John Baxter I and wife lived in England. They had five children, one girl in England, four sons, John, William, James and Samuel.

2. Child John II, born _____ 1799, died Dec. 29, 1872.

3. Child William, born June 16, 1807, died Aug. 18, 1872.

4. Child James. He lived in Wisconsin, U. S. A.

5. Child Samuel. He lived in or near Rochester, N. Y.


John Baxter II was born at Yarmouth, Suffolk County, England, 1799. The son of John Baxter I in England. In England he was a fisherman going out to sea for three or four weeks at a time.

He married Mary Ann Wright of England (date not known) who was born May 10, 1802. In the spring of 1854, he and his family of 12 children came to America. They were four weeks coming across the ocean in a sailing vessel. Their youngest child Samuel died on the way and was buried at sea May 4, 1854. Mary Ann did not want to come to America and leave her friends, but her sons were anxious to come so they promised her they would not wander off and leave her. As a result of this promise, they all settled near Geneva, New York. They lived on the corner of Lake and Evans Streets near the present Catholic Cemetery. John secured a position as tile and brick maker of J. B. Dixon. In 1862 he bought a farm of about 30 acres. It was located half way between the Whitney and Gates roads about five miles west of Geneva. The farm was bought of James Pesbasco. The owner before him was Dutton (who had 12 children). All were musicians. Dutton retained 10 acres, and John worked this on shares and later bought it making him about 40 acres. (The New York State Experiment Station owns the land now. (1958)

The Baxters lived two years in the log house which contained two rooms down stairs and a built on kitchen. Upstairs was not finished and it was nothing to awake in the morning in the winter to find the bed covered with snow. John built a new house of bricks of clay (or lumps as they were called). These lumps were about 12 inches square and were made of clay taken out on the farm. They were plastered on the inside, sided on the outside, making a warm house. Here he lived until his death of pneumonia, Dec. 29, 1872. Age 73 years. He never was sick before.

John was a large frame man of medium height, weighing about 180 lbs., a very strong man with large hands. His hands were so large he could not milk a cow. (His wife did the milking.) He always smoked his clay pipe after supper. He could not read or write but Mary could. She wrote letters to England which cost 24 cents to send, and she always had to pay postage on the return letters.

At harvest time she would make beer. She also was a large woman. Mary was bedridden quite a few months before she died September 17, 1878, age 76 years.

Besides their own 12 children, they bought up three grandchildren, William, Sarah, and George Mosey. The oldest five years and the youngest a baby when their parents died. Their grandson (William Mosey) tells the story of when they moved to the farm he was about six years old. The snow in the roads was deep, the sleigh would cut through in places. William was riding on the top of the load when the sleigh cut through throwing him to the ground. His grandfather dared not stop for him there, as he might get stuck in the snow. Young William was so frightened that he would be left behind that he yelled and screamed as loud as he could. When John got through the deepest snow he came for him and when he reached the farm he built a fire and put dry clothes on him.

John and Mary had 12 children 2 girls, 2 boys, and then 2 girls again, etc.
 1. Maria Baxter, Born Nov. 28, 1828, Died Nov. 30, 1861
 2. Eliza Baxter, Born Dec. 1, 1830, Died Mar. 15, 1923
 3. William Baxter, Born Aug. 1, 1832, Died Nov. 11, 1903
 4. James Baxter, Born Oct. 9, 1834, Died Apr. 26, 1896
 5. Sarah Baxter, Born Mar. 7, 1836, Died Mar. 8, 1914
 6. Ann Baxter, Born May 25, 1837, Died Dec. 26, 1893
 7. George Baxter, Born Sept. 27 1840, Died Apr 23, 1841 in   England.
 8. John Baxter III, Born Sept. 27, 1840, Died Mar. 27, 1916
 9. Mary Ann Baxter, Born Nov. 12, 1842, Died Mar 18, 1875
10. Elizabeth Baxter, Born Apr. 29, 1844, Died Apr. 10 1872
11. George Baxter, Born Mar. 22, 1846, Died Apr 2, 1860
12. Samuel Baxter, Died May 4, 1854 at sea.

William, the third child of John Baxter I and wife was born in England June 16, 1807. He came to America before his brother John. He lived on North Exchange St., Geneva, N. Y. He married Ann Thompson who was born Feb. 14, 1811 and died Jan. 9, 1880. He was known as Wicked Will. He died Aug. 18, 1872. They had 9 children. Four of them died of diphtheria in the epidemic of 1860.
Their children:

1. Sarah Baxter
2. Charles Baxter
3. Sophia Baxter, Born Sept. 11, 1834, Died June 7, 1921
4. Elizabeth Baxter, Born Aug. 30, 1836, Died Jan. 14, 1864.
5. John Baxter, Born Nov. 16 1839, Died Feb. 29, 1860
6. Mary Ellen Baxter, Born Feb. 19, 1844, Died Apr. 11, 1860
7. George Baxter, Born May 29, 1846, Died Aug. 29, 1854.
8. Eliza Ann Baxter, Born Dec. 4, 1848, Died Feb. 27, 1860
9. William Baxter, Born Sept. 9, 1852, Died Mar. 3, 1860

Fourth child, James Baxter; James was born in England. He came to America before brother John. Nothing is known of him as he lived in Wisconsin. He visited brother John once that William Mosey can remember. He had three boys and three girls some of whom were killed in a cyclone. Mary Ann, John's wife use to correspond with them.


Fifth child, Samuel Baxter, was born in England. He came to America before 1854. He lived in or near Rochester, New York. Nothing is known of him.


First child, Maria Baxter, Daughter of John Baxter and Mary Ann Wright was born in England, November 28, 1828. She came to this country with her parents at the age of 25 on June 10, 1855. She married William Mosey II and lived on West St., Geneva, New York, where she worked by the day. On Aug. 8, 1861, William died of diphtheria, and three months later (Nov. 30, 1861) Maria died, age 33 years. Both she and her husband are buried in Washington Street Cemetery. They had three children:
1. William Mosey, Born Aug. 10, 1856, Died Apr. 22, 1955
2. Sarah Mosey, Born Sept. 22, 1858, Died Aug. 17, 1939
3. George Mosey, Born Oct. 29, 1860, Died Oct. 20, 1941

William Mosey, first child of William Mosey II and Maria Baxter was born in Geneva, New York, Aug. 10, 1856. He was five years old when both of parents died. He then came to live with his grandmother and grandfather Baxter on a farm which was located back in the fields halfway between the Gates and Whitney roads about 5 miles west of Geneva, N. Y. He attended the district school in the Whitney District for a few terms. When he was 16 years old his Grandfather Baxter died, and he worked the farm for his grandmother until her death in 1878.

During this time he was given a calf and a colt for his own, but upon the death of his grandmother the other heirs came and ordered everything sold at auction including the calf and colt and so he received nothing for his services at his grandparents. In 1878 he went to work for George Wheeler on his farm, saved his money and in 1881 had enough to make a payment on a small farm of 26 1/2 acres near Seneca Castle, which he bought of Barney Boyle. This place is now part of the late C. F. Ottley estate and is now owned by George Ferguson (1949). Feb. 10, 1881 he married Martha D. Sydney. He lived on this farm for 5 years but found it hard to make his payments as it took as much equipment to cultivate this small place as it would one a little larger and the returns of course were smaller. So in 1886 he sold this farm to C. F. Ottley and purchased a larger farm of 50 acres of Artemus Hypolete on the Whitney road about 2 miles east of Seneca Castle. When he became crippled with rheumatism and was unable to work the farm, he built a house in Seneca Castle in 1917, moved there, and rented the farm to Sherman Yagle for one year, but this proved unsatisfactory. He sold it to John Lynch for $12,250. A year or two later he bought the Hobart Whitney farm on Castle road two miles east of Seneca Castle, and Harold Soper then 18 years old worked the place on shares. In due course of time he sold this farm to Harold Soper and his brother Leon, but has always maintained his interest in the farm by doing whatever work he has been able to do. He cut all the grain (about 50 acres) on this farm the year he was 82. He also did all the two horse cultivating.

William Mosey has been a man of honest upright character and always willing to help someone else in disaster in what ever way he was able. He is a man of excellent judgement and the Soper boys have taken his advice and relied on his judgement to a large extent and prospered thereby. At the age of 21 he received about $800 from the estate of his grandfather William Mosey I. He would have had more but the bank failed upon the death of his grandmother, Ann Burton Mosey. In 1883 he received a legacy of about $500 and on the death of his Aunt Ann Elizabeth in 1894, he received about $400. At the time when William Mosey was in his prime, the little settlement on the Whitney road was known by the inhabitants thereof as "Brooklyn" and Seneca Castle as "Saints Rest". It was also called "the nest," William Mosey was called the "Rector," Mr. James Clark who lived in the little house south of George Wheeler's was called the "Deacon," and his son, Isaac, was the "Dude." Lewis Rayfield worked for William Mosey one season.

William Mosey and Martha Sydney had two children:
1. Carrie Belle, Born Dec. 30, 1881, Died Sept. 22, 1954; married Charles Mason Buchan of Hopewell, New York, Dec. 30, 1903
2. Minnie Elfredia, born Sept. 15, 1889, Died June 25, 1968; married Ray Erwin Allis, Feb. 10, 1914
Carrie Belle Mosey

Carrie Belle, first child of William Mosey and Martha Sydney, was born Dec. 30, 1881, on the small farm just west of Seneca Castle, which has since become a part of the George Ferguson farm. At the age of 4 years she moved with her parents to the Hypolite farm on the Whitney road. During this childhood period, many are the happy memories of the days spent with Leah Post at the home of Mrs. Charles Post where her Aunt Sarah Jane Mosey worked. The dolls and the tea parties and the time that their shoes got buried in the oats, and Mr. Post who was a very large man and not used to work had to dig them out, and the Mother Goose stories that her Aunt Jane read by the hour. These visits lasted some times as long as 3 weeks.

Carrie received her education at the Sand Hill district school. At the age of 14 years went to live with her Aunt Jane, now Mrs. Sarah Allis, in Albion where she stayed for four years and attended Albion High School, also the teacher's training class. The graduating exercises were held in the Baptist Church. Each member of the class delivered an essay or an oration. As this class was the largest in the history up to that time, consisting of 26 members, it was necessary to divide the class and hold the exercises both afternoon and evening. In 1900-01 Carrie taught Algerine St. School; 1902-1903 taught the Whitney district school. On Dec. 30, 1903 she was married to Charles Mason Buchan of Hopewell, in the presence of about 50 guests, by the Rev. S. F. Sanford with Rev. W. H. Sandford assisting.

From 1903 to 1920 she resided on a farm in the town of Hopewell, New York; in 1920 moved to the Thompson house in Seneca Castle; in 1921 moved to the Chapin house in the village where she since lived. After moving in the Chapin house she worked at the kraut factory in Seneca Castle during the cabbage season. During World War 2 she worked at the American Can in Geneva until she was 65 years of age, and after that she did the bookkeeping for her husband in his pump and plumbing business. In 1946 she moved in with her father to care for him, going back to assist her husband during the day. Her husband died Sept. 22, 1954. She sold her place and moved to Clyde near her son.

They had four children:
1. Harold M. Buchan, Born July 5, 1905, Died Nov. 10, 1908
2. Gertrude Irene Buchan, Born Nov. 10, 1906; married Charles Emmett Odell, Born Mar. 28 1904, on Sept. 23, 1936
3. Helen Marie Buchan
4. William Mosey Buchan; married Jane Grace Fisher
Gertrude Irene Buchan married Charles Emmett Odell, Sept. 23, 1936. He was born Mar. 29, 1904.

Minnie Elfredia Mosey

Minnie Elfredia, second child of William Mosey and Martha Sydney, was born Sept. 15, 1889 on the Hypolite farm two miles east of Seneca Castle. She received her education at Sand Hill district school and at the age of 15 went to Albion to live with her Aunt Sarah J. Allis at 29 West Park St. and attended the Albion High School and teachers' training class. At the end of 4 years she received her teacher's certificate in 1909. She taught at the Algerine St. School for 2 years. Was married to Ray Erwin Allis on Feb. 10, 1914 in the presence of about 20 guests by Rev. E. J. Brookes, pastor of the Seneca Castle Methodist Church. Helen Buchan, niece, and Neva Reed were flower girls. The couple went to Washington, D.C. on their honeymoon. They went to housekeeping on a farm owned by Mr. Allis on the Bates road, three miles northeast of Medina. In Nov. 1948 she and her husband moved to Seneca Castle to care for her father who was then 92 years old. After her father's death, they sold the place in Seneca Castle and moved back to Medina in 1957. They had two children.

Sarah Jane Mosey

Sarah Jane, second child of William Mosey II and Marie Baxter, was born in Geneva, N. Y., Sept. 22, 1858. At the age of 3 her parents both died and she went to live with her grandmother and grandfather Baxter who lived on a farm located midway between the Whitney and Gates roads in the town of Seneca, Ontario Co., N. Y. She attended the district school in the Whitney district for a few years. Her grandmother and Aunt Ann made her sew and piece quilts, sewing a certain amount every day. In later years this sewing stunt made her very disgusted when she reflects that she should have been playing and having a good time. Hence her appreciation of a hand pieced quilt is somewhat dis (rest of word missing.) One of these quilts pieced at the age of 10 years is now in the possession of Irene Odell. After the death of her grandmother, or when about 20 years old, she made her own living by working as a kitchen girl. Some of her employers were Betsy Ann Dixon, Mrs. Edward Rice, Mrs. William Childs, and lastly Mrs. Charles Post who she worked for a number of years. They were very well to do people. Lived just east of Flint on a farm. The last two or three years she was with them. They lived winters in Penn Yan. On Jan. 28, 1892 she was married to Elijah Hedding Allis, a distant relative of Mrs. Post. The wedding occurred a few months earlier than planned so as to enable her brother George and wife of Evanston, Wyoming, to attend as they were visiting here at that time. Carrie Belle Mosey and Leah Post were attendants of the bride. The wedding was given by Mrs. Post and occurred in Penn Yan. The couple made their home in Albion, N. Y. where Mr. Allis conducted a grocery store on East State St. After Mr. Allis' death she moved to 29 West Park St. where she remodeled her house into a two apartment house and later built a new house to rent on this same large lot in place of the old barn which originally stood there.

Many were the small garments and sewing done for her nieces' children. Both her nieces, Carrie and Minnie Mosey, attended the Albion school, living with her at the time. She made nearly all their dresses while there. Mrs. Allis was a communicant of the Presbyterian Church in Albion and is liked and respected by her friends and neighbors. She had no children. Her death occurred Aug. 17, 1939 and was caused by a cerebro hemorage (shock).

George Baxter Mosey

George Baxter, the third child of William Mosey II and Maria Baxter, was  born Oct. 29, 1861. His parents both died when he was 9 months old and he was brought up by his grandmother and grandfather Baxter. He attended school in the Whitney district. Upon the death of his grandmother at 18 years of age, he went to work for John Newkirk where he remained two years and went to school winters. He then went to Cheney Whitney's to work where he remained until he was twenty-six years old. Through the influence of a relative of Mr. Whitney he went to Evanston, Wyoming, and there he stayed the remainder of his life. On Dec. 3, 1881 he married Anna Eliza Switzer. George Mosey died Oct. 20, 1941. Anna, his wife, died May 5, 1949. They had five children.
1. Baxter Mosey Born Sept. 15, 1888, Died June 3, 1911
2. George Howard Mosey, Born Feb 4 1891, Died Oct. 26, 1963
3. Helen D. Mosey, Born June 19, 1895
4. Anna E. Mosey, Born Aug. 20, 1896, Died Aug. 20, 1896
5. Clarence Don Mosey, Born Dec. 8, 1902, Died Jan. 6 1903
Howard Mosey of Evanston, Wyoming, married Clara Serenson June 21, 1921. She was born May 20, 1894.

1. Lois Margaret Mosey
2. George Howard Mosey, Died Dec. 1945
Helen D. Mosey of Evanston, Wyoming, married William Fredrick Seitz May 23, 1925. He was born June 22, 1895.
Eliza Baxter

Eliza Baxter, 2nd child of John Baxter II and Mary Ann Wright, was born in England Dec. 1, 1830. She was 23 years old when she came to America with her parents in 1854. On Dec. 4, 1856 (?) she married Robert Lambert who was born Mar. 21, 1831. They started housekeeping on a rental farm on the Melvin Hill road near Geneva, New York. Later they moved to the Benjamin Wooden farm east of old Premtion road in the town of Waterloo in the year 1856 or 1857. Their oldest child, Anna Eliza, was born there Nov. 20, 1857. They lived there till she was at least two years old. It seems that they moved from there up to Hall across the road from Hall church and cemetery. They only lived there one year. I think they moved to a little red house on the road east of Benjamin Wooden place. They lived there around 1870, went back to Wooden place and stayed there till 1875, then they moved to a farm on East Lake road, stayed there about 3 years. They moved from there to the Halstead place or farm on West Lake road about 2 miles south from Geneva. They lived there for 25 years. Then in 1899 or 1900 Eliza and son James bought the Squire place on Stanley Hall road 3 1/2 miles west of Geneva, N. Y., across from George Fordon farm. They lived there till death took them. Eliza lived to be 92 years, Robert lived to be 75 years, and James lived to the age of 75  years.

They had three children:
1. Ann Eliza Lambert, Born Nov. 20, 1857, Died Apr. 19, 1928
2. James William Lambert, Born July 2, 1861, Died Dec. 4, 1935
3. John Henry Lambert, Born Mar. 27, 1863, Died Nov. 11, 1915
Anna Eliza Lambert

Anna Eliza, oldest child of Robert Lambert and Eliza Baxter, was born east of Geneva in the town of Waterloo, Seneca Co., N. Y. Born Nov. 20, 1857. She married Andrew Wooden Nov. 1, a son of Benjamin Wooden and Marion P. Straughan, who lived with his mother across the road from them. In order for Andrew to start farming for himself, he had to borrow $500 to buy a team and tools. They had just the very necessary things for keeping house. On Aug. 27, 1904, Saturday at about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, he was loading manure. His foot slipped in the manure, he fell on his hand, and drove the joint of his thumb through the skin, and by the time he could get to the doctor, the germ may have been in the blood stream up to his elbow. He suffered terrible with lockjaw. He died Sept. 3, 1904. He was born June 2, 1851. After his death Anna ran the farm for two years, then sold at auction everything but 2 horses and 3 cows. Then she rented the land to Chris Nelsen. He worked the land till 1910, then Anna and family moved to Geneva, N. Y., on Mill St. and rented the house with the farm. Then a couple of years or so she moved back down on the farm till it was sold. Then she left the farm to live with her youngest daughter, Zillah, on the road to Geneva at the end of the road leading to the farm, where she died Apr. 19, 1928.

They had seven children:
1. Benjamin William Wooden, Born Apr. 2, 1877, Died Aug. 15 1877
2. Jennie Elizabeth Wooden, Born Feb. 2, 1879, Died Aug. 24, 1881
3. Charles Leroy Wooden, Born May 2, 1880, Died June 15, 1881
4. Bertha R. Wooden, Born May 6, 1882
5. Eva Rose Wooden, Born Mar. 16, 1888, Died Apr. 21, 1963
6. Clarence Lambert Wooden, Born July 12, 1890, Died Jan 10, 1947
7. Zillah Edith Wooden, Born Aug. 16, 1897
Bertha R. Wooden

Bertha R., the fourth child of Andrew Wooden and Anna E. Lambert, was born May 6, 1882, east of Geneva in the town of Waterloo, N. Y. She went to school District No. 5, Town of Waterloo, Seneca Co., N. Y. Her mother taught her the first reader, spelling and some arithmetic at home. When 8 years old, started to school and put in second grade, passed all eight grades in rural school, then had to stay home to help her mother with the house work on the farm and do some work on the farm like raking hay and driving on horse fork for her father and caring for chickens. After her father's death in 1904, she cared for 3 cows and two horses and chickens and cultivated the garden for her mother. Then in April 1910 the family moved to Geneva and she went to live with her grandmother Lambert and stayed the summer to help her. Then in the fall, Dec. 7, 1910, she married Henry Harvey Bonnell as his second wife. He was born Oct. 13, 1861, and died at the age of 86, Jan. 10, 1948. They lived on his fruit farm on a crossroad leading from the Waterloo Five Points road to Steel road on a farm of 109 acres. He was the father of two sons, Louis R. Bonnell and William S. Bonnell, one 14 years of age and the other 11 years. They lived there till May 1923 when Louis R. was married and took over the farm on shares. They bought the old Gage place of 14 acres of Lobeck who bought of Levi Straughan on the Waterloo-Geneva road (now 5 and 20) 1/4 mile west of Packwood Corners. After they moved Harvey began to plant the place with fruit trees. Apples, pears, plums, cherries, apricots, grapes, raspberries and strawberries, and an asparagus bed. They had one cow and a horse at first, then decided that another cow was worth more than the horse was to them, then added 1 or 2 more cows for milk. They sold milk to the neighbors and Bertha made butter and had as many as 9 customers for it. They kept about 200 hens, raised 200 chickens each year and sold all the eggs and fowl and chicken from the house. When the paved road was built and tourists traveled through they put up a sign for tourists and received quite a few travelers. Then when Sampson was built on the east side of Seneca Lake she took the workmen for roomers and had as high as nine men at one time. When that was over she had a chance to board and room a lady from Bridgewater, N. Y., by the name of Mrs. Frank Tower whose husband worked for the Geneva Times in Geneva. She was not well and couldn't care for herself. That is how Bertha got started caring for elderly ladies, and did that till about three years after Harvey's death, Jan. 10, 1948. Then in April 1954 she sold her place to her nephew, Clarence F. DeLamarter. He and his brother, Donald, built a small house across the driveway on a lot 65 foot wide and 116 foot long. Harvey grew older and not so able to care for so much and they began to sell the land off in building lots. To the west they sold to the Esso Co. Wright's boat yard, and lot of 100 foot to Clarence DeLamarter, and on the east, 70 foot to Elmer Coryell and 70 foot to Arthur Sniffen, then in 1958 Bertha sold 100 feet to William Bonnell which took all but her small lot.

Eva Rose Wooden

Eva Rose, the fifth child of Andrew Wooden and Anna E. Lambert was born Mar. 16, 1888, east of Geneva in the town of Waterloo, N. Y. She attended the rural school of District No. 5 of the town of Waterloo, Seneca Co., N. Y., and went to Barkley's College, Geneva. She was married Feb. 17, 1909, to Fredrick DeLamarter, Geneva, N. Y. They were married at St. Peters parsonage. They lived with the family on the farm till 1910, then in Geneva, N. Y. They lived there till their 3rd son, Richard, was born, then they moved in with Grandmother Lambert for a while and then moved to a place near Five Points, from there to the Harpending place on the Waterloo-Geneva road. Then they bought the house they now live in just west of them, 1/4 mile east of Packwoods Corner. Fred was born Jan. 11, 1890, in Geneva. Fred worked at the machinist trade at the McCarrol garage until Mr. McCarrol died, and then went to the Shuron Optical Co. Retired in 1957. They have four children.

Clarence Lambert Wooden

Clarence Lambert, sixth child of Andrew Wooden and Anna Eliza Lambert, was born July 12, 1890, east of Geneva in the town of Waterloo, N. Y., Seneca County. He went to rural school Dist. No. 5, Waterloo, N. Y. and to Barkley College. He married Frances McGilvery Dec. 18, 1919, who was born Dec. 18, 1898. They lived with his sister, Zillah, till after their daughter was born, and then bought his Aunt Maria Russel's place at the end of the road across from his sister Zillah. He lived there a few years, then sold to Perley Kniffen and bought a house on Clark St., Waterloo, N. Y. where he died Jan. 10, 1947. He served in World War I and was a past Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, member of American Legion, and also F. and A. M. Ark Lodge. The funeral services were private with Rev. Herbert W. Lamb of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in charge. Buried in Glenwood Cemetery in the new part, Geneva, N. Y.

Zillah Edith Wooden

Zillah Edith, seventh child of Andrew Wooden and Anna Eliza Lambert, was born Aug. 16, 1897
east of Geneva in the town of Waterloo, N. Y., Seneca County. She went to  Dist. No. 5 school in the town of Waterloo till 1910, then went to school in Geneva, N. Y. She married William Henry Mathews Sept. 4, 1918 who was born Feb. 27, 1897 and died Aug. 5, 1943 at the age of 43 years. He worked at Shuron Optical Company, Geneva, N. Y. They lived at her mother's home till the place was sold and then they bought a place at the head of the road and lived there a few years. Then moved to Rose St. in Geneva; from there to Milton Street where he died. Then she and girls bought a place on Argyle Street, Geneva, and still live there. After the children left home to live in their own homes she decided to sell and rent an apartment at 10 Park Place till the fall of 1966 she moved with her daughter, in Penfield, N. Y.

William Baxter

William Baxter, third child of John Baxter II and Mary Ann Wright, was born in England Aug. 1, 1832. He was nearly 22 years old when he came to America in 1854. On Dec. 3, 1866, he married Ellen Siquine. ** The Rev. Doc Rogers of Geneva, N. Y., performed the ceremony. Ellen was a widow with a little girl of 9 years named Kitty. Kitty was married to J. H. Munson June 10, 1885. She had four children: Fredrick C. born July 31, 1887; Katherine Fitch born Dec. 22, 1889; Frances and Elizabeth, twins, born July 14, 1892. William worked for the Smith's Nursery Co. for over 50 years. He was a budder, mostly of roses. He could bud better and faster than any other man according to B. F. Kean, another nurseryman. In the winter he would build the large boxes that nursery trees were shipped in. He was handy at most any kind of work.

**Bertha spelled her name "Siquine", but there weren't any people living in New York with that surname. Some searching led me to a family in Richmond County with the surname "Seguine." As they were associated with the nursery business, and William was as well, it seemed logical that Ellen's first marriage could have been to a member of that family. Further research is needed.

William was a strong Odd Fellow, joining the Castle Lodge in 1881. He lived on Castle Street at the Bend, but later bought a house on the corner of Castle and Brook Street. William died Nov. 11, 1903 at the age of 71 years. His wife, Ellen, lived alone until she was unable to care for herself, then William Mosey cared for her two or three years. Then she went to a home in Geneva where she died July 7, 1916. Both she and her husband, William, are buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Geneva, N. Y. They had one child who died at the age of 10 years with diphtheria.
1. Jennie Baxter, born July 19, 1868, died Nov. 25, 1878.
James Baxter

James Baxter, fourth child of John Baxter II and Mary Ann Wright, was born in England Oct. 9, 1834. After coming to this country at the age of 19 with his parents, he married Sophia Baxter, the daughter of William Baxter and Ann Thompson. He settled near Oaks Corners and did blacksmithing. His father took his horses to him to be shod. Later in life he and his son, Samuel, worked a farm near Oaks Corners on shares. After James death Apr. 26, 1890, Samuel continued to work the farm. Sophia and James were cousins. They had four children:
1. George Baxter, died at the age of 86 yr. **
2. Mary Ellen**, Born 1863, Died Nov. 1946; married Charles Riggs
3. Kate Louise Baxter, Born Feb. 4, 1873, Died Apr. 12, 1946; never married
4. Samuel Baxter, Born Apr. 11, 1860, Died Oct. 1, 1910

**George born April 1857 per 1900 census.
**Mary Ellen Baxter born 4 November 1861 per 1900 census; died November 21 1946.
George Baxter

George Baxter, ** first child of James Baxter and Sophia Baxter, was born near Geneva, N. Y. Nothing is known of him except that he lived in or near Rochester, N. Y. He had four children:
1. Fredrick Baxter Died Aug. 22, 1850; married Ida, had one child, Richard.
2. James Baxter
3. Bessie Baxter; married a man by the name of Blutan.
4. Elsie Baxter married a man by the name of Hennessay.
**In 1900 he and his family lived in Geneva (1900 census); he married Hellena, born Sept. 1856 in Ireland (1900 census). They had two additional daughters, Lettie, born November 1881, Arma (or Anna) born June 1884 (1900 census). From the same census, Frederick was born June 1891, James was born April 1897, Bessie was born June 1887, and Elsie was born May 1889.
Mary Ellen Baxter

Mary Ellen, third child of James Baxter and Sophie Baxter, was born near Oaks Corners, N. Y. On March 4, 1883 she married Charles Riggs. She invited several of her cousins to come to her wedding at 7 o'clock in the evening, and then changed her mind and was married at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, as she did not want to stand and be married before them all. When the guests arrived and found them married, they were very much disappointed. She lived in Geneva on the corner of Rose and North streets till the children were married. Charles Riggs disappeared and never was heard from. She moved to 475 Exchange St., Geneva, N. Y. till her death. She lived in Geneva 55 years, spent her last hours in Geneva General Hospital at the age of 85. On Nov. 21, 1948** was buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Geneva, N. Y. She was a member of Geneva Chapter of Eastern Star and Women's Relief Corp. They had two children:
1. Addie Riggs, Born Sept. 26. 1883; married Frank Potter.
2. William C. Riggs, Born Sept. 17, 1885; Died Apr. 14, 1965. He married Anna Myer. She died Aug. 12, 1953. He married his 2nd wife, Mrs. Elizabeth G. Kelly on Aug. 30, 1954. He had no children.
** Mary Ellen died at age 85; therefore she must have died in 1946, not 1948. Her husband, Charles Riggs, was born February 1852 in NY; the couple was married about 1882, per 1900 census.
Addie Riggs

Addie, the first child of Charles Riggs and Ellen Baxter, married Frank Potter. They lived at Naples, N. Y. They had four children:
1. Robert Potter
2. Pearl Potter
3. Karl Potter
4. John Potter
William Coe Riggs

William Coe, the second child of Charles Riggs and Mary Ellen Baxter, was born near Geneva on Sept. 17, 1885. He married Anna Myer. William lived in Geneva, N. Y. He worked as an apprentice plumber and did work at the William Mosey farm home in 1910, when Mr. Mosey remodeled the house. After he learned the trade, he went in partnership with Mr. Jenson and conducted the wholesale and retail contracting business under the firm name, Riggs and Jensen, for many years. He retired in 1953, selling the business to Mr. Jensen's son and Chris Christensen. He afterwards married Mrs. Elizabeth G. Kelly on Aug. 30, 1954. He had no children. William died Apr. 14, 1965. Burial was in Glenwood Cemetery, Geneva, N. Y.

Kate Louise Baxter

Kate Louise, the fourth child of James Baxter and Sophia Baxter, was born near Oaks Corners Feb. 4, 1873. Her mother, with Samuel and Kate, lived on 10 Howard St., Geneva, N. Y. She was employed by the Geneva Optical Co. supporting herself and mother from her wages and by the rent from half of the house. Kate lost the sight of one eye by a cataract growth. She was a member of the North Presbyterian Church. She died in the Geneva General Hospital from a shock on April 13, 1946. She was buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Geneva, N. Y. Kate was never married.

Samuel Baxter

Samuel Baxter, second child of James Baxter and Sophia Baxter, was born near Oaks Corners, Apr. 11, 1860. He helped his father with his farming operations. After the father's death, he worked the rented farm, then they sold out and moved on Howard St., Geneva, N. Y. Samuel never married. He lived with his mother and sister, Kate. He died Oct. 1, 1910.

Sarah Baxter

Sarah, fifth child of John Baxter and Mary Ann Wright, was born in England Mar. 7, 1836. She came to this country at the age of 18 with her parents. She married Edmund Fitton and they lived on North St., Geneva, N. Y. Edmund worked for the Smith's Nursery Co. Later they moved on the Lions road, worked a farm in partnership with his brother, William Fitton, but this was not successful and they lost all they had saved. They then moved back to Geneva and the nursery business and lived on West North St. near Experiment Station. Edmund died while there, Nov. 14, 1895. Sarah lived there as long as the boys worked in the nursery, then they moved to Lyceum St. From there, on to High St. till after George died, then she gave up housekeeping and went up with her sister, Eliza Lambert. She died while there, Mar. 8, 1914, with pneumonia. Sarah survived her husband by 19 years, keeping house for sons. Both are buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Geneva, N. Y. They had three children:

1. John W. Fitton, Born Oct. 7, 1866, Died Dec. 19, 1932
2. Edmund Fitton, Born May 30, 1870, Died May 1, 1948; married Phoebe Fitton. She died Jan. 19, 1958.
3. George H. Fitton, Born Sept. 29, 1873. Died May 12, 1912.

John W. Fitton

John W., first child of Edmund Fitton and Sarah Baxter was born in Geneva, N. Y., Oct. 7, 1860. John did not amount to much. He worked for Smith's Nursery Co. While there his uncle, William Baxter, tried to look after him and keep him straight. He was quite a drinker. In later years he lived with a woman, but not known if they were married. When he died Dec. 19, 1932, he did not have enough money for burial, and his brother, Edmund, paid the funeral expenses.

Edmund J. Fitton

Edmund J., second child of Edmund Fitton and Sarah Baxter, was born in Geneva, N. Y. May 30, 1870. At the age of 18 he enlisted in the 34th Co. He saw service in the Spanish American War, Mexican Expedition, and ship duty in various parts of the state. His age barred him from service in France in World War I. When he gained his honorable discharge, July 6, 1925, Sergeant Fitton held the record of being the oldest non-commissioned officer or private in the state. Among his trophies are several marksmanship and also a 25-year service medal. For forty-four years, Sergeant Fitton has spent his time at the Armory in Geneva, N. Y. receiving appointment on Apr. 1, 1900 as armory engineer and conducted in that capacity until July 1, 1930 when he was appointed armorer. He retired as armorer in 1944 when ended a 44 year career at the Geneva State Armory.

Edmund married his first cousin, Phoebe Fitton, on Oct. 30, 1901. He died May 1, 1948 and was buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Geneva, N. Y. Phoebe died Jan. 19, 1958 and was buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Geneva, N. Y. They had one child:
1. Doris Fitton, Born June 28, 1905. Married James L. Smith. He died Mar. 20, 1962.
George H. Fitton

George H., the third son of Edmund Fitton and Sarah Baxter, was born in Geneva, N. Y. on Sept. 29, 1873. He worked for the Smiths' Nursery Co. He was not very rugged. Later worked for Shuron Co. on Lyceum Street. He died May 4, 1912 at the age of 49. He was not married. He lived with his mother till death.

Doris Fitton

Doris, the only child of Edmund J. Fitton and Pheobe Fitton, was born in Geneva on North Main St., N. Y., June 28, 1905. She received her education in Geneva Public Schools, graduating from the High School in 1924. On Feb. 24, 1926 she married James Lewis Smith, born Oct. 28, 1905, who is a tool grinder. They had eight children.

Ann Baxter

Ann, the sixth child of John Baxter and Mary Ann Wright, was born in England May 25, 1837. At the age of 17 she came to America with her parents and lived with them until she was around 40 years old when she married Samuel Moore for his second wife. His first wife was Ann's youngest sister Mary Ann. Samuel was a farmer living about 5 miles from Geneva on the turnpike. After the death of her husband on Mar. 29, 1884, when her son Frank was about 4 years old, Ann sold this farm to Arron Mosey. She made her home with various relatives, doing practical nursing and was always on hand upon the arrival of new babies in the families of her relatives and friends. As Frank grew older she established a home in Seneca Castle. At one time she lived in what is now the house belonging to Mrs. Ketcham. At another time she lived in what was later the trolley station and now belongs to Harvey Otley. She died of cancer Dec. 26, 1893 at the age of 56 years. During her long illness she was taken care of for a time in the home of her brother, John, and later in the home of her stepdaughter and niece, Jennie McClellan. William Mosey was appointed executor of her estate and guardian for her son Frank. She is buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Geneva, N. Y. Ann and Samuel had one child:
1. Frank Moore, Born July 8 1879, Died Mar. 27 1937; married Mabel Alice Lemmon June 17, 1914; 2nd marriage to Lillian Hopman
George and John Baxter (twins)

George and John III were born in Yarmouth, England on September 27, 1840. George died the next year Sept. 23, 1841. John came to America at the age of 14 years. He married Christena Harvey who was born in Scotland Jan. 6, 1843. They lived on North Exchange St., Geneva, N. Y., 3 houses from North Street on east side of street till after four of the children were born. Then they bought a farm on a crossroad between the Stanley road and Canandaigua road. Their son William was born there. It was a farm of about 65 or 70 acres about 3 1/2 miles from Geneva, New York. When the children all left home he sold the farm and moved in Geneva on Washington Street, a few houses east of West St. on the north side of street. He died March 27, 1916, age 76, and his wife died Oct. 18, 1935 at the age of 92 years. Christena came to this country at the age of 12 years when her parents died. Some aunts in Canada brought her up. She came from England on a sailing vessel and was six weeks crossing the ocean. They had five children:
1. John H. Baxter, Born Dec. 16, 1869, Died Nov. 3, 1947; married Ina Crane Sept. 8, 1897. She was born Jan. 19, 1880, Died Jan. 30, 1940

2. Elizabeth Baxter, Born Apr. 30, 1872, Died Mar. 13, 1951; married Thomas Harry Rawlins Feb. 13, 1901; he was born July 24, 1860. She was his 2nd wife.

3. Jessie Baxter, Born Dec. 10, 1875, Died Nov. 27, 1964; married William Fordon Jan 30, 1901; he was born Oct. 8, 1877, Died Apr. 23 1957

4. George H. Baxter, Born Feb. 9 1880, Died Feb. 10 1971

5. William Baxter, Born June 1, 1882; married Matie Maney
John H. Baxter IV

John H. Baxter, first child of John Baxter III and Christena Harvey, was born Dec. 16, 1869. He worked for the Dorchester and Rose Hardware Store in Geneva, N. Y., for a number of years having charge of the implement and agriculture tools. Later he accepted the agency of the Batavia Flow Co. Will Mosey bought a lumber wagon and top buggy of him. On September 6, 1897 he married Ina Crane who was born Jan. 19, 1880 and died Jan. 30 1940. She was the daughter of Maynard and Emma Crane. John died Nov. 2, 1941 and is buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Geneva, N. Y. They had three children:
1. Leola C. Baxter, Born May 25, 1899, Died May 25, 1899

2. Gordon C. Baxter, Born Dec. 31, 1900, Died Dec. 31, 1948; married Florence E. Kelley July 28, 1923. She was born July 19, 1896.

3. Maynard William Baxter, Born June 17, 1902
Gordon C. Baxter

Gordon C., second child of John Baxter and Ina Crane, was born in Geneva, N. Y., Dec.  31, 1900. On July 28, 1923, he married Florence E. Kelley who was born July 19, 1896. She was the daughter of John and Flora Kelley. He drove a truck, delivering coal mostly. He was a member of the North Presbyterian Church of Geneva, N. Y., and the Masons. He died at 156 Genesee Street, Geneva, N. Y., Dec. 31, 1948 at the age of 48. Florence, his wife, was a trained nurse in Geneva General Hospital. She died at the Soldiers and Sailor Memorial Hospital, Penn Yan, New York. She was 57 years old. They had two children.

Maynard William Baxter

Maynard William, third child of John Baxter and Ina Crane, was born June 17, 1902 in Geneva, N. Y. On June 20, 1930 he married May Elizabeth Stuber who was born July 18, 1909. They live at 1801 Palisade Avenue, Union City, New Jersey. They had two children.

Elizabeth Baxter

Elizabeth, the second child of John Baxter and Christena Harvey, was born in Geneva, N. Y., Apr. 30, 1872. On Feb. 13, 1901 she married Thomas Harry Rawlins, born July 24, 1860, for his second wife. He worked the Darrow farm for several years and bought the farm next to it on the Gates road. He always kept 8 to 12 cows and sold the milk to Geneva. He was a good cow man. Lizzie was a hard working woman, helped in the fields and with the chickens. She was tall and thin. When Mr. Rawlins retired from farming they bought a house in Stanley, N. Y. where he died Aug. 9, 1946. After his death, Lizzie went to North Carolina to live with her son. Lizzie and Harry educated their three sons in Cornell University. They had three children:
1. George Rawlins,** born October 18, 1904; married Marion Smith Mar. 31, 1928. She was born Apr. 13, 1905; died Sept. 13, 1949 of cancer. George married second wife, Lois, October 14, 1954. George and Marion had one child.
George S. Rawlins, died 16 September 1987; last residence Charlotte, Mecklenburg, NC (from SSDI). George married second wife, Lois, October 14, 1954. She was born 21 May 1904, died 2 February 1990 (SSDI).
Jessie Baxter

Jessie, the third child of John Baxter II and Christena Harvey, was born in Geneva, N. Y., Dec. 10, 1875. She taught school 6 years. One of the schools was at Glass Factory Bay District, south of Geneva on the lake road. She boarded with her Aunt Eliza Lambert. On Jan. 30, 1901 she married William F. Fordon who was born Oct. 8, 1877. William is a fruit farmer and they live in a cobble stone house on the corner of Preemption road and Turnpike or Route 5-20. When first married they lived on Geneva Stanley road. They have five children:
1. William Frederick Fordon**, Born Dec. 6, 1901; married Adria Gilbey, Aug. 17, 1929

2. Christine Honor Fordon**, Born June 9, 1903. Single.

3. Helen Dorothy Fordon**, Born Nov. 4, 1906; married Franklin Taylor Russell, June 24, 1933.

4. Son **, born 1908.

5. Daughter born 1915.

** From the 1920 census: Christine was 18, William was 16. So Bertha has the birth order and birth dates reversed. Christine's birth date in SSDI records was December 1901. Christine died 23 June 1993, Geneva (SSDI). William Frederick Fordon, born June 9, 1903, died March 1977 in Michigan. Name appears as "Fred" in SSDI records; wife, Adria Gilbey was born 10 November 1911, died 3 November 1998; last residence Rochester, Oakland, MI (SSDI.)

** Helen Dorothy Fordon, died 21 Nov. 1999; last residence Newark, Wayne, NY; husband, Franklin born 24 September 1909; died 15 November 2001 (SSDI).

** John Cameron Fordon, born Mar 27 1908; died 15 March 1991; last residence, Geneva, Ontario, NY.
William Frederick Fordon

William, first child of William F. Fordon I and Jessie Baxter was born Dec. 6, 1901.He married Adria Gilbey Aug. 17, 1929. They have two children.

Christine Honor Fordon

Christine Honor, second child of William F. Fordon I and Jessie Baxter, was born in the town of Geneva, N. Y., Dec. 6, 1901. Attended Public Schools in Geneva, graduated from High School, then went to Barnard College. Graduated from there and took up teaching in French and Spanish at Yonkers.

Helen Dorothy Fordon

Helen Dorothy, third child of William F. Fordon and Jessie Baxter, was born in the town of Geneva, N. Y., Nov. 4, 1906. On June 24, 1933 she married Franklin Taylor Russell, Metropolitan Insurance manager in Hereckmer (1954). Helen taught Latin and French at Fort Plain, N. Y., Philmont, N. Y., and Milbrook, N. Y. They have two children.

George Henry Baxter

George Henry, fourth child of John Baxter and Christina Harvey was born in Geneva, N. Y., February 9, 1880. He married Gertrude Dean on Feb. 21, 1912 who was born May 8, 1886. They lived on a farm west of Phelps, then moved from there to the farm on Preemption Road across from White Springs farm. They lived there till about two years ago, sold the farm and bought a house just west of Experiment Station on Seneca Castle road. The winter of 1954 they went to Arizona and California and in the winter of 1955 they spent a while in Florida. They have one child.

William Wright Baxter

William Wright
**, fifth child of John Baxter and Christina Harvey, was born on the farm on Reed road west of Geneva, N. Y., June 1, 1882. He married Matie Maney. They live in California. He has worked for Sears Roebuck, but is retired now. There were no children.

**He married Mary F. Maney. She was probably known to the family as Mattie. William died December 1970 Pasadena, Los Angeles Co., CA. Mary was born May 1882 in NY; died June 1964 in CA. (SSDI). From the 1930 census, the couple was living in Pasadena; they were both 29 years of age when they married. This places the date of marriage at about 1911.

Mary Ann Baxter

Mary Ann, ninth child of John Baxter and Mary Ann Wright, was born in England Nov. 12, 1842. She came to America at the age of 11 years with her family. She married Samuel Moore who was born June 18, 1831 and died Mar. 29, 1884. They lived at one time on a small farm on the New Preemption road and raised strawberries. Another time they lived on the Castle road. Jennie McClellan tells the story of one day she and her brother, William, visited them and they had a cow tied out which they were feeding hay and William fed her all the hay at noon, when she was supposed to have half of it at night. He received a big scolding. Mary Ann died Mar. 18, 1875, and is buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Geneva, New York. They had three children:
1. William G. Moore, Born Dec. 6, 1852, Died Jan 8, 1936; married Hattie L. Jolly.

2. Sarah Moore, Born Aug. 15, 1861, Died Nov. 15, 1862.

3. Jennie Moore, Born 1864, Died Mar. 29, 1946; married James McClellen.
William G. Moore

William G., the first child of Samuel Moore and Mary Ann Baxter, was born near Geneva, N. Y., Dec. 6, 1859. He may have lived on a farm south of Hall, but he moved to Linden St., Geneva, where he died Jan. 8, 1930, at the age of 76 years. His funeral was held at St. Peters Episcopal Church, Rev. Howard Hassinger officiating. Interment in Sand Hill Cemetery on Dec. 4, 1897. William married Hattie L. Jolly at Benton, N. Y. She died May 13, 1949. They had three children:
1. Mary (Mollie) Moore, Born Jan. 16, 1889; married Haynes.

2. William Moore, Born Mar. 27, 1890; Died Apr. 6, 1958; married Bessie Earl, Born May 21, 1891, Died July 6, 1955.

3. Bessie Moore, Born Feb. 1894.
Jeanette E. Moore

Jeanette E., third child of Mary Ann Baxter and Samuel Moore, was born near Geneva, N. Y. in 1864. She married James McClellen. They worked the Barden farm on a crossroad off of the turnpike. James McClellen was born in Scotland Feb. 12, 1861 and died on the Reed road Jan. 16, 1936. Jennie died in the Geneva General Hospital Mar. 29, 1946. Burial in Sand Hill Cemetery. They had one child:
1. William R. McClellen, Born Sept. 29, 1886. Died June 21, 1954. Married Minna Rahn, Aug. 1908.
William R. McClellen, the only child of James McClellen and Jennie Moore, was born in the town of Seneca, N. Y., Sept. 29, 1886. On Aug. 1908 he married Minna Rahn. When first married and children were small he lived in a small house on Route 5-20 opposite the road (Reed road) on which his father lived. It is here that one of the twins was hit and killed by a car. Later he moved to Geneva. He worked for the Geneva Pump Station for a number of years and also a yard man for Vogt Lumber Co. They had seven children.

Elizabeth Baxter

Elizabeth, the tenth child of John Baxter and Mary Ann Wright, was born in England Apr. 29, 1844. She was ten years old when her parents came to America. She married James B. Reynolds who was born at Rumburgh, Suffolk Co., England, Mar. 3, 1839. They lived on South Exchange St., Geneva, N. Y. James B. Reynolds enlisted in Co. E, 126 Regiment, New York Volunteers, Aug. 22, 1862. He was wounded in the side at Gettysburg, Pa., July 3, 1863, and died from the effects of his wounds, Dec. 14, 1866. After Reynolds' death, Elizabeth lived with her father and mother until her death Apr. 10, 1872, at the age of 28. She is buried in Washington St. Cemetery, Geneva, N. Y. There were no children.

George Baxter

George, the eleventh child of John Baxter and Mary Ann Wright, was born in England Mar. 22, 1846. He was only eight years old when the family came to America in 1854. He died of diphtheria Apr. 2, 1860, at 14 years of age. He was buried in Washington St. Cemetery.

Samuel Baxter

Samuel Baxter, the twelfth child of John Baxter and Mary Ann Wright, was born in England and died on the way to America and was buried at sea.

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