There is one post office - Naples - in this town. Some of the residents get their mail at Blood's Corners and North
Cohocton, Steuben County; and Lima, Livingston County.


A flourishing post village of 700 inhabitants, situated on the Canandaigua Inlet, four miles from the lake. Daily mail.

Adams, Geo. S., grape grower and farmer 10
Adams, Mrs. Sybel D., farmer 1 1/4
Agard, Gardner W. (with Samuel P.) farmer 50
Agard, Harrison P., farmer 19
Agard, John, farmer 25
Agard, Mrs. Philema, farmer 4
Agard, Samuel P. (with Gardner W.) farmer 50
Albright, Wm. C., carpenter and farmer 130
Alford, Rufus W. (South Bristol) carpenter and farmer 10
Alger, Edward (Richmond)(with Norman) farmer 200
Alger, Geo. (Richmond) farmer 220
Alger, Norman (Richmond)(with Edward) farmer 200
Allcott, Daniel, farmer 54
Anble, Irving M., farmer 100
Anable, Leonard, carpenter and joiner
Andrus, Miss Jane E, miller
Arnold, Chas.  W., grape grower and farmer 2
Arnold, Elijah, farmer 131
Arnold, Orlando, carpenter and joiner, farmer 38 1/2 and leases 131
Asbinwall, Eli, produce dealer
Atwell, John, grape grower and farmer 33

Babcock, Edward P., lawyer
Bailey, Benj. F., farmer leases from Andrew J. Byington 35
Bailey, Chancey L. (South Bristol) farmer leases 170
Banta, John, farmer leases 20
Barber, John E., grape grower, speculator and farmer 4
Barker, Clark, laborer
Barker, Reuben, farmer 1/2
Bartholomew, Aaron, blacksmith and farmer 272
Bartholomew, Chas., farmer leases from James L. Monier 300
Bartholomew, David, town assessor and farmer 130
Bartholomew, Gilbert B., carriage maker and farmer 35
Batholomew, Wm. A., farmer leases from Aaron Bartholomew 272
Bassett, Cyrus M., painter
Batcheler, Mrs. Lucy M., farmer 2
Batcheler, Wm. H., farmer 7 acres of vineyard
Beeman, Edgar M., musician and farmer leases from Myron C. Sutton 104
Beeman, Mrs. Hannah (South Bristol) farmer 173
Beeman, Nelson (South Bristol) farmer 26
Benjamin, John, cabinet maker
Benjamin, Samuel, cabinet maker
Bennett, Abel, farmer 20
Bennett, Samuel H., allop. physician
Benjamin, Horace (South Bristol) grocer and farmer 20
Bird, Richard R., farmer leases from James Monier 150
Blair, Mrs. Mariette, farmer 2
Boles, James (with Robert) farmer 100
Boles, John, farmer 92
Boles, Robert (with James) farmer 100
Borden, John M., farmer leases from James Monier 200
Bordwell, Miss Abigail, farmer 3/4
Bordwell, Miss Elizabeth, milliner
Boggs, James R., farmer 135
Briggs, Ch as., farmer leases from David Briggs 196
Briggs, David, farmer 296 1/2
Briggs, John Jr., carpenter, carriage maker and farmer leases 94
Briggs, Sylvester, farmer 94
Briggs, Tyler J. (resides in Steuben Co., P.O. address North Cohocton) farmer
Brown, Richard A., farmer 2
Brownell, Merritt, steam shingle mill
Bush, John, farmer 1
Bush, Norris (P.O. address Blood's Corners, Steuben Co.) farmer 69
Butler, Alex A., farmer leases  50
Butler, Mrs. Nancy, farmer leases 5
Byington, Andrew J., farmer 160

Cahoon, John (South Bristol) farmer 95
Cassidy, Thos. F., blacksmith
Caton, James T., tinsmith
Caulkins, Reuben P., farmer 103
Chapman, Holly, farmer 22
Chesebro, James (Wells & Chesebro)
Clark, Calvin W., blacksmith and farmer 108
Clark, Daniel, Rev., M.E. clergyman
Clark, Joseph W., fruit grower and farmer 240
Clark, Nelson W., farmer 115
Cleaveland, Alexander (with Orlando) farmer 1126
Cleaveland, Ambrose, farmer 13
Cleaveland, Lewis, farmer 18
Cleaveland, Orlando, millwright, carpenter and joiner
Cleaveland, Orlando (with Alexander) farmer 126
Cleaveland, Sewel (with Orlando) steam saw and planing mill
Clement, Thos. J.,  farmer 10
Clement, Wm. H., farmer 76
Cleveland, Chas. G., farmer  128
Cleveland, Ephraim W. (with Myron H.) farmer 275
Cleveland, Mrs. Hannah, farmer 25
Cleveland, Myron H. (with Ephraim W.) farmer 275
Cole, Daniel T., painter and farmer 1
Conaughty, Joseph, general merchant
Cook, Joseph H., farmer 112
Cook, Joseph H. (South Bristol) farmer 112
Coons, Andrew, carpenter and farmer 75
Coons, Geo. W., farmer 9
Coons, John P., carpenter and joiner and farmer 16
Coons, Phillip, farmer 34
Cons, Robert, farmer 62
Coons, Wm., farmer 80
Coons, Wm. N., farmer 2
Cornish, Allen, farmer 150
Cornish, Allan (South Bristol) farmer 162
Corwin, John J., farmer 11
Cory, John L. (P.O. address Blood's Corners, Steuben Co.) mason and farmer 54 1/2
Cory, Moses (P.O. address Blood's Corners, Steuben Co.) farmer 114
Covel, James, grist mill and produce dealer
Covel, James, grist mill and speculator
Covel, Thos., farmer 5
Cramer, Harvey B., farmer leases 114
Cribb, Chas. A. (F.R. & C.A.Crobb)(South Bristol)
Cribb, F. Richard (F.R. & C.A. Cribb)(South Bristol)
Cribb, R.R. & C.A.(F. Richard and Chas. A.)(South Bristol) farmer 113
Cribb, Joseph P. (South Bristol) farmer 150
Crippen, Milo W., farmer 20
Crippen, Raph H., carpenter and joiner and farmer 9
Crippen, Richard, farmer 52
Crippen, Riley, farmer 30
Crippen, Riley (with Milo) farmer 15
Cristy, Mrs. Cristy, farmer 19
Cronk, David, farmer 65 1/2
Crosman, Lewis C. (South Bristol) farmer 64
Culver, Geo. W., live stock dealer and farmer 4
Cummings, Orlando, farmer 200
Curtiss, David R., farmer 25 and leases from Seymour H. Sutton 112
Curtiss, Joshua B. (South Bristol) farmer 30
Curtiss, Waldo Rev., Methodist clergyman and farmer 3 1/4

Daniels, Ezra W. (South Bristol) farmer 30
Daniels, Jason (South Bristol) farmer 25
Daniels, Zara (South Bristol) farmer 14
Davis, Asa (South Bristol) farmer 115
Davis, Martin (South Bristol) lumberman and farmer 87
Davis, Melvin H., farmer 7
Dean, Ezra V. (with Samuel S. Griswold and Julius Z. Dean)(South Bristol) saw mill and farmer 321
Dean, Julius Z. (with Samuel S. Griswold and Ezra V. Dean)(South Bristol) saw mill and farmer 321
De Witt, Mathen H. Rev., Baptist clergyman
Deyo, Amenzo L., turner of wood and farmer 1 1/2
Deyo, Chas. I. Rev., Christian clergyman
Deyo, Ira, cabinet maker
Deyo, Ira N., grape grower and farmer 5
Deyo, Mrs. Maria, farmer 15 1/2
Deyol, Simeon L., surveyor, notary public and farmer 7 acres of vineyard
Dickinson, John, farmer 40
Didrick, Perlee (South Bristol) mason and farmer 5
Dixon, Mathew, farmer 4
Dodge, Daniel, farmer 56 1/2
Donnelly, James, farmer 1
Drake, Edward, farmer 65
Drake, Geo., farmer 8
Dunton, Chas. B., farmer 20
Dunton, Chas. R., carpenter, grape grower and farmer 10
Dunton, John, farmer 40
Dunton, John D., carpenter and joiner
Dunton, Reuben M., farmer 6 and leases from Thos. Williams, 80
Dunton, Wm. Jr., farmer 8
Dutcher, James, farmer 52
Dutcher, Wm. C., shoemaker and grape grower

Echberger, Mathew, grape grower and farmer 9
Eldredge, Barber, carpenter
Eldredge, Thomas (P.O. address Blood's Corners, Steuben Co.) grape grower and farmer 32
Emmons, Samuel, farmer 1 1/2

Farr, Morgan L.,  farmer 50
Fellows, Joseph E. (South Bristol) farmer 100
Fessenden, Alonzo T. (Fessenden & Sons)
Fessenden, Alonzo T., grape box manufacturer and farmer 2 acres of vineyard
Fessendon, Otis (Fessenden & Sons)
Fessendon, Otis, carpenter, grape box manufacturer and farmer 8 acres of vineyard
Fessendon & Sons (Otis and Alonzo T. Fessenden and Thomas W. Seamans) grape box manufacturers
Fisher, John, farmer 140
Fisher, Selvester C. (South Bristol) farmer 250
Flint, Jerome D., farmer 1/2
Fox, Chancey W., merchant tailor
French, Bazilla B., farmer 68
French, Benj., farmer 140
French, Freeman (South Bristol) farmer 90
French, Horace, farmer 195
French, Joseph, farmer 106
French, Joseph M.,farmer 81
French, Luke, farmer 50
Fries, Abram, farmer 2
Fries, Andrew J., teamster
Frink, Francis H. (P.O. address Blood's Corners, Steuben Co.) hop grower and farmer  216
Fuller, Mrs. Laura, farmer 1

Gams, John, farmer 7
Gannett, Horace B. (South Bristol) farmer 209
Gannett, Willard C. (South Bristol) farmer 50
Gardner, Chas., Miller
Gelston, Mills B. Rev., Presbyterian clergyman
Gilbert, Stephen P., farmer 54
Gillett, Joel, farmer leases from Seymour Gillett 225
Gillett, Milo, farmer 150
Gillett, Seymour, farmer 634
Gillett, Wm. H., farmer leases 62
Gladle,  John (South Bristol) farmer 10
Goodrich, Hiram A. (with John) farmer 235
Goodrich, John (with Hiram A.) farmer 235
Goodrich, Peter, farmer 50
Gordon, Geo. A., general merchant and farmer 2 acres of vineyard
Gordon, James N., farmer 15
Goundry, Thos., farmer 150
Granby, John W., cooper
Green, Wm., farmer 60
Green, William (South Bristol) farmer 60
Griswold, Alfred & Son (Alfred and Henry L.) blacksmiths
Griswold, Edgar A., bookkeeper and clerk
Griswold, Henry L. (Alfred Griswold & Son)
Griswold, Samuel, farmer, 50
Griswold, Samuel S. (with Julius Z. and Ezra V. Dean)(South Bristol) saw mill and farmer 321
Gulick, Nathan T., agent for Livonia A. Gulick; of Yates Co., steam saw mill and farmer 1227

Hamlin, Daniel H., farmer 347
Hamlin, Edwin A., supervisor and farmer 330
Hamlin, Erastas, farmer 200
Hamlin, Erastas (with Simeon C. Lyon) grist mill
Harris, Mathew P., carpenter and farmer 34 1/2
Hart, Volkart, justice of peace
Hatch, John W. (South Bristol) farmer 52
Hatch, Geo. L., farmer 90
Hatch, Philip, farmer
Hawkins, Benson (South Bristol) farmer 75
Hawkins, Benson T. (South Bristol) saw mill and farmer 103
Henry, Dennis, mason
Henry, Hannah (Richmond) farmer 300
Henry, Wm. H., farmer 86
Hewit, Andrew, farmer 78 1/2
Hills, Cyrus (South Bristol) miller
Hinckley, Mrs. Emily, millinery
Hinckley, Harlo C., tanner and farmer 11
Hinckley, Orville, farmer 90
Hinckley, Wray, note broker and farmer 77
Hines, Mrs. Orrilla, farmer 50
Hoecker, Frederick F., grape grower, music dealer and farmer 25
Holcomb, Frederick C. (South Bristol) farmer 95
Holcomb, Nathan R., cabinet maker and farmer 6 1/2
Hooker, Thos., farmer 440
Hooper, Squier E., machinist and painter
Hotch, Francis, farmer  384
Hotchkiss, Chas. (South Bristol) saw mill and farmer  60
Hoyt, Edmond S., cabinet maker and farmer 1 3/4
Hubbard, Norman (P.O. address, Blood's Corners, Steuben Co.) farmer 115
Huber, John, carriage maker and farmer 7
Hughson, Le Grand (South Bristol) farmer 225
Hughson, Mrs. Sarah J., farmer 1 1/2
Hulbert, John H. (residence and P.O. address Springwater, Livingston Co.) farmer 100
Hurlbutt, Elisha B. (South Bristol) farmer 114
Hyland, Andrew (Richmond) farmer 50
Hyland, James, farmer 50

Ingraham, Avery, farmer leases 73 1/2
Ingraham, Benj., farmer 73 1/2
Ingraham, Mrs. Emily, farmer 50
Ingraham, Hanford, manufacturer of agricultural implements

Jaqua, Carlton S., hotel proprietor
Jeffries, Chas. D., farmer 20
Jeffries, Ralph, farmer leases 3
Jennings, Thos. W., farmer 132
Johnson, Cornelius D., farmer 29
Johnson, Geo. B., farmer 74
Johnson, John, shingle mill and farmer 4
Johnson, John B., nurseryman and farmer 17
Johnson, John P., farmer leases from James L. Monier 400
Johnson, Levi, farmer 120
Johnson,  Otis F., mason and farmer 2
Johnson, Stephen, farmer 88
Johnson, Wm. B., farmer 18
Johnson, Wm. B. Jr., carpenter and farmer    52
Johnson, Wm. H., mason
Jones, Edwin A., farmer 200
Jordan, John, tinsmith

Kelley, Solomon D. (South Bristol) farmer 70
Kenfield, John T., farmer 38
Ketch, Lewis A., carpenter and farmer 3 1/2
Ketch, Lewis A., carpenter and farmer 64
Kimber, Samuel W., photographer
King, John, farmer 215
Knapp, Z. Franklin, dentist, grape grower and farmer 15
Knickerbocker, Miss Ruth, dress and cloak maker

Lacy, John, farmer 73
Lacy, Summers, farmer 4
Lanning, Richard, farmer 58
Lee, Elias S., shoemaker and farmer 3
Lee, Oren D., tannery and vineyard of 4 acres
Lee, Wm. C., tanner and farmer 1
Legore, Isaac Jr., cooper and farmer 70
Levalley, Elkanah S. (E.S. Levalley & Son)
Levalley, E.S. &  Son (Elkanah S. and Orville F.) druggists
Levalley, Orville F. (E.S. Levalley & Son) town clerk
Levalley, Oscar W. (Wm. Levalley & Son)
Levalley, Wm. & Son (Wm. and Oscar W.)  hat and harness manufacturers
Lewis, Geo. C., farmer 72
Liddiard, John, farmer 60
Lincoln, Cyrillo S., lawyer, justice of the peace and farmer  50
Lincoln, Cyrello S. (with  Amos Stoddard) farmer 72
Lincoln, Lewis L., farmer leases 60
Lincoln, Linus F., farmer 110
Lincoln, Lucius (South Bristol) farmer 85
Lord, Sanford (South Bristol) farmer 78
Lown, Jacob (South Bristol) blacksmith
Luther, Calvin H. & Son (Calvin H. and Daniel D.) grist and planing mills
Luther, Calvin H. (Calvin H., Luther and Son) justice of peace
Luther, Daniel D. (Calvin H., Luther and Son)
Luther, Sumner S., painter
Lyon, Abner P., farmer 323
Lyon, Bronson K., farmer 125
Lyon, Carnot M., (S.C. Lyon & Son)
Lyon, Geo. W., shoemaker, constable and farmer 44
Lyon, Hiram, farmer 11
Lyon, Irving M., farmer 67
Lyon, James, farmer 1
Lyon, Jeremiah B., insurance agent
Lyon, S.C. & Son (Simeon C. and Carnot M.) general merchants
Lyon, Seth S., carpenter, vineyard and farmer 2
Lyon, Silas C., farmer 29
Lyon, Simeon H., grape grower and farmer 8
Lyon, Simeon C. (S.C. Lyon & Son) farmer 130

Macumber, James H. (South Bristol) farmer 170
Maltby, Chas., farmer 100
Maltby, John, farmer 211
Manahan, John B. (with Wm. T.) farmer 42
Manahan, Valentine, farmer 16
Manahan, Wm. T. (with John B.) farmer 42
Marks, Wm., general merchant and farmer 80
Marsh, Stephen J., grape and hop grower and farmer 100
Maxfield, Alonzo D., farmer leases 217
Maxfield, Elias, farmer 116
Maxfield, Hiram, fire and life insurance agent
Maxfield, Mrs. Jane, farmer 217
Maxwell, Mrs. Susan (South Bristol) farmer 12
McMichael, Geo., shoemaker and farmer 1/4
McNair, Judah G., saloon keeper
Megaffe, Stephen Y., laborer
Merrill, Henry K., carpenter
Merrill, Sidney, farmer 64
Merrill, S. Jerome, farmer 40
Metcalf, John, farmer 1
Mitchael, Thomas, farmer leases 52
Monier, James L., farmer, 3,000
Moor, Anthony N. (resides in Steuben Co., P.O. address North Cohocton) farmer 77 1/2
More, John, farmer 10
Mosher, Ellether (South Bristol) farmer 25
Moulton, Rice, farmer 114
Muck, James, farmer 80
Mumford, Stephen C., insurance agent

Naracong, David F., farmer 18
Nellis, John D., farmer 460
Nelson, Abram T., hardware dealer and farmer 4
Niece, Lyman D. (South Bristol) carpenter, grocer, notary pubic and farmer 35

Oakley, John, farmer 35
Oehlman, Wm., farmer 199
Olney, Benjamin, farmer 118
Osmer, Ira, painter and farmer 4

Palmanteer, Martin V., carpenter and farmer 42 1/2
Palmentier, Wm., farmer 84
Parker, Joseph (P.O. address Lima, Livingston co.) farmer 127
Parkinson, Thomas, grocer and saloon keeper
Parks, Morrison (P.O. address Blood's Corners, Steuben Co.) farmer 73 1/2
Parmely, James, physician and farmer 60
Parr, John, grape grower and farmer 8
Parsons, Daniel (South Bristol) farmer 50
Partridge, James M. (South Bristol) patent roof manufacturer
Peck, Abram Y., shoemaker
Peck, David, dealer in jewelry and musical instruments
Peck, Isaac N., carpenter
Peck, John, grocery
Peck, Merritt P. (P.O. address Blood's Corners, Steuben Co.) hop grower and farmer 188
Peck, Silsbe (P.O. address Blood's Corners, Steuben Co.) farmer leases 178
Perry, Cyrus B., farmer 35
Perry, John (South Bristol) carpenter and farmer 100
Perry, Oren L., farmer  6
Perry, Seth (works for James L. Monier) farmer 400
Pierce, Ashael (with Otis) farmer 110
Pierce, James, blacksmith and farmer 80
Pierce, Mrs. Jerusha, farmer 40
Pierce, Oliver P., farmer 108
Pierce, Otis (with Ashael) farmer 110
Pierce, Parley H., hop and grape grower, U.S. Express agent and farmer 10
Pierce, Wm. H., shoemaker
Pierce, Wm. M., grape grower and farmer 2 1/2
Polmanteer, John M., farmer 60
Porter, Chas., carpenter and farmer 1
Porter, Edwin, carpenter
Porter, Henry, farmer 2
Porter, Josiah, books and stationery and postmaster
Porter, Robert T., carpenter, vineyard and farmer 3
Porter, Wm., farmer 111
Potter, Edward, farmer leases from Wm. Walker 10
Pottle, Emory B., lawyer and farmer 350
Powell,  Shotwell (South Bristol) farmer 800
Powell, Thos. J., farmer 100
Price, Joseph W., grape grower, blacksmith and farmer 93
Proctor, Horatio, farmer 56
Proper, Leonard M. (South Bristol) farmer 40

Rathbun, Henry S., farmer 2 7
Rathbun, Joseph, farmer 58
Rector, Conrad, farmer 54
Rector, David, farmer 73
Rector, Jacob, farmer 74
Rector, John, farmer 57
Reed, Medad B., merchant tailor, vineyard and farmer 5
Reese, George, grape grower and farmer 8 1/2
Remer, David D., farmer 21
Richardson, Francis, farmer 30
Richardson, John, farmer 1
Ricketsson, John (South Bristol) farmer 170
Robinson, Orrin, blacksmith
Robinson, Wm. H., blacksmith
Roof, John (South Bristol) blacksmith
Rose, Hiram N., saw mill and farmer 59
Ross, Lewis L. (South Bristol) farmer 30
Ross, Smith (South Bristol) blacksmith and farmer 64

Sabin, Jepthir Z., carpenter, vineyard and farmer 3
Sabins, Uriah B., farmer 5
Salisbury, Alonzo W. (P.O. address Blood's Corners, Steuben Co.) farmer 260
Salisbury, Henry J. (P.O. address Blood's Corners, Steuben Co.) farmer lease 260
Salsbury, Thos H. (South Bristol) farmer 100
Sanford, Raiman C., harness maker
Scott, John, farmer 70
Seamans, Isaac A., lawyer
Seamans, Thos. W. (Fessenden & Sons)
Seamans, Thos. W., box manufacturer, grape grower (15 acres) and farmer 34
Semans, Franklin, farmer 190
Semans, Mrs. Rachel (South Bristol) farmer 70
Sherman, Mrs. Rhoda (South Bristol) farmer 62
Simmons, Henry A., farmer 40
Simons, Mrs. Cindarella, farmer 40
Simons, Joseph W., farmer 23
Smith, Benjamin O., farmer 14
Smith, David M. (South Bristol) saw mill and farmer 103
Smith, E. Riley (South Bristol) carriage maker
Smith, Simon, live stock dealer and farmer 300
Snyder, John L., farmer 112
Snyder, Lewis P., farmer 204
Spencer, George, miller
Sprague, Mrs. Martha J., farmer 12 1/2
Springstead, James, farmer 116
Springstead, Wm., farmer 40
Standish, Capt. S., master steamer Joseph Wood, plying between Naples and Canandaigua, semi-daily
Standish, Wm. R. (South Bristol) prop'r Woodville Hotel and farmer 70
Stephenson, Caleb, farmer 50
Stephenson, Daniel, farmer 45
Stetson, Barker, mason and farmer 14
Stewart, Wm., farmer 56
Stoddard, Amos, allopathic physician, dentist and farmer 8
Stoddard, Amos (with Cyrello S. Lincoln) farmer 72
Story, J. & L. (Josiah and Lester) boots and shoes
Story, Josiah (J. & L. Story)
Story, Lester (J. & L. Story)
Strong, Levi, farmer leases 127
Such, Wm., farmer 6 acres of vineyard
Sulivan, Henry, farmer 42
Sutton, Abraham, farmer 56
Sutton, Elizur C., farmer 83
Sutton, George W., farmer 9
Sutton, John D., farmer 8 1/2
Sutton, Lyman L., carpenter and joiner
Sutton, Myron c., music dealer, leader brass band and farmer 100
Sutton, Paul H. (South Bristol) farmer  60
Sutton, Scott R., jeweler
Swarts, Daniel B., farmer 48 /2

Teets, Dan Y., shoemaker
Tenney, John D. (P.O. address Blood's Corners, Steuben Co.) farmer 26
Tenney, M. H Henry, farmer 59
Tenney, Solomon C., farmer 6
Thomas, Frank F., dentist
Thomas, Frederick F., carpenter and joiner
Thrall, Levi G., surveyor, grape grower and farmer 5
Thurber, Amaziah J. (South Bristol) saw mill and farmer 216
Thurber, Wm. L., farmer 86
Tiffany, Lester, blacksmith and farmer 1
Tobey, L. & Son (Lyman Sr. and Lyman Jr.) general merchants
Tobey, Lyman (L. Tobey & Son)
Tobey, Lyman Jr. (L. Tobey & Son)
Torrey, Mrs. Olive C., farmer 1/2
Tozer, Arthur (South Bristol) farmer 147
Tozer, James R. (South Bristol) farmer 60
Tozer, Wm. S. (South Bristol) farmer 111
Trembly, Isaac (South Bristol) farmer 230
Turner, Christopher C., farmer 93
Tyler, Asel W., farmer 122
Tyler, Fisher W., farmer 120
Tyler, Henry F., farmer 165
Tyler, Holis J., farmer 604
Tyler, Wm. W., farmer 122

Vanosdol, Peter, shoemaker and farmer 108
Vermilye, John, farmer leases 40

Waddell, James M., physician
Wales, Samuel C., farmer 62
Walter, Bernard, blacksmith
Warren, Amasa T., farmer 60, and leases 59
Warren, Sylvester, farmer 3
Washburn, Alvin, farmer 22
Washburn, Chester, farmer 62
Washburn, Elisha G., saw mill, fruit grower and farmer 229
Washburn, Valentinne, farmer 23
Watkins, Alanson, farmer 210
Watkins, James W., stage proprietor
Watkins, Ward, farmer leases from Alanson Watkins
Watrous, Henry H., general merchant and farmer 35
Way, Joshua, allop. physician
Webb,  Henry (South Bristol) farmer leases 50
Webb, John, carpenter
Webb, Orsamus, mason
Webb, Wm. A., shoemaker
Weld, Harvey, farmer 118
Wells & Chesebro (Elijah Wells and James Chesebro) iron founders and hardware dealers
Wells, Elijah (Wells &  Chesebro)
Wesbrook, Henry, farmer 185
Wesbrook, Mrs. Jane, farmer 20
West, Damon, farmer 87 3/4
Wheeler, Christopher C., farmer 23
Wheeler, Seymour, farmer 200
Whiting, John P., carriage maker and farmer 2
Whitman, Franklin M., farmer 215
Wilbur, Ephraim S.,  farmer 126
Wilbur, Samuel G., saw mill and farmer 2
Wilder, Erastus (South Bristol) farmer 40
Wilder, John A. (South Bristol) farmer 40
Wiley, Milo M., farmer 55
Williams, Ephraim C., farmer 5 6
Williams, Ira C., farmer 175
Williams, Thos. R., farmer 333
Wilson, Mrs. Eliza (P.O. address Blood's Corners, Steuben Co.) farmer 25
Wilson, George, carpenter and farmer 50
Wilson, Geo. (P.O. address Blood's Corners, Steuben Co.) carpenter and farmer 50
Wilson, Hugh, carpenter, vineyard and farmer 5
Wilson, Wm., grape grower and farmer  5
Wing, Orrin, farmer leases 29
Wing, Pratt, farmer 6
Wisewell, Chas. R. (lives with his father)
Wisewell, Edwin J., saw mill and farmer 84 1/2
Wisewell, Henry F., wool carder and farmer 6
Witkins, Joseph H. (South Bristol) farmer 120
Wood, Joseph Rev., F.W. Baptist clergyman and farmer 80
Wood, Wm. H. (South Bristol) farmer 50
Woodard, Mark (South Bristol) farmer 152
Wright, Loomis B., farmer 164
Wright, Lyman, farmer 35
Wright, Sanford, farmer 136
Wright, Zenas B., molder

Yaw, Daniel C., farmer 155
Young, Stephen B., shoemaker

Source: Gazetteer and business directory of Ontario County, N.Y. for 1867-8. Syracuse, N.Y.: Hamilton Child. 1867.

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