1930 City of Canandaigua Pay Roll

Guy M. Raines, Secretary, Municipal Civil Service Commission (signature at top)
Thomas P. KINSELLA, Chief Police
George R. BEEMAN, Patrolman
John M. DUNN, Patrolman
Edward HOGAN, Patrolman
Charles C. HENDERSON, Patrolman
Leo H. BREEN, Patrolman
Benedict W. FULLER, Patrolman
Leland W. PIERCE, Patrolman (Probationary)
W. S. COOPER, Fire Driver
George M. THOMPSON, Fire Driver
Thomas B. McGREGOR, Fire Driver
Ralph F. BENHAM, Fire Driver
T. Raymond ROSS, Fire Driver
Charles H. FERRAN, Fire Driver
William CRONIN, Janitor City Hall
W. M. CROWLY, Treas.
(Can't read the first signature), Civil Service Commission
Perry R. PIERCE, Civil Service Commission
This interesting record was generously donated by Michael P. Pierce with the following notes:

1.  Leland W. Pierce is listed as a "Patrolman (Probationary)." This was likely his first paycheck as a police officer.  He was eventually chief of police for Canandaigua for many years.  Leland is one of the sons of Roy C.PIERCE and Julia E FARNUM - photo.  The baby in that picture may be Leland or an older brother that died at age 5 months, we're not sure.  Leland is my grandfather's (Elvin H. PIERCE) brother.
2.  Also listed on the document, directly above Leland, is Benedict W. FULLER.  Benedict is my great-grandfather. Benedict's daughter, Mary Elizabeth FULLER, married Leland's brother, Elvin H. PIERCE.
3.  The document is signed on the bottom by Perry R. PIERCE.  Perry was Leland (and my grandfather's) uncle, or Roy C. PIERCE's brother.
For more information about this family,  go to the PIERCE OBITUARIES, contributed by Pam Weaver and Michael P. Pierce.

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