cook, R. D. 3, Geneva
Marshall Moore, 57 High Street, Geneva
William Anthony Reed, 16 N. Exchange St., Geneva
Paul Francis Stivers, 75 William St., Geneva
Clair Raymond Rosenthal, R. D. 2, Geneva
Albert Eugene Austin, 12 Sweeney Ave., Geneva
John Joseph Blair, 20 North Avenue, Geneva
Joseph Charles Gleason, 41 Wadsworth St., Geneva
Gus Leon Trunzo, 36 State St., Geneva
George Alan Rund, R. D. 2, Stanley
Harold Otis Williams, R. D. 2, Stanley
William Keith Denison, 4 Elmwood Place, Geneva
Harold Snyder Bixler, R. D. 2, Geneva
Colin William Flannigan, 18 Universal Ave., Geneva
Joseph Patrick Brennan, 241 William St., Geneva
Albert Laney Bonner, Rushville
Earl William Holtby, 17 Hoffman Ave., Geneva
Russell Carl Albrecht, R. D. 2, Phelps
James Frank Shefler, 391 Exchange St., Geneva
Armando Anthony Catozzi, 9 Wadsworth St., Geneva
Francis Paul Acquilano, R. D. 3, Geneva
Leo Edwin Staunton, 125 Lyceum St. Geneva
Stanley Charles Mahon, 61 Elm St., Geneva
Richard Jacob Eddy, R. D. 2, Rushville
Warren Jason Kipp, Rushville
Charles Haers, 1 North Wayne St., Phelps
LaVerne Albert Hand, 9 Columbia St., Geneva
Jacob Joseph Spina, 57 N. Wadsworth St., Geneva
Ray Orson Helmer, 14 Oak Street, Geneva
Joseph John Bruno, 70 Humbert St., Geneva
John William Mahan, 161 William St., Geneva
William Michael Hefferon, 212 William St., Geneva
John Raymond Davie, 174 S. West Street, Geneva
Raymond Charles Verstraete, R. D. 1, Phelps
George Henry Devine, 29 West Street, Geneva
Donald Reynolds Taylor, 59 Brook St., Geneva
Edward Joseph Murphy, 216 Lewis St., Geneva
David James Baird, 423 Castle St., Geneva
Cecil Joseph Casterline, Box 3, Geneva
Guy Keith Chambers, Sweeney Ave., Geneva
Muray Hoster Bennett, 143 Exchange St., Geneva
John Thomas Kennedy,  118 William St.
Charles Ellsworth Kirk, 110 Lydeum St., Geneva
Arthur J. DeNard, 24 Wadsworth St., Geneva
John Joseph Choffin, R. D. 3, Geneva
Maurice Ivan Shaw, Rushville
Wilbur Alvin Widell, R. D., Geneva
Earl Hermance Crittenden, R. D. 1, Phelps
Everett Henicke, R. D. 2, Geneva
Norman Ellsworth Dadson, R. D. 2, Geneva
Willis Robert Ryan, 137 North St., Geneva
Ralph LaRue Phipps, 285 William St., Geneva
Earl Lavearn Avery, 15 Jefferson Ave., Geneva
Vincent Woodrow VanOrden, 343 N. Genesee St., Geneva
Fred James Reo, 11 Sherrill St., Geneva
Lloyd Charles Bullock, 9 N. Wayne St., Phelps
Kenneth Allen White, 31 Spring St., Geneva
Edward Joseph Hickey, 32 Pulteney St., Geneva
Allen Sylvester Baldwin, 163 Lewis St., Geneva
Alfred Anthony Antinelli, 139 N. Genesee St., Geneva
Donald A. Pease, R. D. 1, Stanley
Harold Robert Palmer, 15 Sweeney Ave., Geneva
Edmon Peter Boerjam, R. D. 2, Clifton Springs
Clinton A. Bell, 27 N. Genesee St., Geneva
Lawrence Louis Pasqua, 131 Exchange St., Geneva
David Albert Shipman, Stanley

From Clifton Springs Press 13 March 1941

Seventeen men selected by the Canandaigua Draft Board left Canandaigua Wednesday morning for the induction center at Syracuse. Of these, 13 are required by Army Call No. 6 and four are replacements for cover rejections at the Syracuse center. Those called are:
James Franklin Erb - Canandaigua
Patsy Joseph Petrone - Manchester
Raymond Scott Morrell - Livonia
James Francis Beeman - Canandaigua
Maxwell L. Heard - Naples
Everett Thomas Barry - Victor
Charles Roscoe Griswold - Canandaigua
Peter Procco - Manchester
Everett Francis Schrader - Canandaigua
William Henry Seigwald - Clifton Springs
Dominic Samuel Furfure - Canandaigua
Anthony Jerome Ciardi - Manchester
Patrick Francis Loiacono - Canandaigua
Melvin Osborne Hunt - Victor
Merle Glenn Allen - Holbcomb
Jack Clifton Huffman - Clifton Springs
LaVerne Edward Carey - East Bloomfield
Because one or more of the men named may not be inducted at the Induction Station by the Armed Forces, the following men may be required as replacements:
Woodrow Allen Hunt - Victor
Harold William Burleigh - Shortsville
Peter Francis Tuttle - Canandaigua
Earl Lebbon Roe - Clifton Springs
Paul Francis Brown - Canandaigua.
Howard Edward Daniels - No. Syracuse
Hollis Barton Murphy - Canandaigua
Leo Edward Farnan - Holcomb
Daniel Frederick Dressen - Canandaigua

From Shortsville Enterprise 13 January 1943

The following young local young men were ordered by the Draft Board of Canandaigua to appear for induction and departure from that city on Tuesday morning (Jan. 12), according to official announcement:

Elmer L. Whitaker, RD, Shortsville
Edward O'Connor, Manchester
Raymond A. Lyon, Port Gibson
Louis E. DeVelder, Manchester
Merton D. Page, RD, Shortsville
Thomas Holmes, RD., Shortsville
Lyndon H. Potter, RD, Shortsville
Mario J. Pronti, Manchester
Arthur F. Parmele, Shortsville
Nicholas J. Minute, Manchester
Harry Weaver, Manchester
Joseph F. Frederick, Manchester

From Shortsville Enterprise 24 February 1943

The following local young left last week to enter the Armed Forces, following their induction through Draft Board 519, Canandaigua;

Michael Frederick, Manchester
Alphonse F. Twenty-five, Manchester

Soverio Zona, Manchester
Guy H. Turner, Shortsville
John Bartholomew, Jr., Shortsville
Robert L. Burgess, Shortsville

Ralph L. Whitaker, Manchester
Paul R. Manslank, Manchester
Albert T. Pardington, Shortsville
George R. Cottrell, Manchester
Peter Dembrowski, Manchester
John Abbott, Manchester
Carl M. Ruggles, Shortsville
William I. Eddinger, Manchester
William R. Dailey, Manchester 
Peter DeRycke, Port Gibson

From Geneva Daily Times 29 March 1943

Men called for Army physical examinations in the first part of this 36th draft call were listed today by Selective Service Board 513 as follows:

Edmon P. Boerjan, R. D. 1, Geneva
Arthur R. Treese, 73 Madison St. Geneva
John F. Murray, 10 Tillman St., Geneva
Anthony J. Annony, 26 Lafayette Ave. Geneva
John T. Perry, 60 N. Genesee Street, Geneva
Edwin L. Francis, 9 Phelps St., Canandaigua
Robert M. Jolley, 202 Genesee St., Geneva
Howard T. Winburn, 9 Dayton St., Clifton Springs
Peter Addona, 66 Humbert St., Geneva
John A. Murray, 127 Lafayette Ave., Geneva
Harold W. Leader, R. D. 1, Phelps
Frank L. Abbey, R. F. D. 1, Geneva
Charles E. Murray, 23 Coy St., Canandaigua
Howard L. Turner, R. D. 1, Canandaigua
Francis J. Murphy, 26 Coach St., Canandaigua
George C. Bennett, R. F. D. 2, Stanley
George R. Fryer, 64 Grove St., Geneva
Randolph R. Greco, 9 State St., Geneva
Harry L. Van Wickle, 56 W. Main St., Phelps
Robert J. Fitzgerald, 6 Sharon St., Geneva
Claude E. Wood, Corine Hotel, Geneva
Floyd Kenney, 261 Castle St., Geneva
Richard L. McKelvie, 38 Folger St., Geneva
Louis A. Smith, 363 Exchange St., Geneva
John Marrobitt, E. North St., Geneva
Donald J. Whyte, Gorham
Harold W. Van Houten, 20 Pulteney St., Geneva
Melvin H. Edwards, 312 Pulteney St., Geneva
Joseph Murphy, 46 Lafayette Ave., Geneva
John B. Jackson, 26 Pulteney St., Geneva
Francis A. Van Gelder, 106 Brook St., Canandaigua
Earl L. Lloyd, Rushville
Robert E. Switzer, 6 Linwood Ave., Geneva
Richard O. Wooster, R. D. 3 Lyons Rd. Geneva
Michael J. Lazio, 90 Wadsworth St., Geneva

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