Catalogue and Circular

Canandaigua Academy

Canandaigua, N.Y.

June 15, 1876


Thaddeus Chapin
Alexander H. Howell, Esq.
George Cook, M. D.
Walter S. Hubbell, Esq.
Hon. James C. Smith
Harvey Jewett, M. D.
J. Albert Granger, Esq.
William W. Gorham
John C. Draper
Hon. William H. Smith
Rev. Frank T. Bayley (Pastor Cong. Church)

Thaddeus Chapin, President
Alexander H. Howell, Esq., Secretary
Thomas M. Howell, Esq., Treasurer


Noah T. Clark, M.A., Ph. D., Principal
Mathematics, Natural Science, History and Teachers' Class

Edward S. Hall, M. A., Associate Principal
English Grammar, Latin, Greek, Rhetoric

Charles W. Smith
Writing and Book-keeping

J. Peter Yunk
French and German

Miss Jennie E. Remington


Names Residence
Thomas Allen Canandaigua
William J. Anderson Canandaigua
Charles K. Ashley Canandaigua
Enos P. Baker East Bloomfield
Hiram S. Bailey East Bloomfield
Lovell M. Baldwin Canandaigua
John H. Barhite Canandaigua
Samuel J. Barker Clifton Springs
Frank H. Below Lancaster
Robert R. Benedict Canandaigua
John H. Bishop Hillsdale, Mich.
George H. Bowdy Canandaigua
Jared S. Brown Canandaigua
Charles M. Brundage Canandaigua
Charles C. Buckley Canandaigua
George E. Buell Hopewell
Timothy Buell East Bloomfield
Ira M. Callister Canandaigua
Edward F. Campbell Rochester
James S. Carr Canandaigua
Frank A. Christian Canandaigua
L. Mason Clarke Canandaigua
Maynard N. Clement Honeoye
Frederick Clohacey Canandaigua
John B. Clohacey Canandaigua
Perez H. Collins West Farmington
Robert G. Cook Canandaigua
Ernest L. Cooley Canandaigua
Orion J. Cooley Canandaigua
Peter Cowan Palmyra
James F. Cowan Canandaigua
William T. Crittenden Canandaigua
Augustus W. Crittenden Canandaigua
Edward J. Cross Canandaigua
John M. Crowe Clifton Springs
Henry Davis Canandaigua
Carlton A. Davis Canandaigua
Benjamin Depue Hopewell
George Depue Hopewell
Emmet T. Dewey Victor
James S. Douglass Canandaigua
Charles E. Drake Hopewell Center
Edward P. Draper Canandaigua
John C. Draper, Jr. Canandaigua
Patrick Dwyer Canandaigua
Frank H. Eighmey Canandaigua
George J. Evered Hopewell
Herbert C. Evered Hopewell
Sumner J. Ferguson Orleans
Marion O. Fisher Bristol
Marcus J. Fisher Bristol
Charles W. Fisher Canandaigua
George B. Foster Orleans
Edwin P. Gardner Canandaigua
George R. Gooding Canandaigua
George S. Goodrich Gorham
Gideon Granger Canandaigua
Ransford D. Graves Canandaigua
Henry Green Canandaigua
Frank N. Gunnison Canandaigua
William F. Guyer Canandaigua
Thomas J. Haag Milton, Pa.
Edward J. Hall Canandaigua
John Hannah Canandaigua
Willliam Hankinson Gorham
P. Clinton Hamilton Honeoye
Cortland V. Harlow Chapinville
Frederick A. Hathaway Canandaigua
Frank W. Hawley Canandaigua
George C. Hawley Canandaigua
Edward G. Hayes Canandaigua
George B. Hayes Canandaigua
Charles W. Hicks Canandaigua
J. Warren Houghton Canandaigua
Henry L. Howland Manchester
Cassius O. Jackson Canandaigua
James L. Jones Chittenango
Walter C. Kellogg Rochester
Henry W. Lapham Canandaigua
Leslie G. Loomis Farmington
Frank Lord Canandaigua
Michael Mahaney Canandaigua
Lewis N. Matthew Chapinville
Harrison L. Mallery Bristol Center
Thomas H. Maltman Canandaigua
Michael McCarty Canandaigua
George McClarey Canandaigua
Frederic McGough Canandaigua
Peter McMillan Canandaigua
George C. McMillan Canandaigua
Henry McMillan Canandaigua
Samuel G. Metcalf Canandaigua
William N. Middlebrook Canandaigua
J. Stephens Mizner Detroit, Mich.
John H. Murray Cheshire
David Murphy Canandaigua
Melvin H. Nelson Gorham
John Newton Bristol Center
Carlos P. Osgood Manchester
James M. Otley Hopewell Center
Thomas O'Reilley Canandaigua
Frederic B. Peck Orleans
Charles Peck Phelps
Charles Petty Farmington
Arthur Perry Gorham
Oliver Phelps Canandaigua
Frank Pierce Honeoye
Charles B. Pierson Canandaigua
Joseph C. Poe Cleveland, O.
Luke W. Power West Farmington
William D. Powers Canandaigua
William H. Pound Tipton, Ia.
William Pritchard Farmington
George W. Rankine Canandaigua
Richard F. Rankine Geneva
George D. Reed Canandaigua
Albert M. Root Canandaigua
Charles C. Sackett Canandaigua
George W. Salisbury Canandaigua
Edward W. Simmons Canandaigua
William J. Sisson Bristol Center
Frank O. Sisson Bristol Center
Charles M. Sloan Bellona
Chapin H. Smith Canandaigua
Clayton E. Smith Honeoye
David C. Smith Farmington
Emory A. Smith Canandaigua
Millard F. Smith West Farmington
William M. Smith Farmington
William J. Smith South Bristol
Emmet A. Stearns Canandaigua
Henry S. Stebbins Canandaigua
Frederic H. Stevens Canandaigua
Spencer J. Sutherland Canandaigua
George S. Swezey Victor
Charles F. Tallmadge Victor
Frank B. Taylor Bellona
Parks W. Tellier Canandaigua
Edson A. Tilton Bristol
William J. Twist Canandaigua
Charles F. VanSickle Shortsville
Frank VanBussum Canandaigua
John C. Vanderbrooke Canandaigua
Oliver M. Warner Orleans
Francis A. Watson Canandaigua
Watson W. Wayne Seneca Falls
Edgar S. Wheaton Bristol Center
Edward C. Wilder, Jr. New York City
Albert D. Wilson Canandaigua
Wilbur C. Woodworth West Farmington


The Associate Principal is permitted to refer to the following persons - some of whom have had sons in his family during the past two years:

Rev. W. A. Stearns, D. D. LL. D., President of Amherst College, Mass.
Rev. J. H. Seelye, A. M., Prof. of Moral Phil., Am. College, Mass.
D. D. Gorham, Prin. High School, Northampton, Mass.
Hon. Harvey Tilden, Montpelier, Vt.
W. H. S. Whitcomb, Esq., Burlington, Vt.
Rev. O. H. White, New Haven, Conn.
Henry Montayne, Esq., Kalamazoo, Mich.
William A. Stevens, A. M., Prof. Denison Col., Granville, O.
L. E. Hicks, A. M., Prof. Denison Col., Granville, O.
William Chartres, Esq., Cashier Phoenix In. Co., New York
Col. J. R. Mizner, U. S.A., Fort Sill, I. T.
John Stephens, Esq., Detroit, Mich.
Mrs. Emma Clay, Buffalo, N. Y.
John Benham, Esq., Hopewell, N. Y.
George Loomis, Esq., Farmington, N. Y.
Charles Below, Esq., Lancaster, N. Y.
Rev. S. M. Campbell, D. D., Rochester
H. L. Jones, Esq., Chittenango, N. Y.
Geo. W. Taylor, Esq., Bellona, N. Y.
A. B. Sloan, M. D., Bellona, N. Y.
B. K. Haag, Esq., Milton, Pa.
E. C. Wilder, Esq., 122 West 45th St., N. Y. City

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