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Town of Phelps - Ontario County NY

This listing is from an unknown source provided by the Seneca County historian; it may be a partial listing. It is noted to be a private cemetery located on Rt. 96 in the Town of Phelps; may be in a present-day gravel pit.

Note: Received email from Ginny Chasteen (deceased 2021) with better information: "It is not in the gravel pits on Rt. 96 but next to it. There is a gravelly area that is big enough for 1 or 2 cars to park and the cemetery is less than about 100 yards to the left of that, up a little hill . . . there was a large wooden sign marking it. There are 3 Revolutionary War veterans buried there -- Oliver, Charles and George.  They are also pioneer citizens of Phelps, arriving between 1790 and 1792. Oliver has a bronze historical marker in front of his grave marking him a war vet. My family had it put there during the 200th anniversary of Phelps. At that time no one knew about Charles and George." Thanks, Ginny for your help.

Note: Information sent by Jackie Humphrey: This was my project in honor of my deceased husband who was a name-sake of Oliver Humphrey of the Rev. War, in anticipation of the Phelps Bicentennial in 1989. At that time, the D.A.R. and the S.A.R. had no record of Oliver's Rev. War Service and there was no service recognition on or around Oliver's gravestone. I sent the proper documentation, including Oliver's Rev. War Pension application, to the U.S. Veteran's Administration Monument Services in Washington, D.C. for an official U.S. marker. This was approved because I submitted; the proper documentation and I decided to use their official U.S.V.A. marker. The D.A.R. and the S.A.R. also gave me permission to order and place their official marker because I had submitted proper documentation, but I decided not to obtain their markers. My daughter and I planned to fly from Florida to attend the Bicentennial and I wrote to Jon Heembrock requesting that he accept the marker because I didn't have a N.Y. address and I couldn't fly with the marker. Jon, now deceased, was step-father of; Ginny Chasteen. Jon graciously accepted and agreed to place the U.S.V.A. official marker. I obtained permission to place the marker from the construction company that owned the property in 1989. This information should serve to inform those who wish to place markers, the process that should be followed.

The original Oliver Humphrey land was located on both sides of the road at Five Points (Rte 96), Township of Phelps. In time, the Oliver Humphrey land was divided. His grandson Andrew Humphrey owned the land where the Ontario Sand and Gravel Co. was later established. Andrew's son Hugh J. Humphrey sold the land to the Gravel Co.

Jackie also sent a copied page from THE HUMPHREYS FAMILY IN AMERICA; Frederick Humphreys; with a cemetery listing and a quote:

"The Humphrey burial place in the eastern part of Phelps is one which is beautiful for situation. It is located on the ancient Humphrey estate, and within its soil is all which remains of the early pioneers and their descendants. It is on the east brow of a hill, and near a brook. It is now (1883) surrounded by a board fence. A large and noble chestnut tree stands as a sentinel amidst the dead." Thank you, Jackie, for sharing this information.

HUMPHREY, William; 1826-1915;
HUMPHREY, Harriet W., his wife; 1827-1903;
HUMPHREY, John W.; 1847-1926;
HUMPHREY, Clara B., his wife; 1853-1911;
HUMPHREY, John II; died Nov 4 1866; ae (stone broken); died Nov 21 1860; ae 60-6-4;
HUMPHREY, Elizabeth, wife of John; died May 21 1859; ae 56-3-13;
HUMPHREY, Charles; died Apr 22 1835; ae 73-2-24; ae 72-2-24;
BELL, Sarah, wife of Hamilton Bell; died Feb 25 1843; ae 82 yrs;
HUMPHREY, John; June 21 1791 - July 3 1863; ae 72 yrs;
HUMPHREY, Perlina, his wife; June 19 1802 - Dec 19 1885; ae 85 yrs;
HANNA, Marcy, wife of William Hanna; died Aug 18 1852; ae 44 yrs 11 days;
HANNA, Marchel, son of William & M. Hanna; died June 28 1853; ae 10 mos 10 days;
WIGGINS, Harriet, dau of Cad & Mary Wiggins; died Jan 13 1830; ae --; ae 22-4-6;
WIGGINS, Cad.; died Sep 17 1860; ae 88-6-5; See information sent by Jackie Humphrey at end of listing;
WIGGINS, Mary, wife of Cad W., died May 29 1840; ae 67 yrs;
HUMPHREY, William, son of H. & P. R. Humphrey; died Aug 19 1833; ae 2 yrs 1 mo; William W., son of Hugh & Phebe;
HUMPHREY, Benjamin, son of H. & P. Humphrey; died June 5 1821; ae 1-10-13; Benjamin F., son of Hugh & Phebe);
died June 15 1824; ae 4-11-15;
HUMPHREY, Phebe R., wife of Hugh Humphrey; died May 21 1870; ae 70-4-14;
HUMPHREY, Oliver; died Sep 28 1843; ae 85 yrs;
HUMPHREY, Mary, his wife; died June 24 1822; ae 51 yrs;
JENNINGS, Mariette, dau of Henry & Mary Jennings; died Dec 2 1843; ae 2 mos 6 days; Marrieta; died Dec 22 1843;
ae 1 mo 26 days;
HUMPHREY, Mary, dau of H. & P. Humphrey; died Aug 29 1823; ae 7 mos 20 days; dau of Hugh & Phebe;
THOMPSON, Hugh J., son of J. M. & J. E. Thompson, died Feb 4 1852; ae 1-2-11;
HUMPHREY, George; died Aug 22 1833; ae 76-2-22;
HUMPHREY, Mercy, his wife; died July 3 1849; ae 83 yrs; ae 83-2-13;
KIPP, Walter; died Nov 29 1820; ae 9 mos 26 days; Walter Kipp Humphrey;
CARR, Ray died Nov 1913; ae 50 yrs; from obituary;
CARR, Ida; died June 6 1917; ae 64 yrs; from obituary;
HUMPHREY, William Kipp; died Oct 27 1826; ae 3 mos 9 days;
HUMPHREY, Hugh; died 25 Apr 1861; ae 66-8-19;
WILCOX, Phebe, wife of Stephen; died Sep 8 1826; ae 41 yrs 11 days;
AVERY, Philo; died Aug 7 1828; ae 27 yrs;

In the yard at Oaks Corners (public), about a mile from foregoing yard, are the following;
Jeduthan Humphrey; died Mar 16 1853; ae 64 yrs;
Elizabeth D. (wife of Jeduthan); died Aug 3 1837; ae 49 yrs;
Henry D. (son of Jeduthan and E. D.); died Aug 3 1838; ae 3 yrs

Note at bottom: Married, in Phelps Mar 11 1819 Hugh Humphrey and Phebe Wiggins.

Cad/Cadwell/Cadwallader Wiggins. He was s/o John Wiggins and Mary Potter. Cad was born 3 March 1772 Orange Co. N.Y. He died Sept 17 1860; 88 yrs, 6 mo. 5 days, Phelps, and was buried in Humphrey Cem. because his dau. Phebe married Hugh Humphrey. He appears on 1850 census in Phelps with his 2nd wf Rachel b. Ireland. Rachel appeared much later in Orleans Co. NY and is not buried with him in the Humphrey Cem.,

Cad was buried with his first wife Mary Potter in Humphrey Cem. Mary was b. ca 1773. She died 29 May 1840 age 67 yrs, Phelps. Cad Wiggins resided in Stillwater, Saratoga Co. N.Y. in 1800 census , next door to his father. By 1819 he resided in Tn of Phelps and he appeared on 1820, 1830 and 1850 census in Tn of Phelps. He resided very close to Hugh Humphrey.
Jackie Humphrey

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